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Location: industrial warehouse, Pittsburgh

Time: 6:51

Temperature: high

Warsman sat in an office overlooking the vats of melted iron and various cranes, lifts, and other tools that lifted I-beams and heavy machinery to heavy trucks with reinforced shocks that delivered them to construction sites and miscellaneous other places. Only thing was, the warehouse was chillingly still.

The workers were all laying down with claw-marks plauging their bodies. The vats were still in operation, however, since no one bothered to turn them off before taking their "naps".

Warsman finished cleaning his claws with a cloth he had found. He set the cloth down on the table and it was stained with blood. The Russian had firmly locked all but one of the immense doors to the warehouse, knowing that some hero would try to come to beat him senseless for killing these workers.

If they could beat his senseless before they died that is.

Warsman was more powerful than ever thanks to Egan's upgrading software, and the Russian highly doubted if he could be beaten...

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Post Deleted.

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For 14 hours Tenjin was on a plane, he was coming to America just for this moment. He was never heard of Pittsburg before, and he didn't come to see the sites. He came to settle a score. He thought about this the whole Trip and bought one-way tickets just in case. He hunted Warsman for 3 Days before a 78 men were missing from a warehouse he had no clue were he was. then jumping out of his bed at a lousy motel,He jumped inside his rental, a 2008 shelby mustang gt-500 and you know it had to be black. With 500 plus horsepower at the wheels,it would be a short ride there. Tenjin Thought to him self as the mustang was pushing 180 mph about their last battle and about his spine being ripped out. Tenjin smirked as he reached the site, and hit the e-brake and drifted around the tight corner of the warehouse and brung the pony to a stop. He opened the door dressed still in his street attire, like old times. Without a moments notice he spin kicked open the industrial doors and call out.

"Warsman, im back!!!!!"

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Warsman recognized the voice.

"So, he's come back from the dead has he?"

Stepping out of the office, Warsman stomped on the skull of a nearby corpse that was blocking his path, making it crack. He remembered that he had tore Tenjin's spine out and marveled at how well he moved around, certainly a ghost.

Warsman had no fear of the apparition and walked briskly to the edge of the scaffolding to engage in conversation before the unavoidable battle.

"What manner of sorcery makes you stand again? Are you man, or some other walk of life?"

The Russian gazed into the eyes of this creature and saw indeed the eyes that held life.

"So you are alive, Tenjin," Warsman said, descending the stairs. "What do I have to do to permanently send you to the abyss?!"

The Russian vanished, not by running, but simply vanished, in shorter length than he had done ever before. He reappeared beside Tenjin, his arms crossed and a smile on his face. He teleported again and aimed his elbow at Tejin's nose and a fist to his lungs. Teleporting a third time, he reappeared several meters away, waving his hand back and forth across his chest in a taunting manner.

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Post Deleted.

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As the mighty russian desended the stairs, tenjin took of his Black hoody and tossed it aside. No scars on this body of his only the large Murual on his body, the dragon on his back wrapped around his torso and several kanji and swordsman in the backround. He stood there looking deep within the cyborg's eyes at long last he would get his second chance.

"What manner of sorcery makes you stand again? Are you man, or some other walk of life?"

"So you are alive, Tenjin," "What do I have to do to permanently send you to the abyss?!"

Tenjin just stood there quite, not even smiling, justa cold dead stare and a stern face.

Warsman vanished and reappeared along his side, and all Tenjin did was clench his fists and squeezed hard. He then Teleported and layed his elbow into Tenjin's nose and its mighty fist into his chest and vanished further back. Tenjin's back arched but his feet were still planted like the roots of a mighty oak. He hits harder than before, Tenjin thought to himself. Just before straightening his spine and dropping his face from its inclined neck to relook Warsman in the Eye before saying this.

"I am more than just a man, i am the bringer of your undoing." Tenjin said with not a hint of happiness." I'm going to drag you by your face to the depths of hell and torture you myself!!!!"

Soon after those words he unleashed a surge of electricity from his body, envoloping him in its blood red color. His pupils grew pale and vanished into white and several surges from his eyes flickered outwards.

He then stepped slowly forward,towards Warsman byding his time, because Tenjin wanted this to last a eternity.

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"Oh-ho, someone's got new toys."

Warsman watched as the hunter came at him, swirling with crimson electricity that attacked anything with a positive charge, obviously dominantly negative in charge, which possible contributed to its red color. His eyes became pale-white, attempting to give Warsman a fright. A shiver of exctiement rolled up and down the Russian's spine.

