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The scars on his body left by his previous encounters littered his bare upper body. His muscles tightened with every thrust he made towards the sandbag hanging from the ceiling. The moist sweat dripped down his muscled chest and neck, his bare knuckles started to chafe from the intense beating they had to endure. His long black hair was tied in a tail draping over his back while several streaks hang over his face. Relentless he kept punching against the bag pushing his body to its utter limit. His body was still recovering from the previous rounds of the KOV tournament, especially the wounds inflicted by Jake Malcolm were noticeable. He needed his body in top condition to face his next opponent in the finals. He had nearly expected to face Kurrent once more as the stories about him in the tournament were nothing short of remarkable. The way he went throughout the tournament with the loss of powers and still emerge victorious demanded respect. But yet, there was part of Emile that was glad Kurrent didn’t make it through to the next round, and the only reason for that was Feral Nova.

A woman with such kindness and innocence in her heart but could lash out with such ferocity that even the mightiest of villains would cower in fear by the mere sight of her flames. And the stories that surrounded her were quickly becoming legendary, the best fighter in the world, winner of the KOV tournament and the greatest hero of them all. And he knew these stories to be the truth having served in the legendary team We Are Legend himself. He always wanted to test his skills against her and it seemed now was the time.. His fist glowed with a dark blue energy as it raced towards the sandbag for the last crushing blow. His hand tore through the fabric, as he pulled his hand bag from the punching bag a stream of sand followed him leaving a mess on the floor of the training room. His body had healed most of his injuries but his chest and his arm were still his weak spots, it would take several days before it healed completely with the help of his beloved. But it wasn’t surprising with the opponents he had faced. First on his list was Clutch, the son of the most fearsome assassin Akira Overdrive. A man with such skills and flowing moves he could defeat almost any fighter in the tournament. His attacks were relentless and he had never seen such a passion for fighting in any man before except his father. His second opponent was his own teammate, ReEnforcer. Tales around the ICE mansion were that he could be the next Andferne, a righteous man that strayed away from his difficult and troublesome past. The hesitance that haunted Emile’s heart about him dating his daughter was quickly done away with after his battle and the events they had witnessed together. He was nothing short of a true hero, and a true ICE-Dragon that upheld their values: Integrity, Courage and Excellence. But his next opponent was truly something else, Jack Malcolm. A vampire that had lived for centuries and thrived on battling with a worthy opponent. He truly held nothing back and pushed the sorcerer to his utmost limits. The battle had to be judged because it was so even. Emile doubted it would be the last he would see of the vampire, and deep in his heart.. he hoped they would meet once more. Everyone in the tournament had given it their all and that was what made it special, and that was what earned them his respect.

The next day

As he gazed over the ocean from the ICE-Mansion he received the phone call he had been anticipating and longing for. “Congratulations on making it to the final mr Chabot. You’ve no doubt already heard who your opponent is, miss Ardor. The location for the last fight will be in Caracas, Venezuela. The exact coordinates will be transmitted to you shortly. May you fare well in the battle to come”.

Without even bothering to end the conversation he threw his mobile phone on a nearby chair. So the battle had been set, Caracas.. crime capital of the world. Ironic that two heroes should be fighting in a place that was everything they opposed. As he looked at his laptop he saw the coordinates being entered on a world map, it zoomed in with each second on their location as a look of disgust and surprise came onto the mage’s face “You’ve got to be kidding me…”. The location showed a place that the inhabitants would call ‘hell’. A prison that held the most notorious criminals of the country. In that place it was normal for the inmates to carry guns, machetes and knives. The gangs ruled the prison.. the guards merely patrolled the perimeters. Inside the prisons the most gruesome activities took place, murder.. mutilation.. rape.. to name just a few. And now a battle would take place there? Two heroes inside a jail?..

He slammed the laptop shut and went over to his closet. As he gazed into his closet he loathed the fact that he didn’t have superhero clothing. No armour that would protect him from the heath and flames, instead just normal clothing. He grabbed a pair of regular dark blue jeans from a shelf and a white t-shirt. It was hot enough in Venezuela and knowing his opponent the heat would only increase. With his final preparations taken he prepared himself to teleport to the location of the battle. A blinding light appeared in the courtyard of the jail. All inmates had been gathered inside their jails out of preparation. Shouting, cursing and screaming surrounded the courtyard as they saw the hero look around him. The hot sun beamed down upon him and the white buildings surrounding the courtyard. The stench of blood, sweat and urine entered his nostrils and filled him with disgust.

“Charming place they’ve chosen wouldn’t you say Stephanie?” He spoke with a smirk on his face.


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 The buzzing sound of a mini saw could be heard as a white cloud of dust surrounded the cast that was around Stephanie’s left arm. Her eyes tightly shut closed as she bit her lower lip, the sound of the machine making her a bit jumpy as Nurse Hope turned off the saw and gently pulled the now cut cast off the heroes arm. Stretching it out she smiled, having that cast on caused nothing but trouble, she couldn’t train, go on small missions, and taking a shower… oh god don’t make her go into that. But it was what had to be done after her battle with Kurrent, leaving her with a ‘broken’ arm thanks to Steph’s clumsiness, but on the bright side to all of it, she was now in the final round of the KOV.  The horizontal scar where the blade dug into her arm was still very visible as she gently ran her index finger along it, a flash back of the fight came into her mind, and a chill went down her spine. That fight was close… too close for her liking, she knew the next and FINAL fight would be even closer than the last one.

Walking out of the room her mind began to wonder who she was going to fight next, she was so busy just trying to recover from her last battle, that she hadn’t even heard who she was fighting next, and almost as if on cue, an bubbly beat came from her back pocket where her cell phone was, with a grunt she yanked out the phone and flipped it open. “This is Nova.” She answered as she turned the hallway toward her room.
“Congratulations for making to the Final Round of the KOV Miss Ardor.” The all too familiar voice made Stephanie want to reach inside the phone and punch the person across the face.

“Thanks… soooo… whats up?

