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Where in the real world. We all love and read comics. We go to work, go online date. We have fun just like humans due. However. One man dared to be different. He tried the "what if's" of life. He wanted to make what wasn't real reality. The siting bigfoot, lockness monsters all simply creation from out imagination he brought to life. This time he took it to another level. What if he could take the very comic books we read and make out favorite characters real. He could have them under his own control. All he needed was a machine which he built. It would read the mines of those all over and see what characters they liked best bringing them to life. It worked some of comics strongest heroes came to life. However not as they were in comics. There was a glitch a few really. They didn't want a master. They wanted to kill. They all heroes villain wanted death to those that cherished them most. However there was another glitch When the machine made what wasn't real come to life it had a terrible effect on those with created characters. They became what they had dreamed off. There created characters. The scientist didn't realize this thinking all hope was lost as he had now thought he messed up life as we know it. <br><br><br>Basically your favorite heroes have come to life to serve a scientist. However they grew there own goals and wanna kill you for some odd reason.  You were lucky enough to where the machine accidentally gave you the powers of your vine character and now your gonna have to fight you favorite hero or villain. Hopefully you didn't like pre crisis darkseid or classic beyonder lol.<br><br>Normal rules apply and hopefully this turns out well.<br>

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I can't believe it's not OOC!!!!

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Lol. Something tells me this may not kick off.

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Guess what, I like Morgoth.  What now? 

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This is actually a good idea Zee!

Hellboy,Doc Doom and Iron Man coming after me and I fight them...........hm....