"Drag me to hell you say? We'll see about that, hunter."

The Russian already had a negative charge to his body, a side-effect from having Egan's upgrade within him. He teleported, coming at Tenjin from the front. The electricity resisted his touch as he aimed a mighty fist at Tenjin's collarbone. He teleported again, and again, and again, all the while aiming lethal blows at Tenjin's body. He extended his claws and tried to dig into Tenjin's chest with them.

Leaping back, Warsman smirked, then teleported again, coming from below Tenjin with a head-butt that was aimed at his stomach.

"This is my power now, Tenjin. Coming here was a folly on your part!"

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"Oh-ho, someone's got new toys." said the mighty russian

right before teleporting and his gargauntaun fist smashed into Tenjin's collarbone, making him slide alittle from impact. He telported several times laying several heavy blows upon tenjin making him bounce around slighty. Thats when Tenjin began to smile, He let one of Warsman's claws rip through his right shoulder just for the fun of it. Again Warsman teleported and his massive cranium smashed into Tenjin's abodomen sending him up in the air. Tenjin moonsaulted back to his feet recovering from the blow.

"This is my power now, Tenjin. Coming here was a folly on your part!"roared the mighty russian

Bleeding from his shoulder from the claws driving into his body, Tenjin stared at it and began to laugh a sinister chuckle.

"Warsman, Watch your face."

He said before expolding onto the cyborg with a crouched blitz. He leaped into the air and unleashed a powerful technique...the "Searing Thunder Grinder". he would only attempt a 10 hit combo because he would corkscrew flip afterwards and launch several demon slayers at his opponent, they would be a combonation of fire and lightning.

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Warsman wasn't surprised that his attacks didn't invoke as much pain as he had thought, though Tenjin did bleed, and thus he was mortal. Forming a force-shield to block the electrical attack, but he huddled over in a fetal position just for good measure, blocking his face and head with an X-shaped guard. Breaking the shield after the attack was done with, he easily dispatched of the demon-slayers, either snapping their necks with powerful kicks or slicing them in half with his claws.

Landing, Warsman wasted little time. He teleported in front of Tenjin and grabbed at his throat, attempting to shove him through the opposing wall and into the deeper interior of the warehouse.

The Russian was dead serious, his eyes narrowed with concentration.

"No matter how many times you can come back to life," Warsman thought, aiming clawed punches at the hunter with lethal speed and precision.

*"You will still be a mortal,"

The Russian threw ever-increasing amounts of clawed punches at Tenjin with more power and surgical precision each time.

"And mortals die!" Warsman suddenly yelled, throwing a final punch at Tenjin's forehead, his claws retracted.

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Warsman seized Tenjin by the throat and slammed him through the opposing wall and they landed hard on Tenjin's back. Tenjin lauched himself several feet back with a back handspring, and smirked at the oncoming machine.

"You will still* be a mortal,"said the Russian cyborg.

Warsman attempted to lay seige to Tenjin with his claws but Tenjin created a dome shaped shield of Lightning and Fire.

"And mortals die!" Warsman said right before attempting a punch at Tenjin's forehead. Tenjin snaked to the left and Warsman's hand passed his head. Tenjin then whspered to the cyborg.

"i maybe a mortal but i am a god on this planet".

As he said that he had but his hand only centimeters away from its stomache with a Hundred Demon Slayer. The force of this blast could topple a 2 inch thick wall. As he did that his wound from warsman claw almost completely healed. He then fired the hundred demon slayer.

"Now witness my fury."

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Warsman grunted in pain as the attack made its way into his personal space. It dug into his midsection like an angry animal and suddenly exploded with fury, sending the Russian barrelling into an opposing wall, sending it crashing down on top of him. All was quiet for a few moments save for the hissing of cooling metal.

A stone fell, tumbling to the floor.

Suddenly the pile of rubble exploded from the Russian, revealing his standing form. His body was completely unharmed.

"A god? A god?! If you are such, why am I still alive?"

Warsman stepped out of the rubble and his right arm underwent a seizure of expanding and contracting muscles, a twisted mass of writhing tissues that became quelled and transformed into a large cannon-like protrusion fron the cyborg's elbow. The horrific procedure was accented by cruel hissing noises and groans from creaking metals unused in extended periods of time.

The Russian tilted his head to the left, his eyes crazed and his mouth a gaping mass of jagged teeth that spread across in a crude and evil smile. His violence was about to be unleashed.

