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Dream World

Nibbling on her poison painted fingernails, a young woman with pitch black hair and a black dress looked over the unconscious body of her brother, Cly. Slipping her hand inside his shirt pocket, she withdrew a folded piece of paper. Opening it carefully, and reading it over, she couldn't help but smile. It read, 'Hey sis! Just fought against an invisible trickster and a flying energy powerhouse, while teamed up with a telekinetic woman with knives. Not sure if I won or not. I can't move my legs, and Esmeralda took a bullet to the neck. Thanks for patching me up all the time.' Zaira wrote back with a pen Cly had on his person. 'You are welcome brother. If you pass to the next round, may you fight hard and win.' Folding the paper, she placed it back in his pocket. Her necklace around her neck began to glow bright blue. Warmth spread through the Dragon's and the Knight's body, and Zaira located all the points in their bodies where they was damaged, and began to heal them. Minutes later, letting out a sigh of exhaustion, she had finished, and rested back against the scaly back she was riding. Many times the size of Esmeralda, was the Hydra, Ribcage, Zaira's protector and friend, the second strongest creature in the Dream World.

Floating City

Asleep in a dark room that was very much like his own back home, was Cly. He had his head resting comfortably on Esmeralda's tail. Rolling over, he accidentally rolled off of her tail and hit the ground face first. Half awake, he searched around with his hands for her tail. Giving up after seconds of not finding it, he became more awake and noticed that she was not in the middle of the room anymore, but facing one of the curtained windows. Her wings were back and her tail swayed side to side, showing that she was thinking. Looking around, the Knight thought he was back home. “Looks like we lost that round Esmeralda…” Her tail stopped moving, and she said softly.   >>Did we?<< Trying to remember back to the fight, he couldn’t recall who the victor was, but he did remember that he was crippled from the waist down. Walking around the room, he smiled, “Glad to have my legs working again.” Breathing in through his nose, he suddenly noticed that the air was different than it should be. For one, it was cleaner than back home, and for another, it was thinner, as in they were not close to the surface. “This isn’t home, we made it to the next round!” Esmeralda didn’t turn around, but lifted her clawed foot up and tore the curtains off of one of the windows. >>We fight here, in this floating city.<< Outside it was dark, the middle of the night, but each and every building was bright with lights. “Think they have a Subway here? I’m starving.”>>I doubt it.<< The green scaled Dragon pointed to a backpack that Cly had over his shoulder. >>Check your pack, it smells like a Spicy Italian.<< He unslung his pack and pulled out a Subway sandwich, wrapped up with a tag attached. It read, ‘Thought you’d like a snack, and don’t ask me how I got it. –Zaira.’ Cly laughed and unwrapped the sandwich. “Wait…how did she know…?” He turned the tag over and saw more words. ‘PS: I knew what you wanted because that’s all you were dreaming about.’ He shrugged and offered half of the sandwich to Esmeralda. >>I’ll pass, I’m not even very hungry. Plus, that amount of meat would hardly fill my stomach.<< She turned back to the window and looked out with glowing yellow eyes.

Minutes later, Dragon and Rider flew over the city searching for their opponent. Despite all the lights on, there was not a single person around. “All the people are asleep?” >>This is a battlefield, an absence of people would be fitting.<< “Oh, right.” Landing on a building, Esmeralda looked around with her full spectrum vision, trying to pick up any life forms. Cly on the other hand, had jumped off her back and was using his legs to run and jump between buildings, enjoying his newly restored legs. Stopping on the rooftops, he saw a person in the shadows. “Hello?” Many buildings away, Esmeralda spotted the same person, the only other person in the city, the Dark Huntress. She thought to herself, >>Oh no, Cly is going to fall for her trap! I’ve got to help him!<<

