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The King of the Vine, a title that Angelic Reaper heard before but never really understood what it meant. She did some research on it and found that it was a tournament of great warriors who came together and fought, to see who was the strongest among them. Fighters from all over the world and from different teams came to fight, to represent their team, or to just show others that they had what it took to be ‘The King’ of the vine. Even though Angelic Reaper didn’t like to fight too much, she found this rather interesting. So, she sighed up for the tournament, wanting to represent the team she was on, We Are Legend. She wasn’t the only one from her team to join in this competition; her fellow teammates and friends Feral Nova and Obi wan kenobi! Also joined in to show what they were made of.

Angelic Reaper, or Angel to her friends, was now standing on the hillsides of central California. Her purple eyes slowly looked around; the sun was shining, giving off its warm rays down upon the grassy green land. The hills went on for miles, looking as if they were waves of the ocean. She tilt her head back so she could looked up towards the sky, to see only a couple of white puffy clouds, and a flock of birds flying high above her. A small smile formed upon her lips as she closed her eyes and felt a cool breeze hit the back of her body, causing her black hair to fly towards her face. As the wind hit her it caused the grass to sway back and forth, as if dancing upon the ground. Angel enjoyed being around nature, she felt like she could just stair upon the land and just stand for hours at a time, enjoying the view and taking everything in. But she knew that this feeling would fade away soon.

The one called Garison would be her opponent today, she didn’t know much about him, other than the fact he used to be on the team called The Tenth Magnitude a team that was allied with We Are Legend. She knew that he wasn’t going to be an easy person to defeat and that it would take much concentration and skill on her part. She’s never fought against someone she didn’t know much about, so this worried her. However even though she was a little worried she didn’t let it show, she opened her eyes, lowered her head back down a little and stood firmly on the ground, with a small smile still formed on her face. She was ready, ready to show others that We Are Legend is not a team to look down upon and to show that even though she was a girl, she was not a person to be taken lightly. She now waited for the warrior to show his face, to start the fight that will determine who will go on to the next round.

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It's time for Garison the underdog to go to the top, Garison wasn't that popular for his fighting skills. In fact everyone believes that he is going to loose this fight, but it's time for Garison to go to the top. "King Of The Vine" was a way to show his power. The underdog wasn't that confident though he knew this unknown opponent was going to be a handful. He thought about this on a peaceful place, the coast of California and hills far as the eye can see to be persiced

Ready for his fight, Garison knew it was his time to shine he spotted a glistering woman shinning in the bright sun. Garison stared at her for a moment, he had never hit a girl before. But, he knew the underdog line had to go to champion. Garison took a deep breathe and let it all out

The one who is called Angelic Reaper? Our battle of the "King Of The Vine" begins right here right now!

Garison smirked then he reached his right robotic arm out and pointed his built in dagger in his arm to the woman and it glistered with the sun's shine

Give me your all don't hold back, I want to win with your best

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Angel was standing on the grass, until she felt the spiritual energy of another not too far from her. Her head slowly looked around the grassy plane as she then spotted a young man not too far from her. She continued to smile as she heard him yell out his words.

"The one who is called Angelic Reaper? Our battle of the "King Of The Vine" begins right here right now!"

She looked upon the mighty warrior and nod her head to him. "Yes, I am the one known as Angelic Reaper." She confirmed her identity. "Very well, we shall begin our battle then." She said as she got into a defensive stance, thinking he was going to attack first.

With a smirk upon his face he rose up his mechanical arm and pointed his built in dagger at her. His eyes focused up her as he then spoke once more.

"Give me your all don't hold back, I want to win with your best." He said with the smirk still on his face.

Angel smiled and nod her head once more. "I will give you my all, but do not forget, you asked for it." She said as her cheerful look slowly turned into a serious one, ready to fight. She gently rose her right hand into the air. The white clouds that were already occupying the sky turned black as the swirled around and above Angel. The sky turned gray and the sun had a hard time shining through the now dark clouds, thunder was heard in the distance as lighting started to smash into the Earth from afar. Then within seconds a burst of lighting smashed into Angel’s right hand and took the form of a her demonic scythe. Angel took the glowing scythe firmly into her hand as she slowly brought it down in front of her.

With out saying another word Angel attacked the young man. She twirled her scythe out in front of her, causing four burst of electricity to shoot out at Garison. One was aimed at his face, the second at his right arm, the third at his left arm and the last one to his stomach. Each of the attacks coming only split seconds of each other. If the electric burst hit his mechanical right hand, the damage would be amplified by 10x.