Out of the protrusion came a bolt of white-hot plasma that incinerated the floor underneath it and the objects around it in an instant as it furiously charged at Tenjin at speeds faster than light. Warsman seemed to embrace the warmth of the attack and laughed manaically, his eyes gleaming in the light.
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Tenjin was very impressed by the attack, it seemed the mechanical monster had more up his sleeve than just teleporting and claws. the blast was racing furiously at him Tenjin knew he couldn't run so he charged up another Hundred demon killer, its red aura bursting with electricity, it wasn't strong enough to repel the blast but could slow it down a bit. He fired it sending it spiraling at the white plasma, the plasma ripped through it sending the Hundred demon killer fragmenting and destroying several small machines. He plasma blast was almost in front of tenjin, he braced himself locking his arms in front of him to help protect his vitals. The blast hit Tenjin so hard it sent him barreling though a small crane tearing through the metal like paper and crashing into a wall behind it.

The wall molded around Tenjin sending multiple cracks trailing in all directions around the wall. Tenjin was now Very impressed by Warsman now and it looks like this is going to be one wild ride!

He pushed himself out of the wall, arms bloody and burned but soon that will fix itself. He now was completely focused on the cybernetic behemoth. He rushed towards a Large Stamping machine and dug his fingers deep into the steel casing. He then squated and proceded to lift it with all his might and heaved it towards Warsman.

While the machine was soaring in the air, Tenjin leaped atop the beams on the warehouse, denting them lightly as he landed.he than ran across them like a circus performer and dived towards Warsman charging his lightning directly into his arm, right before the Machine was in a 10 foot perimeter of the cyborg and Tenjin cryed out "Thunder God Fist!!!!!"

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Warsman was not surprised that his attack didn't kill Tenjin. He was, however, intrigued by how strong he was in lifting the immense stamping machine. Tossing it was the Russian, Tenjin suddenly disappeared into the rafters. Warsman had little time to react after transforming his arm back to normal.

The machine was immensely heavy and forced the cyborg into a wall as he caught it, crushing him against the concrete. However, Warsman punched it off of him and climbed out of the resulting rubble.

"Thunger God Fist!" Tenjin yelled, directly in front of the cyborg, his arm coated with electricity.

Warsman extended a hand to catch it, the ground beneath him breaking into a crater. His fingers curled inside the eaves of Tenjin's knuckles as the fist became stuck inside the tomb that was Warsman's open hand.

"You underestimate me, just like last time." Warsman smirked as he began to absorb the electricity from Tenjin's flesh.

After a few seconds, feeling like he had enough power, the cyborg aimed a fist at Tenjin's face that knocked over heavy industrial equiptment with the shockwave of it going through the air.

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Tenjin had a a big smile on his face when the cyborg caught it, he whoeverdid underestimate the leviathan, his massive hand curled over Tenjin's hand live a tidal wave of metal. He absorbed energy straight from Tenjin's clenched fist. Then with a massive stike to the face, who's aftershock knocked over heavy machinery made the Lightning Tyrant buckle. His face felt like putty molding around the Monster's great fist.Tenjin has never been hit that hard before, the kinetic energy was the strongest he has ever felt before.

But Tenjin rose to his feet and with the monster still gripping his fist he couldn't use his lightning powers in fear of another one of those attacks. But Tenjin had not come all this way to die, he had a lightbulb moment.

"You are indeed powerful Warsman, but like i said, i am a god amoung men!!!!"

He then screamed out "Raging Flame hurricane"

Tenjin created a circle around him and Warsman, and then it spiraled into the air with great speed creating a tornado of fire insnaring them both. He then formed a fire shield of great size to push Warsman into the Spiraling inferno.

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Warsman was swept away by the tornado of flame and he spun around in its grasp while simultaneously being intensely burned. Great maws of fire reached out to swallow him, yet he preservered. Teleporting from the great storm, Warsman reappeared behind Tenjin, a large truck in his hands and primed to crush the "god among men".

"Today is my day, Tenjin! No god on this earth can save you from my fury!"

Warsman drew a fist back and slammed it through the truck's exterior, bending it enough so that his fist would reach Tenjin's chest with full impact. Reaching up, the truck seemingly welded to his body, Warsman slammed it at Tenjin, attempting to crush him further.

The Russian teleported again and came back from behind Tenjin with an empty metal vat, used to distribute molten iron. Slamming it at Tenjin, Warsman teleported a third time, and a fourth time, and a fifth time, each time coming back with something heavy to crush Tenjin with: a second truck, a large crane, a stack of I-beams.

