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King Isle

Home of King Industries where technology is developed to help improve society and the universe. Construction of the artificial island started in 1986 and the final touches have been finished! Heroes and potential buyers or business partners can find the Billionaire/Genius Howard King on the island most of working hours when Howard is not saving neighboring planets, solving a world dilemma, or accepting an award! Employees live on the island eat on the island and have 10 week vacation shifts every month, of course this is due to the fact that Howard does most of the work on technological improvements and lets no one in his workshop. Howard himself is currently working towards cleaning up Earth, while building his next Suit that will help him keep YOU safe and let King Industries prosper!

CEO of King Industries

Current Suit

The current CEO of King Industries is Howard King one of the most ingenious minds in the universe and surely the best superhero in the tri-state area... mostly just the best hero in New Jersey. He spends his time as an occasional Playboy, but most of his time is taken by building his next suit and watching over the galaxy.






5. Also I will be improving the thread in the future.

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@Howard_King: (Wanna have a little fight?)
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(Sure just keep it in mind that I've been on the forum for a little over a year, this wont be an easy win ;D)

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@Howard_King: (I would think someone who has been here for over a year would learn how to @reply by then lol)
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(Oh the burdens of an IPad lol)

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@Howard_King: (OH sorry, didn't know)
A purple streak flies across the air over the island, flying in a circle, creating a violet halo in the night sky. Lewis's temper had gone off again.
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(Hah it's all good) Looking out the window of his office Howard notices a purple streak fly across his airspace. A smile comes to the billionaires face. "Angel ready the Suit, I'm going to ask this character where his parents are." The window opens like a pair of sliding doors and Mr. King walks out onto a deck where a miniature landing pad watches over the island. "Suit up!" In an instant the multitude of robotic arms and tech appliers finish rotating and Howard is ready for a "talk".

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@Howard_King: Lewis growls as he tries to blow off steam like a angry jogger as he flew faster and faster. He then smelled something foul.. technology. He stopped. The overlapped halo stayed in the sky for a few more seconds. This wasn't a microwave.. this was strong technology, like the things that made him. He sniffed like a bloodhound.
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The light bearer watches the battle that will surely ensue with a glass of wine in hand.

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The alloy clad man ascended towards the intruder "I hope this isn't magic... I hate magic." muttered Howard as he floated towards the glowing figure. Once he was in range the comedic billionaire asked the glowing man "What are you doing out here all alone? Maybe I can help you get home buddy." While readying his weapons.