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In 1905, Danial Venture Thaddeus was one of the first ever recorded aquamarine mutants in early history. Not only that, he was one of the wealthiest men on the planet at the time, while most of the world was interested in oil and fine metals, Danial saw real potential to the root of his mutation. When he was only a teen, he managed to start a small fishing business, using his unique power to communicate and command sea creatures to just swim into the bait nets. After three years of business, there was a "Venture's fishing company" in every coast side city in America and Canada.

During a trip across the sea to expand his enterprise to the other nations, his ship was destroyed in a most unnatural storm. Unluckily for Danial, he was knocked out during the storm and sunk with the ship. What would be a few hours later, Danial awoke to find himself unharmed by the harsh environment that was the ocean. This was indeed a surprise to him, only thinking his only power was to communicate with aquatic life.

Danial, the first Submariner.

This revelation would soon be cut short, for very suddenly he was attacked by a sea creature like no other. Being a mere business man, he was easily knocked out by the shadowy sea beast. When he came to once again, he was in a large cave. Not only was there that surprise, he was also shocked to see what attacked him. A humanoid aquatic parasite, and it was indeed not alone. The entire cave was filled with this species, this species called themselves the "Nenektrithe". The Nenek's were a peaceful mining race, mostly living off minerals and sea rocks as a food source. With this mining skill also came the great skill of crafting. At first what seemed like a petty cave was in fact a sprawling beautiful network of tunnels carved by the Neneks. With them being a rather primitive race, they had a strong belief in prophecy and legend passed down from their people during the ice age when they first retreated to the ocean to survive. The Neneks believed that Danial was a sort of chosen warrior, a man that can survive in the water. Naturally Danial thought (Along with everything else he discovered) that it was all daft, that he was merely a mutant, not some sort of divine warrior. Suddenly another question struck him, a warrior for what?

The Neneks explained that there is a terrible evil down in the ocean, even deeper then down then the Neneks. This evil had no name, but only legends to describe it's utter horrific power. In the present day, in popular culture it's relative is referred as "Cthulhu" the old one. However, the humans are partly wrong on the long lost myth. The old one never arrived here on earth, but he did send an embodiment of his dread. This being was the very same that was ruling the seas with evil intent, planning a sort of destruction of man. Danial oddly enough could start to hear the low voices of the being, almost as if it was calling out to him. This would be the proof Danial needed to believe the tales told by the parasite race.

Danial chose to stay down in the deep, to train and change his life entirely so he could help prevent the end of all he knew. This was when Danial discovered the potential of all of his powers, like his ability to swim fast enough to break the sound barrier (Making him one of the first to do so in history), as well as his amazing strength. Though no matter how hard he wanted to or how ready he thought he was, he dare not swim into the blackness that was the domain of the dark being...Ten years had passed, Danial had gone from young business man to the defender of the ocean. Discovering on the way just how many races and species the human world did not know resided in the water. During those ten hard years, the Neneks were also busy, creating a weapon suited for the warrior. The trident would go down in the empire's history as one of the most powerful weapons ever created. It was made out of a bountiful material the Neneks collected (Later to be named "Vibrainium). This weapon served Danial well in his crusade for fighting against more feral and sinister species in the ocean. But finally...It was time to face the being he was training to defeat all along...

Danial challenged the beast in a formal matter, only to discover just how intelligent and wise the being was. Most of the battle was a battle of wits and moral value. Finally, the two clashed in an epic battle. At first the duel was a test of strength and speed, which Danial was more then capable of. After what seemed like he had the victory close at hand, was quickly turned when the dark being started using ancient magic to try and destroy the aquatic defender. Little did the dark being know..That the metals in the trident were exposed to the lingering auras of the dark being's presence since it had first settled in the dark of the ocean. This gave the trident powers of it's own, powers that allowed Danial to banish the dark being from this dimension entirely (But not kill it...).

After the dark aura of the being was lifted from the ocean, Danial was amazed to discover a long lost colony of water mutants have been living under the beast, deeper down then even the dark one. The warrior discovered that it wasn't the beast calling out to him all of those years ago, it was the people below the dark being. These aqua people were merely living in caves and chasms like barbarians. "No longer!" Declared the warrior Danial, would these people live in the darkness. It was time these people had an empire of their own.

The rising of an empire.

