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10 Hours Before the fight….

The rain began to pour over her body rinsing her already shameful skin as she sat on top of a Church roof. Her time on Earth had been a rollercoaster of events. Her Marriage, Her death, her rebirth, and countless time she had risen above every challenge. People told her she wasn’t the greatest, those people know longer live. People told her that she would always live in the Shadow’s of Feral Nova. She had walked down Streets seeing photos and posters of Nova Holding the title she had the shot at Winning but lost it. As usual Nova had found some way to escape her Magnus pectoral, ganing her victory. Sha Slid off the side of the Church and Down for to the ground. She heard the choir singing about God and a higher being, Sha looked to the sky and Wondered WHY HUMANS DO IT, and she wasn’t a religious person so nothing about the Earth religions ever clicked to her. She looked up with her face to the sky and her eyes wide open as every little rain drop got bigger as they smacked her in the face and then rolled down to the side, only to be put back into the circle in which it came. GOD IF YOU’RE UP THERE! IT’S ME ZICARRA FROM THE LOST CIVILIZATION! THIS TIME GIVE ME WHAT I NEED TO PROVE MYSELF TO THE WORLD!A loud thunder clash occurred in the background; Sha looked around before flying home.

When she got home she kissed her husband Ronin and her daughter Matina and her Son Diego and then went into the Bathroom and just looked at herself in the mirror. The bathroom was small and it had a small window to the far side of the room. Soon lightening flashes and a image appeared on the Mirror of a figure a black as Eddie Murphy, the dark shadow had wings and huge wings on top of its head…..It was Chaos. Sha was ready to exit when she began speaking. “So tomorrow are you going in with me or without me, I’ve seen how reckless you fight without me Ziccarra it isn’t pretty. You’re going to get us killed, Nova doesn’t care about you, and neither does Ronin nor your kids, Come back to the Darkness Ziccarra without it you fiend, and without you it dies! You’re facing the Girlfriend of the guy that nearly killed you. Sha turned around and throw a bar of soap at the mirror as fast as she could; it shattered Falling to the floor and on the sink. Sha exited and told neither Diego nor Matina to use that bathroom. She went into her room pull of her uniform and lay across the bed, looking at the invitation for their fight her eyes looked at the Print on the card that read: Sha vs. Nova KOV championship. Sha lay on her bed and muttered what appeared to be a remembrance of some type.

“Someone once asked me…Why do I fight…. I would always reply I don’t know, now I know the answer to that question….I fight…because it keeps me strong, as a mother and a hero, but also as a role model to females everywhere!”

She turned the light off and fell asleep.

1HOUR BEFORE the fight.

Sha was getting dressed in the locker room the coliseum manager had given her; she placed on her New BLACK AND RED UNIFROM then she laced up her boots and headed for the arena, the fight wouldn’t start yet she just wanted to get a feel for the crowd. She felt as if she was an ancient warrior heading off the fight a great evil; only it was her best friend and Tia of her kids. The crowd cheered as Sha entered the arena; they were protected by an invisible Force field. Sha stood with her hands folded waiting for Nova to show. The crowd got antsy the noise that was generated was that of a College football game Sha stood with her hands folded and her right leg slightly bent to the side. Sha thought about their last three encounters the first time Sha was no match for Nova, the second time Sha killed her only because, she was strengthen by the power of darkness, the third time Nova won because of forces Sha herself couldn’t even explain. The point was Nova had proven that she could beat Sha, and the only way Sha Could prove she was better was by taking that, of which Nova worked so hard to get……The KOV championship.

Nova was one of the baddest MFer’s of all time; soon she would take her seat next to Mighty Magneto and Final Arrow This bout was going to be the Legend Feral Nova vs. the Icon Sha Lopez, sha even with being a Ninjan never felt more like an underdog….Then she did now.The crowd got louder Nova must have been on her way,Sha's eyes shifted around for the sight of her best friend and Rival.

