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In the city of angels Stephanie Ardor was walking through the Griffith Park with her young twins, Hotaru and Sozuko, while NeVann was busy working on some business for We Are Legend. Ever since the passing of the team captain Bio Guyver, things seemed to be as busy as ever, trying to make sure the team didnt go under. However new leadership was decided and the team was now lead by Obi Wan Kenobi, Uchiha NeVann and Feral Nova herself. The three worked well together and the three knew to and extent how to run the team. The three had been tag teaming on leading the group, making sure everything was decided together and not on a individual bases. But today was Stephanie's day off. She watched as her two children took off ahead, running after each other as they played tag. A smile came upon the fire starters face, she was just starting to relax, when her cell phone rang.

With a small sigh Nova pulled the cell phone out from her back pocket and looked at it. Unknown name and unknown number was read from the screen of her cell phone, blinking in blue lights. She knew who it was... the same people who called her not too long ago to tell her to go to New York to fight her mysterious opponent who turned out to be the long time friend Taki. Thinking back to the battle sent chills down Nova's spine. The two were fighting fiercely, each of them brought their game and both of them knew not to easy on each other. She could still remember the look on Taki's face while the two battled, if Nova didn’t know any better, she would have thought that Taki was going to kill her. But once again, with luck on her side, she managed to beat the deadly ninja. Being brought back from her daydream she then flipped her phone open and placed it against her ear.

"Ok, what now?" Nova asked as she put her left hand on her hip.

"We have a new opponent for you, this time, it wont be so easy." The female/male mixed voiced said, almost sounding more robotic now than last time.

"Easy?" Steph wished she were there in front of whoever was sending her the calls, so she could reach over and break their nose. They thought this was EASY for her. "Look... just give me the info and leave me alone."

"You just worry about surviving this one, you will be tested on more levels than one, little fire goddess." The voice said with a slight chuckle.

"Dude, like for real, can you just tell me where to go, I'm at the park right now." Nova was getting annoyed, didn’t this person have something better to do with their time?

"Go to Batopilas, Chihuahua tonight. However, your battle will be in the middle of Copper Canyon, your opponent shall meet you there."

Nova stood there for a moment as something clicked in her head. "WHOA, Chihuahua? You mean… I fight a dog!?" Nova’s threw her left arm in the air and brought it down, and started to point in the air as if trying to point at the voice. “Look I don’t care how big the KOV Crown is, I am NOT fighting a chihuahua named Batopilas!”

A groan of frustration was heard from the other line. “I told you she wouldn’t get it!” The voice was heard from a distance, as if talking to someone else. “Well tell her not the dog, duh!” another voice was heard. “This is stupid why over there anyways?” The voice snapped at the other voice. “Because it will be interesting, now tell her!” The voice snapped back at the first voice. A clearing of the throat was heard as the first voice came back on. “No, not the dog chihuahua, we-er… I mean the state of Mexico, Chihuahua.”

Nova stood their again as she thought for a moment. “Um… Mexico?” Nova asked nervously.

"Yes, Chihuahua Mexico, if you don’t go, you are disqualified, good luck." The voice laughed its last few words and then, the line went dead.

"Awwww crap... I should have taken the dog…" Steph said with a sigh. Even with her speed it was going to take a while to get to Chihuahua, and not just that but she had to find some little village called Batopilas. She looked up to find her children going at it with the swings, taking turns in pushing each other. Nova took a deep breath and let out slowly. "Come on kids, mommy has some work to do." Steph began to walk off as she heard her kids laughing while running back towards her. "So much for my day off..." Steph mumbled to herself as they three of them went back to WAL HQ.

Later that day…

Feral Nova was flying through the air of Mexico, her golden flames roaring behind her as the wind pushed against it. She had left WAL just about an hour ago and she was already making good progress. She had just entered the state of Chihuahua and was now slowly making her way over to the Copper Canyon, which took her breath away. She had been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but that had NOTHING on this. This canyon was lush with green pants, it was HUGE really wide with cliff edges and everything, even a little river running through it. Nova smiled as she then spotted a small town below her, she instantly put out her flames and began to free-fall down. In a matter of seconds her feet slammed into the ground, causing a small crater to form and the dirt filled road to come up and surround her. In a crouching position Nova then slowly stood up, the talk of the village people was heard as some of the kids ran up to her in curiosity. When the smoke cleared the town’s people just stared at her.

