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a place to relax and think quite plzzz a room with books as far as the eye cant see those who study arcane arts would find any book here. LC,s quiet place the room is dark lit by candles black chiars and tables all around no windows ...he cast a protect spell nothing can be destoryed

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LC enters and begins to meditate ...ahhhhhhhh peace and quite

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Very empty here, isn't it?

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Walks over, hovers up and pulls out a book labelled 'A History of the Arcane'. Hovers over to a chair and settles down to read, turning the pages with unnecessary noise.

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"THIS IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK!" Smiles, as everyone looks at him. "OH! SORRY, I'LL BE A LITTLE MORE QUIET FROM NOW ON!" Floats up and puts the book back, before pulling out a spell book that looks like it could be used for evil. Reads a few pages, then checks it out. Walks out of the room by cutting open a portal to his home, then closes it.