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Stephanie was walking down the streets of Los Angeles, it was one week before her next battle was to come up, the fight to defend her crown of ‘Queen’ of the Vine.  She didn’t know who she was fighting yet, nor did she care at the moment. Steph sighed as she looked around, posters, hats, shirts, even little McDonald Happy Meal toys were made in honor of her ‘victory’. Nova hated all of the attention; everyone telling her that she was the ‘best’. She felt it wasn’t true, she felt like she didn’t deserve that crown, she felt that there are HUNDREDS of other mighty warriors who deserved this title more than her. Her fight with Sha kept going through her mind, she barley won that fight, if you really call it a win. As soon as Sha ripped the metal out of Nova’s body with her magnetic powers, Nova fell in pain, the only thing keeping her going was her own will power. She won, but to her, it didn’t feel like a win, she fought Sha before, and lost, and now she won? Steph couldn’t get her mind wrapped around it, she felt that Sha didn’t go all out with their fight, why did Nova think this? Because Nova felt like Sha was more powerful more of a warrior than others saw her. When others saw Sha, they only saw the Ninjan Warrior. When Steph saw Sha, she saw HER as the powerful goddess, not herself.

Steph sighed as she finally reached the front of WAL HQ and began to make her way inside, Nova dragging her feet in and spotted the good old trusty Mr. French, the team butler.

“Why Ms. Ardor, why so down?” he asked with a French accent as he walked up to her with a plate of cookies.

Nova made a small smile as she picked up a cookie. “I just…” She could tell him how she felt, how she didn’t feel to have the right to be called ‘Queen’ of the vine, but… it was a song she sang too many times already. Everyone on her team already tried to talk to her about it, telling her she deserved it, even her friends who weren’t on the team. “Nothing Mr. French, is NeVann home, I need to see if he can help brush me up on my sword fighting skills.” She asked with a weary smile as she bit the cookie.

“I’m sorry Ms. Ardor, but Mr. Uchiha left for the day, he took the twins out to Japan I believe, for some training.” He said still standing tall. “But if you’ll like, I can call him for you.”

Steph shook her head. “Na, its cool, and for the last time Mr. French, its Steph!” Steph said as she gave him a smile and a small hug as she walked off. Inside she could see some of her teammates, T.J., Cly, X, Captain, Sherry, King, and even Larry. ‘Others must be on missions.’She thought to herself as she waved to everyone and made her way to the team garden. As she walked across the garden she slowly came to a stop were a headstone rested. Steph stood there for a moment as she looked down upon it. It was the grave of her best friend, hell… her sister, Angelic Reaper, or Kat to her close friends. AR was also in the KOV, but during the tournament, Kat passed away… battle after battle her friend made victory with almost ease. She thought for sure when she heard that Kat entered in, that she was going to win, not a single doubt in her mind. With a small smile Steph knelt down and touched the stone with her right hand.

“Hey Kat…” She began to speak. “I’m going to fight again… to keep the crown… I know I said I didn’t deserve it and I was even thinking of throwing the fight but…” she made a small smirk. “I’m going to do it, for you, I’m going to do my best to keep this title as long as I can, for you, because I know you would never give up, so neither will I.” Stood up and backed away a little bit. “Once more Angel, this is for you!” She said with a smile as she felt a drop of rain fall from the sky. “I’ll try not to let you down.” With that she went back inside the WAL HQ.


Stephanie got to the coliseum about four hours early, she hated to just sit around and do nothing, but she had nothing else to do. Nova sat in her locker room on a bench, her left foot bouncing up and down, making a fast tapping sound as she glared down at the ground. It wasn’t until last night did she find out who she was going to fight. Nova was so busy training and doing missions she never watched any of the news or even went online to take a glance at the news. Steph felt a knot in her stomach, she felt sick, she didn’t want to do this again… not again… this was going to be the forth time she was going to have to fight someone she thought as a sister. Nova sat with only with a blood red tank top, and dark blue jeans with her black boots. She had her hands cupped together, she could hear the crowd roar with excitement as she could hear people knock at her door, reporters trying to get a word from her before the fight. Nova kept herself closed inside, she didn’t want to talk to anyone, she needed to concentrate, keep her focus on what was before her.

About thirty minutes later Stephanie finally stood up and walked up to her locker, inside was a brand new black jacket and her blade the Honoo Tachi, and a brand new weapon that Warrior X, her friend from WAL gave her. She never really used it, but according to him, it was just like a lightsaber, only instead of reflecting light into a crystal that made the laser, it reflected her own fire power into the crystal, making it almost more powerful than the lightsaber itself, but didn’t use so much of her energy, this weapon X named The Nova Blade.

