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In every culture there are prophecy’s, stories about the end of the World, stories about thee Apocalypse. The bringers of this event are referred to as the Four Horseman, Death, Pestilence, Famine, an War. They destroy without mercy, they kill for a single purpose, the eradication of all live.

They were supposed to be myth, supposed to be.

Washington D.C. lay in ruins. Descended upon and burned to the ground. Rivers of blood now flow threw this once mighty capital, impaled body’s surround what used to be the White House. This is the beginning of thee end, the Horseman are real, the Horseman have come.

As a Hero, Villain, or Neutral, you will all work together to try and save the world. The Horseman have taken over Washington D.C. and turned it into Hell on Earth. The world is in a state of mass panic and the United States has been thrown into utter chaos.

Will you be able to work together? Or will you let the World end? The choice is yours.

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A cloud loomed over what used to be Washington. It was a result of the burning fire pits that had sprung up with thee arrival of the Horseman. Those who were lucky died instantly, the moans of those impaled marked the not so lucky.

In the first wave, the military was sent in, but War quickly turned there own weapons against them. The civilian population were stricken with starvation and disease, courtesy of Pestilence and his brother Famine.

Death soared high above, stalking anything that moved. Appearing briefly between the clouds and smoke. A sinister smile fixated on her face, as she looked over the utopia they had created for themselves. Landing on a pile of body’s Death crouched down, licking the blood from her long slender nails.

Washington had been the first to feel the wraith of the Horseman, but it wouldn’t be the last.

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"I was awaken from the dead,for a reason i dont understand.I used to be the mercenary once known as Vigilante,i guess the sins have caught up to me and i was killed during an explosion,that i caused.In death,a certain god came to me,he said he was the god of Pain and Suffering,and that i was his Avatar.In able to repent i would have to come back and put an end to the Four Horseman,so that i and others can bring on the true Apocalypse.Im back now,my powers are now fueled by pain,spikes in the inside pierce my skin,i love it.Now its time to end this threat,and make a new one."

Pain arrived in Washington,DC.He was in the center of the city,as he looked around there were many impaled and hung,he smiled under his cold metal mask.He held his head up high in the air,as if he was embracing the smell of burning gas and dried blood.As he walked acros the cracke cement streets he walked over corpses and metal and shrapnel,he saw that many were

killed by some sort of plague,which could only hhave been cause by Pestilence,that was his target.

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War looked down upon the still ever so hopeful humans. Their tanks shot at him, the bullets stopping before his power.

Puny mortals what do they think to gain from this?

War picks his Pike up in one hand and thrusts it forward electricity flowing from the tip and blasting the military in front of him. The ones who survived were the most fun to toy with. Already gripped with fear their screams were music to his ears.

War picks one of the humans up and examines him.

"You are nothing before the feet of of us."

Sending electricity through his hand he watches as the human twitches, he doesnt kill him he just tortures him. Running the small tip of his pike down the humans face cutting it deep, before tossing him in the air and cutting him in two.

War looks up to see his sister flying then landing not too far from him. He joins her watching her lick the blood from her talons.

"My sister what is our next point of destruction i have grown bored with this place?"

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Pestilence needed not to move, he simply stood still, admiring his work as those around him became stricken with disease, falling before his very eyes. He watched as War cut a swath through the army, Pestilence laughed at their futile attempts at retaliation. The beautiful Death was giddy with excitement, watching the destruction.

"So beautiful...Earth is at it's end and it will be my honor to help usher it in" he spoke, disease spewing from his throat as he formed his words.

Pestilence made his way over to his sister Death and placed a hand on her shoulder. Her skin was cold like the skin of a corpse.

"My sister, I grow bored of this place, shall we continue of destruction elsewhere?" he questioned.

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Worry and Fear filled Scott's heart as his eyes were glued to the TV screen. Visions of torment and terror flashed across it as it showed the ruins of Washington DC. The camera swung around to view a woman sitting atop of pile of bodies, but the camera was soon dropped by its camera man. The camera lay sideways on the ground, and in front of it lay the cameraman, now shriveled and rotten with disease. Scott quickly tuned off the TV and got up from his chair.

"This is not good. Not good at all." He picked up the Journal and flipped to a section. "It's all coming true. The Apocolypse has arrived." He slammed shut the book and threw it into his jacket pocket. He threw his jacket on and moved for the door. He had to do something. He wouldn't let these demonic sons-of-bches get away with it. But something stopped him. A glowing light shone onto him, causing him to turn around. He put his hand up as he tryed to look at the blinding light. A voice echoed throughout the air.

"Do not stand in fear, Cryo-Wolf. Step into the light."

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Apparition drifted invisibly and intangibly through the wreakage. In the distance she could hear cannon fire. Perhaps from artillery. Perhaps from tanks. She did not know. She did not care. Her mind was hazy and she was finding it very hard to concentrate. Thoughts of anguish were overwhelming her. Fear washed over her like a wave as it exuded from all of the still living. She fought hard not to succumb to the thoughts and emotions that were attacking her in an unceasing torrent. Intangible tears ran down her intangible face only coming into phase with existence as they hit they left her face and fell towards the ground.

