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The planet Infernus is the seat of the Abyssal Imperium. It is a world located in a galaxy far from Earth, the only planet orbiting a dead star. Because of this, the planet is naturally uninhabitable, but Imperium science and sorcery has transformed it into the military and political nerve center of their operations.

The surface is little more than a rocky wasteland, its desolate appearance only interrupted by sensor arrays, weapons emplacements, and shipyards. Once one takes a lift beneath the planet’s surface, however, one encounters the true “civilization” of Infernus: the planet is hollow, and every inch of the interior is covered with installations such as industrial facilities, military barracks, research and development centers, prisons, and slave markets and quarters.

Security on the planet is complete to an oppressive degree. As facilities exist for the training, production, and housing of every variety of unit in the Imperium military, each of them can be found here in large numbers. A massive security fleet surrounds the planet, and allows no ship to enter Infernus’ skies without clearance. Mechanical and biological security details swarm both the surface and the interior, and the Shadow Brethren maintain numerous sorcerous defenses to ensure that no potential threat goes unnoticed, and is swiftly and brutally dealt with.

At the very core of the planet lies the palace of Nordok the Ancient, supreme ruler of the Abyssal Imperium. The palace itself is larger than many cities, with a dedicated security detail that would dwarf the standing military of many planets. It is here that the Ancient One spends much of his time, refining his designs for the conquest of the universe, issuing orders to subordinates, and granting the occasional audience to visitors of sufficient merit.

Another notable location on Infernus is the palace of Madam Darkness. The Ancient One spared nothing in the construction of this formidable edifice of abject horror, which gives some indication of the high level of esteem he has for his top strategic counselor. It is regarded as a source of fear on an already fearsome world; few would dare venture there without great cause, and fewer still have ever left its halls with their sanity intact, so much of what lies within is subject to whispered legends and rumors. What is known is that it is place that hosts the blackest of sorcerous practices, beyond even those dark arcane forces wielded by the Shadow Brethren. Any who wish entry must wait in the cavernous throne room, for Madam Darkness entertains only those whom she wishes, when she wishes it.

There are not many standing laws on Infernus, but the ones that do exist are enforced ruthlessly:

1.The will of Nordok is supreme; any command from the Ancient One or one of his representatives must be obeyed.

2. No violence against any Imperium member or agent will be tolerated.

3. No theft or destruction of Imperium property will be tolerated.

4. Interpersonal violence is permitted, but any battle of a scale sufficient to disrupt Imperium operations will be ended forcefully.

5. The Imperium is not concerned with commerce; any manner of product or service may be bought or sold, provided that such trade does not interfere with Imperium interests.

6. Violators will be dealt with in whatever manner deemed appropriate by the Imperium.

This is an open CVnU location, with a bit of stipulation: your first post must detail how you reached the planet (its existence in unknown on Earth, and conventional human science lacks the technology to reach it, though this will not be a problem for extraterrestrial characters, as the Imperium is generally well-known by any species that has developed interstellar travel), as well as how you bypassed the extensive security measures (stealth, diplomacy, etc.). Feel free to NPC any non-commander Imperium forces, but no destroying the planet or causing excessive disruption (read: anything that would actually draw a commander’s attention). Other than that, mix, mingle, plot, scheme, and have fun!

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Very cool, I like it.

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Nice job.

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Nice! Tomorrow if I get time I will be sure to interact here!

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@amaranth_strix: Is that even a question? Get the fck outta my face!

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"I love what you have done with the place old friend." - Lady Naamah

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@naamah_obyzouth: Such a lovely and dignified guest will always be welcome, dear lady. :)

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@nordok: Slips into an outfit better suited for Space Adventuring. ;)

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I will celebrate by reeking havoc in the streets. :)

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@schlampe: Kallak paced impatiently about one of many ready rooms in Nordok's palace. His flesh and bones had been healed, and his cybernetics repaired, since his painful defeat at the hands of Lady Liberty, but his pride was still a festering wound. In the aftermath of the destruction between the earth goddess and Malicia, he'd managed to slip away from the battlefield, and had spent several painful days avoiding discovery until the necrommando extraction team had found him and brought him back to Infernus. The Ancient one had not bothered with him since then, for which Kallak was thankful; his master was not known to be kind to failures. Since his recovery, he'd spent his time in training and meditation, regaining his edge and planning out a hundred different revenge scenarios, as he waited for further orders.

