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Gun fire erupted everywhere throughout the intergalactic trade center; multiple terrorist groups targeted the compound at seemingly the same time. “Multiple gunmen” the chief of the citadel explained briefing his group of volunteers on the situation at hand. Judging by the caliber of destruction this was no one “civilized” chief thought readying the powerful cannon on the left. Chief’s battle armor was the only one of its kind; it was made to do one thing hide that was really lurking inside the armor.

It didn’t take long for Chief to storm the building; multiple people where either dead from burns or from gunshot wounds. “Looks like the blast was just a way to get rid of all the evidence” Moving through the lower areas of the building; she saw multiple bodies with gaping holes inside them. “I’ve never seen laser holes this size before” Chief said, walking through the thick haze trying to get a read on a body signature. “Taking note to forced entry at the top” Chief stated, looking at the hole on the side of the building. “Whoever has it out for humans know exactly where to hit them” the armored titan said, looking at the multiple human victims.

From not too far off the blades of a gunship could be heard slicing through the air; from inside the helmet chief squinted, the gunship had returned to make sure no one survived. Two missiles slammed into building, which was all that was needed for the building to begin to crumble on itself. “Damnit” Chief yelled, as the floors underneath began to plummet down. The ceiling above began to cave in burying the elite commando in a sea of dust and debris.

Two Weeks Later

“Oh look she’s waking up” Verde very sluggishly woke up for the first time in ages feeling cold. “W-Where...am I?” she asked in a confused slur. “We’ll be the ones asking those type of questions” a black human male asked with his hands behind his back. “My first question, what’s a Ninjan of your caliber doing so far out of the Ninjetic systems?” He sat down on the bed next to the raven haired Ninjan. “F!ck does it matter to you human, I can go anywhere I please” she said, shivering on the bed. “Very true, but you’re a Ninjan Sigma; it’s treason for you to be so far out of Ninjan Jurisdiction”. He said, lighting up a cigarette and French inhaling his smoke.

“So what are you going to turn me in?” she said, still shivering dangerously with her face now turning pale. “No, I’m not going to turn you in; I’m going to use you.” He said, wrapping a blanket around her. “You have to use that suit because you’re too far out of your system, all those sun’s you girls have out there make you extremely useless in the cold.” He said, pricking her frosty body with his cigarette to watch her heat up.

“I’ve changed your suit, so that no one will be able to identify you as a Ninjan; all I ask if for your help in bringing down these terrorist”. He said, standing up handing her back her suit. “I’ll need a team” she said, instantly suiting up.

“The process of choosing has already begun feel free to watch” he said, showing her to a two-way mirror. “All humans…no I want my own team” Verde said, activating her ecosphere. “Give me about a day or two, I’ll have my squad” she said, heading out towards the slums of the Citadel to find her first team mate.

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Roughly in the center of the vast galaxy was aparently a new citadel. Formulated heavely to help aid humanity ease into the galactic formula. They were far from the first to reach exploration of space. Upon hearing about the homo sapiens hounestly Kayle was rather bumed out. Ninjens, Keresh, Symaarian populance were known if not common on the world. Add in the invasions of many aliens from the shape shifting Skrull to the invasion force of Dathron just a few months ago at best. Populated with super geniuses aliens and rich technology Kayle thought it would have been alot sooner that they made it farther than some rovers on Mars. Failure to impress aside though the back water world had finaly began to populate space. Good for them to be hounest Kayle hadn't cared even the slighest by the fact. Well not untill the latest news broadcast of this citadel.

It was suposed to be the md ground for aliens to start trying to form a more diplomatic conception. A galactic senate if you will, rather than a variety of planetary wide empires shooting at eachother. Only a few days into arival of humans though and there was terrorst attacks trying to rid them of attempting to spread outwards. Sevral humans had been killed and as a result a need arose. Somebody had to play police and someone had to take the fall. Otherwise a bunch of species would be going at it trying to sever throats as they pointed fingers, or talons, or tentacles, whatever the concept of a hand was for the mix of cultures. This meant someone would be hiring be it goverment sanctioned or scared ass politicians and business men. This rang up as a healthy paycheck and being a Guardsmen of the Keresh Kayle was free to be independant and attend to alot of jobs as she wished. So the survivalist darted off to the Citadel looking primarily to get a nice paycheck and prove once again why Keresh were the best.