As soon as her electric attack was done she held fast to her scythe as she then flew towards him at ground level, the wind pushed against her face and caused her outfit to dance in the wind as she made her way to him, pulling her scythe back with her right hand. When she was only three feet away from him she swung her mighty demonic scythe upward, going from his lower left side to his right shoulder, trying to slice through his body and get his right lung at the same time. She then teleported above him and shot out a stream of electricity, aiming for his head, if this attack hit it would give him a shock through his nervous system, causing him to become paralyzed for five minutes. She stayed up in the air; she was twenty feet above him and now fifteen feet away from him.

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The sky turned grayish when the clouds blocked out the sun. It started to thunder down and lighting struck Angel's hands and her scythe formed. She twirled her sythe and 3 bolts of lighting came out towards Garison, he had little time to react so he just said words.

Darkness Tentacles

Garison's jacket busted open and a huge eye formed and it had a lot of tentacles so Garison decided to use his tentacles to use it as defense by taking all the attacks by cutting them, but they rejuvenated because its feeding off og Garison's spirit.

Behold the darkness eye!

After, all the attacks were blocked from the tentacles the Angelic Reaper was in the sky to say about 20 feet away. He reached his tentacles up and attempted to grab her and squeeze her then send a electro magnetic darkness shock paralyze her his attacks were not that strong because he only had 3,563 life points left of spirit starting with 5,000 but after that he would sling her to Garison and he uses earthmanipulation to use the ground to go up to her faster and use his robotic arm and stab her straight in the head then it would knock it off by the 500x of his mechanical arm

Forfeit or die!Garison screamed after he sent the dagger to her head
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Angelic Reaper watched as Garison called upon ‘Darkness Tentacles’. It was some sort of magical spell that he cast that allowed tentacles to come out from the inside of his jacket, blocking all of her attacks she sent flying his way. Not only did they take the hit for him but they also healed up with no problem. Filled with frustration Angel watched some more as he then preformed another move.

“Behold the darkness eye!” He yelled as the same tentacles that blocked her attacks came shooting up at her.

“What?!” Angelic Reaper shouted as she used her agility to dodge out of the way of the first two tentacles, only to have a pair grab onto her by the ankles and then by her arms. Angel struggled to get free from them as she grunt in frustration. “Let me go!” She demanded as she continued to struggle.

But she noticed something… every time he called out an attack his spiritual energy faded out. So he was almost like her, every time she attacked her spiritual energy was used up. However, since she’s been fighting for quite some time, it takes a lot for her to get low on energy. She smirked to herself, so all she would have to do is outlast him till his spiritual energy was done and thanks for her eyesight of being able to detect spiritual energy this would be no problem to see.

Still being held in the air by the tentacles a wave of electricity came charging up at Angel, shocking her entire body, her head shot back and she grit her teeth from the attack. However since she’s able to manipulate electricity herself she was about to take it and absorb most of it into her body. She was still injured but not as much as the young warrior might have hopped. But she stayed there in the tactical grasp, pretending to be pass out as she heard Garison come at her with a cry.

“Forfeit or die!” he yelled out.

When he was only inches away Angel looked up at him and smiled then immediately disappeared. She teleported from the tentacles grasp and right in back of Garison. Seeing him still trying to thrust his dagger at were she was at only a split second ago she held fast to her scythe and swung down upon his back, trying to slice across his spine and take out his spinal cord to leave him paralyzed from the waist down. While still moving she then charged up her left hand and attempt to smash it into his back as well but this time at his right side right underneath his ribcage. If this attack hit then his kidney would explode and cause him to start to bleed internally. Angel then teleported above him, only about ten feet and came back down at him, she held her scythe above her head and yelled out as she came down at him. When she was only three feet away she swung her scythe across, aiming for his neck, trying to either decapitate him or to nick one of his arteries in his neck. Either way if she nicked his artery it would for sure to cause him to bleed to death.

She then smirked as she quickly teleported away from him and onto the ground. Without hesitation she tucked her scythe under her left arm and quickly clapped her hands together, this caused a tight force field around her body, fitting around her like a glove. Her body glowed a faded purple color as she then took her scythe back into her right hand once more. She then stood ready, into a fighting stance as her smirk was still formed on her face.

