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Round two… it was now Round Two of ‘The King Of The Vine’ Tournament that her and a group of other WAL members joined in. So far four out of five have made it to the second round, it was Sha, Kenobi, Angelic Reaper and herself still left. Midnight Lanturn gave it his all but was defeated by Aztek. Stephanie stood on the roof of the WAL building, looking down upon the city that the HQ was located in, Los Angeles. She was thinking over her battle with Rated R SuperStar, how she let her guard down so many times, allowing her to get herself hurt like that. Her eyes shift around from one building to another looking at the different structures of them. ‘I have to step up my game if I plan on winning this round.' She thought to herself as she made a fist with her right hand. This time she was going to go up against an old friend, Soul Taker. She’s heard much about him as a fighter, he was strong, ruthless and a mighty warrior, worthy to be feared by others. She also knew he was on a team called Mobb, a team filled with other powerful warriors, so she knew that he was the real deal. This time, when they meet, it wouldn’t be for some crackers and tea, but to fight it out to see who will be crowned ‘King’. She sighed as she looked up at the sky. “Alright Nova, its time to go!” She said to herself as she then pulled her arms back slightly and crouched down about seven inches, she yelled as she then burst into flames, the heat radiating off her skin and the fire dancing around her body. She smiled as she then took off to the sky, leaving a trail of fire behind her.

Now she was standing in the middle of Haukadalur valley, Iceland. Even though it was summer right now the temperature was only at 50 degrees, really not a temperature that she was used to. Her fire was out right now, wanting to save as much energy as she could for the battle at hand. She rubbed her hands together and blew in them trying to warm them, smoke came from her mouth as she did this because of the freezing temperature. She looked around as her body began to shiver. Around her was a flat land area, it had a river about forty feet away from her, dry grass, patches of dirt and little rocky hills and valleys. No people seemed to be around the area, or really any animals for that matter, not that she could blame them, if she had it her way, she wouldn’t be out here either. Her green eyes looked down at the ground, there were puddles of water and mud around the area. She then started to do the only thing that could keep her mind out of the cold, sing.

“So pardon me while I burst,” She started as she bobbed her head to the beat her song would be going to. “Into flames, I’ve hand enough of the world.” She then started to tap her hand on her leg going at a little faster pace than her head. “And its people’s mindless games!” she then closed her eyes and sang a little louder. “So pardon me while I burn!” she then rose her right hand in the air. “And Rise above the flame, Pardon me, pardon, me. I’ll never be the same!” she said she lowered her hand to her side and smiled. Singing always got her in the fighting mood and it did warm her up a little bit. So she now stood ready, ready to do her best in this battle, but not just for her, but for the team she was standing for and representing. She then sighed, she was now only waiting for Soul Taker.

She slowly started to look around using her heat seeking vision and she made sure to pay extra attention too her radar inside her head. There was no way he would be able to sneak up on her. Where ever he was going to be coming at, she would know. Her hands slowly became fist as she stood her ground, her breathing was starting to pick up as her leg muscles began to twitch with excitement. She was ready, so ready to get this fight started.

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Soul was in Iceland it was the location were his next battle would take place the exact location were the match would take place was called Haukadalur valley he had never been to that place before but like his last battle he had done intense resarch not just on the enviroment but on his opponent to. His opponent was a pyrokinetic a powerful female warrior and a team mate of the ninja Uchiha Nevann her name was Feral Nova a being with the power to maniuplate fire for a variety of effects he knew taking her down would be hard as her powers far outmatched his own his only hope was to use skills and a perfect plan but things wouldnt be easy.

In his last match the dark assassin had mannaged to avenge his death he felt in the arctic by defeating the master of combat Nighthunter a match that was short yet fierce each man had giving it there all it was a battle of skill and battle strategy each man never allowing the other to gain the upperhand always coming up with better attacks than there opponents last but Soul managed to win by using the enviroment to his advantage and forcing his opponent into a corner and delivering his finishing move and thats what he had to do in this battle he needed to back Feral into a corner make her use all her powers and never allowing her to gain an edge of him a hard task due to her powers but were theres a will theres a way and Soul had amazing willpower.

In his battle with Nighthunter Soul had managed to control the demon with in forcing his human side to take control of the beast mixing the demons power with his stratgey and reasoning and since that batttle he had a better control and had grew in battle. Soul knew his angel side was buried it was a powerful side but still held back his full power while his demon side had no problem of unleashing its full fury and now with a logical mind it was much more dangerous and this made Soul relise he was on the wrong side after his last battle Soul had took the path of evil finally choosing the side that haunted his heart for so long and it felt good he always knew he was evil but denied it not wanting to believe it even when he joined the Zero Squad he always craved the evil.

Soul on his arrival had killed many people ranging from military personal to test his skills in combat to small childeren just to test how dark the abyss lasted in his hear and the abyss was pretty deep. Soul was in a small wooden cabin it was made from oak its smell was disgusting to Soul he liked the smell of blood and death. Walking around the centre of a room a fire burned bright its flames danced around blood filled the walls as on the floor layed two men both shot dead one a man in his 30s the other a teenage boy round about 16. Soul continued to walk as a sympthony of music echoed around the room and located in the middle of the room was a mother and a daughter both tied up screaming there mouths gagged preventing the screams to get out both crying. Soul walked to the mother and gently ran his fingers through her hair sticking his tounge out and moving his head and eyes in a sexual manner the woman tried to move but he would not let her.

Shhhhh it will all be over soon

With those words Soul placed his left hand on her cheek and his right on the back of her head and with a quick sudden movement of the two he broke the womans neck the crack and snap of the bone was music to his ears as it rang through the room. Soul untied the woman and grabbed her taking her mouth he began to move it and talk playing games with the daughter.

Dont be scared what you dont want to play with the nice man he will treat you nice

The girl was crying more than ever at the sight of the dark assassin controling her mother he untied the girl and grabbed her hair and through her head in the fire placing his hands on her he kept her in place burning her to death her screams getting louder and louder as he did unspeakable things to her and after he had finished she was dead. Soul teleported him and the dead family to his location of the battle. He arrived behind his opponent were he heard feral singing and then she stopped looking for Soul.

Im right here little fire vixen now i want to fight you at full power i want your best i dont want you to battle me at half power or even at 99% i want it all so i brought this family i killed as a motivation for you i slaughtered and raped them all so now let the games begin

Soul looked around it was cold but his stealth suit provided heat that made the cold not a problem it was a large valley grassy and rocky and a river a good distance away there was also a mountain range with patches of mud and water. Soul sat down crossing his legs and placing his hand together meditating controlling his body and mind coming up with plans. Soul got up and gave a evil smile to feral.

Soul drew two hand guns and teleported behind Feral using his power of perfect accuracy he began to unload bullets on her at point blank range to her back neck and head hoping to hit any chips located on her body. Soul then put his guns away and teleported infront of feral appearing above her he threw down 2 electro magnetic pulses grenades hoping due to her being a machine they would cause major damage.

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“I’m right here little fire vixen.” A voice said from behind Nova. She slowly turned around to see the mighty fighter known as Soul Taker standing behind her.

