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The Gonokawa River, near Gotsu, Japan...

Radar had picked up signs of a single man marching towards Japan. Anyone with even the vaguest idea of where Japan was located could tell that this was immediately a problem. The city of Gotsu had been evacuated, for fear of a mutant super weapon coming ashore and causing extensive civilian casualties. Military forces now occupied the quiet fishing metropolis on the river. Tanks replaced cars on the bridges and across the banks of the Gonokawa River. A pair of aircraft carriers hovered out at sea, ready to scramble at a moment's notice. That moment now loomed over them as the target broke the surface of the water, using the slope of the riverbed to his advantage.

"彼を殺す!(Kill him!)"

A deafening roar of gunfire and artillery shells echoed across the landscape and into the horizon. The river exploded into an upward surge of water as the bombardment continued, sending a heavy rain down upon the soldiers lined along the roads and armored vehicles stacked behind them. The water level slowly dropped as time passed until the deficit had been compensated for by a massive crater where the target once stood. An uneasy quiet hung in the air until the heavy thud of metal against flesh resonated from the column of smoke and floating debris. The target had managed to catch one of the shells and was now juggling it in one hand like a football. Cracking a devilish smile, he lobbed it with frightening speed at one of the bridges above him. The concrete and steel fell apart under the sheer velocity of what had been sent its way. Luckily, the shell was a dud - but the real danger remained. A dozen tanks had been lined up in formation along the bridge and their combined weight threatened to send it tumbling down. Frantic, the crew members of each of the armored behemoths tried to run as the bridge began to collapse underneath them.

But two hands kept them from falling to their certain deaths. Wearing the symbol of his country, the rookie superhero Rising Sun used a combination of his flight and superhuman strength powers to keep the bridge in one piece long enough for the soldiers to cross safely. After they had done so, he flew down and crossed his armed boldly as the structure smashed into the ground behind him.

"モンスター!サレンダー!(Monster! Surrender!)" he commanded.

The much larger man in front of him almost laughed. "Dunno what you just said, but you're standing in my way. Nobody does that without getting hurt - a lot,"

Seeing that his opponent refused to move, Rising Sun charged at him with a blinding flight speed, pushing him through the bank of the river and underneath a good distance of the streets of Gotsu, knocking down buildings as he tried to overpower his foe. Truth was, the man who had just crossed into Japanese borders didn't even start trying until now. Locking his leg muscles into place, the giant stopped dead. Rising Sun's mutated biceps struggled against the new strength in front of him, but to no avail. Veins began to pop up across his body in a vague grasp for superiority, or at least to prove that the invader was somewhat weaker than he was. All he provoked from his enemy was a chuckle.

"Name's Judge, as in the Judge of Strength. With what you're showing me," the titan grabbed a handful of Rising Sun's cape, lifting him up and bringing him back down like a hammer.

"You're not even in my league!"

The resulting crash between Rising Sun and the ground swallowed Gotsu in a tremor of cataclysmic size and proportion. The streets crumbled. Buildings fell like wheat to a scythe. Even the aircraft carriers stationed in the harbor came under attack when a massive tsunami wave collided with them, bringing hundreds of sailors and pilots down to the bottom trapped within an enormous metal coffin. Rising Sun twitched underneath the rubble before Judge pulled him back out. Flipping the bloodied hero over so that both of his broken ankles were in one hand while his neck and head were encased in another, Judge began to twist and would not stop until he heard cries for mercy - then he would put on even more pressure.

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While largely uninterested in the supposed irrelevance of the outside world, the Original Guru did however, harbor a self-developed ethical obligation to protectively observe his native Japan. Initially intent on a rather tranquil and uneventful day of spiritually guiding the Keijijo, Elder Zaraki's attention was quickly directed elsewhere. During his hourly observations of the country of Japan, the Forbidden Master witnessed through a metaphysically enhanced screen of green smoke, a monstrous behemoth violently rampaging near Gotsu with no apparent equal present to challenge its unrelenting power. Having seen enough, the sheer devastation of the event prompted the ancient Elder to confront this behemoth himself.

With the Impero currently occupied with perhaps more pressing matters, the second most powerful of the legendary Keijijo was ethically tasked with this confrontation. Departing from the undisclosed snowy mountain region, the Keijijo Guru soon arrived in the mercilessly devastated city of Gotsu. Clad in traditional robes and wielding a seemingly ordinary wooden staff supposedly for aid in walking, Zaraki studiously examined the magnitude of the destruction in Gotsu. "Hmm, this monster seems to enjoy destruction", the composed Elder theorized. Quickly, his esoteric chi-senses detected the presence of an immensely physically powerful individual, one who possessed a highly elevated number of physical chakras, much like Zaraki himself, perhaps even more. Intent on confronting this behemoth, Elder Zaraki heads towards the detected chi.

