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Location: Roman Colleseum

Time: Afternoon

Weather: Sunny

Karite woke up the bright light of the blistering sun hit his eyes faster than a bullet would hit a man this happened as soon as his eyes began to lift themselves up catching glimpses of where he was and trying to make sense of everything it took him a while to adjust his eyes needed time to settle and he had slept for along time so his eyes needed time opening and closing them a few times just to give them a chance to get used to the switch from darkness to light he even began to rub them but after 10 minutes his eyes got used to everything as did his mind he remebered why he was here and why he had slept for such along time. Karite pulled the saturn covers from over his body the material was light and soft it was cool and perfect for the hot weather that surrounded the great city of Rome. Getting up and heading to the foot of the bed he places his feet on the ground taking a few deep breaths before getting up and heading to the bathroom it was a nice suite marbel top of the range the type an important person would choose to stay in. Karite takes of his pyjamas and gets in the shower quickly washing himself but what the day would bring the showe wasnt really worth it but its always good to look good.

Karite had a quick shower nothing special and he got out quickly drying himself off before going to the main room to put on some clothes it was a hot day so he just put on some blue shorts that were knee lenght the colour as blue as the sky that masked the heavens he also put on a white t-shirt it was plain and simple but not very stylish or practical for the fight at hand but on a day like this the cooler the better. Karite sat down on a small chair putting on his socks and white trainers before rubbing his eyes oce more and heading to the kitchen and getting a sandwitch he had made last night. Karite left his room locking the door behind him and grabbing a small case as he left putting it in his pocket before zipping it up and heading to his destination.

The reason Karite had slept so long because he was off to a battle and this was not just any battle it was the biggest of his life and in essence his first he was the reborn Soul Taker a man who had lost his life in mysterious curcamstances but it seemed the universe wanted his story to live on so Karite was born he has all of his past lifes memories but he is still young in battle and in the use of his powers but he knows the two men he is about to fight are rivals allys but above all that friends and a battle all three men have promised eachother ever since the battle between him and vann a battle that even in this life Karite considers his greatest and was the first time he had not only suffered defeat but death as well and that was the day he made a new friend and ally so the battle today runs deeper than friendship or even rivalry it was a battle of brotherhood and Karite had an old score to settle with the ninja. The second man in this battle is the young but up and coming jedi Obi and a man who was teased by the other two combatants when they all started but in time he earned both mens respect and showed just how skilled and powerful he is the teasing wasnt to put the young jedi down but instead to spare him on make him better and like Vann became a brother so did Obi and this battle Karite considers it a coming of age battle and one that will test him to the limit he respected them both and he hopes for a respectful battle and one that is tough but knowing his enemies he knows each man will fight at there best never back down and die if they have to and Karite was the same thats why he liked them.

Karite began to walk down the hallway the red carpet that graced his feet was soft and coftorble the memories of his past life shot like bullets in his brain it was as clear as the snow where he had lost his life he was heading ot to a fiight or to a battle but to the greatest moment in his life heading to the counter he waited for something the man behind the counter knew exactly what to get and he gave Karite a long black case that he took and headed outside everyone speaking italian the sun hit him like fire its touch hot to the skin the streets were busy it was market day so today rome was busy people shouting the roads and streets dirty in some places clean in others the pavement was uneven rocks out of place like each step would take you into a different direction. Karite kept walking for 10 minutes finally stopping at the colleseum the structure was magnificent the sight was incredible he looked up at it in awe and wonder it was broken alot of it smashed and was not what it once was but it was a place that had hosted many battles.

Karite headed inside walking right to the center he had sent each man a letter to the location of the battle he looked up into the clear blue sky closing his eyes and began to listen to the battles gone by the sound of metal and tearing skin ran through his mind the site of some of the greatest battles gone by would play host to his own greatest battle. Karite sat down and opened up the case taking out a katana and various other weapons setting them down before just like Soul used to do cross his legs place his hands together and meditate clearing his mind cominf up with plans thinking about where he was and his opponents he had researched each in great detail and had plans but in a battle like this those plans may prove useless. Karite kept his position and waited for his opponents. 







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5:00 am 

Obi Wan Kenobi, the young jedi, flew out of bed in a quick and sudden movement and landed smoothly on his feet.  The floor was a strange mixture of cement and dirt.  Kenobi shivered a little as the cold from the floor ran up his feet and into his body.  Obi took a long look at his surroundings,  the early morning air was cold and he could see each breath as it was expelled from his body.  In the other room Obi could hear that the old farming couple that had been so generous as to give him room and board was already up and working.  Kenobi proceeded to put on his clothes.  He grabbed a grey shirt with a black collar, black pants, his trusty shoes, and his cortosis armbands.  The young jedi walked toward the door and opened it, letting an even colder gust of air into the room.  Obi once again shivered and decided to put his balk coat on.  As he walked out of the room and into the kitchen the woman of about 50 years greeted him and offered him breakfast.  Kenobi politely accepted the offer and sat down to eat the breakfast of eggs, cheese and ham.  The woman stared at him as if she wanrted to ask something.  Kenobi knew this was impossible since he didn't know Italian and she did't seem to know English, so he just smiled and kept eating.  After a few minutes, the young jedi finished his breakfast and was ready to go.  He stood up and gave the woman one last smile.  These people had given him a place to stay for the night and he wanted to express his gratitude so he said in the best italian he could...Ringraziarla per la sua ospitalità, l'apprezzo molto. Kenobi didn't quite know if he had said it right but he knew it was time to go.