“I’m sure you know who your next opponent is-“ But before he could finish Stephanie butted it.

“A-actually, no, I don’t know.” She stuttered a bit from embarrassment.

“You… you DON’T know? Its been all over the news for the past WEEK.”

She then got on the defense, her hand on her hip. “Um… no, I’ve been trying to recover from my fight with Kurrent, have YOU ever fought The Legends of Legends?
The person on the other end stayed silent for a moment as they suddenly cleared their throat. “Well um… your fighting against Mr. Chabot.”

The hero stayed quiet for a moment, trying to figure out who the hell that was. “…OH! Emile! Wow he won?! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… he is an ex-WALlie after all.” she smirked, when she heard that Precise was in the Tourney, she hoped she would be able to get the chance to fight another former KOV champ. Emile was an amazing fighter, and a great hero one that she always kept tabs on even after he left We Are Legend, well… tried to keep tabs on him anyways. The mage’s battles in the KOV where talked among not only by citizens of her city, but by other contenders of the Tourney, his powers and quick thinking where enough to push through some of the best, even the vampire known as Jake. But like she said, she shouldn’t be too surprised… she knew his skills, and knew that this fight… was going to be in a whole other league of its own. “Ok, so… where is this throw down happening at?”

Caracas, Venezuela and we’ll send the coordinates to you in a bit, good luck Miss Ardor.” The line then went dead as Stephanie rubbed the back of her head.
“What the hell is in Venezuela?”

The next day


The Fire Goddess was now standing just outside the gates of the Caracas prison, known as ‘Hell’ and ‘Monster’ to the inmates that where kept inside it. Dressed in her jeans and red tank top she cursed to herself as she tighten her blade around her waist as she made sure she had her hellfire gloves with her. She swore that whoever was in charge of finding locations to hold fights, was really trying to kill her. Taking a deep breath the hero burst into flames, taking flight as she soared over the gates, and slowly landed on the other side, her emerald eyes looking around as she then spotted him, the one and only Precise. Putting out her flames she smiled widely at him, ignoring the stench, the blood stained ground and the constant chants of curses and name calling from the inmates.

“Charming place they’ve chosen wouldn’t you say Stephanie?” He jokily said, a smirk on his face.

Stephanie then looked away for a moment, guards all around the area with guns held tightly in their hands, but fear in their eyes. “Totally, I think I’ll have my travel agent book me a flight here next year and bring NeVann and the twins.” She chuckled as her eyes looked back at Emile, taking a few steps forward towards him. “Congratulations to us, for making this far!" She yelled out, throwing her fist in the air. "By the way… I was hoping, if I made this far, that it would be you I would have to fight for the crown. May the best former KOV Champ win!”  She laughed out, taking now a few steps back she got into a fighting stance. “Lets get this party started!” with that her body burst into her golden flames as they danced around her body. 

Suddenly whistles could be heard and cheesy booty calls where made at her. Stephanie stood up for a moment and glared at the main building where the prisoners where at. “IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO MELT YOUR DAMN BALLS OFF I SUGGEST YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!” She yelled out, her flames rising higher into the sky as the men suddenly stopped, at least for a few seconds before Stephanie slapped her hand to her forehead. “Oh well…”
Stretching out her arms she took a deep breath, suddenly jumping up and pulling her right fist back, using her fire to push her back down to the ground she slammed hard into the cemented courtyard, and shoved her fist into the ground. The ground shook beneath the two of them as Feral Nova yelled out, pushing her flames through the earth with her right hand, looking back up at Precise she smirked as she rose up her left hand. Within a couple of seconds the cement below him turned red as a blaze shot up from the ground where he stood. Still crouched down the hero then pulled her first out of the ground, as she used her legs to push her forward going into a dash towards the mage while using her flames to accelerate her speed to him.
When close enough her flames suddenly went out as she suddenly spun around, as her back was facing him she then thrust her right leg back, doing a spinning back kick towards his abdomen, and as she turns back around balls her right fist up and extends her arm out in attempt to land a spin punch to his face, but wither or not the punch would make impact, her fist would suddenly burst into flames to try and cause extra damage to the fellow hero.
Taking a jump back she burst into flames yet again, as she began to bounce playfully in one spot, she had a feeling this was going to be a fun fight.
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“Totally, I think I’ll have my travel agent book me a flight here next year and bring NeVann and the twins.” She said with a wide grin on her face. Her spirit was still ever so playful and her humour unrivalled. As she took a step forward she congratulated them both for making it this far followed by a fist pump. “You say it like you had any doubt.. we bribed the judges after all”. He said with a wide grin on his face. The tabloids this week were filled with articles and speculations ‘bribe or no bribe.. that’s the question’. He couldn’t help but smile about those silly little rumours, they both knew better. It had been a hard fought tournament, and it was about to get a hell of a lot harder. Suddenly her body burst into flame showing her fiery silhouette which helped the prisoners to… imagine certain aspects about the fire goddess. They all screamed for Nova to enter their luxurious chambers as they called it, followed by a treat from the furiously burning woman. Even so, there were men that weren’t that interested in Nova but were in the sorcerer. As Precise bend his head to get a glimpse of the prisoners he saw one rather large guy with a thick black moustache blowing a kiss towards him. With a mere raise of his eyebrow he shook his head and focussed his attention back to Nova and started mumbling. “I’m going to kill the guy who chose the locations for this tournament..”

Suddenly Nova seemingly flew up into the sky but even faster slammed down onto the ground in a fiery blaze. A large tremble shook the entire courtyard as the prisoners backed away from the windows scared that the building would collapse. Precise stood his ground but was surprised by the powerful trembles that followed causing him to lose his balance. The ground beneath him heated up with such intensity the rubber soles of his black leather shoes began to melt. He quickly enveloped himself in a blue glowing aura as he took to the air trying to escape the heat. But a blaze of fire emanated from the ground and caught up with the sorcerer, the aura protected him from the flames but the intense heat seared away at his skin leaving small burns littering his body as he cringed in pain. He had already hurt him with just her first attack, and her attack was still far from over. Suddenly she dashed forward through the flames with an incredible speed leaving a trail of fire behind her. Just when she was only a few feet away from him her flames died showing her body once more in a fluid perfectly executed motion. Her leg came flying towards his abdomen with amazing accuracy, with the remainder of his magical aura gathered into his forearms it glowed with an intense blue light. Her leg slammed into his forearms as he attempted to protect his stomach, pain from the force of the impact shot through the entire length of his arms.