With deceptive speed, the ancient Grandmaster arrives, fearlessly standing before the enormous giant. While a bulky, imposing figure standing at nearly seven feet, Zaraki was eclipsed by the monstrous frame of this behemoth, Judge. Taking note of the brutalized victim currently in Judge's grip, Zaraki speaks with utter fearlessness and calmness, thousands of years of experience having forged a fortified mind and spirit. "Hmph.. brat. Leave him be!", he demanded with innate rage, "Your punishment is now at hand", he declares, quickly removing the cloak over his black robes, revealing a very muscular frame, a testament to his seemingly limitless strength.

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Just as Rising Sun's superhuman ribs started to crack, Judge was confronted with another opponent to occupy his attention. The physically indomitable juggernaut lowered the broken superhero, still holding him by the cranium, and laughed as the old man threatened him. As a reflexive part of his sadistic nature, the giant lobbed Rising Sun behind him and into the atmosphere. Where he would land was anyone's guess. For now, the fight had been renewed with someone actually worth pummeling. Judge pointed an enormous finger at the elderly fellow.

"Now you look promising! That other guy was just talk. Strong, but a punk. You look like you've been around the block before...maybe even a couple hundred times! Let's get this over with before your blood pressure gets too high!"

Pressing his fists together in a show of aggression, Judge dug his digits into the freshly tilled earth and prepared for a linebacker-style charge straight at his opponent. He would extend his arms outward at the last second, effectively tripling the area he controlled as he thundered forward like a raging avalanche.

Even though he joked and lumbered forward like a dumb brute, Judge knew that the man in front of him possessed vast reservoirs of power. His body was unnaturally strong and even the gesture of standing before the colossus without any fear in his eyes was testament to the well of strength Judge was running at. Nevertheless, he continued his rampage, his own self-confidence outweighing common sense.

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Indifferent and aloofly apathetic towards the colossal Judge's insulting taunts, the Fire Yoso Demon studiously examined the behemoth's posture, meticulously reading the minute muscular alterations of his body, effectively anticipating impending movement through elevated vision. "How raw", he uttered, commenting on his opponent's lack of an effective fighting stance. With his wooden staff standing firmly on the ground, his palms calmly rested on its top as he waited for the mystically augmented combatant to attack. While not a counter-striker by nature, it would be a rather effective method should the Judge prove slower than he.

Quickly the gigantic behemoth charged towards him, seemingly intending to ram into him with immense physical force that would further be augmented by accumulated momentum. Undoubtedly an attack imbued with great physical power, it was far too simple, predictable for one as old and experienced as the Keijijo Guru. Unfazed and seemingly bracing himself for the colossal impact, Zaraki remained still as Judge continually eliminated the distance between them in his rampaging charge. A mere second prior to apparently colliding with the towering Elder, Judge's arms immediately extended forward in a hopeful grab. Surprisingly though, he passed right through the Elder. In actuality, it was no more than an after-image created from the sheer speed of the skilled Elder's movements.

Having shifted locations mere seconds prior to Judge's attempted grab, Zaraki stood behind the colossal behemoth, approximately three feet from him as the after-image faded. Having taken notice of the sheer physical power of his opponent, Zaraki would have been a fool had he attempted to rely on durability alone against such an opponent, his strikes would prove equally as powerful as his own, if not perhaps even stronger. "Strong", he complimented, "But you move like a clueless child!", he shouted.

Focusing the metaphysical flow of chi into his physical chakra-points, the Elder forcibly increased his monstrous strength in conjunction with his size, growing to precisely the same size as the powerful Judge, the increase in size being a necessity to contain the added flow of chi to physical chakras. Moving forward, he pulls his left fist back, quickly thrusting it towards Judge's spinal cord, executing an explosive punch of enormous strength imbued with the power to plow through entire mountains. As his fist was a mere inch from Judge, Zaraki had concentrated a mass of chi in his hand before releasing it with pinpoint accuracy, further exponentially increasing the existent immense force of his strike. Unaware to him however, Judge's physical invulnerability was unlike anything the Elder has ever witnessed.