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"What....what the hell?" Cass was laying prone on the ground, her arms splayed out to the sides. This was getting old and it was getting old fast. For the second time in as many days she was completely discombobulated and out of sorts, laying on the ground with no idea where the heck she was. Rolling over to her side she braced herself and rose to her knees, then gaining her feet. "Must have made it to the next round." She mumbled the words to herself as she immediately reached for her weapons, making sure that her guns, kukris and the sword strapped to her back were in place. A bit of the tension left her shoulders as her hands rested momentarily on the hilts. Bringing one of her hands up to the crown of her head she pushed her long hair out of her face and started surveying her surroundings.  
The air was thinner than what she was used to, letting her know that this was once again a foreign locale, to put it lightly. There were towering buildings placed close to each other, lights bouncing off the shiny outer surfaces. Tilting her head back, she looked up into the sky, trying to gauge more information about the new location. The skies were dark and gray with clouds rolling through the skies. Every now and then a bolt of lightning would shine through the sky, casting an eerie glow on the buildings. It looked like it would open up and pour at any moment. There was something very very unsteady about the city street that she stood in, about the city itself. It was almost as if it was..moving? But that couldn't be, could it? Her eyes narrowed as it dawned on her that of course it could be. This was Darkchild, he was diabolical.  
Gathering herself she started walking the street, staying in the shadows that the tall buildings cast, a gun in each hand, held at the ready. It was then that she noticed the large creature silhouetted in the dark and gloomy sky, the light that the bolts gave off creating a stark contrast. Cass' eyes widened as she realized who it was, her mouth slightly agape. It was Esmeralda, which meant that Cly wasn't that far behind. She hadn't given Darkchild enough credit, this truly was diabolical. He was putting her against the person she had just fought with side by side. He knew that being placed in a combat situation with somebody was one of the quickest ways to form a bond and now he was going to make her fight that person. Delightful.  
She watched her moves, being sure to stay even closer to the buildings as Esmeralda and Cly took to the skies. They had a flight advantage without a doubt, but she was small and she was tricky. She would use the buildings to her advantage and as much as she admired Cly and Esmeralda and their heart, she would fight dirty. Because this wasn't about making friends, despite the bond that they had formed, it was about winning. She had a lot to prove both to herself and to Darkchild. He may have damaged her but she was far from broken. "Hello?" She heard her name called and smiled to herself. That put any doubts she may have been having out of her mind. She was most certainly going to be fighting Cly and Esmeralda.  
Cass didn't answer back, she knew that making any noise would give her position away. As it was, she knew of Esmeralda's full spectrum vision, it had been most useful to them in the last fight. Unlike their former opponents, she didn't have the ability to go invisible to any and every sense. She was going to have to be very very tricky and try and think a few steps ahead of Cly and Esmeralda. Running her hand over the side of one of the buildings, she found a somewhat loose brick. Applying her telekinesis somewhat as a lever, she pried it loose from the foundation. Right now her best bet was misdirection. She chucked the brick as hard as she could towards the general vicinity of Cly and Esmeralda, hoping that it would distract them and hopefully make them think that it was her making noise, not an inanimate object. Without looking back to see if it had connected with them or even distracted them, Cass took off. She wasn't running away, not by any means, she merely wanted a more defensible position as she was at a pretty large disadvantage as was.    
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Awaiting a response, Cly questioned his thought of seeing a person as silence answered his simple hello. Peering over the edge of a rooftop he was standing on, he bent his knees, and grabbed the edge of the building with his fingers. Was his mind playing tricks on him? No, at least not what his experience was telling him. If the person would not openly respond, it meant one of three things. One, they were not fluent with the English language, two, they were deaf and as such could not hear his words, or three, there was a reason for not responding, and depending on this reason the situation could get dangerous for the Rider. Scanning the opposite building wall to him along with the side directly below him, he quickly picked out all the window ledges, gutters, hooks, cracks, and any other surfaces that could prove useful in descending down to the ground. Looking back over his shoulder, he thought that he should wait up for Esmeralda, but he decided that if he did that, this non-responsive person might get away and be long gone. It was up to the Samurai to pursue this shadow figure, and that is what he was going to do.