She had to leave this place but even gaining the concentration to do that was almost too difficult. She turned her tear filled eyes to the heavens and watched the souls as they traveled on their journey upwards. She concentrated with all of hermight and slowly rose from the ground. She drifted slowly upwards amongst the other souls. She looked upon them and saw the peace that they had finally found. If only she could find such peace.

As she rose farther away from the city her mind came more and more into focus. She made herself look back at the carnage and began to cry again. She gulped back a lump that had risen in her throat. She had to look away. It was too much for her. She looked back at the souls that rose with her and she marveled at them as they all broke through the clouds.

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Caution filled Scott's being as he stepped closer to the light. Something about it comforted him. But, he was still wary of it's radiance. He stepped into the light, its bright luminescence engulfing his body. He stepped out and was hovering above the Earth. He looked around frantically, thinking he'd fall. But he didn't. He was stuck there, above the Earth. A glowing entity attached to sparkling wings flew in front of him, towering over him by about ten feet.

"You have been chosen, Cryo-Wolf." It spoke in a feminine. As it spoke, its voice seemed to echo endlessly in the airless vaccuum of space. "Chosen? Chosen for what?" Scott asked. Why had this, obviously celestial, being contacted him?

"You have seen the chaos and destruction down below. Soon, it will engulf the Earth. He does not want that to happen. He has chosen you as a Guardian, to battle the Horsemen."

The Horsemen? No. That couldn't be. "Y-you don't mean, The Four Horsemen, do you?" The being nodded. It was worse than Scott thought. "What can I do?"

"You shall be Life, Guardian of Pure Life Energy. Find the other Guardians. They have been chosen as well. Godspeed, Cryo." The being's wings enclosed themswlves around Scott. In the blinding light, he transformed into his wolf form. His wolf form changed, and feathered wings grew from his back. He felt the Life coursing through his body, and a newfound power to fight the Horsemen. The being withdrew from Scott and disappeared in a flash of light.

Cryo's wings flapped as he hovered above th Earth. "'Tis time to smite the wicked." His voice slightly echoed as he spoke. He dove downward and plummeted toward the Earth, flying to gather the other Guardians.

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Verona ran down the streets of San Fransisco, her sneakers tapping on the pavement as she ran. She had sensed it before, why had she not acted upon it? Now, the whole world could be in danger. She ran past an electronics store and stopped short, turning to look at the TV's in the window. They showed D.C. in ruins. Fire burned and blood lay scattered on the ground like water. The sight caused her to cringe. She had caught glimpses of the people there, and didn't know whether they were indeed who she thought they were. "I need to know for sure." She flew off into the sky, cloud by cloud passing her as she went. But, instead of flying to D.C., like she intended, she flew through a cloud and was surrounded by light.

She was not used to the light, and had always steered clear of it, because it hindered her shadow control. "Wh-what's going on!? Where am I!?" She flew around, trying to find a way out, but there was nothing. Only light. "Hush, Be Still, Verona." A voice spoke echoed through the light.

"Yoiu will not be harmed. You have been chosen." The voice spoke. It didn't seem to be coming from anywhere. "What for?" Verona said skeptically. "You have been chosn to end the ravage plagueing the world. You have been chosen as a Guardian, one to fight the Horsemen."

So Verona was right! It was the Horsemen! "I'll fight." She said solemnly. This was her chance to help the world, and delive it from the darkness that overran it. The voice began to speak again,"You will be Truth, Guardian of all that is True. Wipe the lies from this world, and bring Mankind from the depths of destruction."

Verona nodded. The light flashed, surrounding her. When she emerged, white and gold robes adorned her skin, and black wings protruded from her back. She eyes her clothes wearily. "Well, not the exact style I would've picked, but..."

She suddenly came burst through the cloud on the other side, her wings spread wide and the air rushing past her. She rocketed toward D.C.

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As the man’s body rocketed towards the ground, Death smiled. She had been picking off survivors one by one and taking them up into the smoke filled sky and dropping them. Hearing Pestilence, the disease spreading from his mouth as he spoke, she landed.

“Yes, brother, this place has lost its appeal.”

Swooping up into a back flip, she landed on War’s shoulder.

“Are there no heroes left on Earth to oppose us?”

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Looking at his sister sitting upon his shoulder he says

"I do not know dear sister, because if their were dont you think they would have drawn their tails in and ran by now. They never were the kind to come out alone and outnumbered were they."

War breaks out in a fit of laughter his voice bellowing and shaking the earth around him. He stops to hear the patter of a lonly human trying to save his skin.

"Is no one brave enough to face us?"

He claps his hands in the direction of the human, the vibration slams into the human his body tearing into pieces.

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Penance smiles strangely. He lifts a human woman from the ground and presses his lifts against hers in a demented kiss. Her skin peels and the life leaves her body as the disease enters her body, destroying her insides. He flings her to the ground, licking his lips in satisfaction. Suddenly his face turns to a frown. He has something on his mind but he chooses not to say anything, it is not something a Horsemen should be preoccupied with. He flings his cloak around him.

"No one can stand against us. Who among these feeble humans has the might to contest us; no one I say, we are invincible sister" he speaks, breathing disease.

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Kain was floating around aimlessly in space. His dark shroud covering his massive build. The vampire stood ahead of his sister, Sariaf'ca, now known as "Vengeance". She and him were currently two entities with virtually limitless power, each gaining their power from the darkness. The sadist brother called to his sister with a demonic grin.