Even though he doubted she used all her strength in that blow it was enough to drive him back several feet. But her attack was far from over as her fist slammed into his face making him fall down to the ground and skid several yards on the ground before coming to a stop. The fire from her fist only added insult to injury as second degree burns littered the right side of his face. A stinging pain followed, a trickle of blood trailed down his mouth leaving a stain on his white scorched shirt as it ran down his neck. Slowly he rose himself of the ground still dazed from the force of the blow. It wasn’t until he was sitting on his knees and looked at the trail his body left behind on the gravel and sand surface that he realized what had happened. Her physical strength was far greater than any other opponent he had faced in the tournament, he had to stay clear of her physical attacks from now on. As he locked eyes with hers again he pressed his fingers against his bloodied bottom lip and held his hand in front of his face. He slowly rubbed the tips of his crimson liquid decorated fingertips against each other and gave her a smirk. “First one was free Stephanie..”. His voice was sarcastic as he watched the playful fire goddess bounce up and down. 

The prisoners roared inside their jails slamming their shoulders at the steel bars and pushing each other away from the windows trying to catch a glimpse of the battle. From his crouched position the mage smeared his blood on the dusty ground drawing an ancient symbol in the sand. The symbol grew deeper into the sand and quickly cracks in the surface began appearing in the vicinity of the symbol. The crevices quickly spread throughout the entire courtyard accompanied by a terrifying cracking sound. With a glimmer of electricity shooting from the sorcerer’s eyes he suddenly closed the palms of his hands. Everything suddenly became silent for a second, no yelling from prisoners, no cracking sound, no singing of the birds. Without warning the ground suddenly burst open with a roaring rumbling sound as a cold streak of air emerged from the ground followed by boulders as big as trashcans hovering in the air around and between the two heroes. The cold air quickly turned the boulders into pure blocks of ice. His intention was not so much as to hurt Nova but to make the courtyard into a giant freezer hoping to block her from her powers. Suddenly the wizard flew up into the sky and made two of the large boulders crumble into tiny sharp pieces of gravel. As he stretched his arms out to either side he gave Nova a slight wink before slamming his hands together causing the cold bullets of stone to shoot towards Nova from her left and right side with a blinding speed. As he stretched his hand out once more from the left to the right he left a trail of purple smoke behind. A roman styled sword started to materialize before him hovering in the air. He took a firm grasp on the handle of beautifully crafted weapon and ran towards Nova before taking off into a flight with his sword stretched behind him leaving the dust to twirl in a circle beneath him. As he brought his sword upwards he made a vertical slash towards the tendons in her left shoulder followed up by an attempt to slam the hilt of the sword into her chin. Afterwards he would put some distance between them to avoid being in a close combat range. With a devious smirk on his face he stretched his hand forward motioning for her to make the next move.
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 With a bloody grin Emiel smirked at her. “First one was free Stephanie..” 

“Of course it was, now stop playing around and get up!” Her wide grin still on her face, the entire area becoming louder with every second, just by her attacks alone caused the inmates to explode with excitement, not because it was just a fight, but it was a fight between two heroes, most of them simply wanted to see a hero kill another.
But as the WALlie waited, Precise was busy drawing… something on the ground, Stephanie didn’t, know too much about magic, other than what Izaac uses and herself for her hellfire… but other than that, she was pretty much clueless. The courtyard suddenly was suddenly covered with rigid cracks in the ground, causing the hero to gasp in surprise and jump up. Looking towards the slightly burned mage, the spark of electricity shot from his eyes, and then… everything went silent, not silence like when everyone is asleep but you can still hear the damn crickets at night silence… oohhh no, this was your eerie, ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ silence. Stephanie stood still, waiting for something big to happen, just like in the horror movies, as soon as everything gets quite, something bad happens.
Then right on cue, the ground beneath her split open, the Earth trembling below her as she struggled to keep her stance as a chilly wind blew at her body, so strong that it caused her flames to go out. A chill went down her spine as chunks of the earth began to circle around the two former KOV champs, Stephanie stood with her eyes slowly following the boulders. “Why do I have a feeling I’m going to be turned into a Nova sandwich?” she mumbled to herself as the around them became colder every second, to the point where the boulders turned into ice. Nova’s eyes widen she didn’t realize how freezing it suddenly had gotten, she could even see her own breath. He then flew up into the sky, Nova’s eyes shooting up towards him, she wasn’t even paying attention to anything else around her, until she saw that wink. Her head jerked to the side to see the once boulders now shards of ice rushing towards her body from both sides.
Throwing her arms out to her side she was shot out two streams of fire, the ice melting upon impact with her flames, but the chucks of earth that where under the ice passed right through her flames and into her body. Stephanie fell to one knee as trickles of blood ran from the multiple wounds on her body thanks to the bullet shaped rubble. But she couldn’t focus on her pain right now, she looked up to find Precise in front of her with a blade in hand. With a grunt she reached down and pulled out her own blade, The Honoo Tachi, and brought it upward, the two blades clashing with one another, small sparks flying in their faces as Stephanie held onto it firmly. “Nice sword.” She managed to get out before he slammed the hilt of his blade into her chin, her jaw slammed shut as she bit her tongue, the taste of warm copper filling her mouth as her head jerked back, forcing her to take a few steps back, her blood oozing from between her lips.
A look of disgust filled her face as she whipped her head to the side and spat out a mouthful of blood. Wiping her chin clean she shivered, not form the cold, but from the blood. “I’ve never gotten used to that taste.” She murmured to herself as she looked up at Precise, the chill of the air was so cold that it caused the blood that was drizzling down her dozen smaller wounds to suddenly freeze upon her skin, stopping the blood loss but still left the dozen’s of holes all over her cloths. “Nice tricks, can you pull a rabbit out of a hat too?” She smiled as she gently pulled out only one piece, rock from her left shoulder and dropped it to the ground, looking around at the courtyard, it was now almost completely turned to rubble thanks to just a couple of attacks from each of the heroes.
Stephanie knew that with the cold, she was going to limited to her fire power, so she was going to have to rely more on her strength and physical fighting abilities, which she didn’t have a problem with.
Jamming her blade into the ground next to her, she crouched down next to a chuck of cement that had been broken off from the ground the size of a small car, with a grunt she struggled with her left hand as she picked it up and threw at his direction, it spinning as it made its way towards the wizard. As soon as it left her hands she picked up her blade and darted forward as her eyes flashed a gold color, once close enough threw her free left hand forward, but instead of balled in a fist, her palm was flat as she attempt to push it against his chest where his sternum was, if contact was made she was going to attempt to not only push him forcefully back, but inject heat into his lungs, because of the freezing cold air, the mixtures of temperatures should make it almost impossible for him to breath. Not stopping she then crouched down and horizontally swung her blade to the left in attempt to slice through the ICE member’s knee, in hopes to slow him down as she then pushed herself upward. She pulled her blade back, and then began to thrust it forward, making it look as if she was about to try and slice her blade into his chest, but at the last second, she spun counter clockwise to his right, pulling the blade close to her as she attempt to get the blade to cut into his right side. The Fire Goddess then brought her left hand close to her lips, balled it up and then opened it just slightly as she took a deep breath and blew out, a stream of fire spewing from her lips like a flame thrower, her golden flames rushing towards his upper chest and head. 
Taking a deep breath once again she became light headed as she struggled to get up, the freezing temperatures and her using her fire power where causing her to become dizzy, a sign that she couldn’t use her natural fire anymore without the risk of causing herself to pass out. Stumbling back she shook her head she struggled to keep her eyes on Emile, holding tightly onto her blade to see what other tricks the magical hero had up his sleeves.