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Garison thought he had Angel on her knees when he thought she had fanted. It was a trap. Angel came down to Garison and in a split second came to Garison with her sycthe to the back. But, he knew his tentacles would protect him though. He's tentacles stretched across his back and took some damage so the sycthe couldn't be that deep, so it took a chunk of his meat and it drippied blood slowely on the ground.

That sword of yours is giving me a headache it must be destroyed

The next blow was predictable, another strike to the backside he thought the next attack will be and he used the earth manipulation and shifted himself upwards making her attack dodged but the tip peirced his ribs. The next attack she leaped in the air again

Enough with this demonic sycthe!

Angel jumped in the sky and lopoked down on Garison her sytche came down to Garison's neck but this time Garison didn't even move but the blade was going rather fast, he simply earth manipulated the ground and made a sheild over his head and her sword ran threw it and scrapped Garison's head. That was some sycthe she had. His magic leval was now on 3,100 then he'll have to use straight up hand combat. She then teleported to the ground and a tight forcefeild covered her body he stared at her and trying to figure out her weak point and he has an idea

That sycthe of yours...

Garison takes off his favorite jacket, it had gotten ripped and blood. He took it off and threw it on the soft grass. His stomach was black but the rest of the body was normal, the eyeball was stil there but, Garison had a plan as soon as he realized that the forefeild was "tight" around her. Garison manpulated the ground and and from bellow he attemped to put her in a cacoon and squeeze her till he crushes her into an atom

Earth Coffin!
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As Angel stood on the ground waiting for her opponents next move, the whole time she was attacking him, he talked nothing but of her scythe. Thinking he would be after her scythe she laughed. No one other than Angelic Reaper could touch her scythe, unless she was touching it as well. If someone would try to make contact with it while she wasn’t, their soul would be sucked into the scythe, leaving them dead. She smirked to herself, if he would try to take her scythe, that’s just fine with her, it would end the battle much faster than the way they were doing it now.

But then she caught that glimmer in his eyes, that glimmer that says ‘I got you!’ and it caused her to stumble back a bit. He flipped off his torn up red jacket and threw it to the side, landing softly upon the grass. She didn’t keep her eyes off of him, his eye ball shifted back and forth as if looking for something. Suddenly the ground started to shake violently Angel stumbled a little bit as she leaned into her scythe to try and keep her balance. She then saw Garison raise his right hand towards her, as soon as he did a massive amount of earth came and surrounded Angel, taking it in its grasp. Angel struggled to break free but was an able to move. "D-darn it!" She struggled to break free as she glared at Garison.

"EARTH COFFIN" Garison yelled as he then shut his hand into a tight fist.

The Earth that encased Angel suddenly began to crush her. Angel grunt in pain as she felt the pressure of the earth caused her left arm to become dislocated. Lucky for Angel she had her forcefield around her, allowing most of the crushing pressure to be absorbed by that. But still, she was in pain right now. Without a second thought she teleported from the grasp of the Earth, as soon as she did the case of earth crashed into each other. Angel now was to the right of Garison, she was slumped over with her left arm dangling around. She was breathing heavily from that attack, it was crushing her and if it wasn't for her forcefield taking most of the hit, she would have more than just a dislocated left shoulder. She stood up straight as she then felt something shift inside her, causing her to lean over in pain.

"Dang... he got a couple of my ribs..." She said to herself as she touched her right side, feeling a couple of ribs almost floating inside her. But she couldnt let that slow her down, not now, not so early in the battle. Angel then stood up straight, doing her best to ignore the broke ribs and once more as she smashed her scythe into the ground, she then grabbed a hold of her left arm with her right hand and bit her lower lip. She put pressure on it, causing her joint to 'pop' back into place. Angel's body shook from the pain, but she didnt make a sound. She then picked up her scythe and glared upon Garison, her eyes glowing black.She then raised her scythe into the air as the sky started to rumble once more. She then held out her left hand, still sore from just popping it back in place she made a grunt sound as she then looked up to the sky.

Within a second lighting started to come down upon Garison trying to strike him down. A total of four lighting strikes came down, one right after another in attempt to fry his body and nervous system. As soon as that was done she then teleported and was to his left side and swung her scythe laterally at his side, in attempt to cut through his flesh and reach his spleen, the only organ in the human body that held one full pint of blood at all times. If she strike this he would start to bleed to death within a matter of seconds. However, because of her broken ribs she wasnt as fast as she hoped but was still coming at him with much speed. She then teleported back to his right side and with her left hand she charged it up with her dark electric attack, she then attempt to grab a hold of Garisons head, in attempt to send a wave of electricity into his system once more, this time to stop the electrical impulses in his brain to stop the function of one of his vital organs.... his lungs.