Steph threw on her jacket, and strapped on her Honoo Tachi to her left side of her pants and her currently turned off Nova Blade on her right side. She then knelt down as she tightened her boots and pulled back her brown hair from her face and tired it up in a pony tail. Taking a deep breath she stood up as she began to stretch out and jump around a little bit. She never felt so nervous before, was it because she was fighting for the crown? Or was it because once more she had to fight her sister for it?
‘I should just quit, who am I kidding? I cant win, not again…’ she thought to herself as she suddenly heard the back door open.

“Excuse me, Feral Nova.” The fighters referee said as he walked in. “You have ten minutes.”

Nova nod her head as she gave him a small smile. “Got it! Thanks man!” She gave him a thumbs up, trying to make it seem like she was just fine.

“Good luck with your fight by the way, my kids love you!” he said as he walked out of the room.

Nova sighed. “My kids love you.” She mocked as she pulled out her ipod and turned it onto a song. A smile creped upon her face as she heard the beating of the drumbs and the stringing of the guitar. She bobbed her head up and down as she gave out a chuckle, just then the door opened up and the same man came inside as he waved his hand at her as if trying to tell her something. Nova arched her eyebrow as she pulled out her earphones. “Yeah?”

“I’m sorry Feral Nova, but for this fight, you cant have your earphones on when you come into the coliseum.” He nervously spoke.

Nova stood there for a little bit as she blinked her eyes a couple of times. “I… I haven’t gone into a fight without it… for like… ever…” she said as she looked down at her Ipod.

“I’m sorry, but this is the new rules for this fight.”

“These rules suck…” she said as she put her ipod down. “Is it time to go in yet?”

The man nod his head as he began to lead the way into the area. They stood by the door that would lead into the fighting arena. “The crowd has been going crazy for about two hours straight, and the Sha, she’s been standing out there for about ten minutes already, she insisted she got a feel for the area before you got in.”

Nova’s head picked up. “Sha’s out there already?!” she said nervously.
“I… I think I’m going to be sick…” she said as she then heaved over into a near by trash can and let her lunch go.

“Um… are you ok?” The referee asked.

“Just… just peachy…” She said as she wiped her mouth clean. “Lets get this game started.” She said as she stood behind the man and popped a mint in her mouth. She could hear the roar of the crowd, some were cheering ‘SHA! SHA! SHA!’ while others yelled out Nova’s name. Nova really fought for a group of people before, as for a sorce of entertainment, and she really didn’t like the idea, she figured it was Sha’s idea, she was into wrestling, and figured she may have wanted a crowed to get a feel to what real wrestlers felt.

Right the, the doors opened wide as the Referee jogged in, and not even five seconds later Nova walked in, the area was dark with the exception of flashing lights and a spot light on Sha. Nova swallowed her mint whole as she stepped forward, right when she did music blasted away from the speakers and into the arena.

Its about to be a what!
Girl fight !
We bout to throw dem bows
We bout to swang dem thangs
There's about to be a what? Girlfight!

Nova laughed as he jogged into the arena and smiled over at Sha waving to her like crazy while trying to yell out her name, but the music was so loud, she figured Sha couldn’t hear her.

There she go talkin' her mess
All around town makin' me stress
I need to get this off my chest
And if her friend want some then she'll be next
It really ain't that complicated
Y'all walking round looking all frustrated
Want some plex come on let's make it
Ya acting real hard but I know ya fakin'

Nova continued to jog, trying to figure out what the song was talking about until she slipped on the freshly waxed tile floor and fell flat on her face and slid all the way to the feet of Sha. Nova pushed herself up from the ground with tears already forming in her eyes as she looked up.

Know you really don't wanna step to dis
Really don't know why you talkin' sh!t
You 'bout to catch one right in the lip
It's about to be a what? Girlfight!

