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Sanctuary Island. A small secluded Island settled miles off the coast of Cancun. For centuries it was left untouched, baring little that could be of interest to anyone. Except for one man. Abel, a clone who escaped the insidious clutches of his handlers. After a brief stay in Bandari, he drifted. Eventually, he sought a place to call a permanent home. He needed somewhere.. isolated. Something where he could freely operate without the interference of the public. It took a long, arduous search, but he finally found it. Isla Santuario.

Locations *

Base of Operations

A long-abandoned fort that Abel has re-purposed. It now features a fully operational security system, and like most of the surrounding area, is wired with traps.

*more will be added as the island develops

(It's rough, I know, but I just wanted to do something like this. For anyone interested, it's a rather large island and is completely open to anyone who wants to visit.)



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lol 'it was alright' he said


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@Surkit: Lmao.


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@1146Abel: I like

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The clone vigilante stood out on the beach, clad in nothing but a pair of shorts. Grasped in his hand was a metal spear, obviously not intended for use in combat. His legs spread out and he pulled the arm holding the spear back behind him. Angling it upwards a little, he launched his arm into motion. The spear rocketed through the air, then dove into the water. A moment later, Abel followed it in. He swam out to where the spear had landed, then dove under the water. Swimming down, he found the spear pinning a bullet tuna to a rock. Pulling the spear out, he grabbed the fish and swam off to go check his box traps.

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@1146Abel: Cyrus pushed through a bush and entered a small clearing. He noticed a trap near a fern to his left. "I'm sure they won't mind" Cyrus said to himself with a smirk. As he bent down to look in the trap, he saw a rabbit laying lifeless inside. As he began to pull it out, rustling was heard from behind him.

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@Cosmic_Flare: "You could just ask." Abel called from behind him. His bow was out, held pointed down towards the ground, two arrows already knocked.

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@1146Abel: Cyrus lazily stood up, and the first think he noticed was a beautiful bow. "Well, I'd have to assume you are the owner of this fine island." Cyrus walked a little closer, then stuck out his hand. "I'm Cyrus, and you are?"

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@Cosmic_Flare: "Unofficially, yeah." Abel retrieved the arrows and set them back in his quiver, then shook the man's hand. "Abel."

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@1146Abel: "That's a nice name, hey can I tag along with you, I assume you're heading back to a trace of civilization?" Cyrus looked back at the trap, then to Able again. "And I'm a little hungry."

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@Cosmic_Flare: "Nope. I'm out here to get away from civilization." Abel looked from him to the trap, then shrugged, indicating he didn't care if Cyrus ate it or not. "Welcome to stay. Though it's not exactly high-class living out here."

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@1146Abel: "Hmm, well now that I think about it, I could take a break from people too. I don't have many survival skills, but I can definitely get a fire started. " Cyrus looked at the man, then walked towards the trap. "That is, if you wouldn't mind some company."

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@Cosmic_Flare: "Not usually one for it, but it won't drive me crazy to have someone around." He slid the bow back over his shoulders.

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Maya landed on the island stretching her legs after traveling hundreds of miles of ocean, "Boy what a neat place this is" Maya said aloud as she walked towards a boulder to sit on simultaneously looking around.