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The ostentatious mansion home of thee Addams family glistened brightly as the succulent sun shone down upon its magnificent Victorian architecture.  Living within the confounds of such a modern masterpiece felt incredibly satisfactory, especially so for the ever so precocious prince.  And for some time now he's wandered these halls cockily, smoking and drinking whenever he pleased.  Noah had found peace in its simplest form. 
As the heir apparent to the golden crown there isn't much to accomplish with so many subordinates tickling his fancy every so often.  On this evening he lounged lazily on his heavenly weaved ebony couch.  His unique yellow eyes drearily falling into the tight grip of slumber.  Nothing worthwhile required his undivided attention so he believed himself done for the evening.  His chiseled swimmer frame alleviated as his breaths became increasingly gentle.   
"Wake up." The alarming Spanish accent collided with his unsuspecting ear drums.  As a result he jumped upward, aged red wine instantaneously slithering onto the hard wooden floor, and there he stood stunned.  From the cascading shadows emerged a fair skinned beauty whose voice did not match her curvaceous appearance.  However, he wouldn't dare mention such a thing.  It would offend a woman who already looked intensely enraged.  In her hand she withheld a piece of loose leaf paper.  Words scribbled on the top but in the middle a detailed recollection of a fellow she had met some days ago.   
"You have a mission for me." He knew off the hand.  Her disgruntled posture told a story worth a thousand words.  He could see her pulsating veins so he wouldn't speak another word. He calmly pulled the withered paper from her iron grip, his memories almost immediately connecting the dots.  This person was none other than Creed.  A preposterous goon whom works on Evander Slade.   "I'll handle this."  Noah sipped on the last ounce of his savory drink, shaking the vintage glass as a wicked smile crept onto his charming face.  Finally excitement had found its way back into his so called lackluster life. 
"Mister Creed. Mister Creed. Where art thou...Mister Creed?" He jokingly chanted as he walked along the busy streets of Lower Manhattan, New York.  With four snipers in place the prince of conquerors playfully walked along his favorite side of town.  An area booming with loyalists to his father's cunning cause.  And even though the clever comedian isn't entirely retarded, who could possibly refuse an open invitation with Evander Slade's former teammate? It'd be shameful to cancel a high profile confrontation like this one.  After some hours of awaiting his presence the awe inspiring visionary stopped inside a quiet Chinese restaurant, nonchalantly ordering chicken and broccoli.  There he sat down waiting and waiting for his scheduled appointment, even admiring his reflection from time to time. 
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@Closure: Bitches be cray~Abe Lincoln.

"Ooooh man! A waffles united group meeting! Imagine all of the starchy goodness, imagine it!" Im a part of your friggin brain and your making me drool! Creed putted along on his little red moped as he went along to lower Manhattan, a place he frequented for contracts and such, however Creed had received an invitation from someone he did not know in the slightest and was most likely a trap, How could we resist? Creed parked his moped at the sidewalk and kicked the China food's door open, arms open. "Hey! Wait a second! There aren't any waffles here!? Who is responsible for this sinful atrocity?".

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@_Creed_: Sometimes beauty happens naturally ~ Noah Zeraz 
"Are you on drugs?", questioned the level headed young man who so vocally opposed drug use not sold by his hand.  And for a second or two the yellow eyed prince watched the creepy man dressed in nifty colors so awkwardly yammer.  Surely this wasn't the man who outlandishly avoided the trained murderess known as Clara Mass?  Awfully perplexed is the groomed youngster whose disdain for interruption is rather apparent.  "Couldn't you have just sat your square ass down?" he said, scratching his head very much astounded. 
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@Closure: Creed hopped over the seat and sat down on it, grabbing some chop sticks and started to drum with them. "The only drug I need is my sense of humor! That and I needed ritalin when I was a kid..But lets not get into that!" He chuckled while doing a little solo. "So does somebody pay you to dress like a sixty year old bachelor or is that just a weird personal thing?". As far as Creed knew, he had this in the bag, the young man wanted Creed out of the lives of a good few, but not without a price.