‘How the heck did he get there?!’ she thought to herself as she then noticed he wasn’t alone. There was a group of people, looked like a family slumped over behind him, lying on the ground. She arched her eyebrow as she took a better look at them, looking at them, their almost lifeless bodies. She soon found out, using her heat seeking vision, that family was already dead.

“Now I want to fight you at full power, I want your best, I don’t want you to battle me at half power or even at 99% I want it all so I brought this family I killed as a motivation for you. I slaughtered and raped them all so now let the games begin.” He said as he looked around, the mighty fighter kept his cold look upon his face as he then sat down and began to mediating.

Nova was still in shock; she couldn’t believe he killed off an ENTIRE family just to try and piss her off to get her to fight at full power. She just chuckled to herself, if she were a hero she may have cared, but Nova… she could have cared less. She got out of her state of shock and simply shook her head and smirked. “Soul Taker, you just wasted nothing but your time getting those bodies here. You’ll have to do better than that to get to me.” She said as she stretched out her arms and neck. She then looked down at Soul Taker who was still mediating. “How long are you going to be down there for? Cause you know if you’re going to take a while, I want to go get some Starbucks, I’ve been dying for a Strawberry and Cream.” She said with a chuckle as she crossed her arms and continued to look down at Soul Taker.

Within seconds Soul Takers eyes then shot open as he smiled evilly at her. Nova took a quick step back as she was getting ready for an attack by him. He pulled out two handguns from both sides of his body in one fluid motion. Nova almost laughed at him until he was gone within a blink of an eye.

“OH HECK NO! HE’S A TELEPORTER?!” She blurted out as her radar went off. ‘Behind!’ she thought to herself as she quickly spun around, as soon as she did he fired off a round of bullets at her. One by one they smashed into her body, her body jerked around as each of them tore through her epidermis of her skin, stopping there because of her adimantium layer under her skin. As soon as those bullets were done she grabbed onto her chest were the bullets hit and looked up at Soul Taker once more, this time before she could even say anything he teleported once more, this time above her. His shadow that was created by the sun shining down on him fell upon her. She looked up to see him throw two object, from what it looked like they were some sort of grenades. Nova quickly grabbed a hold of the first one as it came down at her and threw it as far as she could using her super strength. The other one she caught as well but as soon as it fell into her hand it went off, sending a massive wave of magnetic pulse through her body. Nova dropped the grenade and fell to her knees grunting in pain as she wrapped her arms around her body as she felt the waves rush through her, her body shook from the abuse as the radar that was in her head started to go off like crazy. Beeping noses were heard inside her head as she then grabbed a hold of it. She grit her teeth together until the pain finally stopped.

She was now breathing heavily as sweat was starting to form around her forehead. She struggled to stand up, her legs feeling as if they were too stiff to move. She managed to get up, throwing her head back as she did, her eyes were closed as she tried to get back in focus. She then slumped her head back forward as strands of her long brown hair ran down her face, the then opened her green eyes, glaring at the Mobb Deep member. She then lift her left hand and moved it to her chest, she bit her lower lip as she then reached into a bullet wound, her fingers twist around until a bloody and mashed bullet came out of her chest in-between her fingers. She then smirked as she pulled out the rest, one by one until she had a handful of them, 12 she counted all together. She then smirked to herself, last time she was shot was in a fight with Nighthunter when she was still working on becoming a worthy fighter. She then took one of the bullets in her right hand, she bent her middle finger down to the palm of her hand that was facing upward and balanced the bullet on top of her fingernail, while placing her thumb over it and took aim in-between his eyes. Using her super strength she flicked the bullet over back to Soul taker it going just as fast as a gun would have shot it out. As the bullet flew from her fingers she then took the remainder of the bullets and clapped her hands together.

“Lets heat things up, shall we?” She said as her crouched down and closed her eyes once more, she yelled in almost anger as heat started to rise from around her body, her body started to flicker with fire, but slowly for some reason. Nova paused for a moment as she stood back up, almost with a confused look on her face. “Ok… lets try this again!” She said as she did the same thing. This time her fire burst around her body, her yellow and orange flames danced wildly around her body from head to toe. The heat of her fire burning any bushes or patches of small grass around her as she stood there for a moment. She then looked down at the bullets in her hands once more; they were now melting her hands, making a pool of silver liquid in her hands. She smiled once more as she then shot her hands out in front of her, she then manipulated the heat from the metal and formed it into a small dagger. To keep it from turning back into liquid she then sucked out all the heat from it, causing it to harden and controlled the heat of her fire in her left hand that was holding it to cool down so the metal would melt once more.

“Thanks for the dagger man.” She said as she then tucked it behind her. Nova, her fire still burning brightly around her she then looked over to the family that was lying down on the ground. She smiled once more; the body of the daughter was still glowing with body heat, showing that she was most likely the last one to die. Nova stuck out her right hand as she then started to manipulate the body heat within the girls’ body. With a flick of Nova’s wrist the girl rolled over and slowly stood up. Her face was so badly burnt she didn’t even have eyes anymore, just a black skull like face. Nova then pulled out her dagger and threw it at the girl, with another flick of her wrist the girl caught it in her hands, her skin burning from the heat the dagger was still giving off. Nova watched as the girl moved around to her own will. "Hey this is fun!" Nova yelled out as she contiuned to play arond some more, if she wanted the girl to duck, she ducked, if she wanted her to jump, she jumped. So if Nova wanted her to attack… she would attack.

Nova then threw her right to her left at the direction were Soul Taker was, as soon as she did that the girls body took off, running at Soul Taker as she pulled back the dagger that was in her right hand, she then jumped into the air and as she came down she attempted to smash the dagger into the side of his chest right in-between his upper part of his rib cage on his left side, trying to get into his lung.

Nova then took this time to smash her left fist into the ground, the main reason why they were in Iceland wasn’t just because it was freezing and she wanted to test out her skills, no not because of that, but because the area they were in, the middle of Haukadalur Valley was an area that had active geysers that reached temperatures of 120 degrees, and were ever geysers were, lava was at. As soon as her fist made contact with the Earth, the ground beneath Soul Taker started to shake violently, and within seconds lava shot up from the ground and up at Soul Taker, trying to engulf it with this flesh burning heat while at the same time pulling back the girl and having her stand about ten feet away from him.

Nova now stood in her full fire form with her eyes on Soul Taker. “Are you sure you don’t want to play a game of uno instead?” She teased as she got into a defensive stance, her fire reaching temperatures up to 150,000 degrees.

