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This rpg follows what happened after Superboy Prime was locked away by the green laterns. After acumulating power of an unknown source he broke from his prison driven by one motive to become the Ultimate hero in the universe.

As this new Superboy went from planet to planet destroying all in his path until finally his conquest and construction of an army of super beings from all over the universe made it's way to Earth.

The Hero's of Earth 1 we're overpowered, enslaved, or killed.

As his power grew he eventually caused a major rift in time and space and this in turn opened portals to entirly new universe's and from them came new villans and new heros. To the hero's of the DC universe this was completly new to them never before had they seen hero's of this type nor had they seen villans of such a tenacity. As hero joined with hero it still seemed unlikely that they would win, but as the events of before conspired again they all knew one thing, they were in for one hell of a fight.

My Rules:

  • Use your Vine hero

  • you may play an original hero from any universe

  • keep the thread alive.

  • enjoy!

  • Follow Comicvine's official rule list posted at the top.

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  • Earth X, Two hours before invasion of Prime

Animist sat atop a tree branch staring into the night sky. The stars shining ever so brightly, he could only stare in amazement but one thing didn't seem right one star was incredibly bright almost brighter than the north star. It confused him but he didn't pay it any mind. He left his branch and as he fell gently to the ground he looked to his neighborhood and began to walk down the hill to his home.

He loved the night simply for a few reasons it felt really nice out, the sky was always beautiful, and he could enjoy the peace of not having to fight villans during this small frame of relaxation.

When he finally reached the bottom of the hill instead of heading home he decided to look for others, hopefully not a battle but if it came to that he was sure he could take them on, after all he had an army of Anima he could change into at will and besides his only real threat was Chimera but he hadn't been very active latly, maybe after the first couple of defeats he finally learned. Animist changed into his wolf Anima and sped off on the open grass in search of another person.

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Post Deleted.

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Earth X

Scott Wolfman walked trough the grass slowly, silently. Scott didn't know where his opponent was, but he would be ready for him. He heard something behind him, whirled around and was pounced on.

"Simba!" Scott tryed to say as Simba licked his face,"Ok you win! You win! get off me."

"Told you I'd win. Pay up."

Scott rolled his eyes and tossed Simba some dog treats. He gobbled them up and licked his lips. "C'mon lets go home. It's getting late out." As they walked home, Scott saw the north star. It was shining brighter than ever. Then something came to him.

"Hey Simba, isn't the north star that way?" Scott said pointing in the opposite direction. Simba nodded and Scott looked up at it again. He was puzzled. He needed to contact a friend, and he knew just the way to do it.

Scott looked up toward the night sky and let out a super-sonic howl, hoping that his friend would be awake at this time.

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With his Wolf Anima picking up the noise he quickly turned around and bolted in the direction of the noise. As he ran he pondered not only about the star but about the call.

"Who could be calling me at this time?" he continued his dash until finally reaching his target.

"Scott?" he said as he reverted to his human form. He approached him and looking to Simba smiled gently. He turned back to Scott and asked simply "What's up?".

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"Hey. Did you notice the star?" He said,pointing at the star in the sky."I thought the North Star was the other way. What is it?"
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Animist chuckled, "You know I was wondering the exact same thing." he looked to the 'star' and all he could get was a bad feeling from it. "But um yeah the north star is that way", he said pointing at the true north star "Maybe that one's just really bright on the verge of supernova."

He shrugged with all the things in this world nothing really surprised him, it was weird though no matter how many times he looked at it he would always shiver as if something in that star was gazing upon him. Animist shrugged it off and turning back to Scott asked "So what are you doing out here at this time?"

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"Oh....yeah," Scott said with a little laugh" Simba and I made a bet about who could sneak up on who first and he won....."

Simba spoke to Scott and Scott translated,"Yeah, Simba said I had to give him treats and that he gets a steak for dinner all week."

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Animist tried to hold back a laugh "You lost a bet to your dog?" he chuckled holding one hand over his mouth. "Oh boy that's funny." he sat on the grass sighing as the cool night breeze swept over him gently wrapping around his body and leaving as quickly as it came.

