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The first round ended before it started, Ziccarra's opponent never showed up. His "forfeit" meant she had gotten a free pass to the second round, however unbeknownst to the Spanish Marquesta, Amora; her second round opponent, had won her first match and was a Goddess. Can Ziccarra shake off the rust of the first round, to battle with Amora who is riding a wave of momentum?


Z removed her mask, allowing her hair that ran along the left side of her head to drape her delicate shoulders. Despite her already aching body, she was ready for a fight; since her first opponent didn’t bother to show up; she figured she’d get automatically advanced to the next round. Exhaling deeply, her thoughts immediately fell on her daughter; Isadora. She hadn’t seen her baby since before the initial invasion of Venezuela, she had become so tangled in the death of Chavez; that she failed to spend ample enough time with her child.

A thought crossed her mind, one that she normally wouldn’t bother to entertain, but forfeiting this fight right now would allow her to devote time to finding Quintus Knightfall and Isadora. The thought faded almost as, soon as it entered her mind. There was something in her body that propelled her to see the completion of this tourney. Could it have curiosity? Did she have something to prove? Maybe she wanted to see how long she could go, before pumping herself full of insulin; or maybe she wanted to see if her body would comply to her every whim.

Whatever her reasoning for doing so, she was learning how hard it was to be “herself”, when she was in charge of the Cardinals; she rarely had to get her hands dirty, they worshipped the ground she walked on; and treated her like a goddess.

A common theme with the likeness of “Gods and Goddess” was that they usually adopted some sort of human like traits; Obsessive Jealousy, Stubbornness, Pride, Anger. Though not a goddess, the self-proclaimed goddess of Cardinal Laws learned another important theme about the godly. Love is often unrequited.

Taking exactly one step forward, Ziccarra fell clumsily down what appeared to be a hole? She landed in a crouched position, the impact of her fall weighing heavy on her knees. “You have got to be kidding me…” she whispered, her thick Iberian parlance slurring her words a bit. “Wonderland…” She whispered, again feeling a bit sick. She hated this movie.

She glanced around the room, only to find that she was nearly too tall to enter the courtyard. This was the chosen place for battle? Ideally it favored Ziccarra; her knack for illusions, and the deceptive art would allow her to use the world in its entirety.

Drinking a shrink formula, she shrunk down to size; and opened the sleeping doorknob. One thing she planned on was to expect this world to frustrate her expectations and challenge her understanding of the natural order of the world.

It was a slow saunter of the Former Cardinal Queen to the courtyard, but as she waited the arrival of her opponent, her mask disintegrated transforming her clothes into her dark green battle tunic and foxed nose mask.

“Round 2” She whispered, ready to begin.

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A soft breeze riffled gently through Amora's long blonde hair as she looked down haughtily at her defeated opponent. Round one had left her with little evidence of a fight; a few scrapes and cuts from being tackled out of the sky maiming otherwise unblemished skin. The battle's effect on the arena, however, was not so subtle. Once beautiful and flourishing fauna was left as nothing but charred flowers and heaps of upturned dirt, all scattered around violently. This was the last sight the goddess had to remember her victory by before being enveloped in the same mystic smoke that delivered her here, taking her this time to her second arena for round two in her quest for glory.

Actually winning the tournament was neither here nor there to the goddess, being crowned a queen among mortals having very little meaning to her. However for centuries now, when her mind had drifted from more important topics, she wondered what is was that compelled her worthless older brother to spend his immortal life among lesser beings. Granted Olympus had never offered itself as a real home to Alceus, father had made sure of that, but surely the Olympian Bull (so he called himself) could have found a more suitable home than among the mortal worms?

Planning to discover her brother's affection toward Earth, Amora would enter the mortal fold through the very tournament she now competed in. With the start of round two Amora reappeared once more, her wounds fully healed due to her advanced regeneration, in an arena she was entirely unfamiliar with. Bright, unnatural colors and severely distorted figures attacked her from every angle, shape and form having no meaning in this strange wonderland. However, being a goddess of sorcery, Amora had spent her fair share of time in otherworldly dimensions, places where time and space were left ungoverned by the conventional laws of physics.