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Closing in, the Judge of Strength laughed as he put his arms around the old man...and kept on moving. He screeched to a halt, confused as to where his opponent disappeared to. A clever old schmuck, that was for certain. Before he could have a good look around, a disembodied voice answered his suspicions from behind him. He had faced many opponents capable of leaving after-images. He was no rookie in the fighting business. It merely surprised him that such an elderly chap would be capable of something so astoundingly fast in his advanced age. Dmitri would have turned to look him in the eyes, but before he had the chance to the old man conjured one more trick out of his tired body. The ground shook with each muscle pulsating and growing. The juggernaut could literally feel hiccups in his bloodstream as his foe multiplied in physical power.

"About damn time you got serious," was all he could muster before the roaring fist came crashing down on his spine.

Locking his muscles into place, Judge did not move. The ground beyond him collapsed into a gushing tidal wave of splintered rock and crushed buildings as if a god had left a footprint on the earth. But the juggernaut did not budge. Steam heralded the vaporized remnants of what used to be clothing on his torso. He turned around, a cruel smile on his face.

"I don't think you get it, old timer. I might not be much in the finesse department, but what I do doesn't require stuff like fancy martial arts or meditation. I'm a goddamned juggernaut - and nothing stops me!"

Reaching out for a second time, Judge moved in to tackle Zaraki in the short disparity in their physical distances, his monstrous arms and hands more than enough to close the gap and squeeze the life out of any mortal creature. If that was not enough, then the colossus would continue to charge until he plowed Zaraki through the nearest mountain range and into the ocean on the other side of Japan.

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Momentarily surprised at the apparent lack of damage dealt to the crimson behemoth, the Original Guru detected subtle hints of physical invulnerability, teased by the imposing Judge's words. While genuinely taken aback by the sheer physical might of the fortuitous Judge, the experienced Elder managed to retain his composure. With deceptive speed in close quarters, Judge managed to lay his monstrous hands on the ominous Elder. With reactionary speed, Zaraki using his own arms to wrestle and combat those of Judge's. With no apparent superior, the physical struggle of equally imposing combatants proving unanticipated.

While possessing an existential advantage in speed, experience, versatility, and skill, Judge's seemingly limitless resistance effectively rendered these advantages inert. Abruptly, the Crimson Colossus put his unstoppable momentum to intellectual use. This coupled with the ruthless giant's god-like strength rendered him an excessive physical force of nature. While being pushed into the distance by the charging Judge, Zaraki cleverly seized the moment to utilize his masterful control over all chakra-points. Meticulously examining Judge's chakra-points, he sensed a continuous overflow of metaphysical energy in Judge's physical chakras, it was unlike anything he'd ever seen. There was one sole solution to his current predicament.

As the titanic battlers approached a nearby mountain range, distant from human life, Zaraki through a combination of speed, strength, and skill, halted his grappling, rapidly evading the remainder of Judge's charge as he dashed to the side. Indeed, the elderly Grandmaster had devised multiple plans. He would have no choice but to resort to the unique power of his Fire Yoso, its ability to annihilate energy was fundamental to his plan regarding the temporary decreasing of the chi in Judge's physical chakras, it would effectively reduce his gigantic opponent's durability temporarily.

"Let's see how tough you are, brat!", pulling his right arm back, the Original Guru thrust his palm forward, shooting an immensely colossal stream of red Yoso flames, one that would engulf the entirety of the Judge's body. Its purpose, to metaphysically destroy the chi of Judge's physical chakras. Unaware of the results of his strategy, Elder Zaraki dashed forward, executing a thunderous hook that targeted Judge's jaw. Naturally imbued with the strength to crush mountains, the sheer power of his fist was further enhanced by the accurately released concentrated chi in his fist.

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With each passing moment, their struggle cracked the earth deeper and deeper until a crater began to form around them like a monument to titans having confronted each other. Each muscular twitch caused tremors that rippled across what used to be Gotsu. They seemed evenly matched, for the most part. That was, however, until Judge started to move. Placing one foot in front of him, he sent his elderly foe back - not by virtue of stepping backwards - but the ground cracked as his heel dug into the ground. Smiling, Judge knew what he had to do: the advantageous moment was his!

Picking up speed, he used the elderly man as a battering ram through anything in their path: buildings, cement walkways, even the planet itself ripped away at their approach, leaving an enormous crater leading to where they had once locked in pitched combat. Soon, the eaves of civilization broke into a sea of green. They were fast approaching the nearby mountains. However, before Dmitri could enact his plan to force the physical challenge he faced now into the ocean on the other side of the Japanese island, he broke away and allowed Judge to tunnel another hundred or so feet into the foot of one of the peaks looming above them.

Losing his way for a second, Dmitri tried punching out of the mountain, each blow sending cracks along the proud spire of rock until a torrent of dust and stone burst out of the other side. Compared to the cold and calculating Zaraki, Judge was little more than a wild animal. Yet for all his intellectual shortcomings, he knew he could whittle down the ancient grand master given enough time. However, for the next few moments, he would not think of such a predicament.