Jump! Clearing the twenty foot gap between the buildings, his right hand and right foot caught hold of a gutter, allowing Cly to ride down for seconds. He pushed off from the wall when his gutter ran out, clearing the gap again, and taking hold of hook with his left hand, and a crack with his right hand. Climbing down the wall quickly, he let go of the wall and fell thirty feet down, touching down with the balls of his feet, rolling back on his heels, and transitioning to his back in one fluid motion. This sent him into a back-flip to cushion his bones from being too shaken up. Stopping still, on his feet, he was surprised at how fast he had descended from the roof, when he caught sight of motion in the dim lighting. Shifting to the side out of reflex, he felt the wind catch the tips of his hair and run past his face as a rectangular piece of stone flew past him, missing by an inch. Shatter! The brick collided with the wall directly behind Cly and broke apart into hundreds of pieces, one of which happened to skim the Knight's neck, drawing a little blood. The pain was such that he didn't even notice, too distracted by the shattered brick. Looking to the direction the brick was thrown from, he picked up a piece of the debris between his toes and flicked it away. He said to himself quietly with a bit of humor in his voice, "Head hunting bricks, that's new."

Running along the ground towards the shadows where he thought the brick thrower may have been, Cly stopped, and looked for any clues. Unable to find any, he rested back against a nearby brick wall. Slip! His elbow slipped off of one of the brick's it was resting against into an empty area between the bricks. Turning around, he felt the empty cavity that must have been the home to the now shattered brick. Placing his hand into the cavity, he tried to pry free another brick. No luck. Either the brick the person had thrown was loose to begin with, or they had some way of applying extra force to remove the brick. About to take another step he stopped, hearing the sound of wings beating above his head. Looking up, was Esmeralda, who was descending down between the buildings, keeping her wingspan thin so she did not catch her wings on the sides of the buildings. Touching down to the ground with her claws, she said to her Rider, >>Cly! The person here is...<< He interrupted her, "...a brick thrower, I know." The green scaled Dragon looked at him with an 'are you serious?' expression. >>Not sure what you mean, but Cass is here.<< The Rider's eyes lit up, almost like Esmeralda's naturally glowing yellow eyes. He threw a fist in the air and said, "Beast! We won the round and are teamed up again. We are going to kick some..." The tip of one of her claws stopped his lips from moving. >>You don't understand do you? She is not our ally anymore. Cass is the enemy in this fight, a.k.a. the brick thrower.<< The Knight looked uneasy, his hand was shaking and he felt the cavity where the brick once was. "You...mean she...tried to..." He paused and narrowed his eyes. "Why is this tournament set up this way?" Esmeralda dug her claws into the pavement. >>To break our spirits.<<

Cly climbed up onto Esmeralda's back. He said with a new-found strong spirit, "I don't want to fight her, but if that is what this tournament requires, so be it. Today, I will push myself to not hold back and to picture her as a faceless foe. Through victory or defeat, through sweat and blood, through life and death, I will fight, for as I live by the sword, I will die by the sword. I am a Dragon Rider, and fighting is what I do." Esmeralda flapped her wings, ready to take off. >>All fired up and ready to go! It's time to go hunting.<< Lifting off of the ground, Esmeralda rose above the buildings, in search for the Dark Huntress. Spotting her after sweeping the general area with her vision, the Mighty Dragon dove towards where Cass was and landed to the ground a safe distance away, close enough that they could see each other, but far enough that they couldn't engage in battle without moving closer. He said to Cass, "Nothing against you personally. Let's begin."