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Soul sat down meditating like that of a monk a monk who was at peace with nature and with peace with the world but Soul was no monk he was a beast a demon one who had tossed away the human side of himself throwing away what ever there was left of his good escense to the sharks an because of this he left the life of a hero behind because really he was never a hero he was always a demon always a killer its what suited him best and he didnt care who he killed he just did it because he felt like it. In his meditation everything was blocked out only his plans remained inside a void that was almost empty. He did how ever have a picture in the back of his mind of Feral looking shocked at the dead family but her shock just as quickly turned to that of one who didnt care maybe she was a true warrior and getting inside her head would prove difficult. He blocked all things out but he still kept her voice her movements ib his mind all wheres wary of any sudden movements she may make his ears like a owl one of wisdom and intent hearing kepping its ears perked up ready for the rustling of the field mouse. “Soul Taker, you just wasted nothing but your time getting those bodies here. You’ll have to do better than that to get to me.” Soul could have reponded with a wity remark but this was a time of being serious so he just brushed her comment to the winds that swept across the battle field screaming like a thousand ghosts running from a force greater than themselves. How long are you going to be down there for? Cause you know if you’re going to take a while, I want to go get some Starbucks, I’ve been dying for a Strawberry and Cream.” the girl spoke with such joy and happiness and with a laugh to mirror her soul it was sick disgusting to see someone so happy how could one find joy in such a miserable world.


Acer shouted the demon echoing in his voice like a thunderstorm as he his eyes shot open like that of the sun rise burning with a fire a burning desire to kill to feel her pain her agony ring like music in his ears oh how he loved the screams of someone who was being tortued the sounds of bones breaking of flesh being torn from the body as the screams echoed in the wind and across the ages it was like a perfect opera a opera only a dvil could think of and Soul could think up many perfect operas. Feral took a couple of steps back seeming to race herself for his attack Soul knew after intense study that she had very little hand to hand training so he had her beat in that department but what training she had came from one of the best and that man was the reason Soul was the way he was it seemed hell had changed Soul and it changed him for the worse manipulating his heart and soul slowly. At the same time Feral moved back and braced herself Soul with a movement so swift and quick it was like the movement of a stream of water so fluid and precise he drew to handguns and the girl chuckled at the sight of them.

You laugh now but soon your laughter will turn to crying and the smile upon your face will become one of tears

Souls words were like daggers never taking his eyes away from his opponent speaking not just to there body and mind but to her soul to her very being to her escense that burnt inside of her he would crack her mind and he would do it in a way she would beg him to send her to hell because even hell is a heaven compared to the things he will do to her. Soul quickly in a blinding flash like a lightining bolt appeared behind the girl as he did he heard her words and he knew the shock in her voice gave him a great edge his teleporting skills where his trump card in this battle and he had to use them well. Soul liftin both handguns like they were feathers the weight not a problem and he was just as accurate with two guns as he was with one but who needs accracy from point blank range. Pulling the triggers several times like it was a video game controller the bullets left the barrlel of the gun like a minature rockets leaving the launch pad they wizzed through the air cutting the fabrics of the wind itself all heading for Souls opponent and each one smashed and tored into Ferals body stopping when they reached the adamantium her body twisted and jerked as Soul looked on with satisfaction at his work.

Soul stood looking tilting his head from side to side his eyes blank like the abyss his expression never changing like a robot even she was more human than he was she gripped her ches and looked at him but he had already teleported high in the air soaring like a eagle as the rays of the sun came onto his back warming his already hot body as the sweat ran down his body it was like the sun was trying to shine down on a gaurdian angel but instead got a destructive demon. Soul quicky drew two of his many grenades all attatched to his waist these were electro magnetic pulse grenades specially designed by Soul with the help of his former team they would send a shock wave of pure magnetic energy threw the air waves and anything electrical or mechanical in anture would shut down or fell intense pain and these grenades were created for the taking down people and machines like Feral Nova this was Souls second trump card.

Soul in mid air launched both grenades the first was caught by Feral which was an amazing feat considering the power and pace of which the grenade was moving it even shocked Soul a little that her reflexes and timing was so good he looked on as the grenade was sent flying in the air and away from the battlefield the girl showing her incredible strength and like the first she caught the second but the timing from the first and the second being thrown and her launching the first away gave this one enought ime to explode and it did right in her hand as the pulse blew like the wind across the battlefield this pulse had no effect on Soul he could barley feel it but to Feral it would prove deadly and it did she dropped the grenade as it rolled like a ball across the rough terrain Soul had now landed on the ground feet together his arms folded tapping his feet.

It hurts dosnt it dont worry theres plent more where that came from this is only the beginning and things will only get worse

Soul looked at the girl with pleasure as she grunted in pin on her knees like a dog at his feet her arms wrapped around her body as he took a few steps forward looking down on her like a master and she was the slave. He looked as she grabbed her head in pain and this made Soul start to laugh like a maniac as he realised he was getting inside her head.

See you may not care for the family but i will break your mind and your spirit because once im done with you im going for your friends Angelic Reaper Obi and even that ninja Uchiha Nevann they will all suffer all feel pain

The girls breath had become heavier as she struggled t get up Soul taking a few steps back bracing himself for her attack taking a shotokan karate stance waiting to see what she would come up with her head flung back like a catapult her eyes closed and just as quicky her eyes opened as her head came back in position her emerald green eyes met Souls black souless eyes lokking at each other like true warriors. Then Soul watched with intent as Feral dug her hand in her own body removing the twelve bulletes that entered her all in her hand as her look of pain became a smirk upon her face like the sunlight that caressed the battlefield. She took the bullet in her other hand and flicked it at Soul her strength making the bullet fly at him just as quickly and as powerful as a real gun but he just stood there and he could see it move his heightened demon senses seemed to slow the world around him as in one quick fluid motion he unseathed his katana raised it in a upwards motion and cut the bullet in two before it reached him then he quickly sheathed his blade as he went back to his battle stance.

The clap could be heard even when the bullet was being cut as her voice was snt through the air waves “Lets heat things up, shall we?” Soul looked on knowing that wasnt her last attack there was still more to come and the girl crouched crouched down and yelled in anger her screams could be felt not just by the ear but by the heart as her energy and power began to rise as flickers of flame came out of her but she seemed to have some problems maybe it was the cold weather but then she let out a final scream as her body was engulfed in flames blowing in the wind like the wildness of space moving and flowing wildly and without a care in the world as if they had a life a form of there own as the grass began to burn and die around each combatant. Soul noticed the silver glimmering liquid of the once solid bullet dripping from her hand her heat and energy was so incredible Soul switched the thermalinsulator in his suit to a cold setting to cool down his body the type of heat she gave off could cause someone to lose focus and suffer hallucinations. She then turned that liquid into a dagger and spoke again “Thanks for the dagger man.”

Its to bad im going to rip your eyes out with that very same dagger

Feral put the dagger away and Soul could see she was doing something with the family her eyes fixed on the girl who not so long ago was screaming in the fire and that same girl began to rise to her feet and Soul knew it was Feral doing this her power was greater than he could have hoped for the dead girl was like a zombie but moved with the grace and fluidity of a normal person then she began to move as Feral gave the girl the searing hot dagger that was still giving of a red glow from the heat the touch would burn the skin but what would it matter t a being long since dead. "Hey this is fun!" Feral spoke with joy like she was playing with a toy she didnt seem to care that she was playing with a human being her logic was shocking and mysterious to Soul.