A blinding light rushed in at him from all sides, consuming his temporary mountain prison in a column of swirling fire and annihilation. Though he could not see it, Judge had been enraptured by a massive cloud of mystical energy that appeared in the form of dragon's breath. This energy had been studied for countless years by his opponent, who had mastered it over the course of time. Somehow, along with burning everything around it, the fire drained away some of the vibrant energy that kept Judge going. After the fire died out and the smoke began to rise from the small army of embers, Judge stood in the aftermath of the inferno, his clothing reduced to the armor on his lower body, the bands on his arms, along with his helmet. His body betrayed evidence of physical harm as his skin glowed red hot, his flesh pulsating with intense burns as his pores steamed and contorted. He had been forced into a lightheaded state, in which he did not know that Zaraki stalked him like a predator now.

He barely registered the old man's voice.

The catastrophic punch came at his face with little to no hesitation, snuffing out every ember the ancient one's fire-based attack had originally lit. The armor encasing Dmitri's face flew away in ragged chunks, followed by a gush of blood flowing out of his gaping mouth. He raised a foot in accordance to the momentum felt by Zaraki's monstrous blow, almost like he was about to take a step back...but he didn't. Turning to face Zaraki now with a black eye and a swollen cheek, he gave the old man a smile like one of those hockey thugs gave to the cameras.

"Didn't I tell you before?"

Stomping forward, he aimed his forehead to collide with Zaraki's, his vast reservoirs of strength quickly returning. Regardless of whether or not his earthshaking headbutt connected, Dmitri would move in to try and crush Zaraki with a bear hug.

"Nothing. Stops. Me."

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Through an intricate combination of esoteric assessment, studious observation and chi-based negation, the experienced Elder had managed to temporarily decrease his imposing opponent's durability. Having seized the potential advantage, Zaraki executed a thunderous right hook, imbued with enormous crushing power. Successfully wounding the Crimson Colossus, the Original Guru had mentally formulated an effective strategy. However, mere seconds after the explosive punch, Judge violently headbutted the Forbidden Master's forehead. The sheer force of the attack, enough to disrupt the ancient Grandmaster's sense of physical equilibrium.

Falling backwards from the immense force of the headbutt, Elder Zaraki's perceptive eyes enabled him to narrowly dodge the merciless Judge's attempted grapple. Having lowered backwards, Zaraki relied on his right arm to halt his fall. With his palm facing the ground, he quickly planted it on the battle-scarred land, channeling his monstrous physical strength into his arm as he tilted his body away from the charging juggernaut. Vaulting himself into the air, the Keijijo Guru gracefully landed several feet from the immoral behemoth. Soon a drop of blood touched the ground, dripping from the open wound on his forehead, received from Judge's thunderous headbutt. Pain radiated across his cranium, this was no conventional fighter, his physical might was beyond anything that Zaraki had ever witnessed.

Somehow maintaining his composure regardless of the situation's intensity, Zaraki uttered, "After I punish you, give you the beating you deserve, you will respect me, boy", he gritted his teeth, angered by his opponent's lack of respect and the careless destruction done to one of his country's cities. Holding his wooden staff in his left hand, the Original Elder accessed the totality of his Fire Yoso prowess. A violent outward flailing aura of chi-enhanced red flames radiated all about Zaraki's muscular frame. The esoteric energy-destroying properties of his flames, designed specifically to negate the chi in Judge's physical chakras, it was the only way for them to battle on equal terms, to maintain his continuous Fire Yoso aura, imbued with the same effects of his previous flame-like attack.

Dashing towards the Crimson Colossus, Zaraki executed a vast flurry of explosive standing strikes, each imbued with mountain-shattering force, further augmented by pinpoint released concentrations of chi, the trademark method of physical enhancement of the Elder's personalized Kami Fist martial art. Using the flames aura's energy-destroying properties, it would annihilate the energy of Judge's physical chakras upon physical contact, his durability to be decreased by every single strike. So long as the elderly Grandmaster maintains his flame-aura, Judge's invulnerability was nonexistent. Zaraki concluded the barrage of explosive strikes with a heavily torqued forward roundhouse kick, targeting the right side of Judge's head.