Her armor made it clear that she was a veteran of the designated empire of her people. She looked to be traveling rather light a pletora of gernades on her bealt two pistols and a rifle the rest being blades some concealed and some not so much. Many were partial to a large variety of weapons Rez cared primarely for swords and knives. What helped to make her standout was the way she moved and stood. Every action fluid and strong. A small fish compared to aliens that stood nine feet tall or had muscles that sugested they could rip metal in two. Among the large and heavely armed Kayle still looked at ease like she could kill any she might need. Her slender frame puffing on a cigar as she stood outside one of the alien bars. Her foot taping to the bizare music that rang throughout the segment of the station. Hot neon lights illuminating the club based corner of the crossroads of species. When someone wanted to find mercenaries or contractors these were the places one went to. Of course so were crime lords and idiots a small pack of four aproaching the Keresh.

"Na weey? Keylea Raaarz" The largest of the group spoke, he was green skined looked a bit like a big. Tusks juted from the creatures maw the only weapon in hand a large ax, his voice gutural and sluring words. "It is huh, Kay Kay long time no see you know I rather liked Ace we had a thing you kind of killed that you know." This voice soft spoken coming from a humanoid with pink skin. Rather than hair though she had an asortment of head tails. Her eyes were large and black almost fish like, in her hands two small pistols. Assassin type aside from the barel just barely pertruding from the knuckle it was hard to spot. "Cen eh kill er?" Another of the ax wielding pigs asked this one with a trishot shotgun in his hands. "I believe the bosses don't mind if shes alive or dead." This last one to speak being a humanoid whos only distinct characteristic was teel colored scales spoting his skin sporadically. Kayle knew them, they were members of a pirate organization they had worked alongside her now dead boyfriend. They were a loose end, now was a fine time to pick up the mess. The first of the pigs was known to her as Bob, his brother had the nice gun he was Jim Jim. Headtails she called Sally and the boss was Sally Sue. Ofcourse these were not their real names, that was simply what the pirate called them.

Bob was first to swing at her a clumsy rush that she avoided with a simple step to the right. Her flame thrower quick to engulf the creature his head lighting up like one of the camp tents Kayle burned back in the war. Sally fired a quick shot, thankfully it was not meant for range fire and the bolt did litle but graze her armor. The Queen of Blades swift to drop to the ground a spin kick knocking Jim Jim and Sally off their feet. A flicker of motion and her plasmis were free scything the two fallen pirates in quick succession and leading to a fluid turn to impale Sue. The ballad of motion over in seconds but ending them all. Kayle hated leting engagments being prolonged when unneeded. Looting the bodies as swift as her fluid body could allow she returned to her position radioing security of her now dead attackers. Off in the distance she spotted someone coming from the med bay but thought nothing of it.

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In the casino at the citadel, gasp could be heard from all around, as the new guy had just won 3 times at a game he had never played before. The loser was obviously in a pissed mood, as because of this winning spree, he was now completely out of money. This would mean death, slavery, or worse on his planet. "YOU'RE F#CKING CHEATING!" The large bi horned black alien screamed, oddly with out a tongue. Wonder how that works. The victor calmly thought, dressed in a trench coat, black jeans, and a fedora, the only thing known about him being that he was a dark skinned humanoid. Everything else shrouded as the man made sure to try to keep himself anonymous. "I DON'T KNOW HOW, BUT YOU'RE F$CKING CHEATING!" The loser continued on, Maybe he can only scream, sure hasn't talked much since we first met. The victor still sitting in his seat, his opponent standing far above him even while sitting down, the standing part of it was just a bonus. "ARE... ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!" The alien somehow sounding even more angrier than before.

