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The letter says here Rl thinks to himself as he flies over a shoaling monk temple in China. As he lands on the steps leading up to the temple he looks around and doesn't see anybody. He quickly raises his forcefield and forms a hand held axe in his right hand. His eyes and left arm begin glow with the energy bursting uncontrollably as he was anxious for his opponent to arrive and the battle to begin.

"Come on man, I ain't got all day" Rl says aloud as he waits.

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Jax finally arriving at the temple by motorcycle notices the forcefield and knows it is his opponent. He then started to walk up the steps. "You just had to get battle ready in the few minutes before I got here didn't you. Alright guess I'll get battle ready too." Jax threw his black jacket down the stairs leaving only his black shirt and his black jeans. "Guess I picked the wrong attire for the occasion but black is just my color" Jax said loudly still approaching his opponent.

Jax then stopped when he was 40 inches from the forcefield. "Hmmm, see you got a few tricks but I have more." Jax then took out 1 of his swords and started to charge it with dark energy. "See this small amount of dark energy should hopefully destroy that shield but if not well we're not there yet." Jax then jumped up 90 meters in the air and started to come down hard with that charged sword on the part of the forcefield that was just above his opponent.
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As Jax moved up close to RL he did not move. He just listened as his cocky opponent made irrelevant small talk. Even when Jax pulled out his sword and began to charge it with dark energy RL did nothing but keep constant eye contact make a move junior RL thought to himself and instantly Jax was airborne!

Damn that was fast RL thought as Jax descended down upon him with great force, the outer forcefield RL had made was now breached by Jax's attack and all that he had now was his silhouette force field standing in the way of Jax's blade. RL could feel the darkness coming form his blade and out of desperation RL shot an energy blast directed at the sword with his left hand! He took a step back and then hurled the constructed axe that was in his right directly at the abdomen of Jax!

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Jax knew the energy blast wouldn't do a thing against his charged sword but the axe might hurt a little. The energy blast hit Jax's sword but didn't do much it only uncharged the sword. The axe then hit Jax right in the abdomen knocking him back a few feet. Jax got up and looked at the amount of blood. "Hmm it's not a lot of blood. Guess I'll have to pull out my other sword." Jax then pulled out his other sword. "I guess in a direct fight it would be difficult to win but if I made everything pitch black and you can't see me well we'll see." Jax then raised his sword in the air and shot a dark energy blast out of it. "Now the games will begin."

Darkness started to cover every part of the battlefield. In only a few seconds it was completely pitch black. "Now I may not be able to see you but I can still hear any movement you make." Knowing he only got knocked back a few feet away from his opponent Jax shot 3 dark energy blasts forward and then he charged his opponent jumping up 8 meters and then he did a 360 degree horizontal slash.

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Darkness came upon the field of battle as Jax shot a blast in the air. The quick-witted RL thought I've trained in the dark kid, lets see what you got and quickly shut down his forcefield, knowing that he would be seen and be more vulnerable to the attacks of the quicker Jax.

"Now I may not be able to see you but I can still hear any movement you make." says RL's cocky opponent. RL was able to hear 3 blast come towards him from Jax's direction. He quickly jumped in the air a corkscrew motion and was able deflect one of the blast the other two connected one on his shoulder and the other his back causing RL to be sent back a few feet. The two blasts left him in a daze since they were direct shots as he had no forcefield up to cover the blast. Hearing nothing but a slash coming down upon him his first instinct was to put his left arm over his face. The slash of the sword cut into RL's cybernetic left arm but still left it functional. Pain was now rushing though his body as the dark blast were still affecting him.

RL then somehow willed himself up to his feet erecting his forcefield once again since he now knew that he couldn't overcome Jax'x speed without it. Jax was close enough to be seen by the light coming from it, and out of RL's left hand came a destructive energy blast aimed at Jax's head. While still blasting the stream of enerry with his left RL made a sword with his right and lunged forward with it right at the heart of Jax!

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"See now that would of worked if their was no light coming from your forcefield." Jax then sliced through the energy blast with one sword and his other sword collided with his foe's sword. The energy blast split in half and destroyed the mountains behind Jax. The sword that sliced through the blast was headed towards RL's cybernetic arm. "That arm seems to help you quite a bit. I should take care of that."

"My abdomen hurts a little bit but it shouldn't get in the way. Now since it's hurt it's going to take alot of damage from anyone of RL's attacks" Jax thought. "Well lets see what you got RL."

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The darkness of Jax's sword was somehow able to separate the stream of green energy and strike the left arm of RL. The alien metal that the arm was made up of, proved to be tenacious as the strike did not penetrate the arm but was still adequate enough to send RL tumbling backwards. As he stop tumbling he gets to one knee and sees that blood was slowly seeping from the abdomen of Jax.

"Well lets see what you got RL." say Jax! A bruised RL quickly shoots up into the air about 25 feet and forms a spear with each hand. With great precision he hurls them both in Jax's direction, immediately RL follows his attack with another pair of spears. If the four spears don't put him down this should RL thinks as he puts both hands together and begins to charge his green energy. With an intense gesture RL thrusts his hands forward and sends a calamitous blast towards Jax's body!

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Jax saw the spears coming and managed to dodge them but that big blast hit Jax's whole body. With the last ounce of strength Jax had he got up from the blast. "That hurt alot but I still have a trick up my sleeve. You see I have a few forms but I'm going to use my most powerful form to win my Ultimate Destruction form." Jax then picked up his swords and spinned them rapidly. He smashed them together then thrusted them into the ground. Jax's eyes then started to glow with Darkness.

