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Salem dressed more like some pop star than her usual self stepped to the ledge. She was standing where the best of Rome would sit during the games. The Colleseum of Rome home to the fight between Dark Huntress and Longshot last year crowning the champion as Huntress was to be the proving grounds for the begining of the match. That was where the begining of the games was to be held. "My name is Ruby and I am pleased to present to you the next King of the Vine. The flght people looked forward to most of all the past years and what now was the most hiped up event of the year. The various benefactors have spent countless time and dollars to make sure this could deliver a more exciting experience. I know my fellow combatants have only one thing on their mind so before I ramble on the specifics let me get to that which matters the most. The actual rules and regulations of the tournament."

Ruby was very animated as she addressed the tournaments fighters. "Champions of the modern worlds, knights of darkness and the names renown for your guning for hire there is many things to bring you here. Money Fame the glory of battle all of these bring you to the fight soon it will be yours to fight for. You will each be divided into a group of four at random and then pitted against another after two or three of these four way matches it will be down to the best team. From here you will fight eachother untill one of you is labeld the victor. The further you get in the championship the more time you have to destroy or out class your enemy. Know this though the further you go the harder the senario. The only rule is that you give a good fight the audiance wants action not an instant kill. However the rule with that is don't go easy sloches in fights don't win them. Don't worry about inflicting harm we got medics that are fully prepared to get you back to yourself for the next match. However if one of you could just die that would be great for ratings."

"This time the audiance will be with us the entire way. Much time and money has been put in to make sure the audiance is right there with you. Sure it's risky but also thats the beauty of it. They see your strugle feel the conditions your under. The audiance is putting there life on the line for you and quite possibly you for them. You need be ready to feel the life of a gladiator not some boxer in a ring. If your to be king or queen you need to be represented as one am I right? With that said let the games begin!" Fireworks went off as Ruby leaped into the stadium ready for things to get started just for her to look foolish as the managers called her. "Scratch that we need to get teams up first my mistake..."

Rules of the Arena

1. Standard fight rules apply
2. Try and enter a fight with a fairly beatable character. If your practicly Galactus or Superman you probably should use someone else.
3. God Modding will not be tollerated
4. ANyone really falling behind is left behind. This is not to be mean but fair to the others.
5. There will be post limits per person each fight so be carefull. Wanting teams is fine but you'll need cooperation to come out victor because of it.
6. Teams are yours to pick but they can be changed up. If odds don't seem fair they'll be made so.

Judgeing Catagories Blood Brains and Brawn.

1. Blood the fight itself and key to judgment. If team A kills three of four people on team B there advancing. The one they lost though might be replaced by the survivor of B.
2. Brains this is your writing in the fights. Did you make moves that were clear. We don't want to nit pick but it's justified to let a better fighter progress.
3. Brawn or over all performance. This is story telling basicly. Did the reader think your opponent awesome and you a total BA or did you seem to just be there?

Helping the Azra

Please if you have something important tell me or a question say it. Otherwise try not to overflood me with replies or pic war posts. Trying to run a tournament here thank you very much.

Combatants/Teams of The KOV

Team A

1. salem Hex
2. Midnight Orchid
3. Over Kill

 Team B

5. Night Rake
6. Shadowknight666
7. Kurrent

8.  Lazy student

Team C 

9. Cellphone Girl
10. Longshot
11. Charmix
12. Tachyongirl

Team D

13. Closure 
14.  Mr Mercury
15. crimson Eagle
16. ShadowPanther


Team E

17. Strikedown

18. kuma far

20. Paper Ronin

Team F

21. duchess
22. kaligar Roxom
23. Sideslash 
24. Angelique Lebou
Reserves All Slots currently Full 
1. Kiddevil

2. Highvoltage 
3. Daywing


Arena Round 1 The Colleseum

The Colleseum of legend is split into by a barrier of violet see through energy. This seperates the opposing teams and delivers a nice shock to anyone who hits it. In the various labryinth like structures of the foundation are a variety of weapons possibly giving a combatant a helping boost in the fight. The clasical sandy ground and coloring apply. All the magestic quality it ones had seeming revitalized. The victors to come of this will be a cross between their own fight and their performance.

Soon as we have the fighters and judgers this will begin. Till then argue insult pic war etc. 
Team A vs Team C 
Team B vs Team F 
Team D vs Team E 
post limit 5 per player, judging 12/5/11 date posible to change.