Your a strange girl

Then Feral sent the girl straight at Soul running at him with great haste the dagger raised high and set back like the hunter ready to make his kill and the girl jumped in the air and sent the dagger down on Soul striking towards his lung but in a great dispay of awareness and fluid movement Soul took a quick side step and as he did the blade brushed past his face causeing a cut on his cheek as the blood flowed but it was only small the girl losing balance was hit by Souls rising knee as he grabbed her hand and took the dagger away and threw the girl away. Soul put the dagger away. Then Soul felt the shock wave of the fists slam in the ground as lava rose from the ground one after the other all comimg for Soul the heat amazing he began to backflip away almost avoiding them all but he was hit by one the force great it sent him flying in the air as he gritted his teeth in pain not wanting to scream the force of which he was hit cracked ribs and that sent him into another one the second hit made him scream in pain as his upper body became burnt his suit making it not as bad but even that burnt away as he crashed to the ground rolling a few times lying there struggling to breath bare chested sweat driping from his body he was on his back struggling to get up Are you sure you don’t want to play a game of uno instead?” her word made him angry and he slowly got back up his legs shaking as he closed his eyes and slowed his breathing down regaining his composure.

I underestimated you

Soul was ready for his next attack he would brave her fires and break her body with his own he teleported above her and came down with an axe kick sent at the bridge of her nose landing he took a boxing stance and began sending body shots to her rib cages each strike sent burnt his hands and body but he focused on the attack and got through the pain not finished he came up and brhan to send a flurry of left and right jas to her face followed by one final haymaker to the cheek but this attack was the set up for what he really had planned he teleported back and drew 4 modified cerchis that were mixed with a special form of cryo ice that when they hit Feral would explode sendin a blast of concentrated ice through her body freezing her insides and taking out her flame making oxygen supply very low as these cerchis were colder than the arctic circle itself another move and weapon Soul had invented for this battle.

Game over

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Nova smiled and laugh playfully as she sent her attacks towards him. The bullet missed him, only by a few inches, but she didn’t care that’s not what she was hoping would hit him. As she then powered up melting the metal and forming her dagger.

“Its too bad I’m going to rip your eyes out with that very same dagger.” Soul said coldly as he continued to glare at her.

She laughed as she shook her head, “whatever you say man.” She said as she then began to control the girl using her faded body heat. She could see that Soul Taker was taken back a little by this. She knew that he wasn’t expecting that, which is what she wanted, she wanted him not to expect the unexpected.

“You’re a strange girl.” He said as he watched her control the girl.

“Why thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.” She said as she then sent the girl to attack him. Even though the girl took off with grate speed it was no match for Soul, sure she managed to graze his cheek but that was it. Then again, Nova didn’t want anything else to happen all of this was just to try and get him off guard. While he was busy beating down on an already dead body her fist smashed into the ground, sending the shock wave at him. She watched as Soul managed to take the dagger away from the girl and tuck it away, while he attempted to avoid the lava that was shooting from the ground. Only he wasn’t quite fast enough. The lava covered his upper part of his body as it caused him to fly higher into the air only to slam harder into the ground. Not a sound came from him, or none that she could hear. She smiled as she began to move her body around in excitement, her flames still standing strong around her. She watched him struggling to breath, his upper part of his suit burned off, exposing his chest as sweat began to drip off his burned body. He then managed to stand up, she could see his legs wanting to give out under him but he simply closed his eyes and stood still.

“Grate, and I thought I was going to be able to catch ‘So you think you can dance.’” She said joking as she then heard him speak once more.

“I underestimated you.” He said coldly. This sent a chill down Nova’s back. She knew whatever was going to happen next, she was NOT going to like it.

Within a blink of an eye, he was gone. “DAMN IT!” She yelled out as she then received a kick at her nose, she stumbled back a bit as she then shook her head only to get hit in the ribs multiple times. She couldn’t match with his speed, every time she tried to block an attack; it was like he knew what she was going to do. She then received jabs to her face, her head shooting back from impact as she then stumbled back. She shook her head a bit. Even though she received all of his powerful blows, they didn’t seem to really affect her. She rubbed her ribs and her cheek as she moved her neck around, it being a little sore from his jabs. “Wow, that’s going to leave a burse.” If it wouldn’t have been for her true adamantium lined body, she may have had a few broken bones. She looked up at him, he received more burns than from her last attack, if anything he was doing more damage to himself than her. “You might want to see a dermatologist for those burns, they can leave a really nasty scar if you don’t take care of it right away.” She joked as she then watched him teleport once more. “OH COMMON!” She knew he was in back of her, where else could he have gone? Her radar inside her head also verified this. She spun around in a fluid motion as she then saw him draw out for weird looking devices. She had no idea what they were, but if they were coming from Soul, they couldn’t be anything good.

As he shot out forward she then felt them explode upon impact of her fire. This sent an almost white cloud of frost around her. She stumbled back as she waved her arms out in front of her, as if trying to escape it, coughing at the same time. She stood there for a moment and looked up at Soul. “What was that, fire works?” She said with a smirk until she felt something that wasn’t very familiar with her. She began to grow cold. Her eyes went from cockiness to fear as she then felt a cold chill run through her body. “Game Over.” He said as he watched her as slowly her flames began to die out. “N-no!” She said as she stumbled back, her flames now gone she then felt the chill sink into her bones. Her body began to shake violently from being so cold. She began to panic, she walked away from Soul as if trying to escape him, her legs began to grow weak as her muscles began to tighten from the frost that was forming around her body. Her skin turned pail as her lips grew a faint blue color, she managed to shuffle her feet a bit more, until her body gave out. She fell face first to the icy, now rocky, ground that seemed warmer than what she felt right now. ‘Body temperature at critical low.’ A voice rang through her head. “N-no d-du-duh.” She said as her body was still shaking, she couldn’t even breath anymore, every breath she took burned her lungs from being so cold. She then managed to pull her right arm out and in front of her, it digging into the ground as she then pulled herself across the ground, she managed to do this only about three times, as her body finally gave out. She was now lying over what looked like to be a hole. Her eyes began to close as she felt a familiar chill go through her body, not the chill of the cold, but of death, something she has faced before with her battle with Sha.

She laid there, unable to breath, or move, her eyes were now to heavy to try and keep open. Before she was ready to give out, the ground below them began to shake, her eyes managed to open once more as a smirk ran across her face. The main reason why she chose this place as there fighting ground, was because of the Iceland’s famous geyser, ‘The Geyser’. Within seconds a wave of hot water smashed into body reaching up to 225 degrees. Her body rose with the water as she was shot into the air, even if the water just hit her for that second, it was enough to get her body temperature up to somewhat normal. She fell on her back only a couple of feet away from the geyser, the hot boiling water hitting her body, she could feel her body absorb the heat of it and feel the air in her lungs begin to warm up. She took in a deep breath as she coughed out for air, she slowly sat up and then looked up at Soul. Even though her skin was still pail she was warm enough to continue the fight. She moved her arms and legs around to try and get her circulation going again. “That was pretty messed up of you man.” she said as she began to jump in place, trying to get her body temperature up to normal. But she wouldn’t be able to use her fire, not until she was back to normal at least, which she wasn’t sure if she would be able to do for the remainder of the battle.