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“Nice tricks, can you pull a rabbit out of a hat too?” She smiled at him. Precise simply returned her smile and tilted his head a little to the left “well.. actually..”. Before he could finish his sentence she had already lifted a large boulder in the air and tossed it towards the sorcerer. Quickly taking control of two more boulders to the right and left of him he forced them to slam into the swirling rock racing towards him. The three boulders crashed into each other causing dust and debris to spread everywhere around the two heroes. Several smaller pieces of rock raced towards him and slammed into several parts of his body, his stomach, his shoulder, his leg.. With a grimace of pain forming on his face his opponent was already flying through the dust cloud towards him with her sword ready in her hand. Suddenly the palm of her hand emerged from the cloud of dust followed by two flickering lights in the brownish grey dust. No doubt her eyes reflecting her fiery personality. Her hand slammed into his chest with full force, the crushing of bones could be both heard and felt. His battle with the vampire had left its marks as she hit the exact spot Jake’s sword had cut his flesh and bone.

An excruciating pain shot throughout his entire torso as all he could do was automatically grab his chest trying to somehow lower the agonizing feeling. The sheer force of the impact was enough to topple him backwards for several yards. He kneeled down in front of his opponent lowering his head to the ground with a grimace of pain on his face. He wanted to yell out in pain and strike out towards his opponent but something stopped him, he couldn’t breath.. he couldn’t move. So much he wanted to do to retaliate, yet his own body stopped him. A searing heat could be felt building up inside of him until finally his mouth spew blood mixing with the icy surface beneath him. His blood held such warmth that the ice immediately melted when it made contact, it was obvious his cunning opponent had done some trick with her powers. And it was truly effecting him.. Without any sight of his opponent he felt a sharp pain enter his left knee, the cold metal steel of her blade was now decorated with his crimson liquid. Wanting to raise himself up to face her in battle he couldn’t find the strength as she had severed the muscle tissue in his knee. A stream of blood ran down his ankles filling up his shoe. But the effect of her first attack was beginning to wear out, the cold surrounding him was enough to drown out the heat from his body ridding him of the nausea and loss of breath. She got ready to make her next attack but this time Precise gathered the dust surrounding the two obscuring them both from sight. With a last second roll towards his right pushing off with his good leg he felt the sword whizzing by his body, just an inch closer and it would have cut into his body and might have ended the battle.

But he wasn’t about to give up so easily. Instead he used the dust to form an illusion of himself in front of the goddess of fire as he rolled further away regaining his composure. As she prepared herself with her final attack, Precise gathered the magic around him to make the illusion do his bidding. As she spewed a stream of fire towards the image of the sorcerer it burned right through his body. The illusion of terrible burns and burned off flesh close to his bones were shown as an image to his opponent. He hoped to terrify and make her go off guard by trying to affect the gentler side of her. The one that held compassion and love for everyone around her.

As he pushed himself from the ground he limped with his left leg from the wound she had inflicted upon his knee. But the pain from his knee was nothing to what he felt in his torso. But now was his turn to strike while she was busy trying to regain her composure. With one hand grabbing his chest he used his other to control the dust around her, first swirling around her like an Arabic fairytale but quickly turning into one long stream of dust, small debris and sand. It spread out into one large wide stream and with one final thrust raced towards her. If she got caught in it, it would cut away at her skin like thousands of little knives, and if she would burst into flames it would turn into glass the moment the sand touched the heat and cut into her flesh. After this he would remove the icy cold from the battlefield letting the ice melt. Her body was already covered in little wounds, the only thing that stopped her blood from flowing from her wounds was the ice that froze the surface wounds. He hoped the blood would start streaming from her wounds again and leave her with an extreme loss of blood.