Nova then stood up as she quickly tried to straighten herself off, she then looked at Sha with a smile on her face, looking at her new outfit. “I LOVE THE NEW OUTFIT!” She yelled out as soon as the music cut off. “oops..” she said as she looked around the arena, people stood all around them, cheering at them, yelling out their names with posters and glow sticks. “This… is new…” She said as she turned back to Sha. “Well Sis… ready to throw down for the fourth time?” She said as she leaned in to give Sha a hug. “Lets do our best! No holding back this time ok?” Nova said with a playful smile as she took a few steps back. “This time, the real Queen is going to win, and I hope you like attention.” She said as she bounced around, trying to get her blood going.

Suddenly a voice boomed into the area.



“WHAT?!” Nova blinked as she turned to him.


“Better…” Steph said in a sigh as a bell was rung. Her eyes looked around as the arena began to flash with green and red and blue laser lights all around them. Nova sighed as she shook her head. “Focus, focus, focus, focus…” She kept telling herself over and over as she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She crouched down slightly as she got into a horse stance and pulled her fists back to her sides as her body suddenly burst into flames. The entire arena flashed with a bright light as Nova’s fire roared around her widely, cracking with the fresh oxygen. Nova the stood up, shifting her body weight to the balls of her feet as her eyes focused on Sha. “You know me, I aint one to make the first move.” Nova said as she could hear the audience start to ‘boo’ “HEY! SHUT UP! WHO’S FIGHTING ME OR YOU!?” Nova asked as the crowed then stopped. “That’s what I thought…” she said as she turned back to Sha.
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Sha stood like a sentry just standing with her hands folded. Her red cape sweeping across the freshly waxed floor. Sha’s nervous system was going full blast, Her blood was pumping faster she felt herself taking deep breaths, she hid all of this from the crowd as the continued to chant her and nova’s name. The ref’s ran around the arena getting everything ready. Nova finally made her appearance also wearing a new outfit for the fight. Sha’s body seemingly let out a huge sigh, but was thrown off guard by the loud speakers that were playing girl fight by Brooke Valentine.

Weeks before the fight all Sha could think about was the crown it only seemed right for her to have it her being the queen of Ninjeta, but as the fight day drew closer The realization that she couldn’t beat the person carrying it hurt her. She knew her kids were at home cheering for her, her husband probably didn’t choose a side which was smart. There seemed like nothing Sha could do to gain the upper hand on Nova nothing the heat she contained was nothing compared to the power of her will. Sha had argued with Nova over who was better between them, often ending in them deciding not to choose who was better. Sha had survived a brutal bout with Nevann Nova’s boyfriend and he quickly brought her back to her senses but was she out of her mind to challenge Nova for a 4 time?

The first fight ended in Sha running from fear of death, Nova was handed that fight easily. The forth fight was different from all the other fights; because there was something in-between them making them strive to be the best. The title really meant nothing for all Sha cared she would win the title and then lose it in the first challenge, but assumptions such as that couldn’t be made early especially dealing with Feral Nova.

There Mutual friend Angelic Reaper had been in the KOV tourney just like Sha and Nova, Sha believed the only  reason she got that far was because Her and AR weren’t in the same bracket. For ages Gambler and Mr. Sinister had told her she was the ultimate Villain, but that wasn’t Sha that was Chaos; Sha was a hero at heart but she didn’t get the recognition she felt she deserved as a hero. Nova helped her believe it didn’t matter what deeds you did it only mattered how you felt once you did them. The fourth fight probably wouldn’t be the last time Sha fought Nova but she knew that this would be the only time she really fought her like would as if Nova was a Ninjan. Nova was Trained by RL Sha wasn’t really Trained by anyone...Maybe this was why she couldn’t win Sha was trained in earth Combat like Nova was. She often felt like Vegeta and Nova was Goku so carless with what she did, not that it was a bad thing.

Nova poessed all the qualities of a Ninjan Sha even thought about dubbing her an honorary Ninjan, but Those efforts would have been futile. Sha wanted to be the Very best but that path lead straight to Feral Nova her very best friend. This fight meant everything

Nova picked herself up off the floor and complimented Sha on her new outfit and then gave her a hug Sha held on tight. A Tear released its self from her eyes and landed on Novas shoulder Sha then eventually broke into tears, before moving back to her spot.  This time, the real Queen is going to win, and I hope you like attention.