"Oh, Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeengeance! Come out and plaaaaaaaaaay!"

Kain grew to love antagonising his beloved sister. They shared similar fates, similar pasts, and similar feelings. Kain was Nightmare paired with his evil sister Vengeance. In a time lost long ago, these two were just friends from an innocent time, however the darkness touched them, and eradicated their innocence, leaving nothing but cold, hateful vessles built for causing never ending agony and plunging the universe into the true pure darkness.

"Dear sister of mine, what's on today's menu? Pain and suffering, or perhaps despair and chaos, it's your turn to decide."

The evil vampire known now as "Nightmare" unsheathed his blades and was balancing them on his finger tips.

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Everywhere you looked people were running and screaming. It was all over the news, four individuals had taken out our nations capital in a matter of hours. The population had been decimated and the armed forces all be wiped out. Standing outside a local store, a man raised his hand to his lips, slowly removing his cigarette after a long drag.

Mister! Havent you heard? It’s the end of the WORLD! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Turning around the man cracked a simple smile and smirked,

“No mon chere, I’s sick of dying. Me tinks its time to start living no.”

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Reject huddled behind a wall. Washington had fallen so quickly that he hadn't had time to do anything at all. Now seeing the authors of this destruction, he wasn't sure that he wanted to. He watched the one as he seemingly infected a woman with some virulent disease with just a kiss. He didn't know the other's powers but if they were on the same level then this would be trouble. He thought about engaging them, but trying to do it alone seemed like suicide and you cant save the world when youre dead.

Not that he had ever been a world saver. More like a soldier in an army he had never meant to join, fighting for a cause that was not his. He had finally escaped all of that and now to find his own world involved in something as bad as anything he had ever seen offworld.

He had only been here for a few months now, not even a year, and he was just getting accustomed to his native world. His memories of his past were spotty at best. Better not to remember all the things he had been through. But he could not afford to get lost in his own thoughts.

He turned his attention back to the evil monstrosities that had taken over. He couldnt attack them now. Not on his own. He would need help, but he didnt know where to get it from. He would stay under cover and out of harm's way. others must be on their way here. Someone would stand up to these freaks. When they did he would be ready. When they did he would take the perfect opportunity to strike and he would even destroy the entire city if he had to.

Reject slipped further into the darkness to bide his time.

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The deep silence of space was always relaxing. Such a huge place and it was so quiet. All sound and light neatly tucked away in voids, planets, and star systems. Drifting amongst the stars was something beautiful. At least anyone but her and her brother would say. There was a point in her life that this scenery would give her an inner peace in the turbulence of her mind. But that time had come and gone. No more smiles due to happiness. No more sickening words of love and hope. It was all buried deep inside. So deep that this dormant creature hoped it would never awaken, unlike herself at this very instance.

Vengeance's eyes opened with a jolt. Her body in a meditation pose and drifting upside down in he gravity-less darkness of space. In the distance she heard her brother's taunting voice and an amused smile curled across her reddened features. During their time in other galaxies, she had gone through a second transformation. One which removed her dark skin and made it red. Her eyes still glowed rwhite, except now she look more like any sentient being. But to her delight she found she could transform herself to her former state at will. This knowledge had made Vengeance quite happy.

She remained still and calm, closing her eyes once more. She was in no mood to deal with Kain at the moment. She had bigger things to worry about. That Goddess Forsaken Sariaf'ca had been stirring in her mind and her soul. The knowledge of her growing womb puling her from her depression and darkness. All the while it annoyed Vengeance. How could a creature of power be with child?! And to a weakling from a weak planet no less! She growled in anger and opened her eyes, hearing Kain's incessant taunts.

Vengeance used her abilities to "push" her towards her brother. When she could see him close to her, she smirked. She opened the palm of her hand and sent a weak beam of light towards him, which barely missed him. "Have you not been told not to mess with others during meditation, dearest brother?" Her still pure white eyes, gleamed in it's darkness and she came next to her brother.

"Our menu? I've been thinking of this for days now." Her voice sounded a little happier than before, just knowing what would await her. She couldn't wait. "We head to Earth, brother. We make that planet pay for what happened! I want to see those pink skinned idiots, beg for mercy. I want to feel their blood drip from my arms. I want to see you fed and satisfied. They will pay for everything that's happened!"

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Kain looked in his sister's eyes, her beam of light nearly hitting his evil face. He loved her anger a grin revealing his fangs crawled up on his face. He chuckled lightly knowing he got under his beloved sister's skin. The mighty Nightmare sent a beam of darkness from his eye next to his sister's heart simply to fool with her. He loved her anger, and her hatred, however he loved seeing her smile that evil smile more.

"No, I was never taught such manners. People die too fast to teach me. You should know that already. After all, you're just as twisted and sick as I am. You just look better doing what I do."

They drifted calmly, relaxed, almost happily in the empty freezing void of space. The stars being their only light and themselves being their only company. Kain examined a planet he didn't like too far off and with a flick of his tail, he sent an antimatter blast at lone world, destroying it instantly. The vile vampire snapped his tail back to place as he saw the explosion from the weak planet. The pain he caused the weak brought some form of joy to Nightmare. With the power he and his sister held, not much existed that they couldn't do.