She then flew back a few feet and landed up on a hill side, looking down upon him. She now had better defense because she was higher than him, he would now have to work his way up the hill to get to her. She stood their with her forcefield still around her, glowing around her body.
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Angel escaped injured but alive, she raised her hand to the sky the sky started to rumble once again, tension was rising of the 2 fighters, the suspense was killing Garison, he was excited and confident

Boom! the lighting came down, 4 strikes to the tip of his head. He had no time a mere second. He hoped to use his mechanical arm as a lighting rod, he lifted it up very fast, and the 4 hit Garison’s arm and a large Pop! Noise was heard. His arm started to malfunction and then seconds later it exploded. His mechanical arm was gone, it didn't hurt because his real arm is already gone but it did scare him a little. Garison had a scared look on his face. "Ahhhh!" Garison screamed. He noticed that Angel was moving rather slowly he notices it is the ribs because of how delicate she is when she pressures it.

She swung to the left side hard with her sharp scythe like a professional baseball player winning the game with a homerun. But, Garison still had a chance, he took his spear with and swiped it away with a lot of thrust. She teleported to the right of Garison and he turned to his head and see's her powerful dark electricity. She reached her hand out and he got a little scared of it at first but he realized its just darkness she his tentacles grabbed her hand and swiped it away from Garison's face, the aura of her electricity cut Garison's cheek, fore-head and burnt some of his hair and also his eye started to bleed and turn red. She then teleported away.

"Hugh!". Garison kept shaking because he only had his left hand with his dagger in it, he then squinted his eyes and saw her bright forcefeild and earth manipulated another earth coffin, but this time it was bigger because she was one stepper ground and it would crush her organs and skeleton

Garison then had a crazed look on his face like a demon. All tentacles went straight for the top of the hill to grab the coffin if she was in it and squeeze her more and sling her to Garison and he stood there with his spear and attempted to pierce it right through the coffin and into her, then Garison would jump on the coffin and break it, and bust 3 of his knuckles and the he would stand in front of her in the huge coffin and his tentacles will just whip her 6 times

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Angel looked down upon Garison, his right arm was now gone, and the right side of his face was burned by her electric attack. She stood with her force field still glowing brightly around her. Her ribs continued to cause pain inside her with every breath she took and her left arm was still sore from having to pop it back in place. But the smirk she had on her face was gone as she saw the craze look upon his face. His faced looked of that of her demonic creator, ArchDevil. That look was similar to the one he gave her right before he thrust his sword into her chest. Angel took a step back, fear was now starting to settle in from the memories that were coming back from that fateful night. Before she could even react, the ground started to shake once more, and the earth around her started to take the form of the coffin that he placed around her just a moment ago. In a panic Angel rammed her scythe into the ground, causing the demonic scythe to create a force field around her. The Earth smashed into the force field, she could hear the pressure of the Earth press against her shield, testing its strength.

Angle was getting ready to teleport out of the Earth Coffin but before she could she felt the Earth around her shift, causing her to stumble back inside. She then heard the Earth press even harder this time, more forceful than before, as if a whole other force was pressing against it. Angel was starting to get lightheaded from the loss of oxygen inside the coffin, it was hard for her to even keep her eyes open anymore, it was a struggle to even try and breath. Before she knew it she fell back only to accidentally grab onto her scythe and pulling it out of the ground, causing her protective force filed to dissipate. As soon as her force filed as let down she then saw a spear smash through the coffin, and coming right at her chest. Angel, as quickly as she could, lift her scythe up, barely managing to redirect the spear, but instead of into her chest, it smashed into her left shoulder. Angel's jaw tighten from the pain as she felt her blood began to drip out of her body. Before Angel could do anything else, Garison broke through the coffin, he then lashed out at her with his tentacles.

One by one the tentacles came upon her, whipping her as she laid upon the ground. The first one lashed out at her at her abdomen, causing a massive laceration. She rolled over in pain as she then felt the other slice through her back side. Before Angel could move she felt the third one come across her face, leaving a cut from her left cheek, up across her eye and to her forehead. The fourth one came at her so strong that when it hit her right leg not only did it cut it but broke her femur at the same time. Angel screamed in pain as she threw her head back. The fifth one came across her chest, she could feel her sternum crack from the impact. The last one then came at her left arm, and sliced through it all the way down to the bone, but didn't break it.