Sha still stood with a stupid look on her face, she had not moved since she began crying, she looked as if she was in a vegetated state. She was able to see Nova smile around and wave; she didn’t know what to think of this.


This snapped Sha out of her Trance as she looked around the Arena and gave a Queenly bow and then turned her attention back to Nova. “THIS IS FOR THE CROWN LADIES SO NO HOLDING BACK!” The announcer yelled out. “NOW LET’S GET READY FOR DECAPITATTTTTIIIIIOOOONNNN!”  He said again. Nova looked at him like he was crazy but finally he said “I-I mean… I’m sorry, what I meant was… LET’S GET READY TO RRRRUUUUMMMMBBBBBBBLLLLLLEEEE!”

The stupid look came back across Sha’s face as Nova flamed up. Sha could see that her flames seemingly reflected the way she was feeling. Nova wasn’t going to make the first move that’s just how she was; in fights 1-3 Sha had made the first move...She knew this time was no different. Sha finally showed life a dark ray shot from her eyes surrounding the whole arena in which they were fighting. It then shot back and smothered Sha, she let out a screeching yell her body was completely back only her eyes flashed White and her cape was red. The darkness then seemingly was sucked into her new Uniform. Sha looked over at Nova and began saying under her breath.

Sha Flew up into the sky and was singing.

I'm unbeatable

walking down this endless highway, nothing but my friends beside me
we'll never give in,we'll never rest,Advanced battle is the ultimate test
From the earth,the land,the sea,and sky they can never win but they sure can try
I'm unbeatable
i'm undefeatable

From the stars,and the ancient past,they come to play but they never last
i'm unbeatabl
i'm undefeatable

You think you'll win but soon you'll see you may beat some,but you cant beat me

i'm undefeatable
there's a feeling deep inside me, and it’s always there to guide me
It’s in my heart and in my soul, leading me to the ultimate goal

You can try your best this might be fun, you go down to defeat before you begun
I’m unbeatable

I’m undeatable

Every move, each attack you choose, you think you can win but you always lose

Sha stopped singing she thought Nova would know that song it was the Pokémon song the new one but she soon got serious and went on the offensive she extended her hand and summoned her Ninjeta Sword, and flew directly at Nova. She hoisted the blade above her head right when she was about to strike she did an after image and quickly appeared on the left side of Nova and tried to Cut her shoulder, She then jumped over her and threw a barrage of punches at her face.

She then tried to fly up and Drill Kick nova into the ground. Sha had indeed switched up her offensive style she would challenge Nova to a battle of Pure Physical strength. The crazy thing about this fight Sha felt as if it was right. Her heart was telling her not to be nervous. The crowd continued to roar and Chant both Fighters names. Sha tried to zone them out as she awaited Nova.

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As Nova walked up to Sha she could see the determination in her eyes. Steph knew that this fight... this one... wasn’t going to be like the others... Nova could remember back to when Sha first came to Earth, she was in search for Tekken, her brother, and Nova, Angel and Sha, hit it off from their. The three were almost interpretable. If one was in trouble, the other two were there for each other, offering support no matter what it was. That’s just how they were, like sisters from the start. But right now... they were going to take it to another level, as much as Nova didn’t want to admit it... her relationship with Sha, somehow turned into sisterly rivalry.

Once Nova let go of Sha from her hug, she watched as Sha began to cry. This tore Steph, she hated to see her cry. "You did this in the last battle, don’t, don’t cry..." Nova said trying to comfort her. She watched as Sha suddenly had an emotionless look on her face. Not even bothering to stand Nova became concern. "Sh-sha?" Nova asked as the announcer began to introduce the two. Nova tried to play it off like she wasn’t worried, at the crowed, but deep down... she was worried about Sha. Was it too soon to fight her since their last battle? No... Sha would never jump into something she wasnt ready for... right?

Nova then watched as Sha suddenly snapped out of it, and a sigh of relive came from Steph as she watched her give a bow and then turned to back to face Nova. "Glad your ok!" Nova smiled softly at her.

