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The Day Lois Lane Died


Metropolis, This is my city. I know that I have been away for quite some time, taking care of the other parts of the world but next to Smallville this is my favorite place on Earth. It's where I work, where my friends are and where I have made my life with my beautiful wife Lois. I will stop at nothing to protect the world that I live grown to call home.


It was a normal day. The Superman had already saved a train that derailed in Sao Paulo, Brazil., traveled to Russia and saved a run away stroller that had twins in it from getting hit by and oncoming semi truck and went to take pictures with soldiers that were serving in Korea and he had done it all it all before breakfest. Lois had made eggs and blueberry pancakes my favorite. Ma Kent had given her the recipe and although they didn't taste like Ma's they were still good. After a quick shower Clark enjoyed his while CNN while watching CNN on a small TV they on the kitchen counter

Sao Paulo gives great thanks to The Superman for saving a train today. The train full of 450 passengers and crew all......

"So that is where you were this morning" says Lois "I was wondering where you went off to" She looks great today he thought as he kept his gaze on her while chewing on the pancakes as she again spoke to him.

Lois - "Clark, don't forget that I have to cover the opening of that new Lexcorp building tonight, President Luthor is even supposed to be there."

Clark - "Luthor, Does it make me a bad person to not like our President, well not trust him....

Lois - "OHHHH Smallville, his term is almost over anyways.....so what do you got planned for today.

Clark - I have to make a stop at Gotham and visit Bruce. He hasn't been the same since I.....he came back from the dead..

Gotham City - 10am

Gotham was the city that belonged to The Batman. Since his death and resurrection it has become what he wishe it would never be. The League had been tasked out to do other things and Gotham had seemingly fallen under the cracks. The villains of that city ran wild. The Nightwing handled it as best he could but even he was overwhelmed the world needed the Batman. Atop the GCPD stood the Superman waiting for The Batman to arrive. When his did he asked ....

Superman - How have you I've noticed you were being even more angry then normal

The Batman looked at him and said nothing, and Superman noticed then that throughout the League things were changing. The members were all growing more  and more angry. With The Batman not responing Superman said again

Superman - I will be here if you need me.

He then flew off back to Metropolis to change into his Clark clothes and report into the Daily Planet.
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A couple of RPGs have put teams up against the Justice League…they have defeated and even killed some of the greatest heroes of our time…a few have made it back…coming from a parallel reality.

The Batman…..He is Bruce Wayne….Make no mistake, it is him. And although his actions are so single of purpose…his goals , be they dark or just. Have been clearly stated in both word and action…the means…the manner…the miracle of his return is still… a mystery. It begins where it ended…with pain.

Dealt from a familiar face. With a ticking clock with a hero is danger. But this time… unlike the many times before the hero…would fail. And the hero whose quest was built upon tragedy, who sought vengeance to quell the pain of grief…found himself once again face-to-face…with death.


But we have learned that time is more fluid than believed. That the anger and frustration of a powerful man, a Superman could send ripples across time that would alter events. The Kryptonian technology at the Fortress of Solitude helped Superman with his plan. Bruce Wayne was never supposed to die. But in the Vine world we knew, he was lost….For awhile that is…until Superman and his Kryptonian technology decided to set things right. Superman retrieved all the pieces of The Batman’s bones…some were shattered and spread across Gotham where his final battle had taken place with the Joker. But most was buried in a grave, behind Wayne Manor. He was not buried in costume….on his person are no keepsakes of his alter ego…no batarangs, no tools, no equipment of any kind that would ever tell that this man, in this pine box was ever the dark knight.

Superman’s droids gathered the little pieces of bone, while he takes the rest from Bruce’s grave. As Superman and his Kryptonian machines headed to the deepest parts of India to the secret location of one of Ra’s Al Ghul’s hidden Lazarus pits. Drilling a hole from the surface down the underground location of the Lazarus pit, Superman throws Bruce’s bones into the glowing pool of power. The droids do the same with the smaller pieces.

10 minutes past…no change…Superman release a sigh of grief, then the Lazarus pit starts bubble…a burst of the Lazarus juices shot up hit the roof of the cavern. Superman shields his eyes, as he sees the figure of Bruce Wayne standing before him.

Driven mad with rage, Bruce lets out a roar like nothing he’s ever yelled before…Superman calls to him…Bruce stands breathing heavily….many things can jog a memory. A song, a smell, a taste, a touch…or in this case skill…Superman reaches for a rock, pulling it right out of the wall. He hurls it as Bruce, who without move anything but his left arm catches the rock in mid-air.

“Hello, Clark…..”

126 Miles away from U.S. Air space, Superman continues to tell Bruce how things have gotten worst since the loss of The Batman. How no one stepped up, how quickly people had forgotten all the good he had done. That The Batman had remained unavenged. The Gotham City was once again the most and low down city in America. Bruce felt something that he had only felt at the time of his defeat…failure.

“Never Again…..” Bruce shouted to Superman.