 Round 2 Contestants

Team G 
1. Overkill 
2. Midnight Orchid 
3. Salem Hex 
Team H 
4. Mr. Mercury 
5. Closure 
6. Longshot 
Team I 
7. Lazystudent 
8. Kurent 
9. Cellphone Girl 
Team J 
10. Kaligar Roxom 
11. Mercenary 
12. Gearo 
Round 2 Arena War 


After a two day flight the audiance and combatants arive on a distant world. A war based on gender has erupted and continued for years. The men fight the infections that befall them by relying on cybernetics derived on steam mostly. The women the dominant race do to never being afflicted fight now just to survive. Useing advanced technology they fight of what seems to almost be zombies. It is on this world that round two is held. And while the spectators have only the stray bullet to fear the contestants are open targets. Be wary for it would be a shame if the public got the kill rather than yourself my dear gladiators.

Team G vs J
Team H vs I

Judging Scheduled 01/06/2012 post limit 6 per player.  


Round 3 Semifinals

The stage had been set for the next round set to begin soon as the contestants were back to full strength. The location was to be the most alluring seting yet returning the contestants back to the arena. Just barely at the durable limit of closeness to the planets core was an arena. Lava flowed in columbs from the cieling and lit the room in a dark moody light. The edges of the stage were of LDs iluminating the bottom half of the stage. The walls of the arena consisted of twisted metal and drains a testament of the Steamlions ways. An insignia looking like the head of a horned lion was in the center of each of the walls of the octagon. Steam billowed from the mouth and nostrils making it look ready to breath fire. It's eyes had casings of lava making it glow like the blazing eyes of  a devil. The seats themselves that consistated of all three species were filled. Women looked on with hate and anticipation in their eyes. Men with a longing to see skin and blood, humans wanting both as well as a pretty penny. The seating and pillars around them were a mix of metal and crystal. A testament to the ways of the Sirens. In times before today this was the hounor bound room where a man or men would face the woman or women to fight over teritories rights and so much more. Directly above it as well as below it are the capital cities of each race. Dead center between these kingdoms is the legendary stage.

Team G: Overkill Midnight Orchid and Salem Hex
Team K: Closure Longshot and Cellphonegirl
Post Limit 7
Judging 02/03/12  
Last round was hard to vote particularly Longshot vs Salem. In the end it roled down to simply who survived. Hex advanced for canonly beating Longshot, on taking hits, hiting, writing, and performance it was neck to neck. As winner I do want to say that yet again Longshot gave me one of the best fights ive had. This is not to play favorites just me stating my opinion, till now the judges were Kaligar DH and myself giving pure unbiased endepth breakdowns, any complaints can be fialed against me alone.


The last stadium to be fought in would be the very same ride home. The contestants and spectators watch from video feed on ships near the relativly small aircraft. The last three contestants will be locked in this ship untill forcefully removed. Half way through the fight(5 posts) one contestant deamed the weakest link will be withdrawn. From here the ship will be bombarded and the remaining two must keep fighting(6 posts). A good gladiator observes their suroundings never to be caught unaware. A King or Queen of the VIne can win no matter the circumstance they are put in.


1. Salem Hex
2. Overkill
3. Midnight Orchid

Judging Round 4 2/24/2012 
This is it one goes home with the shiney crown the other probably in a hospital. Overkill was removed from the ring and on the red rock of Mars the fight now wages on between Salem Hex and Midnight Orchid. There is no pause or change in rp the fight simply continues.  
1. Salem Hex 
2. Midnight Orchid
Kov Fights End  3/09/2012

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Ha. Your funnnnnyyyy.


@Night_Rake: you scared bro?

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Do people get to pick their own teams or are you picking them

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"You aren't worth my physical body.My Hammer will have to suffice you."

@Midnight Orchid
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@Kurrent: You're dead!

Not for long HAHA

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@Midnight Orchid:   @shadowknight666

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@Midnight Orchid:  
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@Midnight Orchid
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All this idle talk,but the talks in the fight.

I'd beat you blind.
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@Midnight Orchid: (LOL I wish Lady Death was here to reply to that XD)
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@Night_Rake said:

@Midnight Orchid: (LOL I wish Lady Death was here to reply to that XD)
"Death is an Allusion."

((LOL! I assume you mean ILLusion? I think that means I win this pic war. xD))

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@The Dark Huntress said:

@614azrael Put down Portrait for a spot.

((Thanks for remembering me. ^_^))

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@The Dark Huntress
You can borrow one of my Omega Gauntlets for the bitch-slapping extravaganza
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@The Dark Huntress
I can't fight Demovational :U