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She ran through the streets, weaving in and out of buildings trying to find a good position to attack from. She hated this, she hated it with a passion. Fighting was her forte, it was what she had been trained for for the majority of her life; but she had also been trained to not form emotional attachments and fighting beside somebody was one of the quickest ways to form those. "Damn you, Darkchild." She muttered the words under her breath as her feet hit the paved street over and over, her legs taking as long strides as they were able. Cass looked around quickly as she ran, checking to see if there was any good places that she could use to set up an ambush. She paused for a moment as she heard Cly speak. Going against almost every instinct that she had, she stood still, listening to the conversation between him and Esmeralda. He was almost deliciously naive. The thought that he would be up against her in this battle hadn't even come to his mind. She would have to find some way to use that to her advantage as well. He was hopefully expecting straightforward attacks and her fingers were figuratively crossed that the brick-throwing hadn't given away the fact that she planned to play very very dirty.  
She stopped moving and simply watched, trying to get a read on what Esmeralda and Cly were doing. The overcast clouds were cutting down on visibility. Thank god for enhanced senses. Smiling to herself she concentrated her auditory senses as well, trying to pick up on what Cly and Es were talking about. Something about how fighting was what he did. Her smile went grim as she turned around, facing their general direction. It was then that the clouds opened up, a huge boom as thunder rolled across the sky. The rain was not the nice summer kind, it was cold and stung her skin as it hit her cheeks. Looking up at the sky, she felt that the tumultuous nature of the skies perfectly fit the fight that was happening on the ground.  
Her hair was soaked and slicked against her face, water dripping off the ends of it. Es was landing on the ground with Cly firmly in her back, about one hundred yards away. This was it. There was no time to find a more defensible position anymore, no time to lay in wait and ambush them. Lifting a hand up to her face, she skimmed her hair back, getting it out of the way. Her hair length was one of the few luxuries that she let get in the way. She knew that it put her at a tactical disadvantage; hair was easy to pull and it got in the way, but she was vain enough to want to be pretty. Cass unholstered her guns, holding them up and ready to fire, keeping a close eye on both Cly and Esmeralda. "Nothing against you personally. Let's begin."  
Taking a deep breath, her chest rising and falling, Cass aimed the guns, one at Esmeralda and one at Cly. "Let's." She fired off several shots in a row, aiming for what she knew to be weak areas. The first shot was carefully aimed at Esmeralda's voice box with enough precision that if it did make contact with it, it wouldn't critically injure Esmeralda. Cass wanted to win but she didn't want to maim anybody unless it was completely necessary. The next shots were all aimed at Esmeralda's wings. It was cruel and Cass would regret it later, but she needed to disable the flight capability and make this match a bit more even. She was capable of flight under her power of telekinesis but she wasn't that accustomed to it and did not really feel comfortable using it in battle. Not to mention that Cly and Es were far more experienced with flight in combat situations then she would ever be. The next and final shot was aimed for Cly's shoulder, she wanted to disable the arm that he used to wield his sword. Other than Es, it was his most formidable piece of equipment. She had seen it cut through adamantium akin to the way a hot knife would cut through butter. There was a very high chance that it would be able to breach her telekinetic forcefields and she didn't want that happening. "Nothing against you, either." 

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Standing a good one hundred yards away, Cly and Esmeralda saw through the rain that Cass was making a move. Unholstering her handguns, and aiming down the sights, she had one gun pointed Cly and the other Esmeralda. Very rare had the Samurai witnessed a person able to shoot accurately while dual wielding guns against two different targets, and was sure that this would be one of those times. Recognizing the pistols in their previous team up, he knew that they were the Five-seveN pistols, and shot a very fast pistol round, actually more like a mix between a pistol and rifle round, at some speed above two thousand feet per second. Performing a quick calculation based on the distance from her and where he was standing, the Knight knew that the bullets would reach him in about one seventh of a second. His eyes could see faster than most humans, but still had difficulty picking out bullets from the air. This was not the case for Esmeralda. Not familiar with the round, the teenage Dragon did not know how fast it would take the shots to reach her, but with her eyes she could predict bullet paths through the air based on where Cass was pointing her guns.

Bang! Silence broke as the firing pin hit the centerfire cartridge. Esmeralda could tell that the Dark Huntress was aiming for her neck, and realized that she must be going for the point where the bullet had slipped through in the previous battle. Esmeralda was not about to let that happen again. Ducking her neck down, to change the angle of the bullet on her scales, the bullet hit and ricocheted off without harming her. Many more shots followed, which were aimed higher, at her face, or her…wings! Esmeralda tucked her wings back a moment too late, getting a bullet through the skin of her wing. She winced in pain as crimson blood infused with light ran from the wound. Still able to fly, she would do so with more pain, and if she beat her wings too hard, it could make the hole bigger.