Obi Wan Kenobi had woken up extra early that day because he new that a daunting task was upon him.  He was to battle two of the fiercest warriors he had ever known, Uchiha NeVann and Karite.  These two individuals, despite being constant rivals, were Obi's best friends.  He considered them brothers.  He had agreed to gather here in Italy to battle them in a three way match in order to show them that he could easily hang with them.  He didn't just want to prove it to them, but to himself as well.   He had always regarded the two as the best of the best and being able to best them in battle would give the young jedi a much needed ego boost.  

Kenobi began jogging through the crammed streets of the little Italian village, the whole time making sure to keep his eyes open and his mind clear.  The temperature was steadily rising till it became almost unbearable.  Obi Wan Kenobi was searching his mind remembering every tidbit of information he had learned on the two warriors, there powers, there weaknesses, their attitudes, their reactions to different problems.  As he stopped and looked out into the sky he felt a gentle vibration on his leg.  It was his cell phone, his alarm.  The seven and a half hours had passed quickly and it was now 12:30 p.m., time to make his way towards the battle ground.

Obi Wan Kenobi arrived at the coliseum at around 1:30 p.m. and proceeded to look around.  The Coliseum, so many battles had been waged there,  so many warriors had risen to fame there.  Looking around, Obi's imagination took over as he imagined the stands full of faithful fans, ready to cheer their favorite warrior on.  Lost in fantasy, the young jedi began to raise his hand and smile at the empty stands.  As Kenobi continued to look around, he noticed that Karite was already there, standing, ready for the fight.  Any other day the young jedi would have gone to greet his buddy with a high five and a fist pump but today was different.  Kenobi smirked at the fierce warrior and nodded his head.  Karite was ready and determined, he could see it in his eyes and Obi wouldn't want it any other way.  Obi Wan stood there, with a blank stare.  The third member of the triple threat was not there yet, but Obi Wan had learned that with this ninja, it was wise to be ready at all times.  At any given moments he could be right in back of you, ready to strike.  Obi Wan Kenobi let out a exhaled and stretched.

Let's get this party started...

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Rome, Italy the home of some of the greatest warrior to ever walk the earth, and today the coliseum though old and empty now would still hold witness to an epic battle that has ever been held anywhere. Through out his travels of this would NeVann as run across many people of different lands, this battle would give him a reason to visit one of his Antonio a Spanish bull fighter that moved to Italy with his wife. They had happily opened there home to the ninja lent him their spare room, normally they would have stayed up the whole night before catching up but they understood the main reason NeVann was there. As laid down on the his cleared his mind of all thought, knowing that if he focused on the battle that awaited him he would stay up all night thinking of different attack patterns.


The sun broke through the horizon at the same time NeVann awoke, fully rested he arose from the bed stretching and yawning.To his surprise his the family was also awake and had already prepared breakfast, nothing to heavy just eggs ham and a small bowl of oat meal. After finishing his meal the ninja went back to his room and and did a few warm up stretchs before taking a 2 mile jog to loosening up his muscles, for this was no normal battle that he was about to walk into. For once this wasn't a life or death but with that it still didn't mean he wouldn't go all out, for his opponent were his closest friend even greater their were his brothers. Not in the sense that they shared the same blood lines but the fact that they were all so close. First there was Karite the reincarnation of the great warrior Soul Taker,The shinobi had faced him once before in the chilling unforgiving arctic. the powerful warrior took NeVann to limits that he didn't know that he had, therefore earning his respect and friendship. The second was the young Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi, the kid showed great promise as a fighter. Though goofy at time Kenobi knew how to bring the heat when it mattered most.

As noon drew closer NeVann took the remainder of his time to meditate on the battle, he had some clue of what Karite would do seeing that he is Soul taker for the most part. Kenobi though he would would be considered to be the dark horse in this battle wouldn't be over looked by the ninja, of the three NeVann knew that Kenobi would come in with the most to prove see that he was always teased by the other two in a youngest brother type of way. But their words was to put him no they just wanted to light the driving fire that brought him to level he is now, and this battle would more then likely make him even better.

Reaching 11:30 the shinobi went into his preparation, He unsheathed his swords examining the edges before before resheathing them and sliding them in between his belt and pants. He wrapped his wrist in scrolls that had funny looking writing on them, these were special seals that held held all his projectiles so he wouldn't be weighted down during the fight. As he went to put on his shirt he notice the sun was beating down upon Rome causing his to sweat just slightly, it provided a glow if anything, so NeVann decided it would be a shirtless day before his lightly tanned back left the doorway.

