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This was it, round two of ‘The King of The Vine’ Tournament. Angelic Reaper knew this was going to be a tough tourney but had no idea just how tough. She barely managed to escape the grasp of Garison and his mighty tentacles that he had invading almost every attack she threw at him and his power to control the very Earth beneath them. But she made it, she made it past the first round, and is now off to the second round. She was standing in her room earlier that day, looking at her self in the mirror. Just a few months ago she would have never been able to even join a tournament of this level but now… well now she was getting voted to be the one to win the whole thing. She laughed at herself, how could she be thinking about total victory when she still had another person to go up against? Nothing was written in stone, she could still lose, she could still fail, she could still fall today at the hands of her opponent. Her alarm went off, 12:30pm she looked at the clock and turned it off. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, concentrating on were she wanted to go, and within a blink of an eye she was gone.

Angelic Reaper was now standing on the hard dried out ground of the Gibson Desert, in Australia during one of the hottest times of the year. The weather channel said that it was going to be 104 degrees outside, and man, that weather lady wasn’t joking. She could feel a drop of sweat run from the brow of her head trickle down from her temples to her cheek, her neck and collar bone were it finally dried up, evaporating back into the dry heat atmosphere. She was standing here today to face her second opponent in ‘The King Of The Vine Tournament’, a master warrior by the name of Darkchild. Since she first began to fight, trying to make herself known around the vine, she heard much about him, how he was powerful and how many other mighty fighters have fallen before his hand. Sure she was nervous and sure she felt she wasn’t ready to take on a ‘Vet’ like him. But that didn’t mean she was going to give up, no she was far from that. For her, it was Kill or be Killed and she wasn’t planing on dieing any time soon.

As the intense sunlight continued to hit upon her she sighed as she started to stretch out her arms to the cloudless sky, sure were she was from it would get up to 115 degrees outside but the power of the sun’s light made it feel hotter than it was. She guessed because the sunlight in Australia was stronger and more intense than that of other places in the world and the fact there was no wind around made it seem worse. She could feel her skin slowly begin to adjust to the heat by sweating, making her skin almost sparkle from the rays of the sun. Sure she felt a little disgusted by it but if it would help her cool herself down, then the better for her. She glanced around the area for a moment, it was desert for as far as the eye could see. The land was made up of many little sand hills that were separated by dry grassland, along with isolated hills and low ranges. She smiled to herself as she brought her arms back to her side.

“Alright… I think I’m ready…” She said to herself as she looked down at her watch. “12:55pm, he should be here soon.” She said as she then started to concentrate on the land around her, wherever he was, she would be able to spot him by looking into his spiritual energy, something that cannot be hidden.

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Heat...it always has to be hot in every damn tournament Darkchild thinks to himself. He walks the long sandy surface of th Desert his last fight with Gambler was in the desert and he hated every moment. The only benifit of the desert was he had an endless supply of heat if his powers decided to sh!t out on him.

The Sun beams down on him "Doesnt help that im dressed in black" he begins to take off his long cloak and his shirt, his body showing off. The sweat poured down his body, his skin in its normal state not yet in metallic form. He sees off in the distance the shape of a woman and as he nears he finds her just as much affected by the heat as he is. He looks her up and down and a small grin comes to his face "Please to meet your acquaintance, but I do think formality is something we dont need in heat like this." He looks down at his watch 12:58 "One moment." he says putting up a finger in front of him as if saying hold on.

He stretches "The last one gave me quit the trouble and had to resort to some less than flattering methods, gotta get back into this body." The energy from the dupe still hadnt spread to his entire body "Dont hold back love, you will need everything you got. Because if you do by chance get by me the one known as Morte will be more of a trouble, but lets begin shall we." Bowing his body begins to glow, and the tentacles around his waist unravel and fall to the ground. His body begins to glow then fades into a black abyss of dark energy "Gotta take the locks off for you, i saw what you did to Garison." he bursts off the ground pushing off with his tentacles and pulling a long scythe from the darkness he raises the scythe high then slams it down as he nears Reaper.