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Blood dripped from his broken jaw. His torso ached and screamed in a divine pain as ribs cracked, organs burst, and blood vessels leaked uncontrollably. Every new punch and kick that the old master laid into the juggernaut with hurt worse than the last. Dug deeper. Hit stronger. One disturbing truth would have held Zaraki's attention, however. He never managed to make Dmitri step backwards. In fact, the Judge of Strength began to move forward, against the momentum of what was literally a mighty storm of blows, landing down one after another like a hail of lightning bolts. In fact, Dmitri began to laugh a deep, barrel-chested laugh as Zaraki continued his merciless barrage. The beastly roundhouse kick did little to stem this confidence and stubbornness. As it struck, Judge followed down with the strength of the foot impacting his temple. The old bastard actually used his toes, concentrating all power in the attack into a single point. Dmitri's right eye burst out of its socket for a second before Judge reached up and popped it back into his head, ignoring how swollen it became afterwards.

He smiled a broken-toothed grin - and took another step forward.

"If that's your idea of punishment, you old fart, then I suggest you hold still for a second and let me teach you how to hurt someone properly."

His strength returned quicker than Zaraki managed to push it away. Muscles bulging with rage now, Judge raised his hands high into the air and balled his fists. Looking at Zaraki, he chuckled and dropped his fists with cataclysmic force. Cracking along the mountainside, the entire city of what used to be Gotsu began to sink into the ocean, having been literally knocked off the Japanese island mass in one simple gesture. The catastrophic earthquake sent untold tons of debris billowing into the air. Molten rock seeped out of the earth's wounds, scabbing over upon contact with seawater. With a head full of steam, Dmitri rampaged at the old man again, this time supplemented by the fact that he sank part of Japan in order to distract Zaraki if only for a second. Lifting his meaty fists like fleshy wrecking balls, he meant to clobber the old man to Kingdom Come and back.

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The Crimson Colossus' unmitigated strength was spontaneously being replenished at the conclusion of Zaraki's unrestrained barrage of monstrously powerful standing strikes. "Petulant child!", the Original Guru scoffed, unfazed by the imposing Judge's words. Initially bracing himself for a potential counterattack, Zaraki was taken by brief surprise as Judge seemed to focus his attention elsewhere, destructively sinking the ravaged city of Gotsu into the vast ocean. Eyes widening in surprise of his opponent's disrespectful act, the Fire Yoso Demon was left speechless by the unanticipated turn of events, but soon, a fierce legendary rage would follow.

Having been effectively distracted, the Forbidden Master was brutally rammed into by the unstoppable juggernaut, monstrous fists pounding into his flesh before the burning rage within forced an instinctive block by the experienced Grandmaster. With a well-placed forearm, the heavily bruised and bleeding Zaraki defended himself from his opponent's concluding attacks. A large bleeding cut above his right eye, a bruise on his left check, a swollen left eye, among several other wounds, the Elder's wiped the blood off his distinct white beard as he athletically vaulted himself into the air, displaying deceptive acrobatic prowess and grace as he landed several feet from the Crimson Colossus. Spitting the blood from his mouth, he calmly tore off the now ruined robes over his torso, revealing a heavily chiseled frame of imposing muscle covered in a plethora of ancient scars.

"Foolish brat. Your disrespect will not go unanswered!", as his wooden staff Tsue vanished from his left hand, Zaraki further intensified the destructively radiant aura of Fire Yoso flames around his bulky frame. While when surrounded by his unique Fire Yoso aura, he was capable of bypassing Judge's apparent physical invulnerability, the behemoth's momentum and movement remained a problem. There was only one thing that could be done. Gathering the ambient chi of his environment in conjunction with directing the flow of his body's chi into his physical chakras and elemental chi, he dramatically augmented his both his strength and the effectiveness of his scorching Fire Yoso. Charging towards the crimson juggernaut at roughly 500 miles per second, an immense amount of physical force was added to the impending attack, exponentially multiplying his already terrifying augmented strength.

This time, Zaraki sought not only to metaphysically destroy the majority of the chi within Judge's physical chakras, but to effectively destroy the kinetic energy and momentum that Judge relied on to remain 'unstoppable', enabling the Original Guru to defy fundamental physical laws, all originating from the esoteric energy-destroying properties of his Fire Yoso. Pulling both his fists back, Zaraki immediately thrust them forward at ridiculous speed, executing a Kami Fist double-fisted strike, releasing the concentrated chi in both his fists. By far, his most powerful strike yet, imbued with unstoppable strength, surrounded by metaphysical flames that enabled him to bypass his opponent's durability and potentially destroy his kinetic energy and momentum. With the aim of the attack, simple, to execute maximum external damage, dramatically reduce Judge's durability, destroy his momentum and kinetic energy, with the intent of knocking the crimson behemoth to the other side of the world.