"F&CK YOU!" The giant said, reaching at his opponent in pure rage and stupidity, Why does this always happen? Beary thought, throwing a powerful uppercut to counter the reach made by the giant, his Treanch coat falling off as he did so. Whether the alien was durable or not didn't matter, as the Detroit Lion had prepared by bring along adamantium knuckles for the ride, and apparently the guy just wasn't strong enough to withstand one of earth's strongest man-made metals. He was strong enough to at least survive though, as the giant only stumbled backwards. Wiping away some black liquid that had found it's way onto the the alien's lower lip, the alien's eyes had changed colors. Maybe a different attack method. Urbs thought as the man spoke again, this time his voice one of scathing hate instead of burning rage, "You'll regret ever doing that human." Urbs smirked, "Oddly enough, you're the fifth creature to say that to me since i've been up here. And i haven't been here that long." The alien only grinned as his black arms assumed a more metallic gloss. Then, with a smooth silky sound, his arms morphed into two dual blades.

"I Think maybe you're luck has just run out." The black giant said, coming at Urbs with a surprising amount of speed for his immense size. Sadly for him, it just wasn't enough as Urbs quickly unleashed his two magnums off his back, blocking the beings attacks with his own blades. Then using his center of gravity, he quickly pushed the giant away and slashed at the aliens shoulders hoping to disarm him. The alien smirked, "Sorry, that just won't cut it (no pun intended)." he said as his arms started to grow back, Then this will. Urbs thought as he raised his two magnums and aimed the barrels at the mouth of the alien, firing off two adamantium enhanced bullets and finally ending the life of the alien. Once again the crowd gasped, this time probably from shock as they had just seen their high-stakes bet lose. As the alien's torso lay on the ground, Beary smirked, "Just so you know, i was cheating."

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"This is the planet that is so highly criticized for its inhabitants", a deep rumbling voice spoke, emerging from a mysterious being completely encased in a shiny metallic suit of red armor. "Indeed it is, Animus", another voice replied, this time from a bronze-armored individual with a female build. Silence was followed, Animus had no words to utter as the two intellectuals sat on the surface of Earth's dusty moon, examining the planet from a distance. The highly advanced computer systems of their suits being all they required to gather the information and knowledge that would quench their thirst and scientific curiosity. Briefly shifting his attention to the twinkling stars in the darkness of space, Animus turned to face his companion, Naiya. "This planet is strikingly similar to our own, yet those who inhabit it are remarkably different from us", Animus pointed out. "That is true. Though our home world is much larger. They unlike us are creatures of violence but full of intellectual potential", Naya responded.

Nodding his head, Animus recalled the recent events regarding the terror attacks on humans in several space colonies. "Were you informed of what happened to the humans established on their space colonies?", Animus asked, completely aware that his comrade knew of the incidents but simply spoke of them in hopes of establishing a proper basis for conversation. "Yes I have. The terror attacks were quite widespread. It has turned into a real protest. However, universal authorities are still unaware of the identity of those behind the attacks", Naya responded, getting to her feet, and continued, "I honestly believe we should help protect these humans. While they have contributed very little to the universe, they can potentially be a force for great scientific advancement sometime in the distant future", Naya suggested, "With our technology, we will only be helping in apprehending these terrorists", she said. Sighing, Animus disagreed, finding it a reckless decision. "You can't be serious Naya. We are Pacifistas. We do not involve ourselves in anything that can potentially bring violence to our people. Our mission is to travel the cosmos and learn, not to fight", Animus insisted.

However, the two were sadly too different to agree on a decision. Animus was the perfect example of a Pacifista. He was what a human would classify as a super-genius, one who's intellect is virtually peerless. He was peaceful, not even raising his voice, always reasonable. However, Naya always felt that she should have been born into a different species. While just as smart as Animus, she was not as intellectually curious as he was, she was headstrong, somewhat confrontational and not afraid of battling. With how advanced Pacifista technology was, Naya had no moment of hesitance in developing weapons for purposes other than defending herself. She was a thrill seeker in a way but she had a good heart and genuinely wished to help in the apprehension of these terrorists. "Perhaps our missions are now different. I want to help the humans. I will not hesitate simply because our entire race is scared. I am going to help them, you cannot stop me", she concluded before leaving via teleportation. A disappointed Animus simply shook his head, "She's going to attract unwanted beings towards our planet. I cannot allow this", Animus decided, following the energy-signature left behind by Naya's teleportation device.