"So while your out here making bets, I'm sitting in a tree staring at stars," he chuckled "So what other exciting adventures do you have in the night?" he stood and stretched "Its been really quite not a single villan latly it almost makes me miss them you know?" a small smirk appeared over his face "Man all I've been able to do is play games and read comics, not that I'm complaining or anything but you know it gets boring not having a good villan to fight."

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"Yeah, I don't know when the lasttime I changed into Cryo-Wolf was. I think Simba is missing it too."

Simba nodded his head. "But yeah thats it. Just comics and video games. We usually come up here to stretch our legs but it doesn't really do much good especially when the only thing we do with our super-powers is chores around the house."
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 -A Pocket Dimension.

In some pocket dimension existing side by side with reality, a God like sorcerer going by the name of Intervener saw a ripple in the fabric of reality. "No, this can't be!" he exclaimed. Not sure of what this could mean. "I must warn them, I must do something!"

 -Earth X (what is Earth X?)

A violent flash of light not far from the location of Animist and Cryo-Wolf, Intervener had arrived (But you guys don't know me yet).

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Scotts ears picked up a sound and he saw a flash of light over a nearby hill. He transformed into his were-wolf form and said,"I think we just found ourselves some action!"

He bared his claws. Simba followed him as he slowly walked up the hill.

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(Earth X is the planet Earth that we live on, where the heros of DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, etc. are actually comics and aren't real in our world, so far we are really the only heros of the area but yeah Earth X is one of many Earths, in which things are different.)

Animist quickly jumped up "What the hell was that?" he said looking at Scott "You know I think you're right." he changed to his wolf Anima and sped off after Scott.
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Intervener was surprised to see what appeared to be three wolves rushing at him the second he appeared on Earth X, so with the word mud, he transformed the earth beneath their feet to a thick mud, sending them end over end into a roll, then stuck in the mud.
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Intervener said in surprise, "That is exactly what I would like to know." "How do you beasts speak in the tongue of man?"

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"What the-" Scott said as he tumbled over himself and fell into mud which wasn't there a second ago. He then got stuck in it. Simba did too. "What the heck is going on here!?" He said.
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"CLEAN!", exclaimed The Intervener. And as he said the words, the mud dissipated, forming the hard and solid ground.

"I am The Intervener, I watch over all of reality in my Pocket Dimension."

"I have noticed a ripple in the fabric that is reality. I have come to warn you that all of the Megaverse is melding into one. The comic books that you read show realities similar to those of alternate verses. One of the larger events, Infinite Crisis, has happened nearly 3 years ago. Superboy Prime has escaped, and plans to end all of the Megaverse to return Earth Prime to It's former glory. We together must stop him and become the unsung heroes of The Megaverse, or ALL of existence will be destroyed, for no longer can Earth Prime be returned. It is gone forever."

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(Have to go now)

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"Well," Scott said reverting to his human form."thats becuase.....we are human! Well.....except for Simba. He's a dog."

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"Yeah what he said." Animist said changing back to his human self ,"never heard of a super hero?" he plooped down in the mud as it seemed to end up being pointless to try to escape.
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OoC: see ya

Scott thought for a moment. "So.....does that mean......We're in comic books in other realities!?" He said, striking a heroic pose.

"Then wait, that also means that Beast, Spiderman, and Beast Boy are real too........cool...."

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"Whoa." Kyle said unaware that the heros of fantasy actually existed. "That's awesome!" he said jumping up. But after hearing the part about Superboy Prime, he paused "I know somebody who has that comic, I never would've thought it be true."

he gulped remebering how on the pages of the book Superboy Prime had pretty much annihilated the heros that tried to stop him, some utterly demolished. "So if he's coming here, doesen't that mean Superman and the other heros will show up?"

Quickly adding a snide comment he looked to Scoot "I bet my comic is more popular than yours." he said taking his own heroic pose.

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"We'll see." Scott said with a grin on his face. "So....I've never really read about Superboy. What happened?"