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@_Creed_: Prince Addams felt awfully insulted by such an audacious remark.  Surely this fellow required prescription glasses because Noah is quite honestly the personification of perfection.  "You are freaking crazy..." he said, shaking his fists violently. Even though this meeting required seriousness, insulting one's appearance is incredibly defamatory.  "T-This is designer brand my Jim Carey wannabe friend.  And I'll have you know that your existence has been a thorn in my well rounded ass" he hollered, smacking the flimsy table like a spoiled rich brat.  He didn't mean to frighten Kimiko-san from behind the counter, but he had to showcase some form of manliness. It's the only language people like Creed can understand. 
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@Closure: Creed tried, he really did, tried to keep a composure, but he lost it. Slamming his fists down on the table, he laughed like a maniac, just like he laughed at Clara when he humiliated her. "Oh my god your like the tooliest of tools, your like a multi tool! Hey! Look at it this way, when you hit ninety, you can keep all your old cloths because they will still be appropriate!" Creed could barely speak from the hilarity. "Look Marilyn, I don't have all day, busy merc I am! So lets get down to brass tax before your well "Rounded ass" gets a nice boot print on it..".

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@_Creed_ : Mister Addams could swiftly slice this behemoth horizontally.  However, it'd serve no point in his own personal journey. "Shut your mouth..." he snarled at his apparent ignorance.  "This whole shtick you got going is a facade.  I don't care if you realize this or not, but I'm guessing my words hold some truth.  You know someone and you're gonna assist me."  Noah sarcastically smiled as little Kim hesitantly placed heated food onto a table riddled with dents.  "I want an audience with Evander Slade and you're gonna escort me onto your little base." He opened the seal containing his warm chicken and broccoli whilst stocky body guards silently stood outside, awaiting their prince's signal for action.  "I like your exuberance but there's a time and place so let's get serious....", he said, savoring the delectable scent of savory food. 
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@Closure: Creed leaned in and basically snorted the scent of his food, obnoxiously sighing so the whole place would look at the two. "Buddy, buddy buddy boy...This is the most serious you can get me, it could only get more serious if you said it was on much like that of Donkey kong...And im gunna tell you the same thing I told your top model, I may be bat shit crazy, but I'm not an idiot. "Hang on, I think my meal is just about done cooking!". Creed pulled out a remote detonator out from his back pocket, clicking it a few times excessively. A few bombs expertly placed out on the street went off, enough to possibly engulf the men outside and certainly blow the glass windows to smithereens, not even shards big enough to harm any of the civilians, who were screaming and running out of the back and front of the restaurant, all while Creed's grin was outlined in his red mask. "Now that this is V.I.P..." Creed mumbled while pulling out a bag full of C-4, enough to level the building in an instant, next was a proximity detonator, if either of them left the table..Kaboom!

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@_Creed_: Artistry in motion.  His heart pounded violently as his brutish men fell like dainty dominoes. Like his previous ventures the yellow eyed prince regretfully underestimated his off the wall opponent.  "If you kill me that'll incite war.  America torn asunder."  Noah smiled an honest smile like this incident wasn't at all unnatural.  He than carefully lifted his Pepsi can and casually sipped while his fiendish friend spoke.  "I have connections everywhere and I'll I'm asking for is a simple favor."  He placed his drink down, observing every countenance formed from such an oddity. "You won't kill me. I'm a politician's son. I can kill you however.  Trust me I can."  His telepathic mind reached outward with full intention of causing a trigger that'd momentarily shut down Creed's brain as a presentation of sorts.  "I don't want to be your enemy.  In fact I'd like to be your friend, but from the looks of it you like Evander, but he isn't what he seems.  I can prove that to you. All you have to do is bring me to him and you can be the mediator.  Now how does that sound?"  If his natural born power worked than surely Mister Creed would realize his clever capabilities, but if it didn't well this situation would only become further complicated. 
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@Closure: Creed stared at him harshly as his party trick didn't work, Creed's eyes didn't falter. His brain was in a constant regenerative flux, the main source of his insanity, a side effect as well is the fact it is literally impossible for his brain to be tampered with, like attempting to write on a page while someone is pulling it away and giving the writer a new one to use, every second. Creed's next move was to use the pistol he wielded under the table to shoot at the man's foot, grinning. "Can't kill you, but that doesn't mean I can't make your nickname "wheels" for a loooong time..Listen here princess Peach, I don't betray for money...".

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@_Creed_: Was this some sort of joke from beyond? In all his years there hadn't been one case of counteracting trained telepathy.  Mister Creed couldn't be humanoid nor withhold any proper amount of sanity.  "I'm not offering money.  I'm---" A single shot into the phalanges shredded flesh and although the wound would disappear, the pain felt all too real.  "Fuck me!"  He hollered as police sirens roared in the distance.  "I don't want to kill Evander you fool.  I want an audience.  I thought with you mediating....it'd make H.A.R.D soften up to my presence."  He snarled as flesh excruciatingly concealed bone.  "You're only making matters worse!"  Noah's high pitched voice activated the vocal enhancement embedded in his throat, resulting in a irritating sonic blast that should thrust his opponent through their neighboring wall.  He still sat beside this dented as well as unstable table, nonchalantly taking another spoonful of white rice and chicken.  "What's it gonna take to get you on my side?"  He said, swallowing his tasty yet cooled food.  
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@Closure: "OH YOU IDIOT!" Creed shouted as he clutched the proximity detonator in his hand while flying away, crashing through the wall and breaking his spine in the process along with his eardrums. The bag of C-4 started to beep while he ate his rice, it was going to blow..And without Creed? Noah wouldn't even be able to catch a glimpse of Evander.

