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#1 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. New York City. Apparently, there was an outbreak of a virus that causes odd transformations within the blood of all living things. Creatures would wind up mutating, growing extra limbs, showing excessive violence, and an odd thirst for blood. Humans became Zombies, however, they were extremely intelligent. They knew how to play on people’s emotions to lure them into a trap. New York became home to these creatures and the entire city was locked down. There were several survivors in the city, each one with special skills.

6 Civilians ran to a police station being that it was the safest place available and the fact that there were weapons available. Everybody wanted to survive and were willing to work together, despite their differences, to escape.

The Opening Cast in the Police Station:

Leo (Eternal Chaos) – Skills: Weapon mods, martial arts, strength

Jinko (Darkchild) – Martial Arts, Weapon specialist

Scott (Cryo-Wolf) – Extensive knowledge in science and electronics, also has a keen eye for observation, fast runner due to soccer history.

Tom Dark (Boken) – Martial Arts, wrestling, strength

Brandon (Golem) – Incredible weapons accuracy

Thor (The Might Thor) – Strength, has a hammer, and knows how to pick locks

(Side Notes) Jinko is in a prison cell downstairs and knows the police station like the back of his hand

#2 Posted by Golem (760 posts) - - Show Bio

"I didn't serve ten years on the force to lose to THEM."

#3 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

"look at this. new york it used to be my city. i owned buildings every were. now look at us wee stragaling to survive. i say we take a stand."

#4 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

thor was a normal guy he was a expert at picking locks he is really strong and his weapon of chose is his mighty hammer which he calls Mjolnir. He watch how everyone was afarid then one man stand and said we should take a stand

thor said

"AYE i mean YES i don't know about the rest of you but i ain't going down without a fight"

#5 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Jinko sits in his cell


" I wonder what is going on up their. I hear footsteps."

#6 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

"I'm not letting these things get me. I'll take them all with me before I die."

Leo picked up a set of pipes he saw on the floor and handed one out to everybody in his group.

"We need to get out of here. We're going to look around see if we find any survivors, pick up any and all supplies we can. Than, we start walking."

#7 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

"i don't need your pipe i have my hammer and he picks it up"

then thor starts looking around and found the supply room and there was a 22. gun and he picked it up and said

"GUYS there are guns in here"

#8 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

"thats what i like to here. from know on Tom Dark died when new york became this. you can calll me D."

he punched a wall and left an inprint.

"there is a way to kill everything. we just need to learn what makes these mofo's take a perminant dirt nap."

#9 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

He could hear the groans from behind him, but he kept on going. His sneakers tapped on the concrete surface as he ran down the street. Some cars were overturned, fires were going in some places. The skies were blackened with smoke, and the foul stench of rotting flesh. He had taken everything and anything he could in his messenger bag, which was swaying at his side. He wore sneakers with no socks, baggy camo cargo shorts, and a black short-sleeved T-Shirt with green lettering that read: Game Over. He didn't look more than 23 He also wore a white long-sleeved T-Shirt underneath it. He had brown spiky hair and blue glasses, which without, he couldn't really see that well.

With every stride he let out a deep breath. He had learned how to run in Soccer Practice in High School and College. The stench grew stronger, and he figured they were behind him. He passed by a car, when one of them jumped out from behind it. It reached out with its decrepid, bony fingers, trying to pull him into damnation. He jumped up, and kicked, like a would a soccer ball, and sent the Zombie head flying. He landed with a thud and grimaced, having landed hard on the concrete. He managed to get out,"And Dad said playing Soccer would never amount to anything." He managed a smirk and got up, running the length of the stree. He turned a corner and found a police station. "Sanctuary!"

He figured there would be weapons that would be of use in a police station, as well as a safe place to be. He ran to the door and jiggled the handle, finally managing to get in. He slammed the door shut after him and rested himself up against the door. He noticed other people there and said between breaths,"Hey. I'm guessing I missed hte openeing ceremonies? Call me Scott. Or, if you really wanna sound corny, Scooter."