The damage they had caused to the battlefield had already send cracks into the walls of the prison. Prisoners were roaring by seeing the two heroes battle it out in a ferocious arena fight. A smile crept onto Emile’s scarred bloodied face as he gazed at Nova. “Let’s make this battle a little more… interesting” He smirked at her. He knew the fire goddess had only shown the tip of the iceberg.. or in her case volcano. So he needed to keep the advantage to his side. As he pointed the palm of his hand towards the lower section of the prison wall and slowly closed the palm of his hand the concrete wall started to crumble. Pieces of the wall just crumbled into dust as several dozens of prisoners from the lower section of the jail rushed out and immediately formed a circle around the two heroes. An evil glimmer in their eyes, and bladed weapons that reflected the sun in their hands. There wasn’t a danger of their escape as a large fence still surrounded the jail protected by the guards. A blue glow emanated from Precise’s eyes as he stretched his glowing blue hand outwards towards Stephanie. Suddenly the hands and hilts of the blades from the prisoners matched the sorcerer light blue coloured glow. He hadn’t take over the prisoners mind or even their body fully. But it was enough to make them attack Nova as they screamed for blood, murder and rape. They all ran towards her and slashed their weapons at her, it would be interesting to see if Nova would attack the prisoners.. they might’ve been criminals and murderers, but they were still human.
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 Thrusting her hands upward, her golden flames burst forward towards Precise, a smirk on her face that quickly turned into a horrified look of shock. Precise took the blow full on, his body burning off his body, almost melting off of him as he screamed in agony. Stephanie quickly put out her flames, her mind going into a panic as she realized that something went horribly wrong. “EMILE!” She yelled out as she darted towards his body, her heart going at a hundred miles an hour.  ‘Please let him be ok, please let him be ok, oh God PLEASE let him be ok.’ Ran through her mind over and over again, sure, this was the KOV, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t worry about the well being of a friend. Finally reaching him she reached out to him, only for her hands to go completely through the hero’s body. Nova’s head jerked back in confusion as Precise body suddenly turned into dust and quickly surrounding her.

“What the-?!” before she could finish her sentence the dust suddenly blast at her face, forcing it to jerk to the right as her skin tore off her face as she yelped in pain, stumbling away she cupped her hands over the left side of her face as blood began to drip down her chin. “Ugh!” She stumbled a bit, throwing her head downward in pain as the blood began to seep through her fingers, and just when she figured things couldn’t get worse… it did. She began to feel dizzy, her loss of blood suddenly increasing not just by the wound on her face, but all the miniature bullet wounds on her body. Now soaked in her own blood Stephanie dropped to her butt on the ground, as she dropped her hand from her face, showing her skin torn from the left side of it, muscle and metal could be seen as she struggled to keep conscious, but now with the cold gone, she could take care of her wounds.
Closing her eyes she took a deep breath as both her hands caught on fire, gently moving her hands over each wound she managed to cauterize the wounds shut and even got her half torn face’s bleeding under control. But taking all that time to take care of her own wounds she didn’t have time to realize what was going until it was too late.
The prison walls crumbled as her head jerked up form the sound, struggling to figure out what was going on she slowly stood, was there a riot? What was going on? Her question was quickly answered, shocked to see the prisoners surround the two heroes in a massive circle, so many prisoners… at LEAST sixty of them from what she could just see on her own. All of them with smug looks on the face as they all held bladed weapons of different kinds in their hands. “Sh!t” was all that came from her mouth as she looked over at Precise, as she then realized, HE was controlling them.

Roaring out in bloodlust they all threw their arms up in the air, Stephanie stood her ground her eyes looked right at Precise. “I'm soooo going to get you back for this.” As soon as those words left her mouth the men rushed forward, their weapons glowing the same blue color as mage’s eyes as Stephanie walked over to her blade and yanked it from the ground, she knew there was no way she was going to be able to handle all of these prisoners, she couldn’t kill them… all she could do was try to keep them off of her, she was still too weak to use her flames, she was going to have to rely on her hand to hand combat training… which… wasn’t the best.
They all swarmed at her at once as Steph quickly went on the defense, still dizzy and weak from the blood loss. The first guy came at her with a knife, swinging at her as Steph managed to step out of the way and elbow his face, knocking him down as she quickly ducked down, a baseball bat swinging over her head as it smacked another prisoner across from her. Dropping to the ground she did a sweep kick, knocking about three guys to the ground as she quickly stood back up, only to get a punch to the right side of her face, Stumbling to the left blood spew from her lips as another man slashed his knife along her left arm while a different prisoner jumped on her back and jammed his butterfly knife into her shoulder. Falling to the ground they all began to kick at her, making it impossible for her to get up. Knowing what she had to do, and still able to move, she held onto her blade tightly, as another foot came towards her face she pointed her blade at it as it jammed into the mans foot. As soon as the man screamed in pain the others stopped for a split second to see what happened. That half a second was all she needed. Grabbing the man by the leg, she used the little strength she had to throw him to her right, sending him flying into other prisoners. “Get, off… of… ME!” she blurted out as she grabbed another man by his ankle and throwing him in the other direction, the men began to back away as she struggled to simply get on her knees. Reaching behind her she slipped on her hellfire gloves. “Time for me to show you my own little magic trick.” She smirked as she dabbed her index finger into her own blood that was stained on the ground.