Gripping the handle of his sword, the sharpest sword in existence, with his right hand, he withdrew it in less than a tenth of second and was surprised by the lack of bullets fired at him. He was used to thugs with Mac-11’s unloading on him at point blank. Only a single bullet came his way, which he sliced in half with his sword, sending the pieces to the sides of him. Skim! One of the halves skimmed his shoulder, drawing blood. “What?!” The Rider had thought that a simple slice would separate the bullet and send it away without harm, but what he realized is that it had been an armor piercing round. When he had sliced the bullet, the tungsten or other dense metal inside had been broken loose, sending four pieces of bullet through the air. He thought to himself why he didn’t block the bullet, instead of slicing it, but it was too late now. Oh well, he wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

Not giving her any time to shoot more rounds, Cly nodded to Esmeralda, which told her that he wanted to perform a tactic they had done many times before. Splitting ways, the Rider sprinted to the door of a building which was close to him, and ran inside. Meanwhile, Esmeralda darted forward, with her wings carefully tucked back. Fast on all fours, she covered the distance of one hundred meters in five seconds. Tucking her head down, and keeping her eyes narrowly open, she was prepared to take any bullets in her bum rush. Soaked in the rain, Esmeralda's scales sparkled as the lightning flashed. Yards in front of the Dark Huntress, the Mighty Dragon let out a wicked roar. One hundred and sixty decibels, so loud that seconds of exposure could permanately deafen someone. She held back from roaring for more than two seconds, for she wanted to stun Cass, not cause her to lose her hearing permanately.

Hum! A soft sound lost in the rain, the sound of the sharpest sword moving through the air. Slash! A quick stroke, aimed at the bottom of the handle of each pistol. If successful, he would pull off his spill the ammo trick, which meant chopping the end of a firearm's magazine so that all the bullets would fall out. Cly had approached just after Esmeralda had started to roar, from the building opposite to the one he had entered. What he had done was enter into the first building for less than a second, then exit and use Esmeralda's body as cover for him to dart to the opposite building, he hoped she wouldn't see him in the rain. So there he was, in mid-jump, performing an attack that was meant to spill the bullets from her magazines, and also would not allow more magazines to be fed into the pistols. Rolling on the slick ground, he came to his feet in a moment and shifted forward to close the distance between himself and Cass. Stabbing toward her belly button with his sword, he dampened the sharpness on the blade so he wouldn't impale her. But this was just bait, he wanted her to dodge. If she dodged, he would attempt to throw a reverse punch towards her solar plexus and simultaneously sweep his left leg behind her legs in hopes of taking her down to the ground. If she was grounded, Cly would drop into a sumo stance and strike downward with bear claws (knuckles) toward her ribs without comprimising his posture. After he would jump away towards Esmeralda, sheathe his sword.