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<p>It's spelled Infernape</p>

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@chaos_dragon: Her hand clamped over her face, Malicia sat on her throne aboard the Demon's Fist sighing in frustration. Those aboard were still unable to locate the Star Wars, the goddess Liberty was unresponsive, and that all put her in a bad mood. Add to the fact that she felt it really pointless and annoying that she should contact "the blade guy" herself to tell him, but they insisted he could only be made to do so by command of her or above. She didn't even know how far the planet was from Earth, but it was supposed that it could take some time. So she made contact through the ship and issued a simple summon. "Come to me as soon as you can. Now."

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@schlampe: No sooner had the summons been relayed to him than a swirling portal opened up next to the door of the ready room. It appeared that the Ancient One hadn't been ignoring his presence, after all. Adjusting his swordbelt, Kallak stepped through the tear in the fabric of space and emerged on the Demon's Fist. Shaking off the disorientation caused by traversing the universe in such an unnatural way, he noticed Malicia seated upon her throne.

"So I see I wasn't the only one to survive that little mess."

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Nerx arrived innocuously as a mere man, seemingly harmless when it hides something more than meets the eye. In actuality it plans to find things to eat. Absorb. Evolve. At the moment his two feet only carry the body to explore. Moving harmlessly, seamlessly outside while trying to work out ways to reach the center.

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@chaos_dragon: Not one for patience, she was rather pleased he made the trip so soon. Not so much that he felt the need to comment on such obvious facts. "Of course I survived. I couldn't have summoned you if I hadn't. And you wouldn't have seen if you hadn't."

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@schlampe: He shrugged. "Fair enough. Since neither of us appear to be dead then, I'm assuming you managed to defeat the other blonde creature?"

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@chaos_dragon: "Hm. She will be of no concern to us anytime soon, this is for sure," she stated obscurely, letting out a false laugh. "Your hand in the situation is appreciated."

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@schlampe: Kallak gave a brief but respectful bow. "If I may ask, what is to be my concern? It appears that I am now to wield my blades in your service."

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@chaos_dragon: "I have requested your presence," she stated, standing to face him. A snap of her fingers brought an aide scrambling to her side. "Have this chair thrown out. I want mine to spin. And to roll." This was a design she learned of while on Earth and found quite interesting. She ignored his sigh and turned her attention once again toward Kallak. "Tell me, do you know of my....beginning?"

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@schlampe: "I can't say I do," he replied, standing at casual attention. "The Ancient One was not in the habit of providing me with more information than I needed to complete mission."

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@chaos_dragon: Her feigned smile quickly fading with her interest, she turned around and sat cross-legged on the floor. So it seems I am to wait on the Earth goddess for the truth. Disappointing thoughts, since things involving the Lady Liberty always demanded an unbearable amount of patience. Though there was still the possibility the goddess was the one who had lied. "Find out about it," she commanded.

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@schlampe: A look of confusion crossed the Ephemeran's scarred visage. "Find out about your beginning? You wish me to track down your parents?"

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@chaos_dragon: It was not exactly what she had meant, but his results, or lack thereof, could be compiled as evidence when she would next meet the goddess. "Yes. That is precisely it."

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@schlampe: He scratched the back of his neck as he considered the task. "I am really more of a fighter and assassin than an investigator. I suppose I could just starting grabbing humans and cutting pieces off of them until one of them gives me the information you seek, that hardly seems...efficient."

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Nerx founded a specimen that resembles a hominid. Proceeds to eat, slowly gaining information about this location. More importantly, who runs the operations.

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@chaos_dragon: "Don't question. Do as I command." For a number of reasons, she was feeling irritable, more than usual, her hands clenching hard on her knees. "I expect satisfactory results." Expect probably wasn't the best word. "Want" would've been correct.