As she drew the symbol on her chest men began to once again rush at her. “From the depths of the pit,” she started as she threw her arm up, a man coming with a sword and jamming into her arm, it stopping midway through her arm as it made connection with her metal skeleton. Struggling to keep her scream in check she struggled to continue. “I… Call upon thee t-to bestow-“ She yanked her arm away from the blade and thrust her fist into his stomach, sending him flying back. “ thy power… unto me.” She continued her spell, ripping a part of the leg of her jean pants off and wrapping it around her arm while slamming her head into another prisoners, knocking him down. “That y-our might…iest power-“ a punch slammed into her face as she grabbed the arm before the prisoner could retract it and snapped his wrist, her body beginning to glow a blood red as the prisoners began to back off in fear. “shall grant me a fraction of thy power.” She then stood up as her eyes began to glow an eerie red. “BRING UNTO ME!” As soon as the last word was spoken, her body was overwhelmed as a surge of energy poured over her body, letting out a yell, dark red hellfire erupted all around her body, as she struggled to contain it. The men backed up even more, afraid of the blaze that wanted so badly to consume them.
Standing up she took a breath as her now red eyes slowly looked around, she was still in somewhat control of herself, but because she was so weak when calling upon the hellfire, it would be matter of seconds before she lost it. Baring her teeth she then punched the ground as she let out a feral yell, the ground shook as a wave of hellfire spew outward in a circle, forcing the prisoners to back away from her in the risk of catching on fire. Her eyes then looked right at Precise as she smirked, with her demonic blood now awake, it was as if she had gotten some of her energy and strength back, now it was to inflect a new type of hurt upon the mage.
Throwing her right arm forward she created a ball of hellfire right in front of her, closing her eyes she then closed her fist at the hellfire suddenly broke out into dozens of mini hellfire balls and shot in every direction, hitting the prisoners in the chest and knocking them down to the ground for a few seconds as one by one they all stood back up, the same glow that Stephanie had around her body, they now had around their own as they turned towards Precise.
“Told you, I was going to get you back.” She gave a maleficent chuckle as they all rushed towards the mage at once each of them grabbing whatever they could as they charged at him. Stephanie wasn’t controlling their mind, but the hellfire that hit their body allowed her to manipulate that heat inside of their bodies, able to move every muscle in them. So instead of making clones that used up more hellfire and more energy, she simply used the prisoners themselves.
She then took to the air as she as she formed a hellfire blade into her right hand, making her way directly above Emile as she then but out her flames and went in a free fall right above him. When close enough she then waved her left hand to the right as all the prisoners suddenly backed away from the magical hero, quickly grabbing her blade with both hands and whiling it over her head as she then brought it downward as forcefully as she could in hope to make a cut into his right shoulder. As soon as she landed on the ground, it trembled with the force of impact creating a wave of tremor, even forcing the guards who stood above them on the guard posts to fall. Once the dust cleared a crater the size of a small one story house could be seen with Feral Nova standing in the middle of it, breathing heavily as her wild demon eyes focused on Precise as she then jumped out of the crater, landing on what was left of the courtyard as she manipulated the prisoners to go back into the building, then let her hold on them go, causing them to fall to the ground unconscious.  Closing her eyes for a second she snapped her fingers as her right hand burst into flames, once opening her eyes she then pulled her right fist back knelt to the ground and slammed her fist deep into the ground, a feral yell escaping from her lips as four thin streams of hellfire darted in different directions; north, south, east and west. As soon as they hit the ends of the courtyard the fire quickly darted upward and began to enclose the two in a dome of hellfire. The flames roared all around the two fighters, as Nova slowly stood up, the hellfire still upon her right hand and snapped her right hand, the four strips of hellfire on the ground quickly made their way off of the battle ground and into the dome as well as she then rose her right hand above her head, the palm of her hand facing upward. Tilting her head to the side a toothy grin could be seen, the demon blood taking over her as she closed her hand and balled it into a fist. As soon as that happened the dome began to quickly shrink down, becoming smaller and smaller with every second that passed. Quickly stepping out of the dome Nova stood there and watched the blazing hellfire quickly enclose around Precise. It would continue to shrink until it became the size of a  golf ball, it would then burst outward, shooting hellfire in every direction. Feral Nova continued to stand in the same place as she watched all of this, trying to think to herself on how Emile was going to get himself out of this situation.

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With amazement Precise watched as he kept his grasp over the prisoners, his eyes still flaring with blue energy and his arm stretched outwards towards the young fire goddess of total awesomeness. Her resilience, her strength and her passion were nothing short of that of a true goddess. As he commanded the prisoners to attack her, he saw several of the blood lusted men slam and cut into her body. He couldn’t help but feel remorse for the woman he admired seeing her beaten so furiously. But this was a fight for the title.. she knew it as well as himself. Both fighters would do anything to win besides killing innocents. First and foremost they were heroes. “Just stay down Stef.. Don’t make me hurt you more than I need to” as soon as his words escaped his lips he knew he had made a mistake as a sudden blaze of searing hot energy emanated from the heroic fiery woman. The prisoners backed away from her, hiding from the sheer heath of her flames and her ferocious yell, the ones who didn’t were pulled away by the sorcerer himself to keep them safe from the fire. With her fiery ruby red eyes she turned her head towards the mystical warrior and gave him a smirk. The sheer sight of her new demonic look made Precise feel uneasy. Shifting his weight to the back of his leg to get his weight of his wounded knee he prepared himself for her upcoming attack.

A burst of red energy emerged from her hand forming a sphere of the searing hellfire. With a mere closing of the palm of her hand the sphere spread into several burning balls. Without time to react the hellfire pierced the prisoners bodies and made them fall backwards. In mere moments they were back on their feet engulfed in the same demonic glow. He heard Nova’s demonic voice and smirked at her “I liked it the other way around better..” knowing full well what she had done. She had called upon some of darkest magic from hell itself, he wondered if she knew the dangers of doing so. Precise himself was scared of using this darkest of magics. He had lost control of himself so many times in his life what caused so many people to lose their lives.. he was not prepared to lose his grasp of himself ever again.

With her command the prisoners left their previous target and found a new target to inflict pain upon. Precise’s arms surged with electricity as the prisoners made their way towards him grabbing whatever weapons they could find, daggers, poles.. even weapons so crude as a single block of stone. His blood still ran down his lower leg from his knee, his chest still throbbed in pain, a stream of blood still flowed from his mouth. Burns littered his body and he had a feeling the battle had now just started. With his forearms sparkling with electricity he lashed out towards the prisoners, with each touch he made a surge that was send through his opponents body leaving them in violent compulsions.