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@_Creed_: Noah irresponsibly forgot about the detonator in the possession of his targeted persona. "Dammit!"  He jolted over the counter but it was to late.  An explosion so grand busted his ear drums and scorched the entirety of his dashing frame. Healing these would take time, but the snobbish heir wouldn't allow such an effortless escape.  "This entire building is surrounded!"  Yelled the raspy voice of Officer Ryan Ramirez, a foolish fat man with a vendetta against Soho's prodigal son.  Ignoring his sayings like a normal pedestrian, the yellow eyed brawler staggeringly limped his away into the direction of Mister Creed.  "Y-you l-look so d-dead."  Noah stuttered, pulling off his winter jacket apparel.  "Mister Breda...I went through so much trouble learning about you.  Now tell me what must I do to solidify this deal?" Burned flesh resulted in teary yellow eyes, his furious rage would only cause ridiculous disaster.  All of this could be avoided however if Creed simply agreed. 
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@Closure: "DON'T!" Creed lunged out of the rubble, going to tackle him on the ground and strangle him. "DON'T CALL ME BY THAT NAME! I swear to GOD I will wreck your manicure!".

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@_Creed_ : "Shit!" His groggy body wasn't at all able to react properly as the crazed character lunged forward.  His shoulder driven into Noah's healing but still fractured clavicle.  Awkwardly falling onto the ground, vein's pulsate nervously as bloodied hands wrapped on his neck.  "G-give m-me what I want...", his eyes reddened as the hands of Creed's angrily constricted his airways, "...or we can r-revisit the pa-past you so cowardly h-hide." He muttered through his singed lips. Outside multiple guns were aimed on the two strange individuals, triggers pulled without a moment's a hesitation. 
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@Closure: "OW!" Creed yelped as a bullet went through his thigh. "Son of a-! Don't hit the moneymakers! I am a thigh man!" He shouted while grabbing Noah by the collar and started to sprint through the wreckage, dragging his forced companion through the rubble and broken glass.

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@_Creed_: He involuntarily snickered as the quirky foe somehow found humor in a very much dire situation.  Although not the most gentle human being, the pretty boy from Soho found himself wondering how this fellow can remain so chummy.  Without another moment for thinking or accepting pain, his reddened face lightens as his regal collar is eagerly pulled upward.  A single shard of glass digs into an open shoulder wound and so the prince screams out.  "Get off me!"  A low pitched sonic scream would push his opponent inches away from the sight of their attackers, away from him, and leave room for some handy dandy conversation. "End this now." 
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@Closure: Creed's eardrums popped in again, making him sigh with relief. "You think I do this for free? Look duder if you start talking green, then I will consider delivering a message for you, but the cap is a stubborn pirate! Not to mention you picked ME as your ambassador! I dunno..Maybe If I just had some courage.." Creed held his head mockingly while rubbing his fingers together.

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@_Creed_: "Money isn't a p-problem."  He reluctantly uttered, popping his shoulder back into place.  Noah knew there were other members of Evander's squadron, but of them all Mister Breda withheld enough decency to at least strike conversation.  His supposed teammates however surely have sticks stuck up their pretentious asses.  "You tell Evander about this entire incident.  You tell him to meet me in a disclosed location without backup than you'll get your money."  Noah tossed his blackened but still readable business card in the direction of Creed.  "You have my word."  He honestly spoke without ill intent.  
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@Closure: Creed caught the card and looked at it, quickly remembering the number, and proceeded to lift up his mask to be just above his mouth, and ate the card. "...Deal!" he said after a gulp. "Huh..Did NOT taste like Pepsi..".

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@_Creed_: Noah chuckled after witnessing this strange display.  "I knew I'd like you."  He snickered before walking onto the barren side walk.  While the police scoured the area in search for two dangerous culprits, the bruised and battered prince stepped into his luxurious limousine.  "Next time I won't play nice." He murmured to himself as the car steadily drove off.  His mind only wondering if Creed would actually follow through.