Angel's body was shaking from the abuse it just took, she was breathing heavily as blood started to seep from her mouth. The wound from her abdomen has caused internal bleeding and the cracked sternum was making it hard for her to breath and her left shoulder was pounding from the pain it was it. She struggled to stand, trying not to put any pressure on her right leg. She used her scythe for support as blood trickled down her body and to the grassy plane around the two of them. Angel looked up at Garison out her right eye, her left eye filled with blood from the attack, she didn't know this battle was going to be as difficult as it was. As she stood she could feel the warmth leave her body, coldness was starting to settle in as her head began to throb. She grit her teeth as she lowered her head in pain, this was a sign that the demon within was getting ready to try and make her escape once more.

"Not...now..." Angel struggled to say as she then forced herself to stand up straight. She then held out two fingers and charged them up with her dark electricity. She moved her fingers across her abdomen, cauterizing her flesh shut to stop the bleeding. She then ran her fingers across her left arm, chest, leg and left shoulder and face, shutting all of them close. Because this was her own electric attack she was using on herself, it didn't cause her any harm, other than burning her wounds shut. The smell of burning flesh was then smelled through the air as smoke and plume from the cauterization started to float around as if it were dust. She closed up all of her wounds except for one, the one on her back, because she couldn't reach it. When she was done she looked back up at Garison once more, this time her eyes started to glow an eerie black, her demon soul was starting to surface but not totally, not yet. She wouldn't be able to run, or even walk but she could still fly and teleport. She stumbled back a bit as she tried to keep her balance on the uneven land. Blood continued to seep out her mouth, she turned her head and spat it out onto the floor and wiped the rest away as she then held fast to her scythe with both hands.

Within a second Angel was gone from her spot, she was now above Garison about five feet up, she held onto her scythe with both hands as she had it above her head. When the time was right she brought it down attempting to slice Garisons other arm off. Before she landed she smirked at him and stared into his eyes, her right eye starting to become as black as the night, she then teleported before her feet touched the ground. This time she then teleported in the air, she was fifteen above and twenty feet away from him she then stretched out her left hand aimed at Garisons chest, grunting in pain because of her still internally wounded shoulder, she then attempted to manipulate the electrical impulses within his heart. With a twitch of her fingers she attempted cut off the current, and cause his heart to stop beating, brining death upon him.
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"You are still breatheing?", Garison got really afraid this time he had seen no woman or man take such a beaten like this and has the will to stand up. She had broken bones and a busted up body but it didn't stop her. But Garison knew he could win if he just try hard enough. She raised from the uneven and lumpy ground and sealed her wounds in most of her body using dark electricity.

She had a devilish smirk then put her head down in pain and then she teleported now above Garison feets away like usual. She came down to slice Garison's only arm her shadow made Garison notice to look in the sky and see this attack so he shifted to ground forwards and dodged the attack with some of his meat on his arm being cut off. He could have dodged it completely if his vision was better.

She teleported before her feet touched the ground her right eye became black as the night sky. She teleported in the air again but this time he was ready for an Ariel attack learning from the battle. She reached her left hand out and attempted to send a current to his electromagnetic pulses to his heart. Then suddenly Garison started coughing up blood and then his heart beat was louder than huge drums.

The agony Garison was in that moment was crucial, luckily his mechanical right leg sends a electromagnetic pulse and his heart started breathing normally again. Garison throws up blood after this. He coughs 4 times and finally gets up with a pain in his chest he wipes the blood of with his arm.

With his left hand he takes his spear and slams it on the ground and it formed an gigantic hand from the ground and go in the air and grab her tightly. Slowly it would bring her down to the ground till' her head is sticking out with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Garison's magic level was now on 896 and it was almost time for hand combat. So he used 4 tentacles to wrap around Angel's neck when she is on the ground and then he'll shift the ground upwards on Garison and pull Angel's head off with the weight of the world as the weight and Garison's thick deadly tentacles as the hanger. "I'm going to pull your head right off your body!". Even if her head wouldn't come off the wright of the world on her would crush her like a fat kid on a ant hill.

"You have lost Angelic Reaper!"

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Angelic Reaper

Angelic Reapers eyes widen as she saw electric impulses come up from Garisons leg and to his heart causing it to beat once more. "No way..." Angel said to herself as she grunt in pain, her lungs filled up with blood once more, she coughed harder this time, more blood coming out. She gasped for air as she felt her head throb again, she lowered her head and grabbed onto it with her left hand.