#10 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

"nice just what we need."

D picks up a .24 magnun and an AK-47. he places the ak on his back and the gun in his pants. he picks up a pipe.

"were going to have to use all of our stregths and cover each others asses."

#11 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

"ha you got that right man by the way the name is thor"

thor grabs a shotgun and puts the .22 in his belt and put the shotgun on his back then extend hand for a hand shake
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#12 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Jinko continues to wonder what is going on

Hmm, i cant see what is going on outside.

Zombie pops up against the window to the jail cell

AHH. WTF. " Alright i need to get out of here."

#13 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

Leo looked at Scott.

"Welcome to the club kid. We need to get out of here."

Leo tossed Scott a 9mm. He than picked up Glock 17, and a Pump Action Shotgun along with an axe he found in the supply room.

"Let's go downstairs. Their might be some survivors"

#14 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

"hello Scooter, they call me D. i have no times for a real formal interduction."

D began to hear the commotion DC was making.

"guys hold on i hear a noise coming from the cells."

he ran down the stairs and was holding his .44.

"whose down here. show yoursekf or im gonna star shootin."

he was not bluffin. his finger was trigger happy. he felt like shooting at the first thing that moved. he was a little edgy, but can you blame him he's been surounded by blood thirsty zombies. out of the corner of his eye he found a boken. a sowrd uses in martial arts.

why would that be there what ever i'll pick that up later.

#15 Posted by Golem (760 posts) - - Show Bio

He pulls twin desert eagles and begins to blast zombies

"Just call me Golem. I'm big, strong, and rock solid."

#16 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Jinko picks up a cup and throws it at D's head.

" Hey, Double D no brains, take your finger off the trigger. You think if i had anything to hurt you with i would have done it already. I would have cut my losses along time ago."

#17 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

thor saw boken left and pulled his hand back in embaressment and then he looked through the window but keeping his cover and saw the destruction

thor said to himself under his breathe

"the world was peacefull one day with lilys and kids laughing and now it all destruction and moaning"

then thor see's boken,scott,and leo go downstairs he remained in the front to keep watch

#18 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

Scott caught the gun in his hand and looked it over. "You want to kill Zombies with a gun? Have you not seen Land of the Dead or Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island? Guns can slow 'em down, not hurt 'em. Ah, whatever. You people can go with the normal horror movie victim thing if you want."

Scott followed Leo downstairs. He saw the man in the jail cell and screamed, backing against he opposite wall. "Umm, Fido over here should stay in his cage, don't you think?"

#19 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Looking at Scott

" F$#$ you!"

#20 Posted by Golem (760 posts) - - Show Bio

Golem picks up a key, and sees a locker

"Hm... interesting..."

He opens the locker and finds a chainsaw. He revvs it up.


#21 Posted by Golem (760 posts) - - Show Bio

Post Deleted.

#22 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

Post Deleted.

#23 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

Leo's hand began to sweat. He felt a cold chill go down his spine. He held the axe tightly prepared to swing, trying to save as much ammo as possible. Frozen sweat trickled down his face, next to his nose right on his chin. He heard the prisoner talk.

Leo walked foward, he was able to see a little bit in the dark prison. His eyes examined everything around him. When he got to the last cell, he saw a man.

"Who are you?"

#24 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Jinko looks at Leo.

" My name is Jinko and it would be in your best interest to take your hand off your weapon and open this cage. Your death will not be needed yet. Just get me out of here. Im not asking."

*Jinko glares at D"
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#25 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

"leo his name is jinko. don't know why the hell he's here, but atleast he ain't a zombie. i'll check in on the troops."

he walked up staris and started to talk to the resistance.

"so guys what can you do. im pretty strong and reasonable fast. i aqlso have a wrestling martial arts and football background"

#26 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

Scott eased knowing that the man is behind bars. "Heel boy." He moved cautiously around the cell and moved toward a computer. "Finally, something I can work with!"

