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Ello dere fellow viners. This is one of the ideas I was having but wasn't sure how to flesh out. I needed a change of pace from my 'boy scout' characters because I couldn't really do anything with them in the current state of the U. I decided to get down some neutral ideas to get myself some more activity. Saw a picture of "Scourge of the Underworld" and it mostly came together. My idea was a team of like minded neutral characters hunting down criminals and killing them. Simple, cliche, but that seems like something I kinda need.

After that got into my head, I started marking out the details to try to make the group unique. Due to my past failures with running teams, I decided to limit this to a very small group. Five characters is the maximum I set. I feel like in a small group environment every character will get their chance to be in the spotlight and not be left in the dust.

I decided that, as another cliche turned upside down, I decided that the group needed something visible that showed they were on the same group. Not necessarily Fantastic Four outfits, but something. While looking for possible looks, I realized it. A black and white color scheme in the outfit. Crossbones, Punisher, Rorschach, Moon Knight- I was surprised I didn't notice it before. I personally liked the idea of the color scheme as it is sort of symbolic of the group's motives (The classic 'zero tolerance' point of view characters like Scourge and the Punisher shared).

Then, I sort of ran into a dilemma with the point above. Should new characters/alts created for the group be a requirement? Writing that didn't really sound all too good to me. The color scheme was most defiantly a requirement, but if someone didn't have a character with that color scheme but still wanted to join, I would feel like a jerk saying no, especially if their character's motives fit the bill. But, looking at it from here I remember lots of people creating new characters 'just' for teams. So I'm sort of splintered. I decided that if the character fits the bill in terms of motives and story, you could always change his look. If you don't feel like it but still wanna join, your free to make a new character. Heck, I'd donate one of my unused accounts so you can get past the post limit.

This is me trying to make a group that has it's own flavor to it. It's not the most original idea on the planet, but the idea is still not being used on the vine itself, and is still a fun one. Cliches have always been good to me.

So, about the team itself? Really, I don't have anything written down, it's still just in my head waiting. I'm sure you all get the basic jist of it already. A team of murderous murderers of murderers... and other scumbags. Guns are more favored as is a lack of superpowers on super levels, and a murderous vendetta against crime obviously. I know it sounds specific, but things can be easily worked out. I'm reasonable... I think.

I bet your wondering if this is a cleverly hidden advertisement for a new team? It's hiding in plain sight, because that's exactly what it is. Though if this doesn't go well and I survive the angry mobs and their torches and pitchforks, I'll just do a 'group' on a single account by myself. I've done it before :P I just wanted to give ya'll the option. But, still, give all your opinions and suggestions, and of course constructive criticism is welcome. Insults are also welcome (at your own risk).


Cthulhu Pikachu Me myself and I.

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The idea is cool. I'm searching my mind for female looks that fit the aesthetic requirements.

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@_ghoul_: I like this idea. If you ever get it on, Count me in.

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@pyrogram: I'll try, but keep in mind the small group angle. Could get filled up pretty quick. Also, I've got a horrible memory. Try to remind me if you see the thing picking up speed.

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Go for it

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@nerx: Gotta give it a little time. One more person signs up, I'll get to work on a team thread and stuff.

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nice concept, look forward to seeing what comes from it

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Nice idea good luck man.

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This is a pretty cool concept

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@_punk_ said:

@lux_invictus: You gotta character in mind?

I have a few. Are you the OP? I was just about to message Ghoul.

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@lux_invictus: Yep. Stupid post limit is all up in my grill :/

I'll get a more official team thread up and running now. If you wanted to talk about characters, I'll send ya a pm. I can multitask.

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@_punk_: Ah, ok sure thing. I'll start the PM.

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I have an idea.

Been thinking about bringing Felix's child(ren) into canon (he's older than he looks). This provides me with an opportunity to do just that.

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@sideslash: Interesting, interesting.

Damn, image hunting is hard.

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Cool concept.

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Prime or Nu?

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