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Cass watched, a grim smile on her face as the bullets traveled through the air at a speed nearly impossible to keep track of. The sound of bullet fire cracked through the air as the bullets sailed. Her aim had been true and if Esmeralda had not been quite as quick the first shot would have taken out the voice box. Unfortunately for Cass, Es had been able to maneuver out of the way. But there had been too many bullets and she wasn't able to evade them all. There was a whooshing noise as one of them sailed through the skin of her wing and went straight into the building behind her. She noted the blood trickling from the dragon's wound and slithering down the leathery texture of her wings as a glint of something caught her eye. It was the light from the lightning bouncing off of Cly's sword.  
He showed an impressive degree of agility as he split bullets with his sword. She was about to drop the guns and reach back to pull her own sword out of it's sheath, but before she could do so, she found herself being rushed by Esmeralda, a completely unexpected move. She managed to fire off a few shots, aiming at Esmeralda's legs, right before Esmeralda let out a roar. "Ahhh!" Cass let out a nearly wordless scream as attack hit her. Cass had enhanced senses, that included an enhanced auditory sense and attacks of a sonic nature hit her harder than they would somebody without enhanced senses. The pain was breathtaking and nearly drove her down to her knees. It took her all of her concentration to hold onto her guns instead of dropping them and covering her ears with her hands.  
In the moments of intense pain she had completely lost track of Cly. Dammit. He was taking her strategy of using the cityscape to hide her movements and was using it against her. The cloud cover and torrential rain was only helping his efforts. All of a sudden he appeared out of nowhere, his sword slicing through the air. It cost her precious seconds to regain full use of her abilities and senses, taking longer than she had wished to recover a little bit from the Esmeralda's attack. "Damn it." The words escaped her lips as the sword effortlessly cut through her gun. She was pissed, she had loved them dearly and not having them put her at a bit of a disadvantage. Unless she used her telekinesis, something that she didn't particularly like to rely on, she was pretty much out of long distance attacks.  
Throwing the now useless guns to the side, she reached down and grabbed her kukris, holding them steady in her grip and preparing herself for his next attack. Seeing the sword coming straight at her, Cass used her enhanced reflexes to dodge it somewhat easily. It was as soon as she had done that that she realized that was what Cly had wanted. Before she knew it, he was throwing a reverse punch right at her solar plexus, the knuckles of his index and middle fingers digging in right underneath her sternum, leaving her slightly winded. At the same time his fist connected with her, he employed a leg sweep, knocking her off balance. She landed flat on her ass on the ground and before she could roll out of the way, he slammed his knuckles into her ribs, laying her out flat on her back before leaping away out of her range.
There was a cracking noise as she heard a rib crack. That was going to be a bitch to heal. Doing her best to ignore the pain in her side, Cass slowly stood up. She was going to go with a two-pronged attack for her next move, she needed to move quickly and launch a few attacks in quick succession, she wanted to keep Cly as off-balance as possible. Palming her kukris, she held them in a reverse knife grip, with the sharp edge of the blades held away from her body. Keeping a firm grip on them she ran towards Cly, aiming the bladed weapons at his torse and his sword arm. She spun around him her back now facing his, hoping that the weapons had hit their mark. She had been aiming for his sword arm, hoping to nick the tendons on it and cripple or at least hinder the use of his sword. Other than Es, the sword was the thing she was most worried about in this fight. Her back still facing his, she moved forward about half a foot and immediately jammed her right elbow backwards. She was hoping that if it made contact, it would hit his spine. Not doing any permanent damage, but hopefully stunning him for a moment or two.  

Spinning around quickly, now facing his back, she brought her leg up towards her chest and kicked out towards his back, hoping to knock him forward. If the attack missed she would be left off-balance and slightly vulnerable, but if it did connect, then he would be the one in the vulnerable position. With rain pouring down her face and dripping off the ends of her hair, Cass looked over at Es and smiled, giving her a slight nod. She would be coming for her next.     

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Cly stood in the heavy rain, his clothes soaked completely. Behind him, Esmeralda had extended her damaged wing a short distance forward and was using it like an umbrella for her Rider. On the ground in front of him was Cass, who had taken hits from the Knight's Karate. Remembering which of his strikes had hit and how effective they had appeared to be, he knew that if Cass was as tough as a typical person she would not be getting up for at least five minutes. Slowly rising to her feet seconds later, she withdrew two sharp kukris, and held them in a reverse grip. Cly immediately recognized the style of wielding. In his experience it was most suitable for smaller knives. He had witnessed many criminals who used this style, the majority of which were poorly trained. Watching her movements with his hazel eyes, he unsheathed his sword and was moments away from crossing blades with her.

Clash! Gripping his unbreakable sword with his right hand, he parried both of her strikes at once, matching the sharpness of his sword with hers. One of the slashes was waist height, while the other was higher, perhaps aimed at his neck. No small feat, he had picked up her pattern at a glance, and found a position to block the attack, with his fifteen plus years of experience wielding his double edged sword. What he didn't expect is what she did next. Cass did not provide more force in the same spots or back up for another strike, like most attackers would when their offense had been blocked. Instead, she continued forward, to the right side of him, spinning around with proper footwork and form to follow. This caught him off guard as he analyzed where she would strike. Shifting a short distance to his left, he turned and made an effort to block the two kukris.