Twenty years later, the Neneks paid their eternal gratitude by using their godlike skills as craftsmen and constructed a massive underwater city for the aqua people to thrive. As for Danial? He was dubbed the ruler of the people, in honor if him freeing the oceans of the evil. This would officially start the royal bloodline of the Thaddeus legacy:

  • First generation-Danial Thaddeus(King)-Ophelia Thaddeus(Queen).
  • Second generation-Maximilian Thaddeus(Prince/King, son of Danial and Ophelia)-Margret Theseus(Queen).
  • Third Generation-James Thaddeus(Prince/King, son of Max and Margret)-Cassandra Thaddeus(Queen).
  • Fourth Generation-Ethan Thaddeus(Prince, Son of James and Cassandra, brother of Pierce) and Pierce Thaddeus(Prince/King, son of James and Cassandra, brother of Ethan)-Cynthia Thaddeus(Queen).
  • Fifth generation(Present)-Venture Thaddeus(Current prince and temporary king due to father's current ill state, father of Pierce and Cynthia)-(Has yet to meet a suitable queen)

The royal family are the rulers of the empire, creating the laws and making sure their utopia was at peace.

The society

Who lives in this massive empire? Mostly mutants much like Venture's family but only has the ability to breath underwater, no such other powers seem to exist in any of the mutant populace. Next would be the Neneks, the faithful and powerful working force of the empire. Other then those two prominent species, the empire of the sea is a beacon to any sentient aquatic lifeforms.

The king's guard and militia, the Droqef.

The Droqef if the name of the race that is the king's guard. These shark humanoids are a force to be reckoned with for they have defended the royal family since the rise of the empire. At first they were barbarians of the highest breed, now? They are a well supplied and intelligent black ops killing machine.

<A veteran King's guard>

The empire, then and now.

At first when the empire was constructed, it was fashioned after buildings made by the Greeks and Romans, at that time to be considered divine and proper. But of course as time progressed, so did the people and their tastes. Much like on the surface, the empire adopted the wonders of electricity and modern technology into their empire, making it a sprawling display of neon skyscrapers and modern fashioned buildings. The city that is the empire is rather large, however there are a few notable landmarks that will always stand out:

  • The "First" Temple: One of the few building left from the first generation, this is a temple worshiping the unnamed sea god that told the Neneks of Danial's arrival. Like the modern world today, religion is more subtle then it was back then, making this place more like a landmark then an actual place of worship.
  • The royal palace: This is the palace that has housed the generations of the Thaddeus family, this black and gold stone masterpiece overlooks the entire city, a proud and hope inducing landmark to the people of the ocean.
  • The "Hub": This is a shout out to the newer generations, it is the center of the massive neon city that is the empire now, it is a beautiful display of old new York styled buildings and modern taste.

What does the surface know?

U.N affairs is more then aware of the empire's location in the ocean and has made it clear that no U.N officials are to even come close to the city under any circumstances, if these terms were broken, it would be the start of a war.

OOC rules.

  1. No destroying of anything without my consent
  2. No godmodding
  3. You must sell the security forces and guards
  4. You cannot enter the palace or castle's important rooms without IC consent
  5. If you want to do anything involving this empire outside the thread then first

And also have fun! Thanks to Impero for the pointers.

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Nicely done man. Props :)

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You made money by telling Dory to go to her doom and yet Ariel n company made you king? You have props Captain Nemo :3
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Love the kingdom

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Venture sat in the throne of his father, his hands clasped tightly as he looks straight forward with nothing in his gaze. The prince thought deeply on the future of this empire, and remained silent and still.

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Nice, very well done

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Very nice.

I might come by and stir up trouble sometime if that's alright?

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All these threads. Awesome sauce!

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@Impero: @The_Assassin_: @Clara Mass: @Gibbet: Thanks guys!

@Kratesis: And sure! ^_^

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Very cool, not somewhere i'll visit anytime soon, but still awesome.

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Venture finally made it to his palace, upon reaching his bed chamber, he collapse to the ground. "Damned Irish fool!" He grunted as he reached for a chest under his velvet bed, upon opening it there were dozens of small vials with varying liquids in them. "I bet you didn't count on the medical miracles that the deep has as natural herbs hmm? ". The prince chuckled as he popped the cork of a vial with purple liquid and ingested it quickly. After a few moments he carefully got to his feet and examined his face, no longer ill stricken. "Hmm! Human poisons...So curable..".

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As soon as I Learn how to control darkness on a mass scale...

Your screwed lol.

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@_Saint_: The empire is protected by some of the most ancient magics on earth, some older then man. There is little to no way it is ever being touched by supernatural chaos again, I mean it blocks out the evil will of Cthulhu for crying out loud lol! And don't you mean "When Saint" learns how to use the darkness on a dull scale?

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@Venture_Kid: ...Damn you magic! lol.

Yeah I Did, I Just have a problem getting out of character after a battle

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@_Saint_: Not my fault Venture has a kingdom to protect ^_^

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Venture sits in his throne just as the meeting of treaties has been held, perplexed of all of the events occurring. He knew he himself made a powerful enemy, Lara, lover of Impero. The prince sat and pondered his move, as well as his empires.