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Angelic Reaper stood still along the hard desert floor, but this time she felt something, no someone behind her. She slowly turned around to see the mighty Darkchild walk up to her, his shirt off his muscular body. She couldn’t help but stair for a moment, she blinked her eyes a couple of times as she then got back in focus. ‘Must be the heat.’ Angel thought to herself as she was finally face to face with the mighty warrior. “The pleasure is all mine Darkchild.” She said as she bowed her head in respect for the fighter. She then stood up and saw him asking for a moment. She simply nod and watched him stretch out his massive arm muscles. ‘Cant let him get a hold of me with those.’ She thought to herself as she then heard him speak once more. Talking about his last opponent, ‘BatgirlBabs…’ she thought to herself once more. She heard what he did to her and she was a bit frighten by it, but she didn’t let it show, her purple eyes seemed to be fixed on his own eyes, she wasn’t going to give him a chance to move without her knowing it.

“Don’t hold back love, you will need everything you got.” He told her. “Because if you do by chance get by me the one known as Morte will be more trouble, but lets begin shall we?”

“Do not worry about me Darkchild, I will do my best just like I expect from you.” She said as she then clapped her hands together, creating her tight faded purple force filled around her body that was feeding off her spiritual energy.

Before she knew it his body was glowing with dark energy, darker than the night sky here on Earth, she could feel a chill run down her spine as she then saw tentacles fall around him. ‘Dang… I thought I would at least get away from those.’ She thought to herself as she watched him push himself off and towards her, the ground shook underneath her as she saw him then pull out a scythe from the darkness that surrounded him and brought it up above his body, within seconds it was already coming down at Angel. “H-he has a scythe too?” She said to herself as she used her quick agility to shift her body to the left, she could feel the force of the scythe rush past her right shoulder, the dark energy from it hitting her force filed around her body. She then smirked to herself as she was then gone in a blink of an eye.

She teleported to the left side of Darkchild and pulled back her left hand, it was charged up with her electric energy as she then shot her arm out. She was aiming for his temples of his head, she was going to channel the energy from her electric attack right into his temporal lobe of his brain, the part of the brain that controlled hearing, if this worked it would cause him to go deaf in both ears within seconds and last through out the battle. Wasting no time as soon as that attack was done she then teleported behind him within a blink of an eye, and this time with her right hand now charged up with her electric attack she shot out her hand at the back of his head. She was doing this to channel this electric energy into his occipital lobe of his brain, the part of the brain that controlled eyesight. If this worked she would then disable his eyesight in both eyes for the remainder of the battle as well.

She then teleported to sky, twenty-five feet in the air and ten feet away from him, and threw her right hand above her head as she then looked up to the sky, she could feel the heat of the sun pound on her as sweat ran down from her head down her neck once more. But within seconds the sky started to form clouds around them, not just any clouds but thunderclouds, as they swirled right above Angel. The sky slightly turned gray from this, giving both fighters a temporarily relief of the heat as thunder was heard in the distance and lighting started to strike around them. Within seconds a burst of lighting smashed into Angel’s right hand and took the form of her demonic scythe. Angel took the glowing scythe firmly into her hands as she slowly brought it down in front of her. Even though the clouds were out and the sun was slightly covered, but still shining brightly, the temperature around them was still at least 100 degrees, still hot. She then looked down at Darkchild and held her scythe with both her hands; still in the air she got into a defensive stance.

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The beautiful woman stood as he spoke to her and then as he attacked she moved effortlessly avoiding his attack, her own forcefield shielding her from the energy that his attack produced. And then within the blink of an eye she teleported, and he had very little time to react. He could feel the heat of the electricity before the attack landed. Her hand slammed into his temple sending a bolt of electricity through his entire head. He felt like a christmas light, and then everything went silent.

Dammit, cant let her do that again. He swung at her and before his arm connected she had vanished again "Oh hell no not gonna do that again." and just as he felt the heat of the electricity he himself put up a forcefield. Her fist slammed into the forcefield and sparks flew off he turned around and stared at her as she took flight after the attack and hovered above the ground.

Her hand raised into the air and then the thunder began, he couldnt hear it but he could feel the thunderclaps and he counted. The first lighting bolt slammed into him but his metallic skin kept most of the damage to a minimum "Five." He counted in his head one...two..three...four...FIVE and he jumped to the side just as the lightning bolt slammed down beside him blowing dust into the air.

He continued to count in his head and avoid the bolts as he stared at Angel, she had in her grasp a long scythe of her own. Must have done that during the thunderstorm

The heat was going to be his best weapon against the woman. The dark clouds shadowed the arena and the shadows were everywhere, Darkchild smiled as he looked at her. His right arm burst into flames and it continued to heat, vapor began to come off his body as his arm began to heat up. He flicked his arm to the side and created a long whip that had small blades on it made out of fire "Gotta bring out the new batch of tricks for you dont I love." Swinging the whip around his head he burst up into the air flying towards her. As flew towards Angel he did a barrel roll towards her and held the whip out in front of him it also spinning the whip fired off the small blades on it sending them hurtling towards her at great speeds.