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@schlampe: Still puzzled, Kallak gave the traditional Ephemeran salute and withdrew from the room. He was not generally one to think too deeply about the implications of a mission, but this one was so far outside of his experience that he couldn't help but mull it over continuously. However, he at least managed to come up with a workable plan.

Heading toward the robotics level, he began issuing orders. Every scout-class robot was to have the Destructor's genetic profile loaded onto their databases. Their holographic projectors would allow them to blend with the human population, and their scanning capabilities were more than up to the task of seeking a genetic match. It was far from guaranteed to produce results, but it was a start, at least.

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@nordok: General Xundar strode purposely through the halls of the palace, the heavy tread of his metal feet giving ample warning to the lackeys and sycophants to clear his path. Paying no heed to the legions of armed guards he passed, he entered the audience chamber of Nordok the Ancient, and reverently lowered himself to one cybernetic knee before the massive, mechanical frame of his master. He did not speak, but instead waited for the ruler of the Abyssal Imperium to address him.

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@xundar: A noxious, smoke-like substance began to seep from the mechanical form, and two sets of malevolently glowing eyes regarded the cybernetic demon from within the miasma.

"Welcome, General Xundar." The voice of the ancient one was deep, dripping with malice, and had a metallic echo to it. As he spoke, an unhealthy, greenish energy danced and rippled across his massive body. "It is time for you to turn your attention away from the insignificant rebellion on Ephemera; that task can be left to lesser beings. You are to assemble a personal fleet to your own specifications, and shall begin bringing additional planets into the Imperium's fold."

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@nordok: Beneath his helmet, the bestial face of the Imperium's Supreme General had twisted into a horrible rictus of a smile. "It shall be done as you will, great master," was all he said by way of reply, and with that, he rose to his feet and exited the room, to begin his preparations.

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@schlampe: (not meh best but least got it started)

“I think it’d be safe to say that while the world hasn’t gone to hell it’s well on its way. War and destruction are a plenty. Demons and monsters fill the headlines. Heroes, not sure we got them. What we do have our vigilantes. People who kill in their belief of right and wrong. Not to say everyone deserves life, but doesn’t mean we’ve the right to end them. Monsters can be slain, people deserve being treated like such. Death should be finite and as such should be a last resort.” The youthful teen spoke as she relaxed on a moon mildly mad one couldn’t really chew gum in space.

“Sometimes though there are forces that call for desperate measures. Near me is a planet, one governed by machines built for war and nightmarish things. As of yet they’ve had little collision with earth but for how long? There was one encounter on Earth that called me here. They’ve a woman who conveniently looks much like me. Her looks aren’t what attract me though. I’ve reason to believe she can be saved, made a force of good. She just needs the eyes to see the truth. So thus I begin, to confront a galactic empire on a rescue mission.” ‘Ugh I swear I need to stop talking to myself like this so lame.’

Granted Sara didn’t approach with caution, she wanted the attention of one of the commanding figures of this galactic force. She kept it simple, at a million ton strength she flew at the least populated location at meteor like speeds. Roughly a hundred and sixty thousand mph speeds behind such a powerful blow left a fair impression. A large crater, a lot of dust in the air, maybe a few dead robots and mutants. It wasn’t enough to attract an army against her, but she figured it enough to say she deserved investigation. Threat potential was high, hopefully enough to attract a particular woman’s attention. Of course Sara tried not to think of the alternative, that the target wasn’t here and instead a remarkable force would assail her. She tried not to think of that grim possibility.

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The impact had not gone unnoticed. The arrival of the newcomer had been noted by the defensive fleet surrounding the planet, though its size and speed had resulted in it being labeled as a probably meteorite. Nevertheless, caution ruled the day on a planet with such extensive security, and at the very least, such projectiles often contained precious metals or other valuable resources. A Reaper, one of the hundred-foot behemoth robots that served as the elite forces of the Imperium, was dispatched to the crash site to conduct an analysis.

Landing on the rim of the crater, the metallic monster did a brief scan of the new arrival, and found that her appearance matched that of a being it had on file.

"Visual identity confirmed," the colossus intoned in an emotionless, digitized voice. "Welcome, Destructor. How may this unit assist you?"