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Verde scanned the area hundreds of bounty hunters; even more drug lords. Ninjan’s weren’t common in this part of the universe only for the sole reason that it happened to be far more cold here than in the others; Verde’s suit was self-heated which allowed her to virtually explore any part of space. Walking through the strip she could see huge ships landing in the Citadel’s bay area; hundreds of the paupers on the ground floor were glued to the anti-pressure lock window’s watching as an infamous pirate ship known as the black sands docked in the bay.

“Oh this is bad, this is bad” A local remarked shaking it’s head on the glass. “Why is this bad?” Verde asked knowing the Black Sands were bad news but not understanding why they were here. “If you must know, the Black Sands have set up multiple recruiting stations across the Citadel; they’re preparing for a takeover” The local explained. “This is a human based, station why would they try to take it over? Do they have a problem with the humans?” Verde asked trying to get some information. “Ever since the Citadel stood up, the Black Sun’s admin here on the Citadel has been very vocal about his hatred for humans” The local continued to explain.

“What’s this guy’s name?” Verde asked taking out her Ninjan Plasma shotgun. “Oh- uh-um his-h-his name is Jaeroth Kinlia” the local responded somewhat intimidated. “I’ll go meet with him” she said walking pass him towards the docking bay. “Y-Y-you can’t do it by yourself!” the local screamed in shock. His concern didn’t warrant the Ninjan at all she just continued moving with one goal in mind.

Arriving at the docking bay; she saw almost an army of black sands members taking various positions in the docking bay. She knew the local drug dealers wouldn’t allow this to happen seeing as this now shut off the route for the smuggling imports; bounty hunters would have a hard time getting their bounty; she knew she wouldn’t be the only one handling this incident.

Walking into the docking bay she was quickly halted by a female Altarian (a humanoid like race with beaks and wings) stopped her entry. “Hold it there; you’re not permitted to enter here!” She said, placing her wing on Verde’s chest plate. “I’m here to see Jaeroth Kinlia” she said, forcefully smacking the wing off her chest plate. “Why you!!!” the bird like creature hissed only to be halted by Jaeroth himself.

“What do ya want!” Jaeroth snapped folding his huge arms in the process. “You’re a Serpenine; you’re a bit too far from Hilden” The Ninjan remarked showing off her extensive knowledge on the Universe. Hilden was a barren planet usually mined for Eco, which the Ninjans used to manufacture the eco-spehere.

“You know soo much you little punk in armor; you have no business here” he snapped slithering around only to have the barren of Verde’s Ninjan shotgun in the back of his head. “Oh?” he said turning his snake-like body around to face the armored Ninjan again.

“Why do you have it out against the humans?” she said, placing her hand on the trigger. “Have you not seen the news that comes from these humans? They kill each other and will do nothing but plunge the galaxy into chaos”

Verde couldn’t argue with that but it was not her place to stop anyone’s space exploration. “Why does it matter to you…Ninjan?” The Serpenine responded using his tongue to absorb the smell of her Ninjan blood. “Not bad, but I’m looking into why the human colonies are being attacked, you know anything about it?”

The snake-like creature spun around smacking the Ninjan with his tail and then quickly burrowed underground. “Eh…I’ll take that as a yes” she said, rolling out of the way of the Black Sands fire; taking cover behind a crate she laughed a bit a how she under-estimated the Black Sun’s numbers.

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As Urbs walked down the long lane of Bays set along in an orderly fashion, Beary pondered something, Will anybody make the mistake of trying to rob me? He smirked as he grabbed at the large sac of cash on his back. No matter, he wasn't truly worried anyways, especially since he was walking out of the doctors. A few of the aliens he had cheated out of their cash could actually fight, and these were not fun fights. Usual they were smaller, squirmier, and a ton more cowardly. The big ones were too dumb and slow to truly land a hit on Urbs. The others with unique abilities had the abilities usually had the abilities because of their specific job. They just couldn't pack the concept of fighting down. It was a fun, sweaty day, filled with the humility of men. And because of it and other things, Beary was going home a richer man.