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She smirked to herself as she watched her left hand smash into Darkchilds temple of his head. He was now deaf, and wouldn't be able to hear anything around him, an advantage for her. But as she teleported to the back of him, her attack only smashed into a forcefield of his own. The sparks flying from her hands and around her, face as this happened. Now she was in the air, waiting for him to try an attack on her. Her scythe, still glowing from being received in her hands was held firmly, and in front of her. She was focused, ready, nothing was going to get past her, or she hoped.

She watched as Darkchild smiled at her. 'That... CANT be good.' She thought to herself as she watched as his right arm burst into flames. She blinked her eyes a couple of times in surprise. 'I guess I forgot about that power...' she thought to herself as she watched the fire dance around his right arm wildly. One of the many powers of Darkchild was his ability to absorb other fighters powers. From her research she found that not only did he have his own basic powers he also had the ability to create an invisible forcefield, metallic skin, magnetism, some light powers (which she wasn't sure what that was about), create tentacles, power absorption, sword creation and some hibernating powers. She knew that because of this, she was going to have to think outside the box, a lot. He wasn't just another warrior, he wasn't just a friend up for a spar, he was her obstacle she would need to over come to make it to the next round in this tournament. One that she was determine to overcome at almost any cost.

He then began to swing his arm around, in doing so the fire started to shape and take form into something, a long whip and on it, small fire blades were also formed on it. He then spoke to her, the sound of his voice having a chilling effect on her as he began to swing the whip around his head. Before she knew she knew he jumped into the air, flying towards her. While coming at her he then held out the whip and began to spinning it, causing the whip to let go if its small fire blades, they came at her with amazing speed. Angelic Reaper held her scythe out and started to swung it around her with grace, one by one knocking the blades away from her body, or so she thought. One blade came past her scythe and smashed into her left arm. She grunt in pain as she felt the fire burn through her skin and down to her bone. Before she could even do anything else another blade came smashing into her abdomen. She leaned over, holding onto her herself as she could feel the flames of the blade go into her body, sending waves of heat through her. She started to breath heavily as she then looked down at her stomach. It was burned, to the third level, as well as her left shoulder. She could feel the waves of pain go through her body, she then picked up her head and looked up at the fighter who was still in the air from the attack on her. She then used two fingers from her right hand and stuck them into her wound in her left shoulder, she powered them up with her electricity and paralyzed just the nerves, so she wouldn't be able to feel pain so she could still try and work with it. She bit her lower lip, trying not to make a sound as she did this, she then moved her left arm around. Even though she couldn't feel it, her muscles were still working ok.

Angelic Reaper then stuck out her right hand at DarkChild. She pointed right at his chest as has her eyes became focused once more, sweat forming upon her forehead from the raging heat. Even though he was encased in this metallic armor, he was still flesh and blood underneath it all. This time she was aiming for the electrical impulses inside his heart, she was planning on cutting off the impulses, causing his heart to stop dead in its tracks. She chuckled to herself, with a flick of her wrist she attempted to cut it off. She then teleported once more, this time five feet above him. She held her scythe high above her head as she came down, at the last moment she brought her scythe down, it making a sharp noise as she then attempt to smash it into his skull. Before she would touch the ground she then flew back into the air once more, this time thirty feet up and twenty feet away. She smiled as she waited once more to see what the mighty warrior would do now.

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Darkchilds attack made its mark and done its damage. He could feel his powers affecting her, but this one was a stoic and stubborn one. She reached deep into the woulds and then pulled her fingers out as if nothing had happened. He didnt know what she did just that she was still in some ways feeling the pain of the burn. She began to breath harder then stretched her hand out and pointed at him. Her eyes focused on his chest DC tried to figure out what she was trying to do then his heart began to beat faster Oh...shes trying to cheat. His heart felt like it was about to burst and then he heard a slight pop his heart gave out.

His body fell forward and his body slumped down to his knees and he sat their kneeling. She flew at him then sped into the air and came crashing down her scythe aiming for his skull. The air sang to him as he heard the blade cut through its winds.

Bud am his heat began to beat again, his heart skipped a few beats after her last attack. But he couldnt let that happen again, his head and heart. The main ways to take his big ass down.

The blade slammed down and the force of her blade coming crashing down upon him causing the sand beneath him to kick up.