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Dmitri spat on the ground, his bloody saliva intermingling with the veil of water hanging over the sunken city of Gotsu, Japan. That water did not stay there for long, however. As if he were leaving a yawning gate into the depths of Hell, the Devil of the East lead his armies into the material world and gave them life in the form of an aura of leaping streams of fire. Old Zaraki truly had mastered the concept of life energy - the flames he conjured and wrapped around himself bore the faces and likenesses of the sources of the energy he borrowed. Forests, stretched and burning, twisting with the licking flow of fire, as well as their respective fauna and even nearby human phantasms spawned from the core of the horrendous heat. The seawater boiled around him, adding to the terrifying image of the Guardian of Hell. Old Man Zaraki no longer seemed wise and confident. His power was wild, untamed. He had become a beast unleashed on the world, a legendary monster from ancient times that had not scarred the earth for thousands of years - now reawakened.

Judge, even in his most desperate hour yet, enjoyed the challenge.

Digging his feet into the moist earth, he prepared to charge like a marathon sprinter at the Olympics. Roaring a battle cry reminiscent of the warriors of millenniums long gone, the indomitable Warsman surged forth with the intent of crushing the puny human in front of him with a mammoth strength. But in that moment where Old Zaraki began to move, his true power began to manifest as he concentrated all of the energy he stored into a single strike. The water lapping at his ankles no longer rose into steam. The clouds began to dissipate instead of swirl over his head. The flames opened up towards the juggernaut, for a moment even growling in unnatural anger, and swallowed him into the belly of a mighty dragon that existed if only for an instant in time. The real dragon existed just beyond the flames, his strength many times greater than any mere mythical beast could be capable of.

Dmitri's torso compacted under the pressure. His ribs snapped. However many organs that existed before the two-handed strike were pulped. Sent soaring into the air, Dmitri clung to life not out of any human endurance. No, the magic of the celestial Judge of Strength kept him from fading completely into the realm of death. He smirked as his torso puffed out in a show of raw muscle again. His bones realigned. His organs once more hung inside his abdomen. What Zaraki had been able to do was reduce Warsman back to something similar to humanity. But he returned to godhood far too quickly for even the Great Demon of Fire to kill him permanently. The resonating shock wave from his muscles widening once more and his old strength returning to him echoed throughout the skies of Japan, effectively stopping him midair and preventing him from continuing into the horizon with the behemoth strength of Zaraki's attack.

He did plunge back into the deep blue ocean from whence he came, but this did not stop him even for a second. Rampaging ahead, he tore through the island base of Japan, ripping in apart as he went into a trench of unearthed rock and metropolis infrastructure. The juggernaut carried forward until he reached the other side - and then he jumped up. Not capable of being stopped against his will, the Warsman returned to the battlefield he shared with Zaraki, evidence of his strength shown behind him - but he was not yet finished. Reaching down, he grabbed two handfuls of Japan's earthly foundation and ripped upward. A rolling tide of his own homeland was sent against Zaraki, endless miles of upturned Japanese island mass churning like the enraged waters of a tsunami.

Hardly exhausted after such a display, Judge followed through by lifting one of the dilapidated buildings of Gotsu's ruined downtown district and wielding it like a thuggish club, intent on smashing it on top of Zaraki regardless of whether his previous ploy worked or not.

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Success had been achieved, even if not to the specific magnitude intended by the enraged Elder. He was perhaps, one of the very few, if not the only one to have ever disrupted the Crimson Colossus' fearsome momentum and unstoppable force. The Original Guru's immediate environment was quick to suffer under the effects of his pulsating aura's scorching heat. Briefly, for a minute moment, it seemed that the unstoppable Judge had been stopped, however, unproven assumptions were not to be made against the unmitigated power of this god-like opponent. Never in his life has Zaraki faced such a tremendous power, the only that compared to the challenge before him, was the full power of the Impero. All who have ever dared to do battle with Zaraki have fallen, all but three, all Imperos, Ishin, Neji, and Shinma.

The unstoppable Judge commenced his trademark charge, he was undoubtedly, a corporeal force of nature. The devastating behemoth's sheer power was incomparable, truly. With his return immediate, the Crimson Colossus displayed no hesitance in executing his ruthless attack. Hurling a colossal chunk of Japanese landmass towards the ancient Elder, Judge's vicious onslaught had commenced. Violently struck by a gigantic piece of his homeland's earth, Zaraki was explosively knocked off his feet, the rock shattering upon impacting the Grandmaster's god-like frame. Falling on his back, Zaraki briefly winced in pain prior to steadily rising to his feet. A plethora of large cuts, wounds and bruises populated Zaraki's legendary scarred body. Brutally wounded, the enraged Elder was quick to respond. Despite the sustained wounds, he fought through, sheer willpower and thousands of years of pain tolerance in play.