"Earth? That planet is too weak for me sister! I refuse to go." disgust was easily visible in the dark warrior's voice. "That planet has no relavence, no significance for us. You wish to get rid of it and make its people suffer for taking your joy? Childish! We've much more to accomplish my dear! Much more. However, if you desire to go, as against my wishes as it is, I'll cut you a deal. We'll play rock paper scissors, best two out of three. How's that?"

Kain shifted upside down and was now in front of Vengeance. A slight glimmer of joy in his black and white eyes.

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Vengeance watched joyously as her brother brought out his fireworks. The planet close to them had been destroyed with not much effort and she squealed with joy. "I do love it when you do that on a whim, brother." Her grin was plastered on her face. Her talons releasing from her hands. She pressed the razor sharp talons against the flesh of her wrist. Wincing when it entered her skin, but slowly she brought it down across her wrist and let a few streams flow from her skin towards her brother. "For you, my dearest."

She cracked her neck and thought silently. She was playing the many different forms of death in her mind. All seemed more appealing then the thought before. But in all honesty, she liked the death brought about by her own hands. Nothing was more entertaining that holding someones throat and ripping it from their body. Or better yet, lunging your arms into the bowels of the unworthy. The sound of begging. Or the sound of screams of mercy. Ahh. People just didn't know how to die with dignity anymore.

She turned to her brother and bared her own fangs to him. "Weak it is, but I want to see their pained expressions. I want them to beg for mercy. They will feel my wrath! And soon, soon we'll take down the whole of Bhastein armies. But until then, Earth!" Her eyes shone with joy and anger, such a beautiful combination, she thought. When she heard Kain's protestations she was quite visibly angry. She turned her back on her brother. If he wouldn't come with her, she'd go by herself. But then he spoke of a deal.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" She smiled widely and clapped her hands, like a young child would. "Very well then. You will lose!" Her body still floated upside down as she readied herself. "On the count of three, brother. One....Two....Three..." And she stuck her hand out, two fingers out, which resembled scissors. "Feel the burn of pwnege!" She cackled. "My, I may dislike those pink idiots, but their words, they still amuse me greatly! Hahaha!"

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Kain saw the plastered look on her face, but more so the blood floating around in a small stream. He loved the sweet taste of blood. He loved freshly drawn blood more. Kain's greatest joy was that of killing with his sister. He was getting antsy for killing more weaklings, instilling them with true fear and feasting on them. The dark prince relished the thought of tearing something's head off, or impaling his enemy with his hand just to tear out his delicious heart. The vampire's blood lust was growing. After taking the Vengeance's sweet blood, he felt a bit of her power and grinned.

"You always know how to bring a smile this face. we never would've imagined this when we first met."

The prince's fangs were now covered in his sister's blood. He enjoyed the taste, the hatred that flowed through her was incredible. He heard all she had said about the weak planet he just destroyed with his smallest whim and chuckled until he she turned her back on him. If there was anything Nightmare hated more than the concepts of "love" or "hope" it was being disrespected. He took her turning her back on him as a massive insult. The black and white fire surrounding his body grew until she faced him again. He admired her childish personality. It was one of the things he loved about his demon he called "sister".

"You cannot hope to beat me in Rock Paper Scissors!"

Nightmare stuck his hand out open, signaling paper. His hand muscles were tense, his veins visible and his claws drawn He looked saw Vengeance's hand was scissor. He was dissappointed at his loss.

"Dammit... No, wait! Two of three sister, you won't win the last two! 1, 2, 3!"

Kain slammed his hand on his hand in a fist, signalling Rock, he knew he would win this game.

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Famine stood as the world crumbled into madness around him, Death, War and Pestilence where in full swing, Streets flew with blood and beaten bodies, the worlds armies where preparing for the forth coming war.

Spreading each of his thin arms, He began to walk down the street, Screams came from the inside the houses and apartment blocks, Children where the first to fall, Their stomach bloated and lips dry, Then the women and men.

The end was nearing , People's hope was failing no single hero could stand in there way, no single evil could stop them, the horsemens rampage Could not be stopped the end of the world was in sight.

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"move it scum bags , People our dieing", Sergant renolds stood with a cigar hanging out his open mouth, Kitted to the max in urban combat gear a H11 hung in his right hand as he screamed oreders at us, All troops new an old had been called up, No matter what country you where from, The horsemen where walking the earth.

My name is Peter Marxisum, Ex britsh special ops and a mutant, I strap a 45 tp my thigh and throw an m16 over my arm, I dont really fit in the army any more, My red stripe kinda sticks out, But I have been given the rank of Black troop sqaud comand.

I have four other men under my command and we have one mission to drop of the play load on foot and detonate, It is simple mission, All we have to do is get in the middle of hell and spit in their faces, As I said simple!

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Danny couldn't believe what he was seeing on the television. The once great capital city of Washington DC layed in ruins. It was the most horrifying thing he had ever seen, he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop it. It was the Apocalypse just as the book of Revelation had predicted. He wanted to fight it so badly, to fight for the oppressed tortured people who lived in Washington DC, a place that had become a living Hell. All of the sudden Danny felt weak and he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore, and he slid off the couch unconcious.

He was okay, but he felt weird. "Is this a dream?" he wondered. No it felt too real to be a dream. He heard a voice, that seemed to be coming from everywhere and nowhere.