“Um…” Stephanie stood there, there was one problem about her going to Mexico, she knew little to no Spanish. “Hola, mi nombre es um… Feral Nova!” She smiled as she waved to the people who only stared at her. “Uhhhh… Yo un… um… superhero?” She looked around to find no one seemed to understand her. She continued to stand with the look of embarrassment beginning to settle in. How in the world was she going to communicate with people when she barley even knew SOME of the language. It then hit her, there was one friend she knew that HAD to have been big with the people here. “Yo soy un amiga de um… Sha!”

Right then the people all smiled and cheered as they threw their hands up in the air. A woman came as she handed Nova a flower, another person came up and put a hat on her head while more and more people came to her. Nova began to panic as the men began to take off their shirts and hand them to Steph and the women began to hand their children to Feral Nova. “Whoa, whoa ,WHOA!” Nova threw her arms up. “Alto, um… no um… I um… I just need a place to stay for the night.” Stephanie said as she slowly backed away, holding her hands in front of her.

“Oh, why didn’t you say so?” A man came walking up. “I am Bortolo Pena, I am the town Mayor.” The older shorter man said with a heavy Spanish accent. “I apologize for everything, we shall get you a room at one of our places right away.” He said as he began to walk away. “Follow.”

Stephanie stood their, they knew English… and she was trying so hard to speak Spanish. “Ha, I knew English was a universal language.” She smiled as she skipped behind him.

Bartolo then showed her the place she was going to stay the night in, it was a small but cozy looking old house, that no one had been in for the past year. Stephanie thanked him and made her way inside, getting everything ready for her battle that was to come the next day.


The Next day…

Stephanie sat up from her bed as her cell phone’s alarm went off. Raising her right hand high above her she stretched out while letting out a loud yawn, arching her back slightly. She sighed as she then stood up and rubbed her side as she walked over to the bathroom and began to get ready, about twenty minutes she came back out dressed in her typical outfit, wearing her dark blue jean pants, a red tank top with a small black jacket over and wearing some black shoes. She reached over and grabbed a tie as she pulled her hair back in a pony tail, walking over to the bed, crouching down she reached under the bed and pulled out her two weapons that she used and placed them on the bed. On the left was her Hoonie Tachi, the blade that NeVann gave her as a gift and The Nova Blade, a gift that her teammate X gave her, said to be like a lightsaber only to use her own fire power to generate the energy blade. She grabbed her sword and tied it around her waist so the hilt of the blade was on her left side and tucked the Nova blade (which was turned off) in her inner pocket of her jacket on the right side. She then began to walk out of the small house, opening the door she let the sun hit her face, she squint her eyes and made a small smile as she watched the towns people walking around, going about their bussness.

Not wanting to disturb them Nova quickly made her way through the village waving to the people as she ran past them until she made it out. Right then she burst into flames and pushed herself up from the ground and took to the sky. She flew a while as she was already in the canyon, she started to wonder, how was she going to fight someone when she didn’t even know who they were? With a sigh Nova slipped in her ear phones and flipped on a song as she continued to fly. The beat began to fill Nova’s ears as a smile came upon her face, she nod her head as she continued to fly and began to sing to herself.

Rock stars need money, we can't live on bologna. Rock stars need money and it comes from you” She started off slow. “Rock stars need money, we can't live on bologna sandwiches. We can try, but we'd really rather not y'know” She then stared to pick up her beat to the song. “And here's how you can help! Oooohh, buy our album. Oooohh, or a t-shirt. Oooohh, a sticker, a poster, whatever just help us get through the week, yeah!” She threw her fist up as she put out her fire once more free falling to the ground below her. “'Cause Rock stars need money. We can't live on bologna sandwiches. Rock stars need money, and it comes from you and you and you and you and you!” She yelled out as she landed on the ground, the earth shaking from her land as she stood up and dust herself off. She looked around to find herself standing in the middle of a small field with in the canyon, small bushes, a few trees and the river running along side it was seen around her. She wasn’t sure how she was going to find her mystery opponent but she figured one way or another they would find each other. She walked over to a nearby rock and climbed on top of it, sitting Indian style on it while she took off her earphones and sat, rocking back and forth as she started to hum the song she was just listening to.


