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The Arrival

We were both standing in the streets of my city, covered in blood. I know we died, but the way you feel when it happens...the first few minutes feel like hours, you look at the gray walls of Hell's gates and wonder what they are, but yet you know. Some kind of psychological sh!t I couldn't begin to pretend to explain. When we got there, for the first time, we stood face to face. No mental link, no bars made of brains, two men with the same everything staring at each other in directions as opposite as their moral compass.

I could always read people, his face says how much he hates me, and I can't really blame him. My face says how much I resent him for denying I existed, and I can't really blame him. So we turn back towards towards the river and blame nobody but ourselves

..The irony of that shit ain't lost

A thousand souls stand ahead of us, moaning and crying that they don't deserve this; I guess even here we were the odd couple. We stayed silent and shuffled forward.

Finally, the gate opens. It's not what you picture when you think of Hell's front door, dire and brimstone bars, nah. It's a giant golden pair of doors.

They never close. Not once in the months we stood there did it close, we doubt they ever did or will.

Finally we get to grab our ticket in the butcher shop, and climb on the boat of the river styx.

Looking to my right as we sail past the more, generic level. I see a man in a suit. He walks the hollowed hell like he's been here before, gripping something in his hand. The place is worse than Grimm by far, the anti-life version of LA. The demons take note, even souls know a mortal when we see one. As he does his business and begins running the demons follow, until he cracks an orb across his chest and dissapears, to where who knew. Only ting I could make out was his...smell I guess. It was wrong. Like it wasn't the same as ours. But who cared, he was gone back to wherever he came from.

Swear to god I'd seen him before

Charon looks back at us and with a barely skinned face, smiles past a forked tongue as we look on at the landscape, as though he knew us

"Ahhh yesss...the infamous brother's of Grimm... You've been waited on. Row on sinners, row on to your eternity, many are anxious for your arrival"

I look at the ferryman locked in his dead eyes

Surkit stays silent like the good soldier he is, as usual I'm not surprised. I look that decrepit fck in the eye and stand my full "I'll tell you what I told the last man who thought he had all the power. Shut the fck up and drive."

A dirt dinged toothless smile erupts across it's face, cracking the brittle skin like it was the first time it ever happened "Sssuch spirit...you will be most fun for the others to break."

I don't know why, maybe it was I never know when to back down, maybe I got too much pride, but still, I walked right upto the ferryman and looked him in the eye, passing a man with no nose and pale skin who wore defeat al over his thin face, kicking what looked like a deformed leprechaun onto it's knee's as I step over him. He starts barking in a high pitched voice that says punt me

"I manage my anger int he dark lords home, I preach the gospel of hell's tome! but touch me lad with that foot again, I'll skin your eyes as I count to ten!"

I ignore him, bigger fish on the starboard bow.

As I approach Charon he seems at least ten feet tall holding a scythe the size of himself. "Oh you think you have power against the ferryman child of the snake city? "

I don't oblige him with a response, I just reel my hands back on muscle memory, I was surprised. My lightning shot forward laced with fire liek whips, as I lash the bastard across the chest, "aahhh! It's not possible... I am a greater demon!"

"That chunk of you on the floor makes me think your a lil less." I crack it against his neck and let it wrap, before grinding off the back of his spine followed by the thud of his head on the wooden mast. We sailed on.

Bishop looked at me with a grimace, standing in reproach as he begins towards me.

Until something with tentacles for lips and giant wings scoops him in scaled talons, blood of his soul leaking onto the deck as he turns into a brown and blue speck in the fire bred sky

I only know three things right now

1. I'm a badass motherfcker regardless of the venue

2. Somebody else knows that and took the weakest link in my chain

3. All these motherfcka's look reaaal familiar


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Looks like he knows 3 things :P tight work as always though.

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@surkit: hahah I read it all but I must have missed the meaning of the 2 things reference. I'm not always on point lol

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@the_last_arashikage: lol I'd be callin the kettle black. It was a typo, had it sitting open for hours contemplating whether to jam it all into one and just posted what I had

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@surkit: You do the first person style really well.

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Very nice. I like your style, it feels very... real? That's the only word I can think of to describe it, haha

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Apparently even in hell Surkit has to choke a b!tch

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That seemed a bit....dark even for you lol

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@fuzionguy: Thanks

If I'm not in a character's mindset I don't write.


Apparently even in hell Surkit has to choke a b!tch

"Just remember; Somewhere, sometime, there's always a punk jumpin up to get beat down"-Jiminey Cricket

That seemed a bit....dark even for you lol

pssh, this is only part one

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First sentence. Already catching feels. You've been on fire good sir.

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Nice, looks like you really got into it when you wrote. Good stuff mano ;)

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@surkit: No probs. You're writing has a specific voice that well screams you. *Applauds

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@surkit: Your av threw me through a loop xD