On his way to the docking pay, Urbs could see the swift destruction on a small group of thugs. Sadly enough, he didn't get to see the battle close enough to analyses the victor of the battle. Though he was hit with a bit of luck, as the victor had decided to stay around after the tussle. "Hello there madam." Her reaction to the greeting would tell a lot to Urbs. And as Beary strayed from his contact with the female, he thought heard quiet movement from behind him.


After a well traveled distance, Urbs smiled as the time for his contact to greet with him was finally arriving. There was just one thing, another battle was taking place in front of him, this time he had a front row to the seat though. Many of the Black sun's had there aim focused on what appeared to be a space cop, but some of them were spreading their aim to other area's, shooting down quite a few citizens. Urbs looked between the two scenes, one was his target, the other, his people attacked in a war that wasn't theirs. Urbs decided that the snake had something more important for him.

As he chased after the snake, leaving the cop and the humans to fend for themselves, Urbs decided to let the creature get a bit of space. Then as an alley way up to the side, Urbs shot a bullet in front of the snake, forcing him to turn in the alleyway in a screwed up reaction. Urbs quickly dashed and turned to where his prey would be trapped. Urbs smiled, "Jaeroth." he said in a smoky smooth voice. A voice that puts on an aura of authority, not of disrespect. The snake creature slithered back. He tried to put on a manly facade, "You thought it would be that eassss-ss-sy to lure out Jaeroth, foolssss! He would never leave the bassse for weaklings-sss like you..." For a second, slithery snake alien was scared to look Urbs in the eyes as the giant strode towards him...

Ten minutes later, a beaten being lay oozing. One wouldn't be able to tell if he was originally a snake or a bug. "Thank you for your time." Urbs said as he turned to walk away.

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The bold, headstrong and confrontational Pacifista known as Naya had successfully accessed the otherworldly capabilities of the advanced technology in her flawlessly sculpted armored suit. Having immersed herself in a stream of extra-dimensional energies, the fiery Pacifista swam through a pool of surrounding violent energies, threatening her very existence. Had her suit's self-adaptation setting not activated, Naya's life would have certainly been taken. The surrounding energies were instantly stabilized by her suit's powerful technological functions as she moved through a mesmerizing wormhole, transporting her across the universe at truly mythical speeds. Determined to achieve her intended objective, courageous Naya would stop at nothing to bring aid to the defenseless humans suffering from the abrupt terror attacks. "I've finally located you!", Animus exclaimed, emerging from a small tear in space-time on Naya's right. "Listen Animus, your words will not convince me to change my mindset", Naya said, "Unless you intend to fight me, which I wouldn't recommend, for your sake", fearless Naya warned.

An indifferent Animus however, had other intentions in mind as his suit too stabilized the destructive energies surrounding the protective outer-shell of his armor. "I never intended to do so Naya", Animus said, his voice, completely devoid of unnecessary emotion. A surprised facial expression washing over a confused Naya's face, the female Pacifista could not help but ask what her companion was attempting to accomplish, "Then why did you follow me? ... You want to help", she smirked triumphantly, her tone overpowered by content. "Unfortunately", Animus sighed, "I cannot afford to lose you Naya. You're important to me", Animus replied, a brief moment of genuine emotion and sincerity overcoming the Pacifista's disposition before he quickly made an attempt to correct himself, "I mean as a fellow scientist of course. We are both tasked with studying the cosmos together", Animus said with a dismissive cough, deeming his previous words unimportant. "For a moment there I thought you actually cared", Naya joked, before halting her journey through the wormhole, the several supercomputers in her suit detecting several interesting phenomena. (Unusual increase in environmental energies, Space-time activity generating approximately 5 meters from this unit's location) Her eyes widened with suspense as a large spacial rift tore open several meters before the intellectual duo.