"Danny Cassidy, you have been chosen for many great things, but this will be the greatest thing you will do."

"Who are you?" Danny asked the question, but he knew exactly what was going on. Danny was a deeply religious person and wasn't going to question what was going on.

"I AM WHO I AM. I AM the creator of everything. This is not the end of the world as you suspect. I have chosen you, just as I chose Abraham thousands of years ago. There is an evil that must be stopped, and you will be one of my instruments in stopping it. You will not be alone in your journey. I have chosen three others to join you, one male, and two female. You will be known as JUSTICE, you will be empowered by me, and I will be with you all the way. You will be given the power to show what is wrongm and your brother and 2 sisters will also be given powers. GO NOW! and defeat this evil that has already ravaged the Earth."

Danny suddenly woke up on the couch, but he felt different. He had a new lease on life.
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The army converged on the four men, nano and his small group hit the hard ground running as a horde of bullets flew around them, Sargent renyolds was a mad man throw gernades one after the other, Stone crushed into powder as the tanks rolled over the hill towards the targets, F11 had been deployed soon thyis place would be hit with enough artillary to sink alantis!

But that was just a cover, Four teams like his own had been sent off with the same pay loads, Everyone knew what they had signed up for, Said goodbye to their families and friends!

"Move move move" They where armed lightly so they coulc crawl into deep holes and find the fastest routes, Bodies layed everywhere, the fires and blood seemed never ending, No one was left alive, Nano just checked that he had his head phones and moved on they where six clicks from ground zero.

"sir" Spiining round he looked "I cant " Nano hit him with the butt of his gun knocking him out then placed two bullets in his head, "Anyone else want to be left behind, We have a mission to do and we will not stop" the rest nodded as they moved out!

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From a near by building, Gambler watched as a coalition of military forces converged on ground zero. “Is this humanity’s last hope?” he thought. A black bandana covered the lower part of his face, a vain attempt to try an keep from breathing the highly toxic air. Already his veins were starting to turn black and show threw his skin.

Suddenly something grabbed his leg,

H…..hel…p…..help……..me gargled some pour bastard. A mixture of black and red paste leaked from his mouth. Looking down on him with disgust, Gambler made a cross motion with his hand before caving in the man’s head with his boot. Turning his attention back to the impending scene, he witnessed one of the soldiers falter and then pay the price for his cowardess act.

“Go get em boyz, send those $#@!er’s back to hell” he whispered.

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Cryo rocketed down toward Earth, the atmosphere flaming around him. But, he couldn't feel it. It didn't hurt him. He was now Life, Guardian of Virtues. He was imbued with power from Above, and he now felt like he could do anything-including taking down the Horsemen.

A ision flashed before his eyes: Two people, each coming toward him from a blinding light. Cryo opened his eyes and said, "They've been chosen." His voice echoed. He immediately changed his course, flying towards the nearest. Her face flashed in his mind, and soon he could see two pairs of black wings rocketing toward him. "Sister." He echoed.

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Verona flew in unparalleled glory. Her gold and white robes flapped in the wind, and gave her the appearance of light following her as she flew. She had never flown like this. These wings gave her newfound freedom, newfound hope for the world.

She laughed in joy as she spun around in mid-air. She opened her eyes and saw another form flying towards her. A feeling of kinship swept over her. She knew he was one of the others chosen. "Brother." She said as she increased her speed. She stopped immediately in front of the man, well, more of a wolf with wings, and flew around him once before coming in close.

"Life." She said with a smile.

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"Truth" His voice echoed as he smiled.

He had known her before, as Ghoul, but now she was reborn. The light radiated from her, her beauty surpassing all earthly things. They were both divinely reformed, both given newfound outlook on a dim future.

"I had a vision you were chosen. Now we can fight the Horsemen, and deliver man to a better tomorrow." He took her hands and held her in close, his face inches from hers.

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Verona stared deep into his eyes. They were pooles of blue light, welcoming her as they washed over her. She gripped his hands as she too, came close to his face. His voice echoed, toying with her as he spoke. It constantly sounded, taunting her brain.

"Yes. We should find our brother and sister." She whispered, inches from his mouth. "And let the Horsemen be purified by the light of Truth."

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Spectrum looked over the landscape of carnage and death. The four horse men now stood in the center. The ground they stood on was black from their evil and red from the blood they had spilled.

Spectrum threw up, againn. Dead bodys lay everywhere. He had never seen anything like it. It was hell on Earth.

He was currently invisable so that the Horsemen couldnt see him, he stilled crouched behind a pillar, just incase.

Seeing the soldeirs moving over the ground Spectrum realised that these men were goving there lives to fight this massive evil. He must do the same.

He steadyed himself for what was coming.

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Cryo breathed heavily. Her mouth was inches from his, so close he could taste it. She was now toying with him. "And the breath of Life."

He stared down into her face, its beauty shining like a torch through these dark times. Her brought her hand up and kissed it. "We should go now. Our brother is waiting." He broke away, hovering near her. Her flew around her and nodded in a different direction.

Cryo then took off in the direction of Justice, the third Guardian. He closed his eyes as he ran, the constant thought of Truth lingering in his mind.