Slice! Intense pain erupted in his right arm, as he felt the cold steel of one of her kukris hit it's target. Cutting cleanly through his entire tricep muscle and halfway into his humerus bone in his arm, he immediately lost strength in his arm and managed to grab hold of the handle of his sword with his left hand to continue blocking the attack from the other bladed weapon. It had been aimed for his waist, as before, and he had managed to block it again. Not concentrating too much on the pain from his damaged arm, he noticed that Cass had spun around behind him. Bash! He felt her elbow drive into his back, hitting the spine and causing a sharp pain in his spinal cord, which caused him more intense pain. He held back tears, and looked over his shoulder to see her facing his back, and in the act of front kicking at his back. Shifting to the side with his agility, he took her kick at the far right side of his back, barely missing his kidney's. Using the kick's pushing power he rolled forward, tucking his chin and touching the wet ground with his left shoulder and making a line of contact to his right hip. He came up to his feet and turned to face the Dark Huntress. Cly recognized and was impressed by her close combat skills. A distance away, he felt under his right arm and looked at his hand covered with the gushing blood, being washed away by the rain. The Rider needed to stop the bleeding fast, or he wouldn't be fit to continue on fighting. Seeking shelter in a nearby building, he looked at Esmeralda, who looked back with her glowing yellow eyes, then turned her head to face Cass, who smiled at her. The green scaled Dragon was not happy about how Cass had hurt her Rider.

Pounce! There is nothing quite as scary as the thought of a multi-thousand pound, armored, agile winged beast, with razor sharp claws and teeth, fire breath, deafening roars, and an instinct to kill, about to destroy you. Except of course when that thought becomes reality. Enter Esmeralda. Attempting to land on top of Cass and pin her arms and legs down to the ground with her claws, Esmeralda would try to knock the Dark Huntress out by bashing Cass with her head. If the teenage dragon missed her opportunity, she would attempt to grab Cass with her tail and tighten her grip on her, an effort to make the Dark Huntress lose her breath. Then, Esmeralda would throw her up in the air thirty feet, jump on the side of the nearby building Cly was in, dig her claws into the side, then push off and attempt to tackle Cass as she fell down through the air. If succesful, Esmeralda would tackle her through an entire building, possibly taking down the foundation and causing the building to collapse.

Stepping out into the rain again, Cly, with his arm bandaged with part of his shirt, as he was known to do, spotted Esmeralda and the Dark Huntress in combat. Waiting for an opening, he climbed up on his Dragon's back, ready to continue the fight.

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Looking up, her eyes met Esmeralda's and she took her focus off of Cly. Cass was getting cocky, after her last attack had gone so successfully. A creeping sensation was sneaking down her spine, letting her know that this probably wasn't the greatest strategic plan in the whole wide world; taking on a dragon. She could feel the fear creeping in and she had to force it down. Now wasn't the time for fear. She had attacked Cly and moved on to Es, she had made her bed and now it was time to lay in it. She was about to fight a dragon. Cass stood there with the kukris held downwards at her side, getting ready for something, anything, noting what seemed like Cly's retreat through her peripheral vision. What felt like years passed in seconds and then everything sped up. A drop of Cly's blood slid down the blade and fell into the puddle of rainwater forming at her foot.  
Literally looking into the eyes of the dragon, she knew that she had made an enemy, at least for the moment and a powerful one at that. She had seen Es fight, she was fierce and now, now all of that was directed towards her. A load roar cracked through the air as lightning shot through the sky, thunder booming and the sound blending with that of a roar. It was as if mother nature herself was siding with Cly and Esmeralda. Perfect, that was just perfect. She was outnumbered, she was caught between buildings, she was in a vulnerable position. As if things weren't bad enough, the weather decided that   now  was the perfect time to really let loose and the skies opened up, dumping rain as the dragon soared through the air, heading straight towards her.  
There was a thudding noise as Esmeralda made contact with her. Luckily she had managed to wrap the telekinetic energy that she so easily manipulated around herself, protecting herself with something akin to a forcefield. Cass landed hard on her back. Her head would have cracked against the ground if it hadn't been for the protection. Before she could do or say anything, she found herself being pinned to the ground. It was a moment of terror for her, being restrained against her will had been a sore point with her for a few months, now. She had never taken to it kindly before but now...now it almost automatically launched her into a bloodlusted fury. She was able to control it, though, rein it in and use the anger to motivate her. Her eyes met Esmeralda's and she was about to kick up towards her belly using the sheathed boot knife, but before she got the chance Esmeralda surged forward. Cass rolled quickly out of the way, narrowly avoiding having her head bashed in by the clever dragon. She was hoping that the forward momentum would be too much for Es and that her attack would end up with her headbutting the ground.  
Esmeralda caught her before she was able to do anything, though. She wrapped her tail around her torso, and used it to toss her through the air as if she was nothing more than a toy. Cass flew up into the air against her will and decided to make the best of it. She had practiced free-falling, she knew how to adjust her body and her position, to use the fall to her best advantage. Positioning her body in a downwards fall, her arms held to her side, she was preparing to meet the ground and do a rolling tuck, putting herself in the position of grabbing her sword from the scabbard strapped along her back, but that plan was foiled in the span of seconds. Esmeralda came swooping straight at her, aiming for the side of her body and caught her in mid-air. She continued through the air, slamming her into the side of one of the skyscrapers. Cass let out a grunt at the impact, hoping that that was it knowing all the while that it wasn't.  