'I can take care of him.... kill him... for US, together we will rise above!'The demon voice said in her head.

"No... I can take care of him!" she said to herself as she lift her head once more to look up at Garison.

She saw him then pull out his spear once more but this time slammed it into the ground, as soon as this happened a giant hand formed from the earth around her, and went out to grasp her. She tried to teleport out of the way but she was too weak to do so, instead the hand grasped her and smashed her into the ground all the way down till her head was the only thing left being shown above, her scythe slipped out of her hands and was laying on the ground in front of her. Angels body was burning with pain as she struggled to breath, the earth was putting so much pressure upon her body that it was slowly crushing it. She could feel her life slipping from her, but she could also feel the power of her demonic soul ready to arise from within her. She looked up to see four tentacles begin to make their way over to her.

Dark Angelic Reaper

'You had your chance, it is time for me to rise!'The Demon yelled out as Angel screamed in pain and then blacked out. A could of dark aura surrounded the area and around Angel. The aura was so thick and dark that nothing could be seen around her. The sky turned as black as the night as the Earth trembled below them and lighting brightened the sky. Within seconds the earth were Angel was blew into pieces, the dark aura still covering the area. From there a dark demonic chuckle could be heard as the aura began to clear.

Right when the tenticales were to snatch her the figure disappeared, teleporting out of the area and right in front of Garions face. It was the one known as 'Reaper', her long black hair covered her pale white skin and black eyes as she glared at him from only inches away.

"Hello Garison." the demon hissed out. "I am the one know as 'Reaper' and-" She teleported behind him and whispered in his ear. "I'll be the one consuming your soul today." She said as she then laughed teleporting where she was at when she first appeared. She knelt down and picked up her scythe, it now glowing with dark, almost black energy. She looked at her scythe with a craze look on her face and then back at Garison. Her newly healed and energized body twitched with excitement as her breathing started to quicken. An evil smile curled upon her lips as she lift her scythe in the air and smashed the blade into the ground. The ground below them then burst with a large stream of electric energy coming at Garison. It was rushing towards his leg, following the impulses that it gave away, attempting to shut it down.

As soon as her electric attack left him she then went into a teleporting frenzy, she teleported to his left and swung vertical across his side, she then teleported in front of him and pulled back her left hand, it was fully charged with electric energy as she threw her hand forward, attempting to get a hold of his head to send a wave of the energy through his body. She then teleported to the back of him and held her scythe like a baseball bat, she pulled it back and swung it at his neck, attempting to decapitate him. She then teleported to his right side and this time pulled her left hand back once more, but this time when she threw her fist forward she was attempting to smash it inside Garison and then send a massive wave of electric energy into him and at the same time suck out the rest of his spiritual energy. The Reaper then teleproted above Garison and stuck aimed her scythe at him. Her already glowing scythe started to glow brighter, but with darkness, now she was going to use her reaper powers to suck his soul out of his body, and leave him dead with no chance of coming back. The demon laughed as she looked up to the sky, dark lighting filling the area.

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Garison had took one step back when the demon had teleported in front of Garison's face. Her image had changed. "I'll be the one consuming your soul today." she hissed from the back and Garison kept a straight face and drawn his tentacles back. She teleported and picked up her scythe. She shot electric energy to Garison's leg in hope to malfunction his leg. He had lost the ability to move it and its strength, it took a while for its power to charge back up.

She teleported like crazy, first with a vertical swing to Garison's side. It hit and right to the bone it messed up his nerves for a couple of seconds. The energy wave she sends to Garison's head failed because the tentacles swiped it away like the other time but this time he was prepared for if that ever happened again so it didn't harm his face

She them teleported behind Garison and attempted to cut his head off with her demonic scythe. "What happened you weren't just like this a few moments ago". Garison had ducked from the abdomen down. She teleported again to the right side, the side Garison could hardly see out of and had punched Garison's face tremendously and she knocked out the rest of Garison 483 spirit points left so he had to use hand combat.

His face zoomed to the left and he couldn't see out his right eye now it is swelling and bloody to much. Garison tentacles was sucked inside Garison and his stomach turned normal again. She teleported above Garison and he looked up. Her scythe aura grew and a beam came out to suck Garison's soul. Garison had jumped out to grab her foot and slam her on the ground and the impact on her head would bust her head wide open and kill her but after that attempt Garison's soul was absorbed...