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As the implacable juggernaut made his way around the globe, bay areas and locations near the water were put on high alert. Judge had been known to cross oceans by running along the seabed, his unstoppable momentum carrying him ever forward against the force of the tides and the pressure of the deep. Nevertheless, he always seemed to have a trick up his sleeves.

Reaching a slope, presumably the beginning of a beachfront, he punched his way through the sand and continued in his predestined direction. For a few hundred miles, he continued to break through the rock and dirt. He eventually grew bored and dug up through the countless tons of earth above him, the seawater following him as he ascended. Finally breaking to the surface, he found himself in a lush jungle landscape. He crawled out of the vertical tunnel he had made and shook the water off himself like a wet dog. He paused for a moment, deciding now where to go. Choosing the direction of the rising sun, he plowed through the foliage. Trees were knocked down like Lincoln log cabins. The dense underbrush provided no resistance to his rampage. If he had a goal in mind, he certainly did not make it a subtle one.

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The rumble in the jungle was like no other. Tranquil navigated the the landscape like a seasoned hunter from the trees, closing in on his prey. Yet it seemed he was not the only one in pursuit. Trees collapsed not to far behind him and he knew it would not be long until the giant of a man had closed the distance. Only god knew what would happen at this point. Tranquil allowed his target to flee, recognizing that the threat approaching would not spare him the moment to apprehend the man.

He began placing devices in key locations around the immediate area as fail safe's in case things went south. Went the large giant of a man finally reached him Milo appeared to face him. He couldn't help but feel small as this hulking giant stood before him, his sheer size menacing. "You've destroyed 3/4 of the jungle, why?" Was all he could think to say, awestruck by the man's size.

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"Outta my way, pipsqueak!" Judge roared, continuing to throw his unstoppable momentum forward like a wild beast.

He did not care about the forest or the fact that someone who seemed to want to protect it stood in his way. The supposed protector did not have the physicality that piqued Judge's interest. He seemed above-average for a human at best. He was of no interest to the juggernaut as his plowed forward. Yet, for all his physical disparities, the man held his ground.

"You wanna know why I smashed this toothpick yard? It stood in my way! I got places to go, things to do, and you can stand there if you want to get wrecked. I don't care! Because nothing stops me!"

Each footstep he took caused the ground to tremble. This was the kind of man who could trample over a herd of angry bull elephants and keep running like nothing happened. The man in front of him was either suicidal or brave enough to have thought of a plan before committing to such a dangerous situation.

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The titan was like a bull. But instead of having horns he had a bulldozer for a head. As he surged forward Milo dove far left. The moment he connected with the ground he triggered two remote mines beneath the juggernaut in an attempt to stifle his movement. Following the explosion he launched two cryo grenades into the area. "Chill out for a second, Hombre." He said with a snarky smile believing he'd succeeded as the dust began to settle.

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"About time you got out of my way, you little pe-"

A massive explosion rocked where Judge stood, covering the immediate area in smoke and debris. No sooner had the mines done their work when the colossus's opponent lobbed two grenades into the column of haze. However, they proved to be different than the mines in that instead of forcing out energy, they locked it in ice. As the smoke cleared, it seemed as if the titan's global rampage had been stopped. This illusion was only for a scant few seconds, however, as the ice began to crack and chip away in sheets. Just as quickly as Judge had been encased in ice, he broke out. He carried on for a few more steps, but his momentum slowly and surely came to a halt. He turned around and looked at the much - MUCH - smaller man with a furious scowl behind his helmet.


Taking two handfuls of the ground, Judge ripped out a sheet of rock and earth nearly a hundred feet across and tried to use it to flatten his newly acquired foe.

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His size betrayed him. It made him slow. By the time the crater crashed into the earth Tranquil had maneuvered behind his foe and began slashing away at his ankles with his poison laced katana he called Willy. he followed up the these with a high arcing front flip that positioned him just above the monumental man's head. Gravity increased the speed of his descent as he attempted to plunged the blade into the titan's massive cranium. Milo was running out of ideas fast and even as he attacked he was searching for an escape route.

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"Hey, that tickles!" Judge mocked as his quicker and more agile adversary slashed at his ankles only to find that the Goliath's hardened skin did not suffer even a single scratch. Judge swept a fist behind him in an attempt to clobber the runt, but found empty air. The sheer force of his blow, however, kicked up a torrent of rock that carried like a tidal wave deeper into the forest, knocking down trees and tearing up untold amounts of flora.

His lithe ninja-like foe used the Judge's own body to his advantage, kicking his helmet to gain a leaping start in a downward stabbing maneuver.

"Oh not you don't!"

With a speed that could only be conjured by the sheer power pulsing beneath his skin, Judge aimed to either grab or squash his opponent with both hands while he still hung in midair.

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Seems Milo did a bit of underestimating of his own. The goliath was not as slow as he seemed, his large mitts closing in on Tranquil as his body toward the head of the monster. This was one of the moments where one could not think, only act and react. Out of pure instinct he changed the direction of his sword from vertical to horizontal. The extra length stop the hands just short of crushing Milo. With aerial superiority he altered his positioning landing in front of the titan just before his sword was reduced to dust before his eyes. Without word Tranquil began to flee, bounding from branch to branch with uncanny speed.

"Try to keep up boy," he shouted staring out into the horizon beyond.