Jax's hands then started to glow with Darkness and he then smashed them into the ground. The Darkness covering the field went away and dark mist then started to cover Jax. His swords then disappeared and in a few seconds a beast emerged from the mist. A loud roar then came from the beast. Jax had changed form.

His whole body grew to 8ft tall and his teeth grew to 4ft long. 1 half of his body was pure black while the other was pure yellow. His hair had turned black and yellow. On his forearms he got retractable Vibranium and Anti-Metal claws. On his hands he got retractable Adamantium on each knuckle.

Jax then put his hands in the air in an x like symbol and then 2 swords materialized in his hands. Each 7ft long but one was black and the other yellow. The swords each had sharp ridges which made them even more deadly. "These 2 swords are called Light and Dark and they have all the powers of Light and Darkness" Jax said in a devilish kind of voice. "This is my most powerful form. Now try to beat me."

Jax then stood there and started to charge each sword with their element. While charging Jax fired a dark energy blast from his mouth at RL.

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As Jax was changing form into the grotesque creature he turned into, RL wasted no time planning his next attack. He constructed a Giant Sword over his head about 12 ft in length. As Jax's formation was now complete RL flew down to the ground with the sword still formed over his head so that he can strike the beast head on with it. Controlling it with a throwing motion RL sent the sword directly at the beast neglecting to see the dark energy blast that the beast had sent from his mouth which flew directly under RL's attack and connected with RL sending him through one of the cement columns and into the shaolin monk temple.

While in the temple RL was battered and bruised, blood started dripping out his mouth and nose his ribs and back were sore from the beatings! The last thing he remembered seeing was the beast charging his 2 swords. Gotta think fast RL thought! His body was beaten but his will to win was still stronger then ever and that was the driving force to his power! RL then stood up and stretched out both his arms the entire temple began to become enveloped with green energy. The silhouette force field around RL's body began to burst with green energy as RL took flight upwards crashing though the roof of the temple. Once outside the temple with it now completely surrounded with his green energy RL began to motion his arms as if he were lifting. The Temple began to come off the ground under the control of RL's will. With the temple now about 50 feet off the ground RL quickly flew over Jax and released all the green energy from under temple causing the temple fall downward with the newly formed Jax as its target!

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Jax in his new form saw the sword coming and to dodge it he made the energy charged in his Dark sword turn into a dark energy blast which cut through the 12 foot sword. Jax then knowing RL was in the temple threw his Light sword up in the air about 60 feet with the charged energy still inside. The sword then turned into about 40 beams of holy light that could damage any enemy. The beams also charge the opponent if visible and on Jax's command.

Jax then saw RL come out the temple but flying and then the temple came off the ground. "The beams only seek out an enemy if visible and on my command and RL seems to be making this attack out of desperation" Jax thought. RL was then over Jax after the thought and RL dropped the temple on Jax. With out thinking Jax jumped up and used his Dark sword to chop through the building but only to the third story of the building.

While in the falling building Jax ordered 20 beams of light to attack while the other 20 stayed still. "Attack the enemy" Jax ordered subconsciously. The beams then started to charge RL one after another. The temple that Jax was still in hit the steps that led up to the temple. The steps then collapsed and the temple kept falling.

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RL was now exhausted from the constant use of power. The hard concentration of lifting the temple left him with a head ache. His body was still in pain from all the attacks from before. RL looks up to see the beast cut through the building with his sword, you have got to be f^{king kidding me

"Attack the enemy" said Jax as he was still in the building that had now fallen through the temple steps with him in. Suddenly beams of light start flying towards RL. He quickly takes flight with the protection of his force field still in tact. He evasively maneuvered to repel 10 as the 11th came a miscalculation on his part caused him to be hit which lead to the rest of the beam striking him. Each blow made him flip into the other like a rag doll.

After the barrage of light beams ceased RL hit the ground hard near the hole that was made by the temple falling through it! Two ribs were now broken and his right ankle was fractured. Not knowing what had came of the beast RL painfully crawled towards the hole and in a do or die attempt constructed an energy ball. RL shot the ball at the side of the hole that was holding the opposite part of the stairs together causing it to tumble over the hole in an attempt to seal the beast inside. Dust now filled the air! RL then turned over to his back and began to look at the sky as he cough up blood he begins to think to himself that better had been enough!

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Jax seeing the stairs collapse jumped out of the building and he jumped up to 100 meters in the air. Jax then saw RL's broken body on the ground. Jax then made his Light sword materialize back into his hand making the other 20 beams disappear. While still in the air Jax started to charge both his swords. This time his form started to drain in the swords as well as their element.

The Light part drained into the Light sword and the Dark part started to drain in the Dark sword. "This will only take a few seconds to charge fully. 5 to be exact." After that statement half of the Light part and half of the Dark part of Jax's form was in the swords. "This will destroy you very quickly" Jax said loudly.
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The last thing RL sees was that the temple falling on Jax and the hole that was supposed to seal him in their was not enough! DAMN RL thinks as his will to continue against such opponent diminishes and RL fades away! The last thing that was seen from where RL was lying at was a green light that faded away as Jax approached declaring him the victor!

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Jax then stood there glad that he has won. "One step closer to being King of the Vine." Jax then was in his normal form. "Well RL goodbye for now." With that said Jax went to his motorcycle and left the hidden Shaolin Monk Temple. "Time to get some rest." Jax then teleported out of there on his motorcycle to Vegas for some well earned rest.