Right then, Nova powered up, her flames covering her body as she looked over at Sha, telling her she couldn’t make the first move. It seemed that Sha already figured that part out. Out of all of their battles, Nova not once, made the first move. But she should have, because every time Sha would make the first move, it would smash her like a ton of bricks. Nova's smile slowly faded away as Sha's eye's began to glow with a dark energy. Nova shuffled her feet back, as if getting ready to dodge something, and suddenly a dark ray shot out from her eyes. Nova quickly crossed her two arms together and covered her face with them, as if trying to protect herself, but to her surprise, the attack wasn’t meant for her, but for Sha.

Nova watched as sha yelled out in pain, she didn’t understand... why? Why attack yourself? She didn’t understand, was it a Ninjan thing? She honestly never really understood the ways of the Ninjan. But then again... who really would but a Ninjan themselves? And who better to understand, than the Princess of Ninjeta herself?

When the flash of dark energy finally cleared, it was then when Nova realized what she was trying to do. It was some sort of power up Steph figured, Sha usually always did something like this... but not in the beginning of the battle... Sha was up to something... and Nova was beginning to get a little jumpy. Sha's body was completely black, except for her eyes, which were as white as snow. It was as if Sha was a shadow of some sort, just then the darkness that seemed to cling onto her was absorbed into her outfit.

Just then Sha flew up in the air and began to sing a song that was very familiar to Nova. It was one of the pokemon theme song. Nova couldn’t help but smile and let out a small chuckle. But one part kept ringing in her head over and over again. 'I'm unbeatable, I'm undefeatable.' Nova's breathing became irregular at that moment, she could feel her nerves get the best of her as her heart began to pound in her chest. She could feel her knees begin to buckle under fear. Yes... fear... Nova knew what power Sha held... and it scared her.

As soon as Sha stopped her singing, Nova snapped out of it and looked up and watched her summon her Ninjeta Sword. Without a seconds hesitation Nova pulled out her Honoo Tachi in one sweep and held it up, attempting to block the attack only... Sha seemed to do some sort of quick teleporting attack, one moment she was right above Nova, next she was at her side. She could feel the blade come down at her left shoulder and Nova let out a small cry of pain. Because this sword wasnt made here on Earth, it was able to cut through not only her skin but also cut through her metallic underlining. She could feel the flow of blood suddenly begin to run down the side of her arm. But Nova did her best not to let the pain get the best of her.

Nova then watched as Sha jumped over her, Nova spinning around to be face to face with her only to get punched in the face, not once, not twice or even three times, but twenty times she felt Sha's fists ram into her face. Because of the strength that Sha possessed, the force of impacts with each hit she could feel her head shoot back, a wave of pain shooting through her head as her head jerked back and forth. One thing that Nova was worried about more than her face, were Sha's hands... the amount of energy that Nova was putting into her fire, would melt almost anything upon impact, and Sha's hands were just ramming right into it.

As soon as her last punched landed on Nova she flew up in the air, leaving Nova with a bloody nose and a busted lip as she held her head with her right hand that was still holding onto her sword. 'This is not a good way to start off a battle...'Nova thought to herself as she looked up to see Sha come down at her, trying to kick her into the ground, Nova smirked as she pushed herself out of the way, just in the nick of time. She could hear the crowd roar out both names over and over, they were really enjoying this? Nova shook her head a bit, trying to get re-focused from the assault she just took from the Ninjan Princesses. She looked up see Sha, standing, as if waiting for Nova to now attack. Nova let her fire die out for a few minutes and concentrated the energy into her right index finger. She lift her finger up and shot out a burning stream of fire, as hot as Nova could get it and began to close the inside of her wound, cauterizing shut. Small plumes of smoke came from her shoulder as she bit her lower lip to try and contain the pain, small droplets of blood running from her lip and down her chin as she did this. When she was done Steph let out a sigh of relief. If the fight kept going on like this... Sha would be Queen in no time.