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The bowels of hell raged with heat as angry voices bounced off them cavern walls. A flame haired beauty stood in the middle of the deepest cavern, her eyes burned red and her body sparkled with little fires that erupted across her skin. She stared down at the girl in a black top hat and tuxedo attire who looked at her in defiance.

“Zora Christina Lockhart, what is the matter with you? Are you trying to bring the force of heaven on us with your actions? Did you really goad Gabriel? I can not believe you.”

Oh do be quiet mother. You act as if I did something my father hasn’t done.

“Your father might have goaded the Angelics but it was expected of him. You are my daughter, it is expected of you to be respectful of them.”

Don’t make me laugh mother, I am the daughter of Arrow. They expect the same from me as they expected from him. My father may be dead, but he isn’t forgotten. And I vow to make sure no one forgets him.

“Your disobedience is getting tiresome, Zora. You leave me no choice.”

The woman looked at her daughter before flicking her wrist behind her and speaking loudly, “Sameal!” A large man loomed out of the shadows his once pure white wings now darkened with corruption. Yet his face stood out as beautiful as it had been the day he had fell from Heaven.

You called Mistress Kiara?

His voice boomed and echoed off the walls, but nothing seemed to scare the teenager that stood before her mother.

“Take my darling daughter to the ethereal realm. Her powers wont work there since she did not inherit my ability to access it. I will call for her when I get back from Mexico.”

The Ethereal realm? Really mother that doesn’t scare me.

“No it wont, but there will be things there waiting on you dear. Have fun.”

Kiara turned from her daughter and moved to the large thrown that stood in the middle of the room. She sat down for a moment until her son appeared before her, I have a message mother.

Kiara looked at her son fondly and smiled, “What is it, Luncin?”

The voice called. They have given a location for your battle with Stephanie Ardor AKA Feral Nova. It is to be held in Batopilas, Chihuahua Mexico. You are to go to the Copper Cave as soon as possible.

Kiara smiled sinisterly and stood, “Let Starkiller know of my whereabouts when he arrives. It should not take long to destroy the girl.”

She walked down the steps of the thrown and patted her son on the cheek. She gave him a brief smile and then disappeared into the shadows. When she appeared again it was in a sunny canyon. The sun shone bright and seemed to bounce of the rock walls that showed through the foliage that grew vibrantly around the area.

A young woman sat on a rock on the far side of the field, her red hair glinted in the light and nearly matched the brilliance of Kiara’s own. She knew much of the young woman, knew she could manipulate fire just as well as herself. She smiled slightly and glided across the field towards the young heroine then cleared her throat loudly and spoke softly, “Stephanie, I do believe we have a battle to get through.”

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Stephanie continued to sit around and stair at everything around her. Tree’s bushes, rocks… dirt… spiders. “SPIDER?!” Nova blurted out as she jumped up and yelled out in fear, waving her arms around trying to push the spider away, only to make herself look like a crazy woman. “HOLY CRAP, GET IT AWAY, GET IT AWAY!” She jumped up from the rock and began to shake her head around, her hair waving around in the air. She then heard the sound of someone clearing their throat. Nova quickly spun around, her hands still in the air as her emerald eyes locked upon the tall red-haired woman, it was none other than Kiara Sullivan.

She was slowly making her way towards her and when close enough spoke in a soft voice. “Stephanie, I do believe we have a battle to get through.”

Nova just continued to stand their, her eyes still locked on Kiara as her mouth hung open. THIS was the person she was to fight, Kiara, Kiara Sullivan, one of the most feared villains in the world. Her power was known through out in both the spiritual words and physical world. Nova could feel her heart begin to pound against her chest wall. “K-Kiara…” She then stood up straight as she lowered her arms slowly to her side. She had heard about Kiara, her massive power, how she didn’t show mercy to her victims she fought, and how her dark mind worked. Steph could feel her legs begin to shake from fear. “Y-YOU?!” The people who called her weren’t kidding, she was going to have to pull out all of her tricks just to survive the fight. “I-I-I-I” She couldn’t get her words out, as she took a small step back, only to bump into the rock behind her, flipping over it and landing on her back with a THUD.  “Ouchy…” She sat up as she looked up only to see Kiara again, she quickly got up, dusting herself off as she faced her again, standing a little further than before. “So… how’ve you been?” She asked with a nervous laugh. “Yeah… ok, sorry… nerves, ya know?” She stood there a little longer as she began to shake her hands at her sides, trying to loosen herself out and began to move her head around in a circular motion. “Well, enough of this!” She said as she slowly began to shift her feet apart and make fists with her hands as she begins to crouch down. “Lets get started!”