Suddenly a sharp pain ran across the side of his stomach as a metal bar slammed into the side of his body from behind. The pain was enough to flare up the agonizing feeling burning in his chest like the fire of the burning hero. As he fell to his knees he managed to grab hold of the bar and send an electric current through it shocking the prisoner. As he did, several of the violent criminals slashed with their weapons at his arm and back. Wounds of the cutting blades littered his arms and back forming more streams of blood decorating his body. Out of nowhere the prisoners backed away in a rapid pace. The image of a demonic energy hovering above him came closer with every millisecond that passed. With the remainder of his magical energy harnessed in his arms he enforced the metal bar in his hand. As he brought it upwards to meet her blade sparks of fire and white energy flew around them as they made contact. Her sheer strength and demonic energies were enough to cut through the steel bar like butter as the sword raced towards the shoulder of the mage. The searing steel of the blade cut through his flesh and severed the tendons and bones in his right shoulder. With a cry of pain that fuelled his anger he fell to the ground. As soon as his opponent touched the ground with an incredible impact the earth seemingly disappeared from under his body and tossed him away like a ragdoll skidding over the ground. Tears in his pants, his hair flowing freely over his face hiding his anger filled facial expressions, his shirt hang with mere threads from his body like rags. As he rose slowly of the ground his body trembled from the loss of blood and sheer punishment it had to withstand. There was not a single part of his body that hadn’t been bruised, cut or burned.

Finally he managed to stand on both of his legs after several seconds, he ripped his raggedy shirt from his chest revealing his muscled upper body glistening in the burning sun. He slid his wrist across his mouth leaving a bloody smear behind on his hand. As soon as his hand was removed before his mouth a wide grin could be seen as he gazed at Nova directing the prisoners inwards showing that there was a piece of her humanity left. Without any warning her next attack was upon him, with a roar that matched that of a lion she smashed her fist into the dusty ground. Suddenly four streams of fire emerged from her fist that quickly formed a dome of hellfire around them. As she stepped from the dome it began to shrink. The sheer heath inside the dome caused his body to sear and give of smoke. Every drop of sweat on his body vaporized as the streams of blood on his body began to boil burning into his flesh. Yet Precise merely stood statuesque as the dome grew smaller by the second. His hair began to sear slowly.. his blue jeans started to blacken. Yet Precise simply raised his head upwards looking at the top of the dome with his eyes closed. The pain was getting excruciating but he made no movement. The next act of magic demanded every bit of his concentration.. something he had never attempted before. But if there was one thing he knew about hellfire it was that it seared the soul as well as the flesh. And his soul was far from unstained, but he had redeemed himself at least slightly. More so than any prisoner in the compound. Suddenly his good arm spread wide as he reached out to the souls of the prisoners inside the jail. Suddenly with the roar of the prisoners in unison they all fell down into a deep comatose state. White transparent spirits emerged from their bodies invisible to those without a magical sight. They pierced through the dome swirling around the sorcerer as the dome continued to grow smaller. The white swirling energies covered every inch of his body as the top of the dome pushed him downwards into a crouched position by the shrinking. The fire still seared his flesh but had lessened as it now burned the souls of the villainous men who still had the evil fresh in their souls. As the dome touched every part of his body he could feel an incredible pain searing now even his own soul. He blacked in and out of consciousness from the sheer amount of agonizing burning. Suddenly he bit through the pain and rose up to the sky shooting the souls from his body with roaring yell breaking apart the now small powerful dome of hellfire. Several of the souls returned to their bodies instantly awaking them as they screamed out in terror and pain.

But not all of them were lost from the grasp of the sorcerer. But even though he used the souls for his protection the burning of Nova’s hellfire left it’s mark on the mage as he fell to the ground. After this attack he feared there would be no humanity left inside of her if this battle continued, with every moment that passed he felt the dark energies grow inside of her. With a flicker of energy in his eyes he send the souls to fly straight through her body several times. And every time they would do so, they would show her the pain they had inflicted upon their victims in their entire lifetime. All at once in the single instant they were inside the fire goddesses body. He hoped this would distract her long enough as he crawled forward towards her, blood spewing from his mouth and leaking from his seared flesh. His body had been too weakened to even be able to stand. When he would be in 10 feet distance of her he would draw a symbol in the soil. A Celtic symbol that struck fear into any demons heart that haunted the earth. A spell that would send them to the deepest circle of hell. As the symbol flared up in a black light it would attempt to bind the fiery hero and pull her through the earth. But before it did Emile mumbled the words “Don’t make me do this Nova.. I know you’re still in there..”. In Precise’s eyes there were only two things she could do.. either abandon her demonic energies, or be banished to a hellish dimension. He didn’t want to do this to her, but if he didn’t he was scared she would do a lot worse to the world if she got consumed by the dark energies.


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 It was one of the most horrifying things she had ever seen, a hero, sacrificing the soul’s of men to take the hit of her hellfire. It caused her rage to grow, allowing her demon blood to slowly cover her mind as she watched the white souls become tainted by her hellfire. With just enough control over the blood she yelled out in furry, “How… how could you! Their just men!” She got ready to blast more hellfire at the mage. But before she could even think about taking a step, the souls rushed towards her, smashing into her own body as flashes of memories from each men played inside her mind like a movie.
Images of men raping women, and children, killing innocents, causing so much pain to others as Stephanie too felt their victims pain. Dropping to her knees she threw her head back in pain as she let out a feral yell, mixture of saliva and blood dripping down the side of her mouth as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. It was pain unlike she had felt before, causing her mind to go numb as the souls finally escaped from her body.
Slouching forwarding her body fell forward, her hands landing on the ground before her as her shaky arms struggled to keep her up. With her hair in her face she slowly tilt her head upward towards him, her breathing shaky as she looked eye to eye with Precise. The both of them where at their wits ends, neither of them had much energy left to continue the fight, these last couple of seconds… would determine who would win.
“Don’t make me do this Nova… I know you’re still in there…”
A growl escaped from her lips as she pulled them back, baring her teeth in rage as her red eyes glowed with blood lust. The demon blood fully taken control of her mind and body, as the only thoughts going through her mind where of the sorceress corps lying in her arms, as it would claim victory yet again. But before it could decide on an attack, it suddenly got the glimpse of what he was doing… some sort of symbol… that made her demon blood question it, but Stephanie, not even having her demon powers for a year yet, was still much too green in the ways of magic to know exactly what that symbol meant.