"It seems like something is forcing it's way into this wormhole", Animus pointed out as several ethereal arms emerged from the rift, accompanied by a glowing bright red energy-based body. (Energy-based anomaly detected, Target: Hostile, Recommended action: Evasion/Avoid, Current action: Generating protective barrier) Animus readied himself for defense as the enigmatic anomaly radiated a menacing aura, a rather threatening one as it roared ferociously, causing disruptions in the wormhole. "Naya, do not engage it", Animus advised, only for his words to be ignored. "Too late!", Naya exclaimed, quickly dashing to her right side, avoiding what appeared to be a threatening energy tendril emerging from what appeared to be the anomaly's chest. "We mean you no harm", Animus stated, making attempts at appeasement while Naya quickly pulled out a metallic staff that began to surge with purple energy, twirling it as she taunted the creature, "Come on!", she shouted, daring it to attack. "Naya don't-", Animus warned however, it was too late as his companion was now fending off energy blasts from the creature, deflecting them with her twirling spear, absorbing the energy into it and quickly redirecting it towards the anomaly. Animus unlike Naya, had no knowledge of combat and knew only one way to deal with their current situation: scientifically.

"Keep it occupied Naya", Animus demanded, his futuristic gauntlets pulsating with a mysterious purple energy. (Current plan: Energy-rearrangement, Success estimation: 78%) Slowly but steadily making his way towards the anomaly, Animus' computers instantly warned him of the consequences of the anomaly's continued presence in the wormhole. (Anomaly decomposing wormhole, Causing spacial instability, Consequence of no intervention: Permanent termination) The anomaly's presence in the wormhole was rapidly decomposing it's structure unnaturally, forcing it into a state of instability, threatening the lives of both Pacifistas. "This would have never happened if you had just listened!", Animus complained, driving his glowing hands into the energy-based anomaly. His plan was being executed. (Rearrangement of energy-patterns taking place, Success rate: 25%....50%...75%..100%) The anomaly was beginning to collapse as Animus had rearranged it's energy patterns, successfully decomposing it into a harmless cluster of photons. With Naya and himself saved, Animus merely shook his head, only for Naya to make it clear that she still intends to proceed with her plan, "This doesn't mean anything. I am still going to help the humans", she swore, continuing her journey through the wormhole with a slightly frustrated Animus as they soon found their exit, reaching their destination as they emerged from a spacial rift into a large infrastructural complex, ready to offer their services to the universal police force to apprehend the unknown terrorists.

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"Kayleira Aurorez" the soldier remarked as a man addressed her in curiosity. He was affrican decent if her knowledge of humans was right. The enigma was also a barrel of a man, large and likely those muscles were thick with good cause. Nothing about him said warrior, or man even of war. There was however a sence of composure and strength in his gate. Likely not a diplomat but clearly a leader of something, someone with morals despite what business he might be in. Atleast that was what Kayle got from the man. Offering her hand for a ferm shake she continued to introduce herself, incase he was trying to gauge her like she was with him. "I belong to the Keresh Empire, being a Guardsmen though I have some freedom to venture and attend to what I want how I see fit. Obviously my people must be first though. Im quessing you must be of some merit yourself, don't know you but I can sence it in your posture."

Kayle had enough time to get an answer but then turmoil broke out in the distance. It would seam a police of some sort had gone and goten herself into some trouble. Not exactly unpredictable, send the police to investigate pirates and what dose one expect to happen. Naturally things had gone south, the entirety of the space station in that corner exploded into a panic. The various pirates and mercenaries opening fire with whatever weapons they might have possessed at the time. Plasma fire went off each shot making the air styfling hot. Laser fire made its signiture poping noise as it scorched up metal. Heavy automatic weapons barked like thunder their large bullets shattering whatever they came in contact. And of course then there was the low whistle of railguns granted those were much fewer in number but the Keresh could pin point the diffrent tones. Thankfully her Earthling aquaintance rushed off to take part in the situation meaning Kayle could do so as well without fealing some what bad.