Finally making it to the place where Gods watch men battle each other in the hopes of becoming Gods themselves, moving down a long hall way he wondered what it would have been like to take this same walk only centuries ago. The trumpets would play loudly as the crowd roared chanting his name. But the moment of daydreaming had pass as he stop at the end of the tunnel and in the shadows he looked at the men he was proud to call brother who were a few minutes early. Shaking his head he made his way to the center of the famous coliseum with a smirk on his face as he looked back and forth at the two as a warm gust blow past him swaying his hair while nodding to signal that it was time to show the world a fight that will never forget.
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Karite waited with the up most respect and patience not rushing his body or mind keeping himself calm as he awaited the arrival of each man he would be fighting to any who would walk in and see him would think he was locked in a deep sleep but that was not the case his mind had entered deep meditation shutting himself off from the rest of the world at this moment in time he was all by himself in a world of digital information his mind running through all the possible plans of action he could take and his opponents may take coming up with the best ways possible to defeat each of them not an easy task considering there power he had to have eyes in the back of his head for this battle keep his awareness on full alert always know where one opponent is while he is attacking the other. So much information ran through the cyborgs brain all that data was overwhelming but his mind had been enhanced to deal with the constant barrages of data not just on his opponents but on every other aspect of the battle.

Karite despite in deep meditation still had a self awareness of all going on a round him he could sense all the digital and electronic equipment speaking to him giving of signals and messages no one else could pick up but he could also hear all the people outside there were alot despite it being so early in the morning the sun was shining brightly smiling upon the battlefield and onto Karite showing this battle would be a good one but his mind was mainly fixed on the battle area and any suprise attacks either man would make although knowing them they wouldnt hit him with a suprise attack they had alot more honour than that but they had more skill Karite had to watch out for Obis lightsabers and anti matter as well as Vanns skill and sharingan. Karite finished his meditation opening his eyes allowing them to adjust getting his mind back into the real world he slowly got to his feet and began to stretch loosening up his muscles getting the blood circulation going doing this would put less strain on his body and prevent serious injuries twirling his head not doing an over work out just enough usually he would have done more to warm his body up but today his body was already warm

Karite then began to practice his skills and began to shadow box on the spot moving his legs up and down striking thin air with quick precision boxing jabs making sure his skills had not deserted him and they hadnt he was ready more than he had ever been not just in this life but in his past life. While doing this practice technique Karite noticed his jedi friend and rival Obi walk into the battle arena he had a look of determination in his eyes one which he had never seen before from the young jedi it seemed this was a more serious Obi than the one karite was used to in all his visits to the WAL HQ a place he called a second home a place were all his friends were Obi being one of his best neither one spoke to the other there minds were focused at the battle but Obi did smirk and gave a respectful nod to Karite something both men had been taught by vann it was the way of the ninja and Karite returned the bow of respect not taking his eyes of his opponent there eyes locked onto one another the intesity could be felt from the off set it would be one hell of a battle then Obi did speak but Karite didnt respond but he couldnt help but let out a small smirk at the jedi. Now all they hd to do was wait for the ever lazy ninja.

Damn ninjas i bet he is still a sleep

Karite just had to joke even for a small moment it was a battle but still a battle amongst friends and not just friends but brothers then the ninja finally arrived not to long after Obi had done and as he did a warm breeze blew across the battlfield moving the small amount of sand that all 3 men stood on it was a triforce three warriors of different attributes but all just as skilled as the other Karite looked as vann shook his head in a joking manner and all 3 men stood and smirked as vann like Obi gave a respectful nod the nano ninja returning the nod yet again keeping eye contact something vann had taught him well. All three men stood in a triangel postition all gazing pon the other awaiting who would make the first move. Karite picked up his weapons and attatched them to his body as he looked at each man the intesity could be felt for miles the enrgy that all 3 gave of was amazing it was the cyborg vs the ninja vs he jedi only in a world like this would that type of battle happen.

I guess ill go first

Karite upon his opponents arrival had quicky analyzed his opponents powers and fighting stlye storing that data into his brain and looking ahead in time he could see what each man would do but with two men coming up with the right plans to deal with those situations could prove difficult not to mention the speed of vann is a major problem in this fight nothing is certain Karite had to think of who to attack first and in a split second his mind had picked up the data and told him to attack vann first this was better because going for Obi first would mean his back would be turned to Vann and with the ninjas speed and wide array of attacks taking your back from him could prove fateful while Obi even though dangerous did not have the speed or reaction time not to metion the combat skills that either vann or himself had so karite would go for Vann turning his attention to his oppponent.

Karite took of at full speed towards the ninja his speed far greater than most but he didnt go really at his fastest he would save that speed for later when he got near to vann Karite slid into his opponent sending his right elbow to the gut of the ninja spinning his body and comind up sending the same elbow to vanns cheek finishing with a roundhouse kick to the same facial area he had sent the elbow the move done in a quick fluid motion he was now facing Obi and karite ran towards the jedi yet againg sliding only this time coming right back up and sending his elbow to his opponents chin before quickly sending a series of straight left jabs to obis nose finishing Karite walked in the center between each man taking a defensive tai chi stance waiting to which other man would make the frst move.

Come on