So, I guess its my turn now?” She said as she the shot out her hands in front of her, to any other person it may have seemed like she was trying to shoot out fire, and failing miserably but to her, she was doing just want she wanted to do. Sure she may not be able to turn on her flames, but fire wasn’t her only power. If one were to look closely they could see she was aiming at his eyes, what she was doing is that she was attempting to boil the vitreous humor in both of his eyes at the same time. This would cause his eyes to explode from the intense heat, and him losing his eyesight. She then took a deep breath as she took off running at him, she ran up to him with all of her might, the ground vibrating from her power and splashes of puddle of water shooting up around her feet. When she was only about two feet away she fell to the ground and slid under him as she then jumped up behind him and attempted to grab a hold of him. If she managed to do this she would suck out his body heat till there was none left leaving him cold and dead in her hands. She then jumped back about a foot and pulled back her right hand as she then attempted to punch him right on his left mid side, were his spleen is, if this were to make impact it would not only break about three ribs that surrounded the area but also cause his spleen to burst, which would cause him to lose an automatic one full pint of blood, allowing him to bleed internally. She then jumped back again, this time about ten feet away. She may not have her firepower anymore but she was far from giving up just yet. She stood with her arms bent up and her hands in fist as she took a defensive stance. If he still had the power to keep going, she was ready.

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The battle had only really just started despite the damage that both combatants had inflicted on one another both were taking this match seriously both wanting to beat the other and make it to the semi finals of this tournament but Soul cared more about defeating an opponent he regarded as one of the strongest willed and powerful in the world she posessed a willpower and determination that rivaled his own alread so early into it she was giving him a much harder time than Nightunter did sure she couldnt match his or Souls skills in armed and unarmed combat or have there warrior instinct and battle strategies but what she lacked in skill she made up in power and thats what this battle was skill vs power and even though many beleive the power will win with the right timing and execution the skill can overcome the power.

One thing Soul liked about his opponent well the one thing the good side liked the side that called the godess of total awesomeness was her spirit and light hearted nature even now his good side laughed at every joke she made in this batttle even when his dark side was screaming for her to shut up she seemed to look on the good side of all situations bringing a side to the battle that made it much more fun than most but his bad side wanted her blood while his good just wanted a good fun fight and even though it seemed his good side was lost it was still there screaming to get out.

Soul then sent his nex flurry of attcks to Feral if this worked right he would take out or at least take the most important element in this battle to her and that was fire he had prepared himself for her power and come up with plans that would take her down and this was one of his best he had spent all his time from his last victory to this making new weapons and modifying old ones to fit this battle perfectly he was a strategist something he had worked hard on devoloping since his fight with the master strategist Nighthunter. Soul teleported above his opponent apearing just a few feet above this made him gain the higher ground for a split second and the speed of his teleportation and naturaly fast reflexes would give him a major advantage to make sure his next attack would hit its mark and by the sound of her reaction one of frustration he knew his attack would work. Soul as he came down raised his right leg in the air keeping it perfectly straight but staying relaxed his other leg was bent as he had arched is back making for the kick to be delivered at maximum efficency and he did coming down with a downward motion moing his body inward sending his heel to the bridge of her nose an axe kick delivered with brutal force and like he knew it would it connected forcing his opponent to stumble back a great feat considering her adamantium body. He looked on as Feral tried to gan composure but he would not let this happen.

When Soul landed from delivering his axe kick he landed in a low tucked up stance his body tucked into his knees this was perfect ending to his attack enabling to switch quickly to a low boxing stance only having to raise his body up just slightly an he did this rising up in a quick fluid motion but still staying low and shifting his knees keeping them bent moving his legs his right was just infront of his left as he leaned his own body towards his opponents kepping his arms raised keeping them just below his head perfecting the boxing stance and doing it at such speed and fluidity most would think his style was like a river shaping to suit the situation but this had taking years of practice to acomplish. Soul began to move his body left inward when he sent a left body shot to his opponents rib cage and he did the same with the right twisting his body before and when he delivered the attack tensing his fists only upon impact and he hit his mark with his flurish of body blows his hands being burned all the time and he could feel the metal something that took his attacks away from being dealt at there maximum capacity despite his own enhanced strength hers was greater along with her durabliity but he did have the better reaction time and striking speed due to his years of intense training and thats why each body blow hit even though his opponent attampted to block the hits even coming close and showing good skills despite having no real training in hand to hand she was not sucessful in avoiding his attacks. She had been trained in the way of the blade by Vann and showed real promise to wield the blade like a true samurai but like he outmatched in hand to hand he outmatched her in weaponry especially the blade and the katana his most preferre weapon.

Soul not done kept his boxind stance but shifted it to a higher one keeping his legs in the same position keping moving his back to a more of a straight position his arms raised up but only slightly as he began to send straight boxing jabs towards his opponents face extending his arms as he sent them left and rights each hitting his opponents center area of the face forcing her head to jerk back from the impact as he finished se began to rub her body and loosen up her muscles but his attack despite its intesity didnt cause as much damage as it would have done against ny other being her body was nigh unbreakable and gave her immense duability. Soul looked down on his burned body and hands he had not really noticed how much damage he had done to his own body he was to distracted by his attacks and it seemed Feral noticed this to as she let out a small joke “You might want to see a dermatologist for those burns, they can leave a really nasty scar if you don’t take care of it right away.” Soul looked at her and for the first time in the battle his good side got out as his usual cocky arrogant side took over Well maybe you come back to my place and we can crack open a bottle of ointment. Then just as quickly his dark side took over again his expression changing yet aain to rage and anger as he looked at with eyes of hell.

Soul yet again like he did at the start of the attack teleported only this time appearing behind his opponent as he could ense his opponent was becoming frustrated by his teleportation skills but she picked him up at an alarming rate turning to face him but his reactions were just that little bit quicker as he drew his modifed cerchis and launched them with perfect accuracy at his opponent all 4 of these minature explosives exploded upon touching her outer fire releasing an explosion of concentrated freezing cryo ice as Ferals body became engulfed by a cloud of death chilling ice as she began to wave her hands out infront of her she appeared blind and distressed by this attack it was workingperfectly and all Soul could do was sit and watch his perfect plan unfold Feral began to cough no doubt the cold was taking her oxygen supply away one thing that was important to her fire and she looked up at him  “What was that, fire works?” Soul just smiled not responding to her question and all of a sudden the once cocky nature of Feral turned into fear as the explosions began to take effect sending a ice cold reaction all the way through her body as her fire began to die down the cold overcoming the heat and taking away the propeties it needed to survive as feral was taking bck by tis sounding scared that her fire was dying as the chill mad her body shake and Soul just stood relaxed like he was on top of the world enjoying every singl moment of his plan Feral slowly began o walk away as if she was trying to escape the cold escape the unascapable darkness but Soul slowly followed her keeping at a steady pace watching and enjoying her suffering and her movements were slow and limited he could see the frost form and grip to her body as he could see from behind her she had become pale as she fell face first onto the ground.