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She floated in the atmosphere, watching the souls depart. The melancholy which had overtaken her was now subsiding. A feeling of peace and tranquility was rising in her. She could feel warmth and light began to fill her eyes. She closed them and basked in the warmth she had not felt since she had been shifted out of phase around her. Even when she made herself tangible she could not approach that feeling. Even when she floated in the center of the sun, she was unable to truly feel the warmth. But she felt it now. She felt it as she had never felt it before and it was… beautiful.

He said nothing to her. She knew everything instantly as wings of fire manifested themselves at her back. She did not need them to fly, but they were more a symbol of what she was now. She was a soldier in His army. She was one of his chosen and she would take his war to the enemy. She would not rest until the world was free from evil, fear and despair. She would bring peace to the world again. She would bring Serenity.

Her body was engulfed in His flames. She looked at her burning hands and marveled at it. A smile spread across her face as she thought of the Gift that he had given her. A gift that she must pass on to the world below. She turned her gaze downwards and flew back towards Washington.

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Pain stood where the first attack had happened,still obsevering the chaos and dieses that was caused by the Four Horseman.His job was clear,not simple but clear.He was to fingd his mortal enemy in the Apocalypse,Pestilince.It wasnt going to be easy,he knew that for a fact.As he smelled the air once again he charged his fist with as much energy as he could,clenching it.When he closed his fist a building exploded and was reduced to rubble.He smirked,then took off,in his search for Pestilince.

He followed the trail of deasise,the few locust that laid on the dead bodies,The foul stench of plague.He would be there soon.

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Pestilence sensed a faint power heading his way. A fool was running to his death, eager to be annihilated by the hands of a Horseman. He stood up, fixing his cloak, awaiting the moment when he would come face to face with his opponent.

"Come, I beckon you forth, meet your fate at my hands" he spoke, his voice echoing into the night.

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The air resonated with a certain essence,he was there.Not to his surprise Pestilance wasnt alone,the other four where there as well.He stood still in shock,how would he attempt to battle all of the Horseman.Even though he was in fear,he didnt show it,Pestilance's eyes were staring straight at him.He stared back,even though his mask covered his blood red eyes.

"I suppose this is my day"

His body began to shake,and his blood began to boil,it was his time to fight for a cause.

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Pestilence crossed his arms on his chest and took a deep breath. He exhaled, expelling deadly plague towards the strange figure. A sly smile began to form at the corner of his mouth, he was anxious to suck the life from this foolish being. He black eyes grew thin and a huge grin firmed on his lips.

"The day you die..."

Pestilence exhaled, spewing disease and locusts towards the figure.

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Death turned to see her brother confronting a would be hero, and hissed. But before she could react, the ground was peppered with machine gun fire. Two F-15’s thundered past, just below the clouds. With a single flap of her bat like wings Death thrust up into the sky like a rocket.

Tango 1 this is Red Merlin, I have an unidentified bogey closing in on my radar, wait, its gone. Were the hell…….

The pilot froze with fear as his canopy was peeled back. Reaching down, Death tore his oxygen mask from his face, smiling as she watched the pilot suffocate. Pushing off she sped after the second plane. Spinning into a barrel roll she shot past the F-15 as the pilot tried not to panic.


Suddenly Death was hovering directly in front of the jet with her arms folded and giggling. Extending her hand outwards the Jet immediately stopped and hung. The pilot frantically looked around trying to grasp any sense of reality. Pulling the ejection lever, his seat was shot out of the plane and began to descend. As the parachute opened, Death swooped down and with one swipe of her nail, cut the lines and waived good bye as the pilot fell to his doom.

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Reject had watched the lone hero move towards the four but he made no move to assist him. Reckless fool, he thought. One on four was a fools game and two on four wasn't much better. Besides he needed to take the measure of this hero before he made a move. Maybe he was more powerhouse than fool. Maybe he alone could make up the difference between the four and him.

Reject coughed. His immune system seemed to be better than most, he had no knowledge of ever being sick, but surely even he could not stand up to this pestilence for long. It felt as if his blood was thickening in his veins. Help would have to arrive soon or he would be forced to act.

He noticed the military's approach and watched the female horseman take off after the attacking aircraft. He couldn't follow the aerial combat other then to see one plane simply spiral out of control and the other one stop in midair only to spin madly out of control itself. A failed parachute caught in the breeze.


As he figured, the military would be of no help. He held in another cough hoping the demons could not hear him. The world would end before help arrived and he was running out of time.

God lend me the strength to last long enough to be of some help here.

He waited to see what would become of the lone hero, praying that he would display enough power to give himself an opening to press the attack. At worst, maybe the two of them could take out one of the demons before dying themselves.

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Justice walked out of the building like he didn't have anything to worry about. The whole world was going to Hell, but he had no fear. He felt pure joy, a joy that he had never felt before in his life. It was a hot and humid day in the city of New Orleans, and like most days, the streets were crowded with cars and people. He was no longer Danny Cassidy, he was Justice and he would bring down the Horsemen along with his brother and sisters. Justice levitated into the clouds, with a feeling of warmth and hope. Holy green dragon wings sprouted from his back and he flew to meet his siblings, Truth, Serenety, and Life.
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War stood with a toothy grin across his face. Not only was his brother being attacked by a simplton the humans had launched their last efforts of help.