He remembered everything, his last mission. How showing a moment of mercy cost him his life. One of the worst things you can have running thru your head is your own murder. Everything he needed was still in the Bat-Cave, The Batman would return, more prepared to battle evil and injustice at all cost, no matter what. The rest was simple taking step by step, retracing his footsteps. Bruce was learning to become a new Batman in mind and body. The villains of the world had become too much of a burden on Gotham, he would take them down one at a time if need be. His path was clear. The question will be forever asked… was it the fires of the Lazarus pit, or perhaps that mortal flesh can never truly return from the grave unsullied… to be among the living knowing that your killer lives free…was it that which turned his heart? He is Bruce Wayne… He is The Batman, make no mistake, it is him………

Payback Joker...
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The girl's name is Ariel Zerkow. Ten years old and taken from her home at 2:37am by the Riddler. In the girl’s room was a heart shaped clock with an alarm set for 4:15. April 15 the day David Valentine first became one of Gotham's rich and famous. The Riddler wanted revenge on David, for turning down an old project of Nigma's, only to put it on the market after he was locked up at Arkham, netting millions. The alarm would mostly likely stand for a timer...on a bomb. A series of clues and riddles have led me on a race against the clock.


The last riddle "What day are hearts most happy, and hate at the same time." Valentine's Day... Edward Nigma wasn't trying to make this hard for me, but the time limit left at each riddle made sure that I was moving alone, without police or Robin for back-up. The Valentine Building on the upper east side of Gotham, was the place he had been trying to lead me. The building was an old, two story toy store closed for about four years.


Racing against the clock


No time pick the lock, the acid is faster, unpredictable...Had to risk it. If I don't make it to the hostage before 4:15 this place is going to blow sky high. The power was shut off in the building. I'll need cover to delay any sneak attacks. So this can make my job harder or easier. I'll know in the next few seconds.....


Infrared picks up three different sets of footprints. I move to the far right hand side of the building, which has a straight shot to the stairs leading to the 2nd floor. No time to feel it out got to move.


The Batman sprints towards the stairs, only to be shoulder block from the left side by one of the henchmen working for The Riddler. Hitting the wall and bouncing back off it with all his momentum, The Batman delivers a massive blow to the rips.


Tony Wood, Gotham City muscle. Just two maybe three of his ribs, he won’t be getting up to soon.



The other two men rush from behind the isles


Greg Valdez, Chilean mercenary. Likes to fight in since his size makes him slow. Has a metal plate in his skull making him susceptible to vertigo when hit in the correct spot with anything magnetic.


The Batman throws a batarang at the side of his skull, taking Greg down...As he falls the third man has a rifle aimed at the dark knight. Before he can squeeze the trigger, three batarangs hit his arms


Bill Martin, gun runner former C.I.A. member...Right handed. The poison in the tips will paralyze his hand, arm, then go work on his head.

Bill drops to the ground looking lifeless. The Batman having taken care of the minor threat and begins to  head up stairs…………….


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Checking on things

On his way back to Metropolis, Superman again encountered obstacles. He stopped a trolley from hitting a building in San Fransisco, then he was off to Chile to put out a corn field that had caught on fire. After making a few more swoops around the world he decided to fly into space and just wait.

It was only 12 pm and he had done all this. In space he stood in a hover watching over the entire Earth and listening for any calls of distress. For about a second everything was silent and the world seemed at peace but that was all changed and instantly the cries started up again.

Rome ,Greece, Canada all suffered  an accident that was handled by The Superman. The loss of lives would have been high in number and all the people he saved thanked him dearly.

After the incident in Canada The Superman was on his way up to space again to continue his patrol when he heard a sound that broke his heart and got his full attention.


It was coming from Lois and in the blink of an eye Superman was gone following the sound that originated the noise.

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The Batman had been on the grind for weeks...Missing meals and going days without sleep. His mission to save Gotham was more important then ever...He had seen what he feared the most, the city was being ran by the under world. No one feared the Batman like they once had...So it was time for him to step up his game, Bruce had edited almost all of his weaponry. Placed orders for more lethal equipment, and used a more deadly style of fighting.



Superman just flew off...


Standing over Gotham, The Batman stood caught in thought...frozen. Everything seemed wrong to him. The lights was wrong, the air was clammy and the city smelled like a damp graveyard. And somehow it all feels insubstantial, delicate. Fragile... Like the whole thing could fall apart so easily if he couldn't do everything in his power to save it.


Three gunshots go off...


Swinging into action

The sound in his ear was like the echo of shattering crystal, and without thought he was back, diving off the ledge towards the danger...


Landing in the alley the suspect was gone, leaving only the three bullet casing behind. Batman picking up one, squeezing it.


"About 97.8 degrees, meaning the bullets was fired about 11 seconds ago...Giving him an 11 second head start."


Firing a grappling hook at the top of the roof, The Batman zips back up to the roof tops. He heads south, knowing the criminal would try to make it to the train for a quick get away. The Batman easily makes it to the train station be him. He watches as a 6ft 3in man comes sprinting down the street with his hoodie on. The Batman swoops down from the men escape landing in front of the guy.


"Evan Lima, you've been back in Gotham for less than an hour and already your backing to robbing people. Just itching for that quick fix...that trip to wonderland."


Evan yelled "Naw, man it wasn't me. It wasn't me!!!"


NO one gets away...

The circles under his eyes were darker, then when The Batman first saw his leaving the bus station from the Bat Cave. It was easy getting information out of Lima and leaving him tied to the lamp post for the police. The Batman headed to the docks, where the location of dozens of safe houses and underground drug rings were being pushed. It was going to be a long Knight.......