Warsman teleported away from the pile of twisted metal and mechanics, crouching low in the scaffolding to see how his attacks worked. He listened carefully to his surroundings in case Tenjin escaped and was sneaking up from behind him.

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Tenjin was smoothered in the metal hit after hit sent Tenjin closer to the ground. one one the i-beams impaled his left leg. Tenjin couldn't move under its enormous wieght, somehow, someway Tenjin had to get through this.

He dug deep into his soul, searching for a more power. He found something it burned within him like a dragon wishing to be released. No more games Tenjin thought to himself. The monster can not win a secind time. He formed a enormous sheild around him sending the machines hurling in all directions. He stood up to his feet and pointed to the behemoth,

"You shall not prevail, i said i would drag you to hell and thats what im going to do!!!!" he roared, his echo bounced around the warehouse like a hollow cave. the flames from his body were so intense that they started to erupted from his pores releasing small flames all over his body. The ground his feet stepped on melted into liquid with every step his feet sunk into the cement. His eyes a like cinders and smoke bellowing from them. The i-beam lodged in his leg melted and fell out.

He touched a nearby truck, gliding his fingers across it, making the metal look like water as it dripped to the ground. He launched an enourmous fireball above warsman, straight into the rafters and the building started to collapse.

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Warsman was getting a tad annoyed by the hunter's persistence. The instant the fireball was about to strike him, he teleported away. He reappeared at a nearby fire station, for the warehouse was in danger of a fire at any time, taking a hose from a truck and turning the water on full-blast. Teleporting above Tenjin, the water poured all over him, resisting his heat long enough to come in contact with the flames and put them out.

While he was doused, Warsman teleported again, extending his claws to their full length and aiming a punch at the hunter's sternum.

"Remember what I did to your spine? This time I'm going for a much bigger prize: the heart!"

The hose was still on, pouring water along the floor. However, the puddle dared not go close to the furnaces, where it was instantly evaporated in their angry heat.

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Warsman trick was a very intelligent one, he had dosed Tenjin with enough water to keep the burning flames under control but Warsman had forgotten one simple thing,Tenjin was a great fire conjurer but after all he was also known as the "lightning Tyrant".

With Warsman's blades only a mere 3 feet from Tenjin, Tenjin purposely drove his hands through the claws all the way to the fists, and grasped Warsman's metal hands tightly.

"You, Warsman are a great enemy nonetheless you shall fall".

Tenjin unleashed sevral million volts through his hands, Tenjin's eyes bursted with electricty and with the water over his body the electricity was magnified 10 fold!

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Warsman couldn't help but smile. Tenjin had fallen right into his trap. It was true that he could absorb energy, yes, but it didn't have to involve him touching his victim, just as long as his body was in physical contact with his victim! He began to absorb the electricity from Tenjin's attack, relishing in the slowly-growing power that Tenjin was unwittingly giving him. Finally, Warsman decided he had enough to finish the fight. Ripping a set of claws out of Tenjin's flesh, he slashed them across the hunter's throat in an attempt to severe his jugular vein.

"And you thought you were going to win."

Warsman drew a fist back and tensed his muscles hard enough to create a sonic-boom that made him sink into a crater before aiming it at Tenjin's face. He was trying to rip Tenjin's head from his soulders, surely a maneuver that didn't allow any room for mistake this time.

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Tenjin knew it was a one and a million chance that warsman would die like that. Tenjin now what Warsman was really capable of. Without a moments notice Warsman ripped out his blades from Tenjin's hands attempting a thoat slash to the juggular but Tenjin reared back making the claws miss him by millimeters he did a back flip to put some distance in between Warsman and him. But Warsman fired a sonicb boom capable of ripping Tenjin in half but Tenjin dropped and created a sheild infront of him just in time to absorb much of the blast. The sonic boom was so strong it sent Tenjin flying through the warehouse the front of it crumble on top of him. It looked like it was over, but even that could not bring down the Lightning Tyrant because now the battle just went outside of the industrial plant.

Tenjin was buried among tons of rock and steel, so just finding him would be a problem for Warsman giving Tenjin enough time to recover from the attack.

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Warsman clawed his way from the resulting rubble of his attack, trying to find Tenjin. Finding him, he made a grab for his throat.

"You will die by my hands tonight, hunter."

The Russian drew back fist after fist, aiming for Tenjin's face with furious power. Lifting him out of the rubble, Warsman tossed him aside and teleported, aiming a fist for Tenjin's stomach and then another for his face. Teleporting a third time, Warsman reappeared with a small car in his hands. He tried to pummel Tenjin with it in an attempt to bash him to a pulp.