Darting forward the Guardsmen headed for a set of near by crates. The large metal boxes holding a large number of things. From a quick glance though Kayle was able to pick out the majority as fuel or ammo. Various gases, plasma batteries, rockets and the like would make a good crowd clearer if need be. Thankfully the frantic mob was smart enough to generally avoid the caskets. Of course then again they could just be avoiding it as no rooms were located near the docking bay. Afterall nobody said everyone of these multiple aliens was a genius by any stretch. All of that didn't matter however, what was important was lending a hand in the chaotic endevour. Using the crates as stepping stones the alien quickly made it to the platform above. She was trained by the Teres an alien race that thrived untill they became extinct on mele combat. Being experts on the body they were agile and had impressive balance, it led to Kayle being rightfully called the Queen of Blades by some pirates. The problem was she was not in a spot where dexterity and swordsmanship was the best element.

Light on her feet Kayle landed on the catwalk a doorframe the only cover between her and the pirates also on the platform. Even if there wasn't a blitzkreig of gunfire her landing would have likely gone unaudible. That however didn't change the fact of sight the well lit dock made her arival all to clear. Soon enough those on the catwalk had turned to shoot at her. Taking cover a wall of weaponfire pluged the doorway. Thankfully the walls were thick other wise she would have been grinded into slag, a pretty bloodstain on silver steel. The mercs might not wield strategic brilliance, they did however show enough intelect to fire in patterns. Giving one set time to reload while keeping the gap pluged. The gold eyed blade fanatic needed a plan a scan of her suroundings and she had it all ploted out. Nothing to flashy was in order, she did however hope that the property damage wouldn't be hers to pay for. Kayle hated when they made her pay for saving someones rear.

Activating one of her plasmis she carved open a hole in the floor and droped through it. Her wrist gauntlet of her free hand extending a blade and wedging into the floor bord the blade holding her aloft. The energy in the other hand carving open another opening and with that her hand was a quick blur. The blade of the Teres Morba sheathed and a nanite gernade thumbed. With a loud bang the gernade released a small cloud the gray mist soon vanishing as small machines began riping apart the gathered group of people on the catwalk. Fliping herself onto the platform the Keresh Guardsmen retracted the wrist blade and withdrew two of her energy blades. A flurry of movement as she began carving away the crowd now where her skills could be placed to use. Sevral pirates were above and below still a danger to those trying to help things dial down. Those residing on the same floor as Kayle however stood little chance blades carving the various species into remnants. Blood forming into bubling pools and streams, this did no good on solving who was acountable of the terrorism on humanity. With any luck however maybe one of the less dismembered people could provide some intel.

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"Sir we are approaching the Citadel, our scanners are picking up weapons fire. What would you have me do." a wry smile covered the Purges lips as he paused for a second. " We are here as ambassadors of the Excelion empire, perhaps we should shown them how i earned my name. Dock as planned and guard the ship i will lead a small squad into the fray myself." The bright spark of the engines fades in the dark of space as the ship glides towards the docking bay. Disrobing his royal garments in a flurry of activity the prince of Excelion , lord high commander of the armed force Turel Excelion hurriedly put on his infamous armour which was ordained with the scars of his many past conflicts. Its formerly bright surface covered with scuffs burns and general grime changing his appearance instantly to its true nature no longer a lordly prince he looked as he felt and how he was best known at home a warrior and a dam good one at that.

The ship judders to a stop and the bay doors slowly begin to open "Check your targets, so help me good if one of you kills an ambassador i will hand their replacement your head" as the door grinds to hold Turel and his troops charge from their ship and gather behind cover. Their presence instantly draws a flurry of fire from a group of black armoured individuals across the bay from them. " Well you have you targets , get busy" Turel's form started to slowly drain away his body becoming like gas his form a cloudy vapouress form of himself approaching his targets his helmet engaged its scanning mode flickering through filters of ultra violet/infrared and various filters to complex to explain. Finally focussing on his enemies weapon its brought up the weapons schematics cross-referenced it with its inbuilt database and pinged the all important answer. " Troops save your rounds , their weapons are those of a child" With the end of the sentence Turels form shot back into the pyschical world and he advanced at the black armoured soldiers. Rounds flashed from the the guns of the men in his path but Turel and his soldiers simply walked towards their opponents each round seeming to vanish upon impact. Reaching his opponents first Turel smiled at them opened his hands in an almost amicable gesture then a bright light burst out from him and they fell dead. "Maybe that will teach them to pick their fights more carefully hey boys. Now wheres that meeting supposed to be"