She then began to yell as she closed her eyes, the ground shook gently as golden flames suddenly engulfed her body, waving around wildly as she stopped yelling and slowly began to stand up straight. She then opened her eyes as they glowed a dark red, her fire waving wildly around her head as she stood there for a moment, her power rushing all over and around her body. Small bushes, trees and patches of grass near by shriveled up from the heat of her fire.

“Shall we?” Nova said as she then clasped her hands together, as soon as she did, a blinding white flash covered the entire area around them, trying to temporarily blind Kiara. As soon as the flash appeared she then pulled her hands apart and shot them forward, a blast of raging fire roared towards her, trying to engulf her own body, every second it was traveling through the air towards her, the fire would suck up the oxygen around them, making the fire stronger. Stephanie held it out for about ten seconds as she then shot up into the air and shot a spiraling flame around Kiara, making a thirty feet perimeter all around her she then put out her fire as she came back down to the ground at full force, every second gaining more speed as she pulled out her sword with her right hand, griping it tightly as she rose it above her head, when she was about five feet away and right above Kiara she then swung it downward, using her super strength to try and slice off her right arm completely. As soon as she would land on the ground she then jumped back about ten feet and stood with her sword in both hands, the end of the blade pointing towards Kiara as she kept focus, her eyes fixed on her opponent.

“Your move.” She said with a small smirk. 

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Kiara stood still staring at the young woman before her. She knew that she could defeat the young warrior easily. But it would still be some fight. She watched as Stephanie fumbled her way around and muttered inanely away. The young girl was nervous and she knew why. Kiara had a reputation for being ruthless and fearsome. Even in the days when she had been a hero, she had been feared. Not just by her enemies, but by her allies as well. In the beginning she never understood why, but now she knew the reasons. She had tasted her true power only once. When she held the Sword of Souls in her hands, her true form was unleashed and Arrow had taken that from her. There was still resentment towards him, but she vowed to hold the sword once more, to become the most feared once more.

She was brought out of her thought process by Nova’s scream. She watched with wonder as the young woman burst into flames and everything near her became engulfed. She was blinded temporarily by the light but, soon adjusted to its brilliance and smiled a sinister smile and let the fire that Nova thrust at her engulf her. The fire hit and she turned instantly into a ball of white flames. Her eyes turned black and followed the descending figure of Nova. She let the sword cut into her flesh momentarily then in a flash drew her own blade and thrust it against nova’s, watching the two spark in defiance at their wielders. She broke away from Nova and sent her body into a backwards arch, flipping once before landing on her feet.

She pointed her sword to the side and smiled at Nova again the white hot flames around her flickering as she spoke, “That’s all then? You have started my flame, and opened a wound for me to use my magic. Let’s see what I can do for you now.”

She brought her left hand up and closed it into a fist, as she did the air around them became heavy with the lack of oxygen. She pulled the oxygen from Nova’s flame in hopes of extinguishing it and let it build around herself. The air around her began to spiral, picking up the flame that engulfed her body and lifting her off the ground. She stayed in the middle of her flaming cyclone and lifted her left arm upwards. The blood that had dripped down covered her hand and began glowing purple. It began to circle in her palm, forming a ball. She held it for a moment and then instantly threw it at nova. The ball broke into tiny shards of obsidian and flew at the woman and Kiara and her cyclone broke apart, the cyclone going one way and Kiara the other. Both towards Nova, Kiara with her sword aimed and the cyclone with all the hellfire Kiara could muster.

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Nova smiled as her flames rushed upon Kiara’s body, thinking that some damage would be done, it seemed as if her own body produced its own flames. Kiara turned into white flames, the strongest flames that can be made, flames that Nova tried her best not to use. Before anything else could happen Nova took flight into the air and unleashed her sword, coming back down she held the blade high above her head as she then brought it down, her mighty sword cutting into the flesh of her opponent, but before it could go deep enough her own blade smashed into Stephanies, sparks flew pass their faces as Kiara’s own fire was raging around the two of them, the white flames waving around Nova’s body, as if trying to consume her, and it would have, if Nova wasn’t a pyro herself. Nova’s eyes then locked upon Kiara’s for only a second, her dark eyes, they seemed to almost be like a empty abyss. It almost seemed hypnotizing, until the two broke apart. Nova stumbled back on the ground a few feet as she held tightly onto her sword, the blade pointing upward and towards Kiara who landed gracefully upon the dirt floor with her blazing white flames waving around her body as a soft breeze made its way across them.