Nova smirked over at Sha as she continued to hear the people chant over and over. This... was distracting her. Nova closed her eyes as she slowly began to tune them out. This was it, she told Sha to give it her all... and she told Sha that she would give her all as well. She couldn’t let Sha down... as much as it pained her to watch someone she saw as a sister get hurt... Nova had to make good due of what she said. Nova's eyes then shot open, they began to glow a firy red as she yelled out, made two fists and slammed them together in front of her body, as soon as her fist made contact a blinding wave of fire filled the area, not to do harm, but to temporarily blind Sha. Nova then held fast to her sword as she bust into flames once more and flew at ground level towards the Ninjan warrior. She pulled back her sword and when she was about three feet away Nova thrust her sword forward, aiming to slice through the left side of her abdomen. She then pulled back her sword and outstretched her arm as she swung it out, trying to smash it into the side of Sha's head. Nova then lift up her right leg and tried to thrust her knee right into Sha's diaphragm, the muscle in the body that helped regulate breathing. Nova then slipped her sword back in its place as she flew into the air and began to charge up her body, it slowly began to glow a faint yellow color as it suddenly changed to a crimson red. Nova yelled out as she then shot out a beam of fire right at Sha's abdomen as well.

When Nova was done she then came back down to the ground, her fire still glowing brightly and strongly around her body as she got into her defensive stance and kept her right hand on the handle of her sword.

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Nova, next to Andferne Taught Sha everything but she was not going to be beaten  so quickly Her first assault on Nova was nothing less than perfect, Drawling first blood Her Ninjeta sword pieced her Metallic Infrastructure Causing blood to spit from her wound. Sha could see Nova was fighting through the pain, and she was indeed sorry for causing her Pain but Sha was in 100% Ninjan mode, which meant her emotions were not present, nor did they show.

After Sha’s first assault she didn’t know what to say was Nova even taking her seriously? In the previous fight’s Sha had the hardest time in the World on the first attack, Nova was a quick thinker Much like Nevann and Acer which made her hard to calculate a strategy for. The crowd stood chanting Nova’s name and then shifted and chanted Sha’s name. Sha let out her trademark Non -chalant smirk and then focused back on Nova. She screamed and smashed her fist together causing her fire to get wild and sporadic.

The wave was so bright at first but this was indeed the second time Nova tried to blind Sha and Sha picked up on this using her light manipulation to lower to Brightness she smirked back at Nova like a Sadistic Hunter to a defenseless Prey.

Nova was on the attack She came sword first but Sha scouted this to she focused her Magnetism on the sword and Tried to Remove it from Nova, As Nova was coming at Sha she was moving back She threw her hand in front of her to block the Knee that Nova had attempted; Sha’s bones vs Nova metal was not a good clash as Sha pulled her hand back in pain. Sha was tending to her Forearm and did not see Nova fly into the air, the temperature heated up and when Sha looked up it was too late the fire rammed into her stomach knocking her on the waxed titled floor. Her body hit it and came to a rolling stop; there was a crater where her body had hit. She injured her waist and she was on her side holding her bone after a few moments she got up much to the crowds delight.

Some loyal Nova fans were booing but there was nothing she could do about that. Nova came down sword in hand with her fire burning brightly. Sha looked at her as if to say something when she finally did :

We have had 3 fights not including this one…and each time I take the friendly approach…. This time I told you I was going all out….and I expect you to do the same! Now it’s time you experience….Chaos CONTROL!

Sha’s head grew wings as well as her back her teeth sharpened and it began to rain. Chaos was Sha’s most inner demon, but this wasn’t the loose cannon Chaos; Sha controlled this version of her fully. She looked at feral with piercing red eyes and smiled a devilish smile.

She then tore a hole in what looked like reality and seemingly pulled a monster of it, the monster attached it’s self at her sides and folded its hands. It was completely created from her darkness.

She touched the ground and huge Dark portals appeared on the ground she rose her hand in the Air and huge burst of light shot out of them, As the light blast continued to shoot up the Portals began to move around the floor, now it was shooting the light as high as 25 feet in the air chaos ran around the light up risings and lunged towards Nova, and came down with a powerful thunder punch.

Sha threw her hands out to the side and two red blades of light appeared Soon her darkness covered them since the Darkness covered them she could manipulate more of them, she jumped on a “geyser” of light and filled thousands of light pellets at Nova.

Once she got the momentum going she was going to try and end it the same way the last one began, she extended her hands towards Nova and finally tried to place pressure on her metal… She used it like an Anaconda when ever nova breathe she would apply the pressure more, she did so while smirking.