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"Wow," Scott said, his eyes wide,"and thats gonna be coming here!? Holy crap this ain't good."

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"Well Superboy Prime wanted to be superman but there was another Superboy, this one was a clone of superman. Superboy Prime ended up punching him in the face saying "You're not super boy!" and thus this huge battle began when Superboy called the Teen Titans." he continued to explain "So all the titans and the doom patrol and pretty much everyone ended up fighting superboy until who I belive to be Pantha, got her head punched off for caliing Superboy Prime a 'stupid kid'."

He chuckled "That pissed off the titans, and when they all began to attack him he began to kill them, Wildabeast got blasted in half by his heat vision. Eventually the flashes had an idea all three of them used the speed force and locked him away, though I believe only two of them went with Superboy."

"Anywho heros began to dissapear and then basically were part of Alexander's plan to cause all of this to go back to normal. But Superboy Prime broke out of whereever they had him, and this time he had armor and was pretty much over-powered. It took both Supermans to take him out before he was locked away by the green lanterns only to engrave the 'S' symbol into his chest once his powers returned."

"That's my overall summary but maybe since this guy seems to know about it he would give a better explanation." he said taking a long breath.

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"You're tellin me." turning to the Intervener he asked "How do we defeat that? I mean if he's coming here won't the O.M.A.C.S also show up considering we'd be a super war?" This was too much, Kyle was about to be involved in probably the war of all time, and his chances of surviving in a fight against some of the villans he read about would probably be incredibly slim.

He sat down free of mud, and contemplated with himself "Alright well I guess I have no choice, so how long until he comes here?"

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Scott stared at the bright star. The whole world's gonna go haywire because of this, and I bet that star's the center of it. He thought.

He looked at Simba and remembered everything else alive on the planet, how it would be destroyed because of Superboy. "I'll fight him,"He said, unsure of his chances,"just tell me when."

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"No, the O.M.A.C.S. were all returned to their human form or destroyed, and the Brother Eye was destroyed as well."

Intervener then turns to Cryo-Wolf, "We have 3 days before the arrival of Superboy Prime. In the meantime, you may call me Josh, a name that few know. I do however suggest that we prepare for his arrival."

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"Ok Josh, The name's Wolfman. Scott Wolfman." He said marveling at his bad James Bond impression,"What do we do first?"
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"That my friend is entirely up to you", implied Josh. "But you may want to ready your defenses, as well as your weapons". "I will make contact with Marvel-616, as well as DC-1, they seem to be our best chances at valuable help."

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"Question mark, question mark, exclamation point?" was what Kyle said terribly confused "DC-1, Marvel-616?" he thought about it for a second "Is that like a planet or something?"

He paced in a circle moving aimlessly until finally he stood still and said "Wait does that mean that we could have alternate versions of ourselves?" he rephrased "Like a future version of me, or an Anti-me?" he cringed at the thought of having to fight an evil anti version of himself.

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A thought popped into Scott's head. "If those are planets, how come we haven't found them yet. And what about Animist's question. I mean........a future me would be cool but......what about my doppelganger? my dark side." As he said those words he cringed at the thought and muttered to himself,"Oh right. I already have one of those."

"Ok, so how do we get into contact with the comic-book heroes. Is there some sort of inter-dimensional telportational thingamajiggy?"

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"No, and they won't react well to the 'comic book' statement." "But the planets have not yet been found because they were all separated, until the ripple in reality itself. I must go now, I will return soon"

With yet another violent flash of light, and a bolt of lightning, Josh was gone as quickly as he came. Leaving the two heroes temporarily blinded.

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After the blindness wore off Animist powered down changing into Kyle, "Dude it's like the guy has a teleporting Volvo." he strecthed out "So now that we know what's coming how do you suppose we train?"

thinking of his possible other selves, he couldn't help but think "What if in one world Chimera is the good guy and I'm the bad guy?" he added "That would make me look terrible." finally looking to this ripple in space he could only wonder "Think Nasa noticed, cause if they did it's gonna be a state of emergency, cults, and all the crazy crap." He sighed "Hey I'm gonna turn in for the night I'm getting sleepy, and my parents are probably worried that their superhero son is out past ten." he began to walk torwards his home waving as he ran.