Then she flew up into the air, as the sand blew away a long sword was hovering over DArkchilds head. His own sword hovers above his head, the blade cracked. He pulled it down towards his face and marveled at the crack in its blade, he turns it over and pushes himself up with it. Holding his chest he looks up at the woman that could very well take his life if she decides to do that again and he smiles. "That was a dirty trick, but theirs a saying...an eye for an eye."

His hair began to float as energy cracked around him and his eyes rolled back into his head and the white of his eyes visible. He send a powerful psychic blast into her mind, pulling the memories from her mind and using them against her. Sending images of her family being tortured and killed by his bloody hands.

As his attack was sent his nose and eyes began to bleed the blast was enough that his unlocked powers were affecting his own body. He swung his blade in his hand and took off into the air following his attack pulling his sword back he thrusts it forward sending a burst of energy out of his sword towards her midsection.

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Angel watched as Darkchild fell to his knees, slumping downward to his knees. She smirked as she came down at him, wilding her scythe ready to smash it into his skull that is until his sword blocked her attack. Her eyes widen in surprise as she flew back up to the air. ‘He should be dead right now!’ she thought herself as she watched him pull it down and looked down at the crack that was made from her attack. He then stood up, holding onto his chest as he looked back up at her, this time with a smile upon his face.

“That was a dirty trick, but theirs a saying… an eye for an eye.” He said as he hair began to float around his head as fresh, raw energy started to form around him, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, showing only its sclera to her. She got into a fighting stance, trying to get ready for a massive physical attack; only thing was… he wasn’t going to attack her physically but mentally. Suddenly the area around her turned darker than it already was. Angel looked around in panic, she didn’t know what was going on, or what he was doing but it couldn’t be good. She then looked forward and saw Darkchild, he was standing over the bodies of her family. Her mother, father, and little brother laid upon the ground, bloody and bruised on the ground.

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Angel cried out as she watched Darkchild begin to beat on her family even more. Her brother cried out in pain as Darkchild ripped his arms apart from his body, the scream of her brother brought rage and pain into her heart. “STOP IT! STOP IT! LEAVE HIM ALONE” she cried out ready to go after him like a bat out of hell only to find she couldn’t move. “N-NO!” She cried out, tears streaming down her face as her eyes began to turn red from her crying. She then watched as he then loomed over her mother, he took the arm that was already in his hand from her brother and started to beat her mother with them. Breaking her jaw on the first impact, blood splattered every were as her head shot over to the left, the force was so strong it caused her mothers neck to snap, killing her instantly. Angel’s body shook with anger as a dark aura started to form around her body, her hair was starting to float around her as she watched helplessly as Darkchild then went to her father. Her father yelled in pain as Darkchild picked him up by the head and lift him up three feet from the ground. He looked into her fathers eyes and then smashed his head into her fathers, causing it to burst upon impact, his brains spewed everywhere as this happened, even sending some at Angel’s face.

“YOU WILL DIE DARKCHILD!” Angel yelled out in pure rage as she then managed to take off, flying at him with all the speed she had, her dark aura flew wildly behind her as she then saw the area turn normal and the bodies gone. ‘What?!’ she thought to herself as a blast ended up coming out of no were and smashed into her abdomen. The power was so massive that it caused her to be shot out forty feet across the land. Her body rolled around the ground helplessly as she then crashed into a small hill causing a massive crater to be made were she landed as smoke from the dirt and energy danced around the area.

Angel groaned in pain, as the wound that was already on her abdomen from the fire attack was now deeper and worse. She fell to the ground and laid there for a moment, her breathing was becoming a problem for her now as she could feel her blood begin to pool around her. Sweat was forming once more around her body as she slowly opened her eyes. ‘An illusion… it was all an illusion…’ Angel thought her self as tears were still streaming down her eyes. She then shifted her body, allowing her to flip over and lay on her back, looking up at the sky. She could feel her chest rise and lower. Her body was in so much pain right now it almost felt numb. She slowly rose her right hand and gently set down upon her abdomen, she sent an electric wave of energy into her abdomen, cauterizing the wound to make it stop bleeding. Smoke from the plume of her burning flesh started to dace around her abdomen like snow. She then sat up, only to cry in pain as she did this. Some of her ribs were now broken, every time she took a breath she could feel at least two of them shift inside her body, she then tried to stand, her body shook violently as she finally stood. Her body was swaying back and forth as she struggled to stand her ground. She turned her head to the left to see her scythe laying on the ground with a quick flick of her wrist her scythe came back to her right hand were it belong. She then looked back up at Darkchild. She glared at him as she weakly held onto her weapon; blood came from her mouth as she coughed, splattering onto the sandy ground below her. She wiped her mouth clean as she then took a deep breath. She slowly closed her eyes. As soon she did, she was gone.

