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In a world where fantasy has been turned on its head, you will enter a new culture and a new world. Here, anything is possible... whether you choose it, or I do.


I am going to start writing a new novel, the premise of which I shall soon explain. However, I also decided to complement it in a way – before I start writing, I want to flesh out the world I'll be using a user-based, interactive system in the form of a CYOA in order to see what you, the reader, want to see.

What's a CYOA?:

A CYOA (which I have chosen to pronounce “SIGH-oh-ay”) is an acronym for Choose Your Own Adventure. What will happen, is I will explain the world so far, and then set the stage. You, and the rest of the site, will use a voting system in order to create a character, and then decide what that character will do. This will be represented as a multiple choice. I will give options A, B, and C, then leave D as “other” – you can choose, and explain, D at any time, and if a specific extra choice gets enough votes, it will be put into effect. Be sure to be specific – you can also add details to your choices at any time.

What do I want from you?:

I want you to test me. The purpose of this is to take the world I have been hatching up and put it into motion, using trial-and-error and user-based input in order to decide how I want to change and sculpt this universe and storyline. CONTACT ME BY PM if you see a name, idea, or concept that you find stupid or boring. If you give me a good reason for it and explain your feelings, I may change it in the end product.

Test me, challenge me. Force me to make decisions that will change or shape the world. Think of it as beta-testing for a fantasy world. We're working out bugs.

What do you get out of it?:

You get free, interactive entertainment. Also, provided enough character and world development, you actually have a chance to help shape and alter the world and plot points that I'll be writing with... and, if you're lucky, maybe your character can have a cameo or supporting role in the finished product.


Our recipe starts off with a basic fantasy world. The four civilized races – Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Elanu – live a basic life of sword and sorcery. Magic is strong, and serves all of the world's needs. However, as time passes, it becomes apparent that magic is cyclical... and it's starting to wane. While the elves still seem to have some control over the increasingly-unstable magic, humans and dwarves begin to develop technology, which is greedily accepted by the mundane masses of laymen. Around this time, the savage Troggon'esh, unsatisfied with a bloody life of marauding and pillaging, begin to join civilized society by trading and exposing their new discoveries in the medical and alchemical fields.

Centuries pass.

Bring the timeline up to approximately... “modern”, times. Technology is advanced, but mostly used for creature comforts, entertainment, medicine, and transportation. Despite being at an all-time low, magic is still used exclusively for the purposes of attack and defense. The Troggon'esh (or trogs, for short), have integrated with the rest of society, and though they still have a history of savagery, they have adapted and become near humans on a physical and mental level.

It is now that an alien invasion by the monstrous, intelligent creatures known as the Vendroll, strikes this alternate earth. We win the war, mostly due to the effort of the magic-advanced elven armies. When the war ends (leaving much lost or destroyed, along with certain other things left behind), the elves take a central role in the world government, as their population, culture, and technology has suffered the least setbacks after the war ended. The rest of the earth treats them with an envious respect.

The war, however, has left things behind. A new race of alien hybrids known as the vendrolings now populate the world in surprisingly large numbers, though without cities or culture to call their own. Unusual types of fallout and diseases from space are complicating what was once a smooth medical economy. Weaponized technology is being developed for the first time in order to avoid another alien war. Seeds of prejudice and panic become sewn in what was once a nearly-utopian society.

Forty years have passed since the Vendroll invasion, and things are adjusting. But in the city of Calhana, where you live, there is intrigue around every single corner... not to mention the fact that magic's cycle is just about to renew itself.



Your head is pounding. You wiggle slightly in your position, eyes still closed, and try to remember what happened last night. Why you're laying on the couch, your arm draped off the side, fingertips tickling the familiar texture of your carpet.

Why is your head throbbing? What happened last night? Why were you – drinking. It starts to flood back to you. Last night was your birthday... but how old did you turn?


Choose your gender!

Choose your race!

A. Human. While they are not as old a race as the elves, dwarves, or even the elanu, when they hit the scene they changed everything forever. Especially as pioneers of technology, the highly-diverse and short-lived humans move quickly, think quickly, live quickly, and leave their mark on the world's progression.