Soul looked at his opponent sure he had won and beat this powerful enemy but he stopped and looked on for a bit just to make sure she wouldnt supriise him and get back and with her willpower it wasnt out of the question and even despite her body shaking and nearing death she showed her willpower managing to dig her hand in the ground and mover her body over one of the geysers. Then the ground began to shake like an earthquake the ground moving from underneath them as Soul teleported to a safe distance away from the boiling hot and powerful water that was lurking just beneath his feet then he noticed Feral being hit by a blast of hot water and it seemed this had helped her alot it was ingenius for her to choose this place quite brillaint really this place benefited her greatly and Soul had completly over looked what was underneath his feet it seemed the battle would continue. feral had been sent flying and it looked like she was warming up but slightly yet enough to continue as she sat up and began moving her arms and she spoke to him “That was pretty messed up of you man.”

Im sorry i wasnt aware that this was a tea party here i was thinking it was a battle how stupid of me

Souls words spoken with cocky anger two sides of his personallity seeming to mix with one another to create a completly seaparte personallity Feral then jumped back up her fire was out he had taking away her best power now all he had to do was see what else she had and take that away. So, I guess its my turn now?” Feral spoke Soul awaiting her next attack all of a sudden Feral raised her arms and pointed it towards Souls face he fought at first she was trying to shoot him with a blast of fire and this made him laugh at her he thought it was stupid that she was attempting to use the one thing he had taking away he felt it to be sad that she relied so much on her fire.

Aww has the little matchstick been snuffed out.

Then all of a sudden his cockiness turned to fear and desperation as he could feel both of his eyes burning with a heat and intesity the likes greater of which he had never felt as his insides of his eyes began to burn he widened his eyes and began to violently shake and blink as he dropped to his knees from the pain his head was shaking as he began to rub his eyes so hard and fast that he caused his own eyes to bleed as his vision began to deterioate he fell to his hands and began to cough and  cry from the pain that was taking hold of him as his vision was finally gone and all he could see was complete darkness and it scared him it seemed she had taking the one thing he needed and that was his vision well they say in the bible an eye for an eye and he slowly got back up yo his feet but only slowly his eyes wer bleeding and blood shot he had lost his eyes and he looked around like a woried animal trying to figure out what to do he was trembling he was so scared eve his hearing and his voice had seemed to have deserted him. Then he could just make out the sound of his opponent running and he could just react quick enough to avoid her grasp but was still hit with her punch but his movement had taking away maximum effect as he fell to the ground the sound of ribs breaking entered the battlefield but he got back up.

All of a sudden as if from out of no where Souls good warrior side took over it semed with the loss of sight he had regained his heart but he did not speak a word to feral as a true samurai keeps his emotions to himslef he had no chance of hitting her what with his loss of sight he had no idea where she was unshearthing his katana and taking a defensive stance he waited for her next attack his only hope was to counter her attacks find out ther position and react he crouched low and waited for his opponents move.


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Even though the battle only started not too long ago, to Nova, it already seemed like an eternity. The two came to fight for their spot on the KOV semi finals, and neither of them were ready to step down. She knew from before this fight was to be determined Soul Taker was going to be a powerful and skillful opponent, and she knew it was going to be hard to bring him down, she just didn’t know HOW hard till it was too late.

After Nova landed on the ground from the geyser blast she stood back up and spoke to Soul Taker, he was quick to respond back.

"That was pretty messed up of you man." She said.

"Im sorry I wasn’t aware that this was a tea party here i was thinking it was a battle how stupid of me." Soul Taker replied back.

She was taken back a bit; this was the second time he made a funny. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing... or a bad thing. She could see the two personalities inside fighting one another, trying to take control of what was Soul Taker. She stood for a moment to look at him, he reminded her of her best friend, Angelic Reaper. She too had a demon that lived within her, she was always struggling with it, she knew, she's seen her struggle and she's seen her pain. Soul Taker seemed as if he had the same type of struggle within him. The only difference between the two was that she had a bit better control of her demon. Just a BIT...

"So, I guess it’s my turn now?" she said as took a deep breath, it was time to get her head back into the game.

As soon as she stuck her hands out in front of her she saw the look that Soul Taker gave her, it was one that read 'pathetic fool'. She knew what he thought; he thought she was trying to use her firepower. Even though she didn’t show it, she smirked; she knew she was about to get the upper hand once more. Or she hoped she would anyways.

"Awww has the little matchstick been snuffed out?" Soul Taker said, he was teasing her, making fun of her for not having her firepower. Trying to bring her confidence level down and feel inferior because of it. But Nova wasn’t ALL about her 'fire' power. There was a reason why she called herself 'The Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness' and Soul Taker was about to get a lesson in that.

As soon as she saw his face full of cockiness turn to fear, she then let out a chuckle and smiled. "Matchstick is about to kick your @$$!" she said as loud as she could. She wanted her to be the last thing Soul Taker would ever see, she wanted her to be the last thing he remembered seeing before she would beat him to a pulp. She watched as panicked, he was blinking his eyes over and over again, throwing his head back and forth as if trying to get something out of it. But Nova knew, she knew her plan was working. She watched as he dropped to his knees, his head was shaking, he was in pain, and she was causing this pain upon him, and she was liking it. She watched as he started to rub his eyes with his hands, trying to get the burn out.

"Didn’t mommy ever tell you not to rub your eyes with dirty hands? Don’t know you what can happen?" As soon as she said that she saw his eyes begin to bleed. He fell to his hands as she then heard him coughing and crying from the pain. "Oops, see what happens when you don’t listen?" She said, as she made sure she kept her distance, never taking a step closer to him and never moving her eyes away from him. She wanted to make sure that this was going to work. She then watched his head pick up and look around; his blood was still slowly coming down from his eyes and down his cheeks. She could still see the fear in his eyes, even though he could no longer use them.  “AND DON’T EVER CALL ME LITTLE AGAIN!”

Taking this to her advantage she the took off running. Even though she didn’t have her fire power to speed her up, her mechanical legs still managed to make her run faster than she would have if she was just a standard human. As she ran towards him, she watched as he quickly stood back up, not even making a second thought of it. "Damn." She said to herself. She would have thought that fear would have taken over him, and he wouldn’t be able to react to her coming at him. But either way, she felt she still had the advantage. As she slid underneath him she could see Soul Taker's face turn from fear to pure concentration. He was back in the game.

She then quickly stood up and attempted to take a hold of him, only for him to move out of the way. Didn’t matter, he was able to move because he knew she was coming, but this time when she threw a punch, she could feel her fist smash into his side, and feel the snap breaking ribs under her fist, but not taking out his spleen, he managed to shift his body weight just enough to avoid that. But the impact was still so strong that it sent him falling once more. This time when he stood up, he seemed different. He wasn’t scared, worried, or anything for that mattered. His face was blank, and he regained focus once more.

A sharp noise of metal rang through the air as Soul Taker took out his Katana. His mighty blade glowed with the rays of the sun as he swiftly pulled it out and held it firmly with both his hands. Her eyes shift a bit from him to his katana. She knew he was a master of the sword, and she knew that if he had his eye sight, she would have been dead if he pulled out that sword. She herself had some training with her own sword, The Honoo Tachi, a blade that her boyfriend, NeVann, made for her. He was also the one who trained her how to use the sword, but she didn’t feel quite comfortable with it yet. She wasn’t a master of her blade, like Soul Taker was with his, she still felt like a student of it. She wasn’t sure what kind of metal it was made out of so she would have to now be extra careful.

