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Location:" Atop the Eiffel tower

Kim got a call on her kimmunicator from Wade telling her, that she needed to head to France tonight,She didn't possibly know how she was going to France and back on a school night.Then again she is a Possible,She started to call up Ron her boyfriend but she didnt want to wake him.She went and put on her new mission outfit and left her room. "BYE MOM BYE DAD! GOING TO FRANCE" They didnt say anything just gave her a Nod as she went out the door.She looked up to see a helicopter of her friend Raul."THANKS FOR THE LIFT RAUL". AFTER YOU SAVED MY CROPS LAST HARVEST IT'S THE LEAST I COULD DO. IT'S SO NOT THE DRAMA.

She went to sleep it was going to be awhile until she got to France, Wade Buzzed in on her kimmunicator Telling her of her battle suit on her wrist, and her grappling hook on her hip. Raul turned around and told her that she was there.She got up and leaped out of the door and began free falling over the city of lights. Her body was still as the wind rushed against her face, She then manuvered her body so that she could turn and shoot her grappling hook at the tower.It hooked on and she was able to Swing around and land on a pillar. She looked around to see that the coast was clear.

SO..........WHAT NOW she said looking confused.

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It had seemed like years since Jigsaw had had any real problems with any heros. After the war that took place so long ago Jigsaw ran, he ran as far as he could get in order to escape all of the heros and more importantly to escape Gamler's presidency. He finally settled down in France. The food wasn't exactly his favorite and he hated it because he couldn't read french, but he got lucky and found a partner ship in a scientist that spoke both languages. Jigsaw would steal money and equipment for the doctors failed projects and the doc would warn him of any heros that were near by. Jigsaw was right in the middle of a tech robbery when the doc called him. He said he was picking up something over the Eiffel Tower. Jigsaw hung up the phone and ran out the door. His associates didn't notice that he had left until the police lights flashed through the windows. Jigsaw watched with a smug look on his face as the idiots he had found to help him were all arrested. He heard a light buzzing and looked up only to have his eyes meet the site of a plane and a small thing jumping falling from it. He grabbed the pair of binoculars his side and looked at the falling thing.

He got a look at it right as it swung onto a pillar. His eyes widened as recognized the thing as a hero known as Kim Possible. He gritted his teeth at the thought of hero spoiling his fun again. He looked up again and saw the girl standing on the pillar.
"Well i guess I should so some manners and greet the new comer." He thought for a moment and then remembered a spell he knew to teleport him short distances.  "Slumbas acunos mechos de macus!" As soon as the words left his mouth the darkness surrounded him and he was gone. He reappeared on the pillar behind the girl. "Wow you heros sure are persistent little...well whatever you are. Would you like a hot dog or some cotton candy or maybe a drink the punch is free!" He swung his fist with great force at her stomach in hopes of catching her off guard.
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Jigsaw eh? She said as She looked at his picture on her kimmunicator, He wasnt really attractive infact he was horrible ugly,His clothes looked as if they were from the 1970's SO THIS GUY WAS MISSING SINCE ThE WAR,EH WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO FIND HIM. Kim heared a noise from behind her, she turned around to see the man she had been hunting, she could'nt help but thinking that he looked harmless. He spoke,but she didnt want to get to close so because she didnt want to smell his breath. Wow you heros sure are persistent little well whatever you are. Would you like a hot dog or some cotton candy or maybe a drink the punch is free. He punched Kim dead in her stomach, she fell back and went off the side of the tower. She tried to hold on at first but her gloves made it hard to stay on. She began to fall she quickly brought her right arm around to her left side and shot her grappling hook back at the tower.She felt a tug which let her know she was secure. She swung back on to the tower about 3 levels below.WADE THIS GUY IS SO DEAD, She said while holding herr stomach in pain, she knew she should have called Ron because him and Rufus would come in handy right about now.

She ran to a 90 degree backbeam and ran up it parrying to a perpendicular beam, She pulled herself up and relized she was 2 feet below him. She jumped up and grabbed the intersecting bar and pulled up once again, this time she was directly below him. she jumped up and grabbed the bars. she then began a flight series, usiing her legs like she was break dancing she tried to knock jigsaw face first on the beam. She then flipped up and landed on the beam and tried to kick him with a high jump pirouette kick. She landed in a 3 point stance and then did a reverse merry go round kick.Afterwards she vaulted her self up and then came back with a windmill kick she then took a stance, with a smirk. "THE PUNCH IS FREE?????? WHAT KIND OF PUNCHLINE IS THAT!
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He smiled as she fell off the beam. "Huh that was easy if I had to fight these kind of heros back home i would have stayed." He turned around and waited for the splat then he would use his magic to get back down when he heard a light clink. He spun around and jumped to the edge of the pillar looking down in hopes of seeing a splattered body. Only to have his eyes meet Possible swinging back onto the pillar about 3 levels down. He watched in amazement as the girl worked her way back up the levels. He was nearly caught off guard  by her next move. He jumped up as her legs passed beneath him.

"Ha you will have to do better than tha...." He didn't have time to finish his sentence before she kicked him in ribs. The pain was absent at first. He guessed this was because he hadn't felt pain in a while. Suddenly he feat flew into his face with a reverse merry go round kick. He fell back, startled at the girls speed, but before he could think anything else the girl executed a windmill kick. The blow knocked him down. "The PUNCH IS FREE???? WHAT KIND OF PUNCHLINE IS THAT!"  Jigsaw looked up with a small stream of blood running from his mouth. He smirked as he stood up and said..."It was exactly that. A PUNCHLine." He swung his fist at her stomach again then flipped away and knelt.  "ANBU DE SAGA METHACUS BLOOKES!" As the words left his lips the shadows rose up around Kim and tried to wrap around her neck. He jumped up and pulled out his hand gun. "This should blow you away!" He fired two bullets from the gun. One bullet aimed at her leg the other two aimed at her left arm.