B. Elf. The tall, slender elves are masters of magic, seemingly able to tame it even as this natural force becomes more weak and wild with each decade. They hold a high position within government, culture, and history, and are the oldest living race. Expect some attitude though – the elves seized a great deal of power after dealing with the Vendroll Invasion, and are resented by many.

C. Dwarf. The dwarves are the salt of the earth. Workers, merchants, and businessmen, the short, stern men and women of this race are known for their contributions to the advent of technology, in addition to their military strength and industrial weight. The wealthiest race, dwarves still tend to be overlooked (sometimes literally) by the other races.

D. Elanu. Forged in the caves of the cold north, the blue-skinned, white-haired elanu are nearly blind. Their society is martial, yet peaceful, and shows great insight into alternative uses of magic. Due to sharing an underground environment with the dwarves, these two races share a friendly rivalry of sorts. The elanu are also nearly-impossible to differentiate by gender – only those educated in their society and culture can detect the differences in tattoos that mark females from males.

E. Troggon'esh. After generations of blood and marauding, the troggon'esh (or trogs), began to straighten up their act when a certain leader, Onash Kahg, steered them away from violence, encouraging them through his own might to develop their primitive alchemy into something that would eventually make them relevant to the rest of society. Tall, heavy, gray-skinned, and brutal, the trogs have grown more and more delicate and soft over the centuries. Now, some specimens (with a bit of cosmetic surgery), can be made indistinguishable from humans, which allows them to escape the prejudice of their gory past. However, between purists, and those too obviously trog to change themselves, those who attempt to abandon their race are considered traitors, and risk prejudice from both trogs and humans.

F. Vendroling. After the Vendroll invaded, they began to secretly breed infiltrators within their warships – Vendroll/Human hybrids with horn-like antennae, pale, mottled skin, large, dark eyes, thin tails, and chitinous hooves. The war ended before it was ever seen whether or not these infiltrators were in any way effective, but large numbers of vendrolings still ended up on earth after the Vendroll were driven out. Now in their second generation, they still lack a culture or home to call their own, and are mistrusted by the majority of the world, despite (or perhaps because of) showing unusual insights and abilities.


Things have been advancing. For newcomers, you are a FEMALE / ELANU / EX-SILENT BOUNTY HUNTER.

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@joygirl: ( And you told me you won't get back into RPG! - Count me iiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn )

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Very innovative.

I vote Female, Elanu.

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Beyond cool

Can I vote Female and Vendrolings ?

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Female -- Elf!

(You are wondrous, my dear.)

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Whoa..........uh male and ........Elf.....I think.

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Female dwarf. Not enough of them.

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Female dwarf. Not enough of them.


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Male Elf

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Male Human. Why not keep it simple?

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@joygirl: Dwarf, male.

Oh, and I love you.

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Aww, thanks, I love me too. <3

Current ranking: (edit)

Male - 7

Female - 7

Human - 2

Elf - 3

Dwarf - 2

Elanu - 5

Troggon'esh - 1

Vendroling - 2

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Oh and female

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@joygirl: So D&D but different. Can I maybe join later or be special guest villain (Trevir the Terrible a 75yr old mummified vampire) but for now I will pass

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Male/female tied, elf/elanu tied. Let's see some more votes, folks!

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Trogg Male,

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@batkevin74: Actually... much different... I think. It has all the aspects of a standard fantasy, but I think it takes place during "modern" times and an alien invasion? Bizarre.

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40 years after modern times and an alien apocalypse, yupyup. :D you nailed it.

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Human male

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female elanu

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Female elanu, if I may.

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Goes to log onto alternate account to vote

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Hmmm...I'm tied up between human male, dwarf male, and elf female...

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And, since I have to get home soon, I'll give the final score:

Male - 7 / Female - 7

Human - 2

Elf - 3

Dwarf - 2

Elanu - 5

Troggon'esh - 1

Vendroling - 2

This is a male/female tie. However, as Female Elanu specifically got the most votes, I'm going to break the tie in its favor.