She slowly began to make her way towards him, careful to try and not make a sound or too much of a vibration on the ground for him to sense it. When she was about five feet away now she then dug her feet in the ground, crouched down and launched her up using her super strength. As her body flew through the air she then lift the left side of her jacket and with one quick movement she pulled out The Honoo Tachi. Holding it firmly in her right hand she swung the sword vertically across, aiming at his neck, trying to either slice off his head, or cut threw his arteries. She then flipped forward and landed on the ground. She couldn’t stop the force of impact on the ground, making a loud 'THUD' noise as she did. She cursed to herself a she knew he most likely heard that. She quickly turned around and then pushed herself from the ground once more, this time she came almost 'flying' at him at ground level, she pulled back her blade, this time with both hands and when she was about two feet away she thrust the blade forward, trying to slice through his side. She slid on the ground a few feet as she then stomped her foot down, stopping her from sliding and stood her ground. She then held her blade firmly in front of her, getting into her defensive stance that NeVann showed her. Her legs were spread apart, and under the shoulders, as she bent down slightly, her arms were slightly bent as well as she then shift her weight from on her whole feet, to the balls of her feet, allowing her to move and react more quickly if needed to. She relaxed her shoulders just a tad bit as she then looked up and towards Soul Taker. She didn’t make a single sound as she did all of this. No jokes, no comments, nothing, she knew that now things were going to be serious.

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Soul stood there his vision had deserted him locked away in a room of pure and complete darkness and the key had been thrown away he couldn't see a single thing around he could only smell, taste and feel his way around the battlefield he had to rely on his remaining senses to take him through the battle he had to trust them as much as he did his own blade only then did he stand even the slightest of chances of getting through this battle alive as she had taking one of the most important a warrior needs in battle and that was sight and she seemed to enjoy doing it enjoyed taking away his eyes and causing him pain pehaps she to posessed a beast.

Soul kept low his knees bent he gripped the handle of the mighty and deadly katana with his both hands his right positioned just above his left one but underneath the wrist gaurd the blade was raiesd to the air on a forward diagonal slant it was positioned just infront of his body his grip was loose yet firm making it easy to move his blade react and counter to his opponents attack. He kept calm every breath he took became more relaxed and softer his mind focused on the task at hand listining to any sounds his oppoent may make any sound that would give away her position he needed to listen out for.

He had his eyes closed all though he could not see with them open for some reason his mind could see better when his eyes were closed he could concentrate better react better and be better. Soul only moved his head when he could here a sound or feel the vibrations in the ground and in the air luckily the geysers had stopped so he didnt have to worry about them causing a distraction. He could feel her moving her metallic body made the sound much greater and the vibrations less subtle even when she tried to keep quiet he could still tell that she was coming for him turning to face where she was coming fro he readied himself.

Soul could then hear something heavy dig into the ground and he knew she was making a move then he heard the weight distribution shift as he could hear a slight shudder in the ground and the movement of earth he knew she was doing one of two things she was either running at great speeds towards him or taking off to the air he had no idea which so he prepared himself for either one. Soul then heard the sound of an unsheathing katana and he knew she was attacking and then he felt the blade oming for him it was driven with so much force the force of air it gave off made it easy for him to know its location and react and thats what he did he sent his blade down in a swift motion moving his right leg forward meeting her blade with his the sound of metal rang in the air and in his ears the sparks could be felt her power was great and sent him back but he kept his balance and compsoure.

Soul could feel the large THUD from his opponent as the earth shook she had giving away her positon and she knew this was bad by her muttering curse words she knew just as much as him that was bad but it did make Soul smile. Soul could feel she was making another move but this time he couldnt react the blade penetrated the right side of his body and the pain was overwhelming forcing blood to flow from the wound and it wouldnt stop he fell to the ground and his body eyes began to close and he began to fade away he could here her landing but couldnt do anything he laid in a pool of his own blood slowly fading into true darkness. His breathing was gradually getting slower he was so weak he couldnt grasp his blade and that hurt him deeply it laid just infront of him he began to cough up blood that covered his lips but something happened a large slit appeared on Soul's back as a large white wing appeared from his right side and another from his left and his wings began to flap and lift him into the air the sun shone down upon him. His skin turned white as he gave of a glow of pure white light he had reached Angel form.

Soul flew down at an amazing display of speed so fast it moved the earth and picked up rocks as he wnt he got down low and picked up his katana that was made of adamantium and vibranium more than enough to damage even Feral's tough body and he flew right at her he could now see her as he got to her he swung his blade at an amazing display of speed and power and sliced at her neck before teleporting all around her for 5 minutes slashing and stabbing at her body at different parts of her body his attack was relentless and unforgiving and then he stopped landing infront of her where he began to send strikes at her body with his large and powerful wings before surrounding his body with the wings keeping a defense up that was so strong even adamantium couldnt get through it.

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As Nova’s body left the ground and soared above Soul, her blade came out with a quick gesture. As she brought the blade across, she was surprised to be met by his own blade. The two swords clashed with each other, large sparks came flying as she continued to make her way behind him as he stumbled back a bit. As she landed on the ground the ground shook beneath her, she knew this was bad and she knew that he knew that she knew that THIS was bad. But he just stood there, his back towards her, without even thinking she lashed out again, coming at him once more thrusting her blade into his side and out the other. As she slid across the ground she then stomped her foot into the Earth to stop her as she then looked down at her blade, which was dripping with his blood.

Nova smirked; she knew it was only going to be a matter of time before the mighty warrior fell. She then turned around, seeing Soul’s blood flow out of his right side, down his leg, to his feet and onto the rocky, grassy area around them. She quickly got into a defensive position with her blade in hand, just in case he came up with something funny. But she watched as he fell into his own pool of blood. She slowly lowered her guard as a worried look began to overtake her face. Sure they were in a fight and sure she kicked SuperStar's butt, but… for some reason she felt bad… She watched as blood came from his mouth as he tried to hold onto his sword. ‘Maybe… that was a little harsh…’ she thought to herself as she was about to turn and walk away, leaving him to die in peace. That is, until she saw some sort of eerie glow came from him. Nova’s jaw dropped as she watched large white wings appear from his back. She stumbled back in shock and dropped her blade in the process. His mighty wings flapped once and it was enough to get him into the air. His skin began to turn pure white, and his body even gave out a small white glow. He looked like an Angel and Nova knew from this moment on, she was screwed.

“Crap…” was all that came form her mouth as she watched Soul fly down to the ground and towards Nova. She saw him pick up his sword and knew that this battle was far from over once more. Without a moments hesitation she quickly picked up her blade once more and got up just in time to move it into the way of his own blade. The two swords clashed once more, sparks flew more wildly and brightly than the last time and this time, she was the one being overwhelmed by him. She grit her teeth as she was forced to almost go onto her knees because of the force of the impact. She looked back up at Soul who’s face seemed almost to change. The two stood there for a moment looking into each others eyes. She knew this was going to be aaaaaallllll bad.