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"See ya!" Scott yelled back as he and Simba walked in the other direction.

After a long walk, Simba said,"Pollution is GREAT!" Scott just said,"Yeah.....sure."

"AH-HAH! I knew something was wrong! You hate polltuion. Ok, so whats wrong?"

Scott, smiling at how smart Simba had been, said, "Well....It's this whole other worlds thing. I mean....You always think there are aliens out there, and then when you do find out, it turns out they're the Hero's you read in Comic Books. And then.....If there is another world, what if I'm the bad guy and The Wolf's the hero. It's just really big news."

"Well......There is a marathon of Supernatural on tonight till 12 tomorrow. The entire first season. Race you back home!" He said running.

Scott smiled again. Simba always knew how to cheer him up. He transformed into his were-wolf form and ran past Simba on all fours,"See you there!" He yelled back.

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 -Pocket Dimension

In his quaint little pocket dimension, Josh looked on in amazement, "That's a good way to prepare for the arrival of Superboy Prime." He said to himself sarcastically. Wondering as he said it if Scott knew that Kyle and Josh had saved the world together many times in the past, and also if he had picked up the part about the Volvo which was an inside joke. That reminded Josh of one of the more memorable times, when they had brought down the villainous "Logan", also known as "Log on".

"Back to business", he said to himself. "I have got to stop talking to myself...... D@MN IT!"

Looking through his home, he decided he would start by contacting Doctor Strange and Professor Xavier in the Astral Plane.

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Meanwhile, in the space above Earth, a ball of ice was speeding through the cosmos before it was plucked out of it's intended course by Earth's gravity and pulled down towards the surface of the planet.

The ball of ice was all that remained of Akwa, the inter-dimensional mercenary hero who was made up of water. He could self heal and punch with the force of a tidal wave as he was an elemental force. However he had met a foe greater then he and as a price of his arrogance was frozen into ice and launched into space.

As the icy meteor headed into the atmosphere, it began to heat up until Akwa was revitalised into his normal state. The force was too strong so he was broken up into a slurry of rain drops as he headed down. "I can always reform when I hit the surface" he said as the heat turned him into several hundred droplets falling through the clouds.

As Scott and Simba were walking back, the strangest thing happened. There was a brief shower of rain that stopped after a few seconds. As Scott and Simba shrugged it off, they saw the drops begin to run together forming into a humanoid shape.

"Greetings, native" said Akwa with a voice like dripping water. "Can you tell me what the hell is going on?"

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Scott stared in awe,"Oh my stars and Garters." Simba mouth dropeed too.

"Uhh......you were raindrops a couple of seconds ago and now your.....you. Wanna explain that to me?"

Scott could pick upn his scent: he was good. He didn't know what his alien customs were so he stayed ready for anything out of the ordinary.

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 -Intervener's Pocket Dimension.

Josh notified Doctor Strange and Professor Xavier of his findings, and they agreed to rally Marvel 616 for the upcoming battle.

Then Josh decided it would be best to contact J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter....

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"So what universe am I in this time?" said Akwa tiredly. "And more importantly, I passed this big flaming comet on my way here. I didn't get much of a look but it looked like some sort of super-hero/villain. You wouldn't happen to know him would you?"

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ACk how can this be.......

sync had been ripped form his plane of exsitence..who summons me?

We what you would consider the the overseers of what is know as the dc univerese and to your other side would be those consider or equals in the marvel universes...

we need your help? "why if all powerful you have champions" some of them have died and they grow weaker and lose ground by the seconds. "could you guys do me a favor and not all speak at once"

YOu have very unquie powers, that have never been seen before, even you do not releiaze what you able to acheive..you will adcend in time, but that time may not come!!!! What do you see sync?" i see ripples ,giant sparks unleashing, enegy in ..in..in chaos" yes in it is speading, it will comsume all till there is nothing, like a fire that burns till it exhuast its fuel.