Quickly, Judge continued, attempting to smash the Forbidden Master with a wielded building. Responding to the attack with a thunderous hook, Zaraki shattered the incoming building with a characteristically devastating punch. Motivated by sheer rage, Zaraki conjured his wooden staff on his left hand. "After thousands of years", he paused, "The Guardian of Hell has returned". Instantly, the external wooden coating of his staff disintegrated, revealing a unique katana sword underneath, the Tsue sword. Instantaneously, the Elder's Fire Yoso was amplified indefinitely. His flame-based aura adopting a darker shade of red as it grew violently in size, its sheer heat burning up the surrounding oxygen as its radiant metaphysical power began to alter his environment.

His sword's blade rapidly surrounded in a mass of flames as his eyes forsook their pupils and irises, pulsating a red flame-like energy. Finally, Zaraki's radiating aura adopted the shape of an enormous menacing dragon. The surrounding earth crumbled under the sheer presence of his power. Executing a series of powerful swings, colossal chi-based slashes of immense metaphysical energy and mystical flames, each intent on targeting the unstoppable juggernaut's physical chakras, once again reducing his durability, while the sheer might of his infinitely sharp sword aimed to completely cleave through Judge's torso. Tsue, the bladed fabled as being capable of cutting through virtually anything. The final resort against a literal god.

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Perhaps he was outmatched from the very beginning and did not want to admit it. Pride ever fueled the efforts of the Warsman, whether it was fighting against a hated foe or treading through the roots of nations to prove his unlimited power. His unstoppable rampage was always threatened with being slowed down, but never once did it halt. As much as Dmitri did not want to admit it, this old man in front of him provided one of the greatest challenges he had ever faced. He would have to learn his foe's name by the end of this out of a twisted form of respect, not one earned by honor in battle or skill, but one earned by being the one to slow him down the most.

But nothing could stop the juggernaut known as Judge - nothing.

Stepping forward without fear or hesitation, Judge bellowed a mighty roar, one that could have been released from the belly of the Biblical Behemoth, and smote the earth once more with a heavy double-handed hammer. The debris sent in the way of Zaraki Keijijo merely evaporated upon contact with his fierce aura. But, like two beasts competing for territory, it was merely a show of strength to test the limits of his foe's latest trump card. With his curiosity satisfied, Dmitri pushed onward into the seemingly suicidal situation, convinced of his own invulnerability. Considering the heat, he could have sworn he was walking into a white dwarf star instead of facing down his best opponent to date.

He made the motion to smash Fire Demon Zaraki with a series of blows, but the old man proved to be faster than ever before. In the span of just an eye blinking and opening again, he managed seventeen cuts on Dmitri's torso, each deceptively shallow and thin - mere scratches upon a glacier, until the dam burst. With an infinitely brilliant mastery of the blade, Zaraki had cut Judge deeper than he could mentally grasp as the wounds opened and sprayed blood in a variety of directions. Screaming not out of pain, but of pure unadulterated fury, Judge pressed onward, anger more than common sense holding him together and keeping him conscious now. But Zaraki was not done.

Quicker than the human eye, Zaraki had accomplished something no mortal could and sheathed his sword before the damage could materialize. The katana clicked upon locking back into its master's home for it. Dmitri saw the world in a new light as his back landed upon the ground and the sun glared down at him. He struggled to his elbows, using them as crutches, and stared fixated at the legs that used to be underneath him, now connected by little more than gushing streams of blood. He smiled, almost in a sadomasochist way, and - against everything Zaraki could understand about a foe he thought was defeated - began to crawl back to the legs and lower torso that Zaraki Keijijo still had not managed to push in the opposite direction they were going. Climbing his own monumental legs, Judge readjusted himself on top of his lower body. After a moment, he began to feel the blood flow again. The power returned to his veins, gifted to him by the celestial Judge of Strength that chose him above all others to bear the burden of being an invulnerable juggernaut.