Glancing around the eerie forest she had teleported into, Amora could gaze past a break the towering trees to what seemed like a courtyard. Making her way calmly toward the opening, she found it increasingly difficult to fit within the foliage. Whether it was the trees growing smaller or her own figure growing larger was of little concern to Amora as she demonstrated her magic prowess by altering her physical size to fit within the courtyard she had finally entered. She had gazed around the strange setting, lit warmly by a string of paper lanterns, before her eyes rested on her second opponent.

From her earliest days of combat training, Amora had always preferred taking the offensive. The moment her gaze caught the exotic looking woman Amora took to the air, something the goddess chose more often than not to do during battle. The moment her feet left the ground her hands shot forward, firing blast after blast of searing energy toward her opponent, taking no mercy on whoever she may be. Extremely mobile while in the air, Amora would have no difficulty repositioning herself to continue her aerial assault on the woman should she attempt to dodge the goddess' attack. Round one had come as a swift victory for Amora, and she planned to end round two just as quickly.

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Z’s adept ears caught the sizzle of energy being manifested, turning her head just slightly; the Malagan beauty kicked off her heel to narrowly avoid being hit by an energy blast. She could only grimace, as she weaved in and out of the hasty aerial assault; her increased reaction time was effective in her evasive maneuvers; however she wouldn’t be able to suppress the aerial assault, at least not while her opponent stayed airborne.

Finally one of the impressively dispatched energy blast slammed into her; plowing her into a crater, much like the fruitless blast before it did. The beams of energy slammed into Z almost in succession filling the crater with a heat vapor.

Ziccarra laid in the fetal position blood immediately pouring from her pores; her lips quivered with shock; but she was alright. The hemostatic cloth, which her green tunic was composed of, would aid with the clotting of her blood on her chest, her exposed arms and legs were another problem entirely.

Pushing out of the crater, she tilted her head up just a bit to gaze at the “golden goddess”, her attack was preemptive and, quite well thought out. Ziccarra had damn near no major offenses for an aerial opponent, none that she was willing to use this early anyways.

Ziccarra could naturally manipulate energy, though she needed to be aware of an attack to do it; however, her elbow and knee pads also act as an energy stowage mechanism. This was a failsafe in case, someone did exactly what Amora had, attack Z off-guard.

The energy from the goddess could be seen streaking through the extremities of Z, she could channel this energy into any one of her body’s natural abilities.

“The Best offense is a finely tuned defense” she whispered, dropping to a knee. The powerhouse above her will eat her alive if she didn’t fortify herself within her surroundings. Z pressed her palm against the dirt, as she did so; her focus became so acute that she literally taught herself to bypass pain.

This was known as her Mind-Set technique, a technique so valuable it grants a warrior unshakable resolve and tenacity. The Mind-Set allowed for Z to ignore pain and fear, and has proven capable of casting off the effects of brainwashing.

Now that this was done, the Fox Nose mask of Z finally showed its tricks. All around her the mask constructed hundreds of tree’s cloaking her exact location. “Here is where it gets fun…” she said, with a thick accent.

Pulling another technique from her arsenal, Ziccarra squatted low; to maintain her low sihollete inside her dense forest. Exercising extreme physical control she altered her breathing and circulatory patterns, in order to perfectly mimic the sounds of another person; or in this case Amora herself. This perfect sync of sounds would further aid Z, while staying still.

Pressing her back against a tree, she took the moment’s reprieve to plot out her next attack. Amora’s aerial advantage kept Z grounded, but with this forest constructed she’d have a better chance at luring her foe to the ground.But what happens when Amora does come to the ground? Too many questions, not enough solutions.

Vibrating her molecules Z sped off around the forest; the Speed Force and her Illusions were really her only shot in this. The forest around her turned into a yellowish blur; moving so fast she could see the perfect attack points through the forest.

Taking advantage of her inexplicable speed; Z manifested several psi daggers and launched them towards Amora, aiming blindly for her midcavicular line, as well as her 5th and 6th intercostal space.