It was a computer used in the Police Station mainframe, mainly used to keep track of inmates, arrests, and overtime. "The mainframe is most likely linked to the City's mainframe, being a city police station. I can hack inside and see what info we can get." He hoked up his laptop to the computer, which was a bit outdated, and began typing wildly. The computer screen began glowing and things began appearing on it. Scott typed in some numbers, and a hack code, and broke through the fire wall. "And we're in. Now, that'll be twenty dollars. Cash or Check?" He looked back at Leo triumphantly.

#27 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

thor looks at d and says

"i'm strong and i have a very hard that i call Mjolnir which is a great combo and i great at picking locks"

#28 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

Leo looks at Jinko.

"You're in absolutly no position to be telling people what to do. I can leave you hear and not give a damn. I should let you die, but I'm going to let you out so you need to calm down, and shut up so we can get outta here quick."

Leo saw a dead cop on the floor and took the gun he had and the keys. He opened the cell and tossed Jinko the gun.

"Here, you'll be needing this."

#29 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

"sweet we need stregth on this team you think skull will be bashin with wimpy punches and pipe smashes, no it needs a chiseled body like mine to crush those heads. just wondering why do you pick locks when eisaly you could rip it off."

he cracked his neck and grabbed a bottle of water that he found in a mini-fridge

#30 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

Leo looked back at Scott.

"Great work kid. What can you get outta thing? I need codes, information, maps. Everything."

#31 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

catches gun

"This? No not gonna work just take me upstairs to the room in the back with a lock on it."

He steps out from the cell and looks at scott on the computer

" Refrence me as a dog again boy, and the things outside wont have anything to tear off your body!"

Jinko waits for Leo to do as he is told.

#32 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

"thats a easy my friend sometimes you need to be quiet so i pick locks to sneak and other times the lock is to strong for any man to pull off and plus once we start fighting you will see me and Mjolnir start pounding some zombie head man those skulls will be crushed"

thor takes a seat at the table and said

"toss me a soda"

#33 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

"Well, that shouldn't be a problem, although it'll cost you extra." Scott typed in some codes and began clicking around. The printer to the side of the computer began printing out papers. "Right there we got a map of the entire city, a subway map, codes to every New York building in the Tri-County area, and, a nice little top-secret article about where our tax-paying dollars are really going." He smiled mischieviously and grabbed the papers. He closed the laptop and shut down the computer.

He gripped the gun firmly in his hand and said, "So, what kind of Zombies we dealing with? Resident Evil or The Living Dead?"

#34 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

Leo walked back to the front of holding cells and saw a desk with a locker labled "Prisoner Belongings" and he was looking through it until he saw a part that was had Jinko's things. "There's your stuff. Take what you need. We'll see you upstairs." Leo started walking upstairs when out of nowhere, a Zombie came out of the door next to the staircase "Oh $#!7" Leo ducked under the Zombie and struck him with his axe in the neck. After swinging 2 times, he decapitated the creature. He began examining it.
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#35 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

boken tosses a pepsi to thor.

"my empire. my workers. my friends my family. everything i loved and held dear is gone. so what did you do before this damn fiasco."

#36 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

thor opens soda and takes a drink

"i'm sorry my friend i lost alot of people to.....as for what i do iwas just a normal guys with a normal job but i was about to have a child in a coupke of days but my wife died cause of those aliens bas#$%@s"

#37 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Jinko walks to the locker.

" MMMM, hello my babies."

He pulls out two daggers about a foot long each. He looks up at the top of the locker and pulls something else out.

Walks upstairs

He comes to the room full of people.

" Alright? I dont do well when everyone looks at me so STOP!" Cocks shotgun.

" Found this downstairs in the locker. Double barrel baby."