Angel teleported to the left of Darkchild she was holding onto her scythe as if it were a baseball bat as she swung it, trying to slice through his side aiming dead on his spleen, the only part of the body that constantly held one full pint of blood inside the body all the time. If she could reach this then he would begin to bleed internally. She then teleported above and behind him, she used the shadows of the clouds to cover her own shadow. Without him being able to hear, and not being able to see her shadow above him, she knew he would have a very hard time to figure he was above her. She then swung her scythe vertically at his neck, trying to decapitate his head in one fatal swing. As soon as she landed on the ground she fell to her knees, her body shaking, telling her to stop. She held fast to her scythe as she then forced herself to stand back up and back away at least fifteen away from him. She was now on one knee looking up at him, her heart was ready to give out and her breathing was totally off, and her body felt like a train smashed into it as her head began to pound.

‘You fool, let me out! I can kill him, kill him for both of us!’ The demon that lived deep within her yelled out in anger. ‘You saw what he did, that very well could have been your real family, let me show him the true power of, US!’ the voice rang through her head as she grabbed a hold of it with both her hands. “N-no… not yet… not yet…” She said as she looked back up at DarkChild. “There is… one more thing…” She said to herself as she stood back up. Blood, sweat and dirt covered her body as she got back into a defensive stance. “This fight… I-is f-far from ov-over…” she struggled to say to herself.

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Darkchild was a beast of a man and with men like him their greatest weakness was their ego and he let his ego go full swing for a brief moment. And in that brief moment Angel somehow escaped the illusion and the pain from his attack and she teleported. But he was unable to follow her teleport and her initial attack.

He felt the coldness of her scythe enter his body, and he knew as it entered where she was aiming and it did its job. He could feel his spleen burst inside his body. Her second attack was also fast only giving him enough time to react for him to jump back a few feet.

As he stood staring at her a long cut began to bleed on his neck, he put his hand up to it "Just missed the jugular their love...any closer and i would have thought you were trying to kill me."He said straining past the pain from the first attack. Have to make this last few attacks count, that spleen will not heal if not given time to. he thought to himself.

He stood silently charging his body up pulling the pain from his wounds into his arms. He held the power right at his fists he took a deep breath in but that only pumped more blood out of the wound he needed to do this fast and quickly.

He leaped forward and took flight towards Angelic Reaper that name so beautiful and yet so scary he thought as he brought his fists back as he came inches away from her and he brought it forward justs as he neared her releasing a massive surge of energy at her. The force of the blast sent him flying backwards his body too weak to stop it.

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Angelic Reaper

Angel felt the blade of her scythe slice through the mortal skin of Darkchild, and hit is spleen causing it to burst instantly, blood flowing freely from his newly acquired wound. She smiled to herself as she then teleported to the back of him and as she swung her scythe saw she missed cutting his head off completely by only a few inches, because he managed to move out of the way. But her scythe still made contact with the skin, causing a slicing sound, blood spew from his neck.

"Just missed the jugular their love... any closer and I would have thought you were trying to kill me." he said as he looked at her. She could tell he was in pain but he didnt want to show it. Give her the pleasure of seeing him in pain.

Angel was still breathing heavily standing on the ground. She could  feel the darkness within her head to be set free and have its way with the mighty warrior. Her body was trembling from pain and her muscles were ready to give out. She hadnt felt this way since her fight with Sha, she's stretched her powers so thin she was wondering how she was still conscious. She looked up, her head barely able to look up to see whats going on. She watched as Darkchild stood silently, she could see his spiritual energy run wildly inside him, as if feeding off of something but what? What did he have left to give him power like that? She tried to remember what his powers were... until it hit her like a brick... 'pain... he can get energy from pain.' she thought herself almost in fear. If she was right, he was in A LOT of pain right now caused by her attacks. She watched him power up, only to have blood drain out of his body from the slice she made on his side.