Just then, the mighty warrior spoke. “That’s all then?” Nova could feel her heart already fall, the tone of her voice made Stephanie feel like what she did was usless. “You have started my flame, and opened a wound for me to use my magic.” She could feel a drop of sweat coming down the side of her left temple, she was getting more nervous. “Lets see what I can do for you now.”

With that being said Kiara lift her left hand upward and closed it tightly into a fist, Nova arched her eyebrow, what was she doing, suddenly before Stephanie could do anything, the air around her became heavy. Her eyes widen as she struggled to breath, it felt like there was no oxygen around her. She began to gasp for air as she lowered her sword, a panic was starting to arise from within her as she looked up at Kiara, now in the air as her fire began to wave wildly. ‘Air control, how could I have not seen that!?’ she thought to herself as she slowly began to back away, all because there was no oxygen around her, didn’t mean she couldn’t move around. It was like holding her breath, only for a much longer time than she was used to. Right then a purple like energy ball began to form in her palm. Nova looked at it and then looked at Kiara as she held it for just a moment before launching it at her. Pulling up her sword Nova got ready to block the attack, only to watch it break off into shards at the last moment. Unable to really do anything at this the shards crashed into her body, piercing through her first layer of skin but stopping at her true adamantium layer of skin. Nova fell to her left knee as she stuck her sword in the ground, small rivers of blood trickled down her body as she began to wipe the energy shards away. Stephanie then looked up, only to see Kiara and her cyclone coming at her from both directions. Her eyes shifting around trying to figure out what to do. At the last moment Stephanie figured it would be best for her just to take the fire cyclone.

With a quick bust of energy Nova stuck her arms out and began to try and manipulate the heat of the fire, trying to redirect it, only not to be able to. The fire was too strong, even for her, but she stood her ground her feet digging in the dirt as the cyclone rammed into her body, the fire was hotter than what Nova was used to, even though Nova could go up to a million degrees, this seemed to be on a whole new level. It didn’t fell like her skin was burning but rather her insides. Stephanie yelled out in pain as she forced herself through the fire, dropping her sword and fell to her knees as she reached the other end of it. Hugging herself as she could feel her lungs burn every time she inhaled, her entire body felt like it was burning, but not the kind she was used to.

Right then Nova felt a slash down her back, the young fire wilders head shot back as she grit her teeth and clenched her fists. She could feel a trickle of warm blood slowly make its way down her back as the sharp wave of pain shot through her body. She then leaned forward as she slowly stood up, her fists still formed as she turned her head to the side, her breathing became deeper as she could finally breath the air around her. Shifting her feet she turned her body to become face to face with Kiara once more, her bright green eyes focused on the woman before her.

Her eyes then shift to her sword that was laying on the ground. Nova walked up to it and knelt down to pick it up, only before she would stand back up she pulled back her left fist and smashed it into the ground, a massive shockwave making its way to Kiara, in hopes to distract her for a moment a she bust into flames once more and flew at ground level towards the woman. Nova pulled back her sword that was now being grasped by both hands, grit her teeth as she then swung her sword upward and diagonally aiming to get her right deltoid muscle, if she were to slice through it, this would cause her to be unable to rotate her shoulder, or be able to lift her shoulder upward.  

Right at this moment Nova then pulled her left hand away from the blade and inside her jacket were she got a hold of her Nova blade and with a flick of her wrist turned it on as she moved the flaming blade downward trying to get a slice at Kiara’s left Sartorius, a muscle in the leg that assists in flexion, abduction and lateral rotation of hip, and flexion and medial rotation of knee, trying to slice right through it. With her right hand still holding firmly onto her sword, which was now brought out to the side with the end of the blade pointing towards Kiara she then trust it forward, aiming to slice through the abdomen, but aiming at her right side, where the liver is at, hoping to get the gallbladder. If she was able to do this the chemicals that would come from it, would eat through her liver and cause massive internal bleeding as well as damage in the muscle lining of the abdomen.

Not wanting to risk anything Nova then took about twelve steps to the right to make sure she wouldnt be in the line of any close range attacks.