A plane that survived his sisteres attack launched a missile at War, to which he grinned and stuck his hand out. The missile coming closer and closer before it War in the chest.

"These toys are fun to play with arnt they siblings." War announces from the cloud of dust, he slides to his left his pike in hand. He looks straight up and crouches. His legs bending and the ground beneath him cracking. He pushes up from this position and launches himself into the air. And lands on the plane.

"Hello human, brave maybe yet very stupid." War slams his pike into the cockpit of the plane.

Oh god one of them is on the plane he is about to...

War slides its pike up and through the man and his plane, cutting it in two before jumping off the plane. He lands hard and walks back to his roost on a pile of corpses.

He turns and watches the hero fight his brother. Licking the blood from his pike he asks out loud "Is their no one worthy of my might!"

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It was hard to breathe in the mask, It was not long after shooting Anderson that the toixins in the air had started to get to them, Nano had pushed them on, No doubt in his mind what lay ahead of them , Already two of the other teams had fallen and news that they had lost the F15 had been a big blow to the attack plan.

The bricks from buildings seemed to crumble under their feet as they ran, the closer they got the more twisted the world seem to become, They where now comming up to the black ring where the Horsemen stood, "Damn it" Nano whispeard under his breathe, They horsemen where not all there, in order for the plan to work all four needed to be as close to this thing a possible.

Looking at the two men he smiled under his mask, "Looks like we need to draw them out" Taking of his mask the red line in the center of his hair seemed to glow,"As soon as you see the four of them, you know what to do, No time for escape set the bloody thing off, the brass say that things the most powerful weapon we got , Lets not waste it"

Moving away from his team he stept out into the light, Nano plugged in his MP3 player and let the music take over, Placing one hand on his pistol he laughed, fat lot of help thats going to be, But it looks cool and if im dying im dying with style, Pulling the pair of silver 45's he fired into the centre of the horsemen, "Where did the pretty one go, Wondered if she was single!"

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The Earth was a shinning sphere of swirling blues and greens that filled Graham’s vision. Red flames started to creep up the cockpit viewport as the ship hit the atmosphere.

“Well, I got you home. Now you owe me”

The hologramatic projection of the A.I. Cartman sighed. Switch turned and grinned wolfishly at the small fat figure.

“We made it.”

There was a roaring noise as the retro thrusters that would control the ships descent kicked in followed by a dull clunk as they cut out. The vessel turned lazily in the air as it plummeted earthward. Switch swung himself out of his chair and braced himself against the weapons console.

“I hope.”

Cartman appeared beside him, crouching low with a look of pure terror on his fat face. The sweat was pouring off his brow, soaking the toga that swathed his portly frame.

“We are so dead! There’s no way we can survive this.”

Graham put his hand over the interface panel and winced as Cartman transferred into his neural network.

“We’ll be fine.”

The ship picked up speed, heading for Washington at maximum velocity.

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Zaraki sat on the mountain cliff looking down on the village beneath him. The landslide he had created would soon grant him a east f souls, and it had been several days since the last time he had eaten. The bone like mask smiled in a wolf- like grimace of self satisfaction. He could hear the first of the villagers begin to awaken and notice the deadly down pour.

Suddenly he felt someone, a familar presence, but so much different than the last time he had felt it. He was curious. This personality was very powerful, and held an high amount of dark energy.

"What have we here?" Zaraki snapped his fingers and a wall of dirt rose to stop the rumbling eart that was approaching the village. "This seems like a very fulfilling meal."

Zaraki looked down at the village, people were standing and pointing at the wall and screaming something about ther many gods showing mercy on them. He hated to play with his food, but with such a tantalizing meal on the line he knew he couldn't stay.

The bone mask turned and swung his zanpaku- to. A feudal Japanese wooden trimmed door appeared. It was different than a normal Soul Reapers though. The wood was worn and damaged across it's framework and the black rice paper occasionally had a hold in it or was missing. The door slid open with a rumbling squeal as the doors finally gave and opened to their full portion. Zaraki stepped throu, eager to find out who had acquired so much power.

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The crossing between British Columbia and Washington DC was lined up. Thousands of cars stretched back as far as the eye could see. The survivors.

Sparda, however, knew the truth. This was the End Of Days. Not one soul would escape this judgement. No survivors.

If the reports he had heard were true, the very Horsemen themselves were descending upon the city. The chances of anyone on Earth surviving were whatever came right before zero.

But they weren't going down without a fight.

Sparda checked his weapons. Force-Edge was strapped to his back. His pistols, loaded with silver bullets protected and covered by every kind of enchantment known to man were holstered at his side. His holy-water grenade firing rifle, Xargus, was with him and loaded. He had made the vials full of explosive Holy Water himself.

Without a second thought, Sparda revved his motorcycle. The tires spun, and he drove on the very far side of the road past the border.

He was going down swinging.

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"We would have never imagined many things when we first met." Vengeance spoke with a voice of annoyance. Her long talons retracting and she remained looking at her from her position. Her fiery red locks hanging upside down along with her. She closed her eyes for a moment when she heard. Her mouth contorted into a smile of delight and she looked at her brother.