"If you want to live, you'll stop doing that.." she said weakly as she continued to lean upon her scythe. She then watched him leap forward towards her. She blinked in surprise, she didnt think he had enough strength to pull off something like that. She watched as he pulled back his fist, she tired to move but she was too tried to even try and move. She knew this wasn't going to be pretty and that it was going to hurt... a lot. The force of impact upon her face sent her face twisting to the left, her entire right side of her face was shattered into a million peaces as her right eye immediately burst from impact from his attack. The force was so strong it caused her to fly about ten feet until her body smashed into some near by desert bushes. She laid there, unable to move, she felt her teeth inside her mouth, moving around loosely she tried to open her mouth, but instead it just flopped open. Her entire right side of her face was burned down to almost nothing, pieces of her face was on the floor next to her and her right eye was just gone. Nothing left of it. She was now tired... too tired to try and fight... to get up... to breath... to hold her demon in. Angelic Reaper passed out as her heart was ready to give out, until a dark aura suddenly surrounded her body. The aura was so thick that you couldnt see what was going inside. In less than ten seconds a chuckle was heard as the aura faded away, leaving a woman with pail skin, black as the abyss eyes and long thick black hair that covered her face.

Dark Angelic Reaper

The demon, the one known as 'Reaper' stood up from the ground, all of the wounds that Angel had acquired from earlier in the fight with Darkchild were gone. Reaper was filled with energy and with a new job for the day, to kill the one known as DarkChild. Reaper took her scythe and looked down at it, the fresh blood still dripping from the blade as she held the blade close to her nose and smelt it. She smiled as she then ran her tongue down the blade, licking up the blood that was on it. She made a sound showing that she was enjoying the taste of the humans blood. The demon the looked back at Darkchild and walked up to him. The demonic smile never leaving her face as she then came face to face with him. She then leaned in and whispered into his hear. "Hello Darkchild, my name is Reaper..." she said as she then disappeared and teleported behind him in a blink of an eye. "And I'll be collecting your soul for the day." She said she then took her scythe in her hand and sliced upward horizontally at his back, she then teleported to the left of him and charged up as she attempted to smash her energy into his left arm to paralyze it, she then teleported again to the front of him and tried to slice her scythe across his abdomen deep enough for his intestine to fall out. Once more she teleported but to his right she then lift her scythe up above her head and attempt to bring it down and slice his arm off. She then crouched down and pushed herself back into the air. Dirt coming all around the area as she did this she was now about thirty feet in the air and twenty feet away from DC. "The end is near for you Darkchild!" The Reaper yelled from the top of her lungs as she rose her scythe high above her head with the blade pointing upward towards the sky. Within seconds the desert sky that was already made up of shadowy clouds turned dark, it almost seemed like night time as the clouds started to form together around them, lighting and thunder was heard as the demon looked up to the sky. She then pointed her left arm out at DC and looked down at him.

Within ten seconds a lighting strike came down trying to strike DC down, not even a second later another one came, a total of five lighting strikes came down upon DC, each of them aiming dead on upon him and each of them only about a second from each other, following his every move if only for a few seconds. When that was done the Reaper then laughed and rose her arms to the air, she was ready to steal the soul of the fallen warrior, and use his energy for her own.
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The womans appearance changed her eye that was gone had been healed and she was almost...beautiful. Her dark hair flows in the wind and she stares at DC who now is a=only standing because his body balances out.

He twitches as she walks near him he cant move a muscle his body wont allow for it. He sat their like a baby waiting for her next move, maybe his body would move out of instinct. He smile as she told him his soul would be her meal for the day "Sweety even if i do fall, you will never have my soul....its what we commonly call stubborn." he lets out a laugh and throws his head back as she disaapears. Her scythe slamming into his body in three different locations, he doesnt move one inch. His body taking all the damage, his body begins to bleed profusely and his arm hangs by the tendons and nothing more. But still he laughs his bellowing laugh, the skies fill with clouds and the thunder begins he looks up at the airborne Angel "Oh sweetie do you really think that if this day ends in a win for you that you will forever be without me. Those images I sent through your brain their in there forever, never will you be rid of them. A little trick of mine, for those who do have the ability to kill me they will never forget me." The lighting strikes around him and they start to get closer "Oh and one more thing." He raises his arm towards her and clenches his fist and flips her off with a wide grin on his face.


The lighting soars from the skies and slams into Darkchilds body and he allows it to connect, his body burns from the inside out. And all the time he still holds the wide smug grin on his face as if saying I let this happen

Finally his body can no longer take the punishment and is thrown backwards. He rolls to a stop and his body smolders and he looks at the dark sky above him with a smile and sends one more message into her head "I will return do not forget this"

His eyes shut and he takes his last breath in before his body shuts down. Still his trademark grin etched on his face