Her fingers began to dig into the dirt, as she spoke, her voice was no longer her own. “You make your own choices… just like I make my own.” She reached out to the side as she manipulated the heat still inside her blade, The Honoo Tachi, and caused it to rush back into her hand. Standing up with pain yelling through out her entire body she got what little strength she had and rushed forward thrust her arm forward, letting the sword that NeVann gave her go and sending right towards Precise, covered in her hellfire. As soon as the blade left her hands, the entire area was covered in complete darkness as the demon was suddenly unable to move. Then the   demon itself, put itself back to sleep within Stephanie, allowing the Fire Goddess to become conscious for what was about to happen to her. Her emerald eyes widen in fear as a shirk of unbearable pain could be heard echoing through the air. The ground shook below her as the earth ripped open and a swirl of dark energy wrapped itself around the hero, and pulled the Fire Goddess deep into the depths of hell…

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A feral yell echoed over the courtyard as she dropped to her knees after the ghostly souls had pierced her body. Her body shook from the sheer terror she had witnessed in those short moments. Precise simply looked up to her with his begging eyes pleading for her to snap back to the normal loving young woman she truly was hidden in her now demonic heart. “Don’t make me do this Nova… I know you’re still in there…”. His voice was weak and gentle, something that was normally only reserved for his beloved.  But his answer came in the form of bloodshot eyes, the baring of her fangs and a low growl escaping her bloodied lips. He turned his head away feeling remorse for the action he was about to undertake as with every stroke of his finger the symbol of banishment was drawn. As he gave her a final glance with a look of sadness haunting his facial expression his thoughts said what his lips could not “Please… I beg you Stephany.. don’t do this..”.

But there was nothing left of her innocence as a demonic voice spoke out “You make your own choices… just like I make my own.” She reached out to her flaming sword and dashed forward in a fiery blaze. The tips of her fingers slid past the handle of the blade letting the wind carry it towards the mage at an incredible pace. “Forgive me” Was the only mumble that escaped his lips as he activated the magical spell shrouding her in pure darkness. At the same time her sword slammed into his body piercing the very side of his stomach. The sheer heat from the blade seared his internal organs. With the last of his strength leaving his body he fell to his side in the bloodstained sand. His eyes rolling in its socket to catch a glimpse of the hero he admired when he first heard of her. His head was spinning, his sight was blurry as he gazed around him until his emerald eyes finally met with hers. But what he saw was nothing more than the ultimate pain, every attack she made against him, any attack in the entire KOV tournament that was made against him didn’t fill him with this terrifying and heartbreaking feeling as a mere gaze in her eyes caused. Her eyes had turned innocent, the demon had left her body but it was already too late to stop the magic spell. Her confused look brought such terror in his heart, an image that would haunt him forever. An innocent women send to the depths of hell all because of him..

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” The sand swirled up in front of his mouth as the side of his head was still buried in the ground. A bouldering roar escaped his lips but to no avail. Darkness gripped her body and pulled her into the earth. Just as fast as the darkness had appeared it had gripped the young hero and took her from the face of the earth. Tears rolled down his cheek as he turned on his back watching the searing flames of the sun above him. Her sword was still sticking from his stomach. After 15 minutes of not being able to do anything he felt strong arms gripping his body pulling him up in a straight position. A well clad man in a black suit stood before him, camera’s accompanied him. “Congratulations! You are the new King of the Vine!”. An anger build up inside of Precise as he recognized his voice from everywhere, the organizer of the tournament. “CONGRATULATIONS?! YOU SONNOVA B!TCH!!”. With every ounce of strength left he pulled himself away from the grasp of the two men holding him upright. Wobbling on his two legs he forced his fist forward to slam into the man’s jaw, he could hear the breaking of bone as his fist made contact with his flesh. The man fell backwards as the two men were quick to restrain the beaten down mage. “I WON?! I’ve lost everything in this damn battle.. my friend, my integrity, my honour!”. His voice was filled with unbridled anger, mostly for himself. Wrestling his arm free he grabbed the hilt of the sword that was sticking from his body. With a single powerful yank he pulled the still searing blade from his stomach with a roar following. The sheer heat seared his wound. As he threw the blade in front of the man “Take this blade to her wife, Uchiha NeVann.. and tell him.. I’m sorry”. As he gazed at the camera he couldn’t find the right words for what he was about to say, instead only three words escaped his lips “I’m sorry Kiara..”.

As the men gazed at him in a confused manner he stumbled towards a patch of the ground stained with her blood. Falling to his knees his hand grabbed the sand mixed with her blood. The image he saw of her when he banished her would never leave his mind. He condemned a friend to hell and for what? A minute of reliving his former glory?.. Eliminating a would be threat from the world? This was a mistake he could never erase, but he would try.. and he would gladly give his life for it. As he rubbed the sand against his open wounds her blood mixed with his own. With a final mumbling of some words they would share a kinship, a kinship of their bloodlines. He could sense her presence.. some way.. somehow he would get her out of there. Suddenly his eyes darted into the skies “Take my life so I may enter hell..” His magic wasn’t powerful enough to allow him to enter hell alive, so it would have to suffice to enter it dead. Perhaps.. someway he could be brought back and if not, so be it. “Sampori Corporealus Finites!” Were the last words he screamed out as all life escaped his body and fell dead to the ground. His body was engulfed into pure fire and in an instant there was nothing left. Just scorched earth.

After several excruciating minutes the smell of sulphur and brimstone entered his nostrils. As he opened his eyes the teary fluid inside vaporized into the orange burning smoky air. His wounds had dissipated but made place for a searing burning sensation. In the corners of his eyes he saw what he was looking for as a woman laid only yards away from him on the blackened scorched rocks. As he raced over towards her skidding on his knees he placed a hand on her shoulder and wiped her hair from her face. “I’m here Stephany… I’m here…”.