"Do you hear it, dearest brother?" She cackled her words, excitement erupting in her like a volcano. It was he sounds of a ship. A lone spaceship that had wondered too far and would now may for that folly. She looked at her brothers determination and still even more joy flowed from this dark creature. Her white eyes gleaming with darkness in light. There was nothing better than to be her at the moment, even if a lovesick pup was still locked in her. She growled feeling a warm sensation form from the pits of her stomach. She had no choice, she had to retreat into herself.

"Would you cease your idiotic emotions, orange-one! He's dead. Live with it, and if you don't cease this, your disgusting little pups will as well! How dare you taint me with the children of an inferior being?! How dare you Sariaf'ca! You will pay for that. You and that miserable little planet you called home. I'm going to make sure you watch as your home burn and these Earthlings you came to love, die infront of your eyes by your hands!" Vengeance shrieked looking at the other half of it's soul.

"You will not harm my "pups". They're as much a part of you as they are of me. They're your children too, Vengeance." She scoffed. Such an arrogant bitch, this counterpart of hers was. But for all the idle threats any harm she would do to her unborn children would be her own undoing. It was a simple fact to accept. They were one in the same and death would affect both.

"Quiet! I've no time for you idle dribble! You falter.... I can sense it, my sister. You LIKE this. You WANT this. Very soon nothing will be left of you. Not even your hopeless flicker of light. It will be extinguished like everything else. Enjoy your final moments of your little struggle of trying to overtake me. You won't last. I'm a part of you. Accept it. Embrace it. Merge with me completely and then we'll lash out at everyone. Think of this sister." Vengeance hissed, before removing herself from her consciousness. Back to reality and back to space.

Her eyes gazed at her brother. "Overconfidence will be your downfall brother. I were you, I'd tone it down." She shrieked with joy and pounded her hand against the palm of the other hand. One...two...three.... She motioned her hand and opened them to reveal her most loved scissors. As she saw Kain's rock, and she roared.

"You will not beat me! You will be defeated Nightmare. Vengeance bows to no one, especially to none on a game of rock, paper, scissors!" She slammed her hands again and went for it. "One, two, three." And this time she revealed a rock with her fists and smiled, protruding her fangs. "Let us hurry, we can have one last bit of joy before heading to Earth brother. The ship is nearing us. I can hear their hearts pounding against the chest in fear. Let us relieve them of such tension!"

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Spectrum looked on as Death ripped the planes from the sky and War tore own the men inside. He was horrified by it all.

It was then he saw the man stand up. His bravery shone through the evil that surrounded this place. His silver guns glinting in the light of fires scattered across the land. His hair bearing a red strip through it shone brigther then anything around it. He lauged as he stepped forward.

Specrum was in awe.

Danm it. I wish i could be that frickin cool.

He stood up and apraoched the horsemen. As he went forward the ground became more and more twisted untill all the life from it was gone and it was only black. He stood someway across from the man with the red striped hair.

"I'm here to stop you" He said sheepishly, his voiceing cracking half way through. His palms sweted, his heart raced. On thought raced through his mind...

Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap...

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Feeling the posion in the air fill his lungs, The world was starting to spin, Gripping the silver handles harder, Brining his mind back to the game, Nano moved forward, the horsemen had ingored him, It seemed being a mere human did not rank him to be of notice, So it was time to get noticed.

Nano looked over at the kid whp had just arrived, Nice to have a super on the team, he thought to himself, Even if he is a bit green, As long as we can by time , Nothing else mattered, each step was becoming heavier But he tryed not to let it show.

"SO we just going to stand here and look at me , or shall we get on with the butt kicking I have been saving for you guys!" Wow he could talk cr@p when he needs to.

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Sparda stopped the motorcycle. He had just entered the city of Washington DC.

It wasn't pretty.

From even on the outskirts, the chaos and death was apparent. Animals, men, women, children, lay dead across the ground. Houses and buildings lay shattered and on fire. The stench of fire and ash was in the air, along with death. Sparda was disgusted, but on the outside he showed no emotions. He ditched the bike. He wouldn't need it until he needed to leave.

If he was going to leave.

He double checked his weapons again, made sure his guns were loaded and his sword ready. Then, without hesitation, he started walking into the city.

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Sensing the man behind him War turned around.

He looks at the man battling Pestilence and then at this one. "This all the earth has to offer to us brother. I find it kinda disheartening that no one on this speck of dog sh$# in the universe can do a thing to us."

War slams his pike to the ground the electricity sparks around it and up his arm.

"So brother and sister what shall we do with him?"

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Famine Smiled at war, As the two men walked towards them, Taking a step back , Famnie spoke the words ran down his tounge and over his cracked plae lips like a snake, "My sister will be back soon, But why dont we keep you company".

The tanned cowboy boots and blue stoned jeans did not have a mark on on them, Famines snakw moved round and round his chest hissing at the two heroes, "it is a pitty that two so weak come to face us, But I am bored" Lookng at nano he nodded at the guns

"Do you think those will really hurt us, Your about to die and you bring guns to your funeral"

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Spectrum saw the man step forward, with courage and strength. He was very impressed. The air was much heavier then it was away from the Horsemen. It was filled with toxins and plauges.

Spectrums head swam, he was finding it hard to concentrate.

"Yeah" He said in agreeence with the man beside him. He took a shakey step forward.

"Time for you to step down and face the music" He finfished. Unseure if it had the desired effect. It didnt sound nearly as cool as what the red haired man had said.