"who has done this?", being you know as superboy prime...." you mean he real?"

are not we"goood point"

"he faster than me huh?" is that what you think "no"

"he stronger than me" is that what you feel? "no"

"I will need some things can you at least provide them?" NAME THEM AND IT WILL BE SO

"err guys the surrond sound thing again.

the ring of the named one ion

the power from one name galatus

the board of one name sivler surfer/expouse to comisc power

the bands of maverll

the power/name of captian/marvell

and the gems of the infinity gaulet

along with the power of shazman

the hammer minjor

braces of the ageisis sheild

expouse to the speed force

the poratble earrings/access to grand sumpere kai

and MOST imporatnt location of mr.increable and hulk

GRANTED.. these things where hide so that prime may not find, he may know about some but not all..


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He was back on a place that seemed like earth, it was ugly litter with rumble and crush buildings...just than a his sense picked up a human signture, hidding there watching, who what friend foe, the figure move and jump about some, than came out..is that it cant be...BATMAN

if you where going to attack you would have done so"sync agreed with that line of thinking, his heart pace confrim his truth."

"Super boy prime did this:, where are the others?" gone

i see that you know about superboy prime that means they sent you.

batman went on to explain how hal and jon, along with supergirl,powergirl, others where 1st wave had battled superboy prime with everthing they had, they wanted for ion and the corp but superbot had done away with most of th oa/corp..they died and gave there rings to supergirl to give to superman ... who along with wonderwomen,and darksied,lobo,and the such compose the 2nd wave, with any that surived and where capable for the 2nd wave.

he explain how a wonderwoman had zap both superman and superboy prime with the phantom zone generator, and there blows allowed them to espaced

"sync was shock to hear that the man of steel had giving it his all, he did not care about heros but a warrior last stand he did"superman had fallen but he had weaken superboy prime,and maganged to shatter his armor in blow that made the universe scream, and shake superboy morale, "he was the last son of kynoton" even more so whne wonderwoman died in bats arms and left the bracers and armor with him.

he explain that his last plan, the last wave involve a weaken supergirl,along with ,zod ,shazam and hiself fighting superboy prime, he also explained how ion went crazy and mad not use the lose, and had flash along with supergirl push ion into the speed force, his ring would be a strong factor, shazam had use his full force to change flash for one last push into the speed force.. with that batman said he giving superone one last option here and fight or seek that which you need...

infact batman had always had ion ring, and tricked superboy prime"one last tricks to honor his friends" he handed it over to sync, along with bracers...

I have nothing to say.. "Than dont, i will win"

the wizard is waiting for you

sync took off with the speed of the gods

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Scott looked at the stranger. "Uhh..........The Milky Way Galaxy? I don't know the right term but your on Earth dude. That thing you passed was probably Superboy....He coming here and we're gonna get ready for it."

"Who is this guy?" Simba asked. "I don't know but I'll ask him." Scott replied.

"The name's Scott Wolfman a.k.a Cryo-Wolf.....This is Simba a.k.a. Simba. Who are you?"

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"I am Akwa, last of the Fludonians." he said. "So, you don't know which Earth this is do you? At least it seems better then Earth 205."

"Anyway, are you a super-hero? Because I believe that this planet is in imminent danger!"

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"Yeah, We're supers. There just hasn't been any villiany lately. Oh Yeah, this is Earth X. And we know about the imminent danger, It's Superboy. Some God-guy named Intervener told us about some rift in the fabric of reality or something or other."

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"Intervener?" said Akwa. "Can't say I've heard of him before."

"Anyway, where is he then? And are there any other super-heroes who can help us because were going to need an army of them!"

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"Intervener dissappeared in some huge lightning flash. I don't know where he is now. There's Animist, but he's at home right now so I wouldn't go there."

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"Why not?" said Akwa, puzzled.

"If recruiting heroes is going to go this slowly, we might have to convince are arch-enemies to help us!"

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akwa were u been