#38 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

Scott followed Leo upstairs. When the zombie jumped out, he fell back and watched the entire event unfold. Leo stood over the zombie, examining it. "Holy Crap, dude! That was some Barbarian sh!t right there!" He crawled excitedly over to the decapitated zombie. He poked its shoulder with his finger and said,"Yup. That's definitely not Hollywood animatronics."

The blood on Leo's blade caught his eye. "What about the blood? Everything's genetic structure can be found within it's DNA, and it's blood. We can dinf out what this thing exactly is."

#39 Posted by Chameleone (8710 posts) - - Show Bio

Danny stayed to the shadows. He hoped that these creatures still relied on sight. He saw a Police station and noticed several zombies around the front of the building. He jiggled the handle in the back praying that someone would open it

#40 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

Leo called everybody and began to talk to Scott.

"Kid, tell me what you think of this thing? What the hell is it?"

#41 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Jinko walks over to a stool, and waits for something to happen

" Hey meatbags, wake me when you want something done."

Falls asleep with shotgun grasped in his hands

#42 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

thor heard leo called everybody but then heard someone on the door and said

"d wait some back there cover me"

thor pulls out his hammer from the belt and opens the door in the back and goes to swing but relize he was human

"oh kid get in here"

thor grabs the kid and pulls him in

#43 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

"so Jinko what had you land in the joint. care for a drink. the fridge is stocked."

he waited for an answer

#44 Posted by Darkchild (41628 posts) - - Show Bio

Look at D and points at the dagger in his belt

" See this, i didnt like finding my woman with another man. So...i made sure neither would be of use to anything ever again. And grab me a beer"

#45 Posted by Boken (7757 posts) - - Show Bio

Tosses jinko a brewski

"so killin a buch of these zombie mofos woun't do harm to your conciance. good, i want each and everyone of them to pay for destroying my empire. so thor whos the new guy?"

#46 Posted by Chameleone (8710 posts) - - Show Bio

Danny was pulled in by a very large man with an enormos hammer. He realized that he wasn't one of them, and got up. "Thanks guys. What is this, The Alamo." Danny chuckled, and then noticed that no one else was laughing. "Tough crowd huh. So what do we do now?"

#47 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

"What we do now is be quiet okay? this is no time for jokes kid."

thor bend down and said

"i'm sorry but these are bad time just stick by never leave my sight and you will be fine...you see that pipe grab it and keep it with you"

#48 Posted by Cryo-Wolf (12662 posts) - - Show Bio

"Hmm....well, his appearance is reminiscent of a zombie I saw in a comic-book once, but it's flesh-eating appetite appears to be reminiscent of Resident Evil. I knew it! We're dealing with the Umbrella Corporation's zombies!"

Scott soon shrugged off the idea and looked in the monstrosity's severed neck. He immediately withdrew his head because of the smell. "Oh, God. Yup. He's a zombie. Got the stench down perfectly. His insides are all rotten and what not."

Scott looked again at the blood on the axe. "But I'm guessing that blood'd help us a helluva lot. I don't know how to work that stuff, but I know someone who does." Scott rummaged in his bag for his cell phone, and searched for a number,"I just hope she hasn't become dinner yet."

"Anastasia!? Are you there!? Quick, If you're alive, get in your car and get your @$ over to the..." He looked at the map quickly,"Main Street Police Station, and bring all your Nurse-Y stuff!"

#49 Posted by The Mighty Thor (7469 posts) - - Show Bio

"wha oh d he is some kid who escaped all this madness...oh by the way kid whats your name?"

thor goes to take a sit on the chair at the table

#50 Posted by Eternal Chaos (22990 posts) - - Show Bio

Leo called Jinko because he knew Jinko would know the station better than anybody else. He kicked the body of the Zombie one more time before looking around walking to the middle of the room. Motioning for everybody to go into a circular formation. He wiped the blood off his face, and felt his adrenaline rush subside. His hands stopped shaking after a few seconds.