Warsman teleported again, this time with a metal pole. He slammed it at Tenjin's skull repeatedly before thrusting it at his midsection, trying to pin him against the wall. Warsman drew his fist back, but drove his knee at Tenjin's lungs.

"No matter how hard you try, you're still no god!"

The cyborg vanished again, reappearing in the same spot save for in his hands were the controls to a molten iron vat, which Tenjin was conveniently in front of. Pressing the button, the vat began to pour over in the hunter's direction.

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After the continous onslaught by Warsman, it looked like our hero has fallen. But Tenjin still had strength inside him, and was planning to use it.

"No matter how hard you try, you're still no god!" said the mighty Warsman.

Tenjin replied with a simple answer " and you are no devil."

with the burning liquid at Tenjin's disposale he manipulated the heat generated by it to attempt to smother the hulking machine.

and while he was being beaten by Warsman he stood to his feet and stood only inches from Warsman a fire a attack that even the gods feared "Thousand demon killer!!!". The blast made even the Lightning Tyrant buckle....

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Warsman teleported from the molten iron's path and into the sky. His smile was larger than ever and his eyes were bulging red in the light of the liquid metal.


Tenjin apparently ignored the Russian's taunt and fired his attack. Warsman held out his hands greedily and the energy went into his body flawlessly: segment after segment and particle by particle. Soon it was gone.


Warsman licked his lips, seemingly relishing the taste of the hunter's energy. Teleporting, Warsman aimed a fist at Tenjin's face with lethal power and precision. He was far stronger than before thanks to his power boost and he wanted Tenjin to realize the folly of his ways, in the most painful ways possible.

Tearing at Tenjin with powerful physical attacks of all kinds, Warsman leaped a few feet away and fired his plasma cannon for a second time, his arm transforming faster than ever.

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Tenjin gave a quick smile and asked Warsman, one question "i wonder how much energy you can absorb??, cuz if i knew any better you are a your peak of your total power??....am i right!!!!!so why don't you have some...MORE!!!!!!!" as warsman tore into Tenjin with a volley of attacks, Tenjin was only buying his time. Warsman leaped into the air and fired his plasma blast. But Tenjin corkscrewed only being struck in his shoulder possibly breaking it.While Warsman was standing Tenjin leaped only inches from him and unleashed the second sun technique only enhancing it with millions of volts of electricity arcing towards Warsman metallic frame!!!!

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The Russian laughed at Tenjin's remark.

"How much energy can I absorb? Let's find out!!"

Warsman grabbed the electrical arc, quite literally. It disappeared into his hands, but Warsman felt his limit nearing completion, so he teleported behind Tenjin.

"This seems familiar, doesn't it?"

The cyborg thrust his claws at Tenjin's spine and ripped upwards. Making a grab for Tenjin's throat, Warsman would throw him to the ground and beat and rip at him with rabid ferocity.

"This is a glorious night for the Red Dictator!"

Teleporting and bringing back with him an I-beam. He would smash it against Tenjin multiple times before tossing it away, placing his foot on Tenjin's skull.

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With Tenjin's dismay, his attack did go as it should have and Warsman seemed to have grasped victory from Tenjin's god-like hands....his claws tore through Tenjin and then proceded to bash him into oblivion.

with Warsman foot against his skull, Tenjin coughed up blood and spoke these words,

"well if the Red Dictator, wants power he can take it all!!!!"

He unleashed a second flame deep from his soul and used every ounce...it rivaled the sun's composition of heat. He let go off his god-like abilities letting Warsman take it, it was enough to power New York for an hour.

He died soon after, choking on his own blood and from the wounds he suffered, but at least he was at peace.

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Warsman began to choke on the immense amount of power he was given, but he did not have it for long. Opening his mouth at the heavens, the Russian became a beacon, the energy pouring from his body into the sky. Lights surged on and off throughout the city and entire power plants were suffering loss of power for minutes at a time.

Suddenly, the surge stopped and Warsman became himself again, the beacon from his mouth disappearing into nonexistence. Sinking to his knees, Warsman beat his fists against the concrete floor, making it crack and fail under his power. He howled into the night sky like a mad animal. He punched the immense iron doors to the east entrance, a set of doors that were an estimated 30 tons, and they opened without question, slamming against the opposing walls with a bang.

The warehouse suddenly burst into flames with a mighty explosion. Warsman had predicted the heat from Tenjin's attacks would set off the kerosene tanks he placed around the interior of the building at any time. He smiled with the thought of having killing one of his greatest opponents to date for a second time.