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Grunting in anger, the Judge of Strength crumpled the steel sword into little more than a ball in his hands and threw it like an artillery shell at the retreating warrior. Seeing that his opponent had abandoned him, Dmitri gave chase, roaring as he knocked down every tree in his path on reuniting with his masked enemy. Various fauna screamed as their jungle home was ripped apart, flora crushed and the proud timbers of the forest reduced to little more than crushed logs.

"Get back down here and fight! Or at least die with dignity, you coward!"

Judge did not even bother looking ahead of him. He kept his eyes glued on the acrobat swinging from branch to branch in a desperate bid to escape from him.

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His muscles cried out in pain, begging him to slow down. If he pumped anymore adrenaline through his system his heart would surely explode so Tranquil simply continued on, praying that his muscles did not give out on him. He was getting closer the colossus was gaining speed. Milo made his final leap. Using all his remaining strength to propel himself high into the air. High enough so that his enemy would look up instead of looking forward. There was no more land ahead, just an ocean. Milo was down to his final act. If his pursuer had fell into the body of water Milo would launch a trio of cryo grenades into the water, in an attempt to trap the goliath in its own iceberg.

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"Oh no you don't!"

Anticipating something as cowardly from the bastard in black latex, Judge leaped at him with all the force in his inhuman legs. It was then that he noticed the ocean underneath where he would land. He desperately grabbed at his foe's legs, trying to drag him down with him. Succeeding, he laughed as they started to fall like a lead brick. However, the man who agitated him with his presence had one last trick. Throwing more of the freezing grenades into the water, he managed to calculate the time between impact and explosion with genius level skill. Either that or he was just lucky. The juggernaut voted for lucky as he was encased in ice, the only part not so being the hands that wrapped their massive fingers around the mercenary's legs which - eventually - loosened their grip entirely to the numbness brought on by the intense cold.

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Milo stood atop the glacier, fear slowly subsiding. He cockily brushed the dirt off his shoulder and spotted a young child watching him from the coast. Behind his mask he winked and smiled, brandishing a thumbs up towards the child before hopping off the glacier and returning to the now destroyed jungle.

"Now to find that prick and get paid." He said, as he hopped onto a nearby motorcycle and riding off.

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Even as the ice locked him in the deep, the unstoppable kept on moving. He clenched his fists, enraged beyond all capacity for reason, and broke apart the frozen wasteland his foe had made out of the small bay area. Looking up, he designated a specific part of the cliff as a landing zone and - with a running start - took a flying leap back onto the mainland, clearing about a hundred feet in the process. Half a ton of muscle and anger crashed back down on solid ground. He stood up, towering over a child who had found her way out of curiosity to the location of the fighting.

"Where did he go?" Judge growled.

Out of an overwhelming sense of fear and self-preservation, the child pointed to a series of motorcycle tracks leading to the Savannah. Smiling like a bastard, Dmitri followed the tracks.

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Milo knew it wouldn't be long before the rumbles resurfaced. He'd just hit the 0.5 mile mark when the ground shook once again. The monstrosity could cover ground fast and this motorcycle couldn't outrun him forever. With no more cryo grenades to spare Tranquil was in need of a new plan of his escape. "Regis, I think I'd like to phone a friend." He retrieved a phone from his pocket and put it to his ear after locating the contact. "Grendel. I need an air evac at the conduit station. I'll be there in exactly five minutes."

He revved the engine, the quakes becoming more significant as the titan came into view behind him. His heart was racing and for once he allowed his blood to pump, needing the extra adrenaline for this continued encounter.

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Each step he took shook the ground. He picked up speed and reached out for what - to him - would have been little more than a toy bike. He missed it by mere centimeters, but he kept momentum and thundered forward even harder until his shadow loomed over his foe.

"Who you talking to? Someone who'll put up a better fight than you? I need someone to break in half, not work on my cardio with!" he laughed menacingly.

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The tires skid as he slammed on the brakes, drifting into a left turn down a path with forestation. At this rate, the entire continent would be without trees and foliage. The conduit station was just beyond the bridge. With the menace hot on his trail, taking the bridge would be a death sentence as it could not support his weight. Yet Tranquil pushed on, putting the v8 engine to its limits as he sped onto the wooden bridge. 500 feet below was the conduit station. Anticipating the inevitable Milo removed three grenades from his bandoleer clutching them in his hand and awaiting the right moment.

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Dmitri anticipated a turn, but the sudden shift in movement cost him distance between him and the mysterious masked man that he would have to make up for later. Grinding to a halt, he gave chase once more until a thin bridge kept him from pursuing any further. Smirking, the giant tore off the ropes to the side of the bridge he dominated as the motorcyclist carried onward. With part of the bridge in one hand, Judge proceeded to whip it around in a manner similar to schoolchildren playing jump rope, attempting to throw his quarry down into the ravine in the process.

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The bike was launched high into the sky. Just as he anticipated the titan would destroy the bridge with him on it. The moment Milo was sent spiraling into the ear he removed all three safety pins. His momentum was altered by gravity and as he began his descent he launch the three grenades at the large man. They hung in the air for a second, exploding just in front of the titan. He intended to use the grenades to obscure his visual and auditory senses in an attempt to delay his reaction to the next event.

"That sound! My ride is right on time." He thought to himself as he could hear the wing of an unmanned sailplane cutting through the window. The aircraft was guided remotely and arced gracefully as it neared the mercenary. The cockpit windshield opened just as the aircraft soared below a fast falling Milo who corrected his position and dropped right into the pilot's seat. The windshield closed and Tranquil took control of the glider, deploying its jet engines he dived a bit lower and reversed his direction taking off without a glance back at his foe.