Your character is a FEMALE ELANU.


Sixty-third. It was your sixty-third birthday last night... jeez, did you party hard. Your head is throbbing, but the fog is starting to clear a little, if not the pain. You roll off of the couch with a load thud, letting a short groan escape your slim blue lips.

It takes a good few moments before you can push your short, slender figure off of the floor, struggling to your knees. Your vision is blurry, you think... in any event, you can't see anything in front of you. If only you could remember what happened last night.

A thunderous ringing suddenly strikes out, the kind of ringing that can only come from....

You nod, starting to remember a little bit. Calhana's city clock rings out at exactly noon, which means you slept for the entirety of the morning. You hope you took precautions against being late for something when you started your binge last night, but you can't help but wonder what you are or aren't late for.

What are you?

A. Silent. An organization of female warrior-monks, the Silent are fierce, tattooed, and completely blind. Sacrificing their sight in order to attain inner purity, this clan of arcane warriors was forged by the elanu generations ago – but now, even members of other races are joining this unusual group of monks. You can use magic internally to boost physical stats, and, as evidenced by the organization's name, have no need to speak in order to use magic. Silent are powerful, respected stealth warriors that can bring down a dwarven tank with a few solid blows.

B. Sentry. After it was decided that magic was an insufficient method of defense, the dwarves and troggon'esh set themselves to work developing a method of weaponizing technology, which, thus far, is an alien notion. This tinkering has led to lightweight, armed suits of armor called Sentries. As a Sentry, you are a walking, armored war machine, the pinnacle of modern mechanized weaponry.

C. Bounty Hunter. Sometimes, people need to be taken in. With vendrolings on the streets, wageslaves trying to use magic to accomplish nefarious ends, the occasional troggon'esh tantrum, and high-nosed elven nobles who think they can do anything, you are a master of both lethal and non-lethal... apprehension.

D. Mage. While today's mages have to contend with unstable and weak magic, they still manage to fare better at handling this strange force than many others. Mostly elves, elanu and humans are also known to take up the path.

E. Tinker. Things need to be made. With the age of technology seemingly on the rise, the world's greatest minds need to remain alert and creative. You are one of these technicians and inventors, and the world's future lays in your capable hands.

F. Citizen (Please Specify). Not everyone's a hero. The world is also made up of entertainers, merchants, slackers, and every other type of basic citizen that could possibly be needed. Maybe you design VR Games? Maybe you're a dancer? Maybe you're a librarian, maybe a professor? Please specify your desired occupation of the Citizen option is taken.

G. Other (Please Specify).

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@_punk_: Okay cool, still a pass for the moment for me

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@batkevin74: It's not like it require anything from you. All it is is a "voting story". Viners vote on how the story should go next, options provided by OP, and watch. It's not like your getting a membership at a gym or something. Just informing.

I vote Tinker.

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Bounty hunter. Awesome in any setting.

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I like this.


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Bump. :3

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Bounty Hunter

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@joygirl: WIll Join

  • Male Dwarf (I sound like macho man randy savage)
  • Tinker (the common stereotype) or Sentry
  • Discriminates against elves, KKK vibes
  • Napoleon complex
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This is SO COOL!!! O_O

Bounty hunter! :D

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I vote Silent.

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Male, Troggon'esh

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To everyone still voting race and gender: That vote has ended and closed. Your character is set as a FEMALE ELANU. We are now voting for "class".

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@joygirl: Could you give an example? I don't actually understand >_<

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I explain each of the class options above. Just think of it as any old "fighter, wizard, rogue, cleric" kind of class selection.

Only with different *cough* better *cough* classes.

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@joygirl: Ohh, never saw the updated OP! SOOORRRYY! XD

Bounty Hunter.

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Current class score (gonna wait for a few more votes to roll in before calling it, though).

Silent - 3

Sentry - 0

Bounty Hunter - 5

Mage - 0

Tinker - 2

Citizen - 0

Other - 0

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