Before she could even try anything he then teleported and came behind her, her radar sense was going off as she quickly turned around only to be met by his blade, her shoulder was sliced but…. For some reason was bleeding more than usual, and it even hurt more than usual. She looked down to see that his blade managed to slice through her armor, her metallic true adamantium body. Fear was brought to her once more, she hadn’t been this scared since the time she fought Sha all those months ago. Before she could do anything else Soul taker teleported away and began to slash around her body. Nova was able to block a few attacks, but only by luck, there was no way for her to keep up with this speed. Nova grunt in pain every time the blade ran across her body, blood began to seep out of her wounds and onto the ground. Every time Nova would try to swing her sword at him, it was only to be blocked by his massive white wings. This went on for a staggering five minutes. When he was done her body went lip and fell to the ground. Blood pouring from her body, she began to feel pain rush through her body, and her own body heat leaving her as the chill came back once more. Nova then planted both her hands onto the ground and grit her teeth in pain as she pushed herself up, blood dripping from her body as she did this. If it hadn’t have been for her mechanical body, she would have been dead by now. Nova then balanced herself on her knees and looked over at Soul. Her breathing was starting to become a strain as she could feel her lungs slowly begin to feel with blood. She coughed it up, spitting off to the side as she then forced herself up on her feet. Her body screamed otherwise but her willpower and determination to not give up won. As soon as she stood she lift her head up, her brown hair in her face and covering her eyes. Her body swayed back and forth as she then took a sharp breath in and said…

“I’m going…” She began to say. “To tell you the same thing…” She looked down at her sword that was on the ground and began to kneel down to pick it up. “That I told Sha…” she grasped it weakly in her hands. “When we fought…” She then stood up once more, this time when she was up she ended up stumbling back a few times. When she got her composure back she then blinked her eyes a few times to make sure she could concentrate, the blood leaving her body was making it harder for her to focus on anything, so she had to make it quick. “If you want to kill me…” She paused for a moment as she raised her blade in front of her once more and smirked. “Then do it right!”

She wasn’t going to be able to attack, she was too weak to move from her spot, she could try and defense against him once more. She knew it was hopeless and she knew that no matter what she did, she was going to lose, but she wasn’t going to go down THAT easily. Not the fire goddess of total awesomeness, no way. She stood as she took a deep breath and began to concentrate on the land around her; slowly she began to suck the heat from the earth below her and all the small living creatures that were around her. She could feel the energy rush from the Earth and into her. This gave her the strength to stand up without swaying anymore and helped her stay focus. She then smirked as she grunt in pain as her sword began to slowly develop flames around it. Unlike her body, her sword didnt need much energy to produce the flames. She smirked as she felt the warmth of her fire radiate from her sword.

"Bring it Angel boy!" She yelled out.
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Soul flew at high speeds towards Feral and he could tell by the look on her face and the word she just mothed that she was worried by the attack he was about to launch and that meant he had a slight upperhand as he had got her to be afraid of his attack and forinf an opponent to fear can be just as important than attacking them with any series of perfectly placed combos and powerful attacks but with an increase in power that injury he had recieved by Feral's blade was still there and the longerthe match went on the weaker he would get.

The first swing of his blade was met by Feral blocking his attack wih herown katana the two almost indestructable blades met like a clash of the titans the sparks from the blades danced around like fire fairies sparkling and brighting the small area in which both were locked his power was now overwhelming her and forcing her to go down almost to her knees this was a serious turn of events as not so long ago she was the one ut powering him. He looked into her struggling eyes as she looked back both locked into a death stare and only one would escape.

Soul then teleported behind feral but she two reacted to his quick teleportation and instantly turned around but he was just a little bit faster as his blade came down at blistering speeds and immense power and cut deep into the shoulder of the young fire vixen slicing and penetrating her adamantium body and he could see the fear in her at the look of her almost indestructable body being cut down and blleding and he knew his attack had a great chance of ending this battle and taking him to the semi finals. Soul did not take hs time to revel in his acomplishment and quickly began to teleport all around Feral slashing and cutting at her body and she was able to block a few attacks but it seemed mostly on luck that she did this.

His blade cut deep into various parts of her body causing her to bleed hisattack was a dance he called the shadow dance and he used this in all his fights and none of his opponents had ever came up with a suitable defense to escape from it this was a dance that flowed and moved so freely like a ballet dancer but the dsetruction it caused was so immense few could survive its havoc and even if they did many died soon afterwards. Even she tried to attack back but his wings protected him from her attacks and then he finished and she fell down from the brutallity of his attack. Soul could tell she was in serious pain as the blood flowed freely from her body and she struggled to get up blood exited her mouth and he felt sad that he had done this but he had a competition to win and this was the only way he could reach the next round. Then she got up and looked at him struggling to keep up as she began to speak.

“I’m going…” She began to say. “To tell you the same thing…” She looked down at her sword that was on the ground and began to kneel down to pick it up. “That I told Sha…” she grasped it weakly in her hands. “When we fought…” She then stood up once more, this time when she was up she ended up stumbling back a few times. When she got her composure back she then blinked her eyes a few times to make sure she could concentrate, the blood leaving her body was making it harder for her to focus on anything, so she had to make it quick. “If you want to kill me…” She paused for a moment as she raised her blade in front of her once more and smirked. “Then

Each word spoken was filled with warrior spirit and a never give up attitude he knew this battle was far from over she showed a greater willpower and determination than most warriors he had ever encounterd she was as strong in will than she was in power and skill this was going to last just that little bit longer both didnt want to give in and both were willing to die lay down there lives for more than a simple trophy it was pride and honour that drove him on to fight past hi limits with out it he would have giving up a long time ago and wold have been dead. She was stood in place waiting for hi he held his sword tight but was getting weaker by that major wound in his body he was made of flesh and his wounds were much worse than hers and took him out much quicker. Then he could see her building in power slightly as she let out a slight grunt as fire formed around her blade and she spoke "Bring it Angel boy!"

Soul looked at her and smiled as the wings went back in his body and his skin turned back to its original colour and the large glow went away and for the first time the deep wound he recieved earler could truly be seen the deep hole could be seen easily and the blood still flowed covering his body and legs a large trail could be seen on the floor it was a miracle he hadsurvived this long and he sheatched his katana and made his way to feral slowly walking his eyes fading struggling for balance and he stood face to face with her and smiled before speaking.

Im exhausted sorry i would love for our match to go on for longer but i cant my body has become to weak you were the better opponent and gave me an amazing match and sorry for the tauntng and well alot of other bad things good luck in the next round ill be routing for ya and well i gave vann my katana out of respect and this may not be a katana or a prized posession but its the only thing i could think of to give you out of a show of respect.

Acer reached into his pocket and drew out a lighter and gave it to feral knowing she liked things that made fire and this to him was the ultimate show of repect and then he dropped to the ground and closed his eyes.

I think im going to sleep