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Sebastian lay prone on the flat surface of an elementary school building with a 50 caliber sniper rifle gripped tightly in his hands and his trigger finger ready to squeeze. His hit today was no pushover but hopefully taking him out this way would resolve in minimal confrontation. The scenery was bright and colorful a beautiful day with kids roaming around the playground where Sebastian's target: Kadaj had come to give a speech of sorts the sun was just smiling down on the crowded area. The spot Sebastian had lay on for the attack was a completely flat surface and Sebastian was hidden to near invisibility. But eventually Sebastian would be spotted whether it was by a small boy or the hero himself.
The area his target was in was colorful and had wood chips scattered throughout the ground with plenty of childrens toys that could be used as cover and the shield that was carried by Kadaj could also act as both a defense and a ranged weapon. Sebastian looked through the scope of his sniper and let the crosshairs fall on his targets chest a place that would be ideal for letting Sebastian get a second shot it. Sebastian prepped to fire as the sun moved slightly causing a glare to come off Kadaj's shining metal suit right into Sebastian's eyes.

Sebastian thought and almost screamed as the bullet made its way out of the gun without a sound or nuzzle flash but because of the glare was completly off track and blew the head clean off of a nearby first grader who had been running to get the heroes autograph.It happened almost in slow motion as the small bits that were left of the boys head and skull flew all over along with brain and blood. After this a mere case of cause and effect as Sebastian ducked down trying to avoid being spotted and parents and kids began to scream and run for each other or for a transport home. Hell had just been raised and Sebastian could be sure he would have hell to pay with this hero.

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You all are young and have time left to make the right choices and walk down the right path. Your choices are just as important to the fight against corruption and evil. Each and every one of you are as important to the cause as I. And I Kadaj am here to let you know, you all can be heroes if you want too. The crown roared as Kadaj neared the end of his speech. He walked off to the side and began signing kids autographs. His keen hearing then hear what sounded like a chamber of a gun. He rose up with surreal speed and brought his shield up to guard. Immidieately a bullet ripped through the skull of a small child that ran towards him. The gruesome scene lead to chaos ranging out in the park. People ran all over, screaming and snatching there children up. Kadaj spotted some momevment in the bushes and let off a powerful blast from his visor trying to weed out the attacker.     

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Sebastian knew the hero had spotted him but had time to quickly create a small force field to block to oncoming blast of red energy beams that cut through the bushes with no trouble at all. The beams colliding with the force field eliminated the threat of the beams but caused a small energy flux causing a miniature blue explosion that sent Sebastian flying out of the bushes which were now immolated in blue fire. Sebastian quickly got up and brushed the grass off him and reached for two mini-Uzi's quickly emptying one clip of each on Kadaj then quickly placing them back into his suit and used two force field blasts to the ground to propel him up in the air.
While in the air Sebastian would draw his swords and attempt to wound and disarm the attacker by sending a stab at the mans shoulder and a quick slice at a nerve on the mans shield arm in an attempt to disarm him. Even if the attack was not successful Sebastian would land with a graceful roll and get back into a battle stance preparing for the heroes next attack.

"Your move"