Her forcefield protected her as Es slammed her through wall after wall, propelling her through the building. Fear and panic soared through her mind; there was only one time in her life where she had taken damage on par with this before and that was when the villain known as Tank had self-detonated during the events of World War Warsman. The difference between then and now was that that attack hadn’t actually been directed at her as this one was.

Finally coming to a stop at the floor level of the building Cass lay there, trying to catch her breath, trying to let her mind catch up to what had just happened. Letting a small moan escape her lips she rolled over to her side and slowly rose to her feet. She hurt all over. She was dizzy. Her eyesight had gone bright and a little fuzzy at the edges and she felt lightheaded. All in all, she was doing pretty well for having just been thrown through quite a few floors. Blinking a few times, she reached up and pushed her hair out of her face. There was an ominous creaking noise as a huge piece of plaster fell off the ceiling above her and crashed to the floor about three feet to her left. Cass caught notice of it out of the corner of her eye, the plaster dust rising in a little cloud. There was a huge gaping hole in the side of the building and the wind was pushing the rain inside, making everything even more of a mess.

The building was going to come down soon enough, the foundation had been critically weakened, she could feel it starting to teeter beneath her feet and the ominous creaking was growing louder and more pronounced. She caught site of Esmeralda again, taking note that Cly was now accompanying her…there was no way she could use her weaponry to fight both of them at the same time, her guns were completely disabled thanks to Cly slicing them up earlier and her kukris were best for close quarter combat. She was going to do a two-pronged attack, one close quarter and one long distance. She felt that that would give her the best chances for success. Reaching behind her back, she grabbed her sword and took a running start for Esmeralda. At the last second she performed a falling maneuver, sliding down to the floor. Her momentum carried her forward as she slid on her back underneath Esmeralda’s stomach, her sword held overhead. The aim was to drag the tip along the exposed underbelly of Esmeralda. It was a cruel attack, but Cass’ unquenchable need to prove herself was coming into play and quite possibly causing her to take leave of her better senses.

Coming out on the other side behind Es and Cly, she quickly rose to her feet, dropping her sword to the side of her, not checking to see if it had actually made contact or not. She faced the back of them, standing about fifteen feet away and she was going to have to rely on her telekinesis and try and make this attack as final and as devastating as she possibly could. Closing her eyes, Cass held her hands out in front of her, concentrating as hard as she could. She could feel the energy forming around them, it was sort of a warm tingle. Biting her lip in concentration, she opened her eyes and projected forwards a burst of telekinetic energy nearly as strong as she could summon. If it did it's trick, it would blow out the walls, causing the already compromised ceiling to fall in and further compromising the rest of the building's foundation. If that didn't take care of things for her, she would quickly pick her sword up from the ground and launch another attack, this time directed more towards Cly, although that would certainly be her least favorite option. If there was one thing she didn't want to do, it was meet Cly in combat with swords.