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this is a rpg that i just thought of. here are the rules:you need to register on time befor you can fight so no one can intrude if enyone that didnt register posts something ignore them the first person to register after me is the reffery. when you register you have to give your abilitys supplise and weaknesses you need to have atleast two weaknesses so you cant be invulnerible or emortal you have to be able to die.i will post the end of registration to begin the rpg.there will be some waiting if its not your battle. so you can watch othrer battels and get some ideas. and almost enything goes.so you gan jump in a battel if you want.

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my registration

powers:the ability to clone myself, a morphing blade . interfaceing with technology and shoots missels, allof wich use my central power.

Weaknesses: evey fith clone is evil, emp pulses shut down ally my abillitys for a period of time. and water shorts me out and causes me pain.

suplies:my morphing blade that turns into eny weapon, MEDICOMP wich is a syringe that when injested heals all wounds.theres the smart disk that when thrown seeks end slices enemy