He looked up, pale as a ghost yet very much alive, at Zaraki as the line formed by the Tsue sword sealed back up in accordance to the otherworldly law of the juggernaut. His eyes had burst into pits of bloodied crimson, his burning hatred holding him together more than mere bone and muscle. Something horrifying in the eyes of Zaraki Keijijo would happen as Dmitri regained control of his unstoppable body: the monolithic man took a step forward. Shaky and uncertain, but his colossal foot made an imprint in the earth nonetheless. He removed his hands from holding his guts inside his torso, almost every part of his skin stained red by the vicious ordeal. His muscles increased in mass. He was ready to start this fight anew. To prove it, he charged not at Zaraki - but at the mountain casting a shadow over their pitched battle. Finding a crack made by his earthquake-force attack earlier, Dmitri began to lift. Slowly, but surely, the roots of the mountain gave in and broke as the very backbone of Japan had one of its vertebrae removed. Countless billions of tons in the palms of his hands, Dmitri curled his arms and threw the gigantic piece of geography into the air, aiming for the brilliant warrior in front of him. Now, lining himself up with Zaraki, he literally began to race the mountain in an effort to force the old genius into choosing between being crushed by the monolith or being squeezed to death by his unstoppable foe.

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Dispelling the powerful Tsue katana sword, the Fire Yoso Demon could not risk setting his entire environment ablaze. Witnessing unapparent divine intervention replenish the terrifying Crimson Colossus, the Original Guru's pulsating, glowing red eyes widened briefly. This was the most resilient and persistent opponent he had ever faced. His momentum, unbelievably infinite, his strength, god-like. While the oxygen continued to deplete in the presence of his darkened flames' intensity, Elder Zaraki had come to a steady conclusion, there was only one alternative remaining. He was rendered devoid of choice, only a sole option existed.

In a display of colossal strength, the unstoppable Judge dug his massive fingers into the ground, violently uprooting the entirety of an enormous mountain. Triumphantly lifting the geographical structure over his head, the Avatar of Strength threw the gigantic structure towards the Forbidden Master. Instantaneously, the looming, ominous shadow of the thrown mountain darkened the surrounding area as it commenced its inevitable fall. Pulling his fist backwards, characteristically concentrating a mass of chi in his hand, Elder Zaraki executed a thunderous jab, sheer monstrous strength relied upon as the mountain shattered under the raw force of the strike. Instantaneously, the concentrated chi was released, rapidly vaporizing the remaining airborne chunks of earth.

However, having avoided the initial attack, Zaraki had been captured in a moment of abrupt surprise. Judge had managed to eliminate the distance between them, having charged towards the elderly Grandmaster. With monstrous arms wrapped tightly around the Original Guru's god-like frame, Judge had commenced a merciless bear-hug, attempting to squeeze the life out of the Forbidden Master. The sheer suffocation of the attack was overwhelming, the strength of gods behind the squeezing arms of the Crimson Colossus. While perhaps relying on his strength would enable him to break free, a less exhausting method was a more practical alternative. An individual of nearly unrivaled speed, the esoteric Elder vibrated the entirety of his molecules at 700 miles per second.

Seemingly phasing through the ruthless behemoth, Zaraki stood several feet behind the powerful Judge. The conclusion of the battle was perhaps at hand. This was truly the only way. "You will remember the name of Zaraki, child", he uttered prior to relying on his virtually peerless control and mastery over metaphysical energy in conjunction to employing the aid of his Potaru Amulet. Thrusting his palm towards Judge's back, the intent of this action was the esoteric stimulation of Judge's chakra-points and chi-signature, one that would teleport the Crimson Colossus to an undisclosed metaphysical dimension. While certain that Judge would one day return, perhaps in the hopes of a second battle, Zaraki had no choice but to act on this recent intent.

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Victory seemed within his grasp. He felt bones beginning to snap. He would have laughed triumphantly if not for the legendary martial artist's resourcefulness. Literally melting through the juggernaut like grains of sand, Zaraki employed one last skill that decided the outcome of this battle. Having mysteriously channeled his body through Dmitri's and appearing behind him, he used this new vantage point to combine a series of energies beyond human understanding. They coursed through his fingertips, pulsating like arcs of electricity. What he did next, Judge did not manage to catch a glimpse of. The next thing he knew, he was teleported to a strange and terrifying dimension full of nothingness and darkness - a void in reality. He shouted for Zaraki to reveal himself, but received no answer. The Golden Dragon had long ago disappeared through the eaves of eternity, remaining on Earth while Dmitri had been vaulted away to a black emptiness, perhaps never to return again.

The thought of being transported away like some childish brat awoke something primal within Dmitri, however.

The rage flowed through his blood, pumped his muscles to substantial size. He started hitting nonexistent threats like a rampaging bull, his strength multiplying with each fuming breath. He became so infuriated that he began hitting something solid. The sensation caught him off-guard for a moment. He pinpointed where he remembered striking the surface and tapped on an invisible barrier, watching it glow like white glass with the imprint of his finger. A cruel smirk spread across his face as he balled his fists and started pummeling the wall between realities with the intent to return to the one with Zaraki Keijijo and break every bone in his ancient body.

Nothing ever could stop him before - why start now?