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a strong storm set of thunderclaps and lightning crossed the sky as heavy rain created a thick shower, drenching the grass of the graveyard. Tombstones lined the yard encased by a large black fence with jutting spikes atop of it to keep out unwanted guests. Large trees set root next to some gravesites giving off a eerie feel to the enviorment.Their limbs gave off shadows resmebling the nightmares of children and stone gargoyles roosted on ledges of granite structures. Some had graffiti of cult like symbols in red paint on their sides. A long curving road made its way through the site a few hours before some teenagers played tag here but ran in fear of a so called demon haunting this place. This was no demon well at least not a true one, it was a man known as Tenjin and he was awaiting an opponent but decieded to have some fun first. Scaring the teens by armoring himself to resemble a monster of some sorts and chased them to their cars. He was merely clearing the area for a upcoming fight and transformed back to his regular self. The sky was blackened by the storm, dimming the moonlight as it illuminated the night sky. The rain fell hard on his black umbrella, having water roll of its edges. He listened to the constant tapping from the raindrops as he closed his eyes while leaning against a towering tombstone in the shape of a pillar made of a hard black marble. He was wearing his favorite color, black and had his silver hait slicked back constantly pulling his locks back with his metallic right hand. His suit was custom fitted  Armani even down to the black silk tie. It was a three button with red pin stripes but with golden cuff links in the shape of skulls with ruby eyes. The red pin stripes where on his slacks and flowed down to his red gator shoes. Gold versaci glasses with the lens tinted black sat on his nose with spiral inlays all over. he even brung a MP3 player which he had in his ears and on high listening to "Hell" by Disturbed.

It was around three o'clock in the morning, called dead time by the paranormal investigators because it was said to be the hour of ghouls and spirits to play on earth. Katsuro had nothing to fear, in fact he could feel any power approaching within five miles he could exactly pin point it but could tell the direction of the on-coming person or thing. Suddenly he felt a presence coming and he said to himself....enhanced human....marksman....regeneration....durable...enhanced immune system and metobolism. He awaited his opponent and as he drew near he stood straight up and walked over to greet him. He stood there with a sarcastic smirk on his face as the thunder roared and lightning cracked as he spoke

"You must be the guy, I can tell you are a good fighter by just looking into your eyes. You may very well have the capability to kill me but i highly doubt that is the case." He drew in a breath "Let get this started shall we?"

A strong wind picked up and he released his umbrella letting it soar in the wind off into the distance. Heavy rain poured down as he let out a demonic battlecry and activated his warlock gauntlet summoning its unimaginable power. It beckoned with a red energy while it started to grow rapidly making its way up his arm. His right sleeve along with the undershirt was torn to pieces like it was in a lawnmower as it extended up to the shoulder. His metallic right arm shined slightly but was imbedded with grooves and designs in various patterns. He covered his now metallic knuckles with thick plating lined with inch long spikes and gestured his opponent to make the first move as his short silver hair now soaked and draping on his forehead.

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It was a day for mourning, the sky was filled with dark clouds that blocked out the sun and the mid-day sky. Drops of water began to fall from the sky as if the heavens were weeping for the ones that had fallen and was being put in their final resting place. It seemed that even in this age people still watch the new let alone the weather channel as the  site was covered by a tent. The wind started to pick as did the rain, there seemed to be more people then planned that attended the service as people were standing outside the tented areas holding umbrellas to shield them from the light storm. As the ones stood outside the tent it was hard to tell if it was rain drops or tears running down their face, and even though for some of them this was the saddest day of there lives it would soon become even worst. For on the other far side of the cemetery covertly hidden in a tree, the barrel of a sniper riffle was aimed to put another person in a box and placed in the ground soon enough. Chase waited looking for the best moment to strike his target down, for he didn't care of life and death nor the pain of other all he knew was complete the objective. Starring down through the scope his watched, his held the riffle firmly yet relaxed while finger held steady on the trigger. His breathing became long as it slowed down his heart rate making his aim even better. Unmoved he watched on as his target stood up and walked over to the casket then placed a rose on it before truning around and began to head back to his seat. Yet before the man could take a second step he found himself struck with two bullet before hitting the ground, as they slung themselves and left the barrel the two bulets zipped through the air as if the rain had jumpped out their way before hinding themselves one in the heart and the second right inbetween the eyes. Everyone paniced as the man hit the ground for no one knew where they came from and why on a day like this. With his job done Chase dismantled his gun and placed it in a case before tapping a earpiece he was wearring.

This is Bravoes reporting at 1400 hours the target has been eliminated.

Good work. The money has been wired to your account, like always you never dissappoint. Now for you next job you're to meet a man in this same location a 300 hours after meeting him you can choose how you wish to eliminate him.

Oh the witching hour, thats kinda odd. Well as long as you keep my account full I have no problems eliminating for you, as long as it's not a kid nor a women.

After he was completely brief on his next target Chase sat back and closed his then began listening to the sound of the rain bounce off the leaves of the tree. It soothed him for the most part, then pulling a  pack of cigarettes from a pocket on his jacket he placed one in his mouth and then lite it. He then became even more calm as the smoke fulled into his lungs and sent a rush of nicotine into his blood stream, being shielded pretty well from the rain while in the tree Chase decided to rest there seeing that he would most likely have a fight on his hands later and really he didn't  see a point in leaving becase he would have to comeback to the same place later if he left. The crackling of lighting and the roaring sound of thunder echoed in the cemetery waking Chase, rubbing hi eyes and yawning he looked up to the now evenmore darkened sky as the rain became heavier then earlier. Seeing this as a sign that he need to head to the location on the other side of the cemetery Chase leaving his sniper in the tree leapped down and through the night rain. As he travelled the rain rolled and dripped off his clothes, then stopping a few meters from the location he saw a sharply dressed man standing around some tombstones hoding an umbrella. He moved slowly and cautiously make sure there were no traps waiting for him, before stopping again this time only a  few feet  from the man.
"You must be the guy, I can tell you are a good fighter by just looking into your eyes. You may very well have the capability to kill me but i highly doubt that is the case."

He just stood there with his hood masking his face from the world as he gave no reply or greeting.

"Let get this started shall we?"

Still unwilling to give anytype of reply Chase stood unflinched even after the let out a soul chilling battle cry,  raising his  left hand to the top of his head Chase slid back his hood  and his mid length light brown hair began to float and dance in the wind before becoming soaked by the rain and sticking to his face.  He smirked as the  man who arm was completely metal now motioned him to throw out the first attack, crouching down the tails of coat went flying upward as he reached behind his back and drew two gloden plated 45mm hand guns. Twirling them on his each index finger he throw them high into dark night sky, as the guns left his hand Chase quickly went to put him in a inside attacking postion. Figuring the metal arm would be slower he decide to use his right arm as a shield to block a counter blow from the arm that was still flesh while sending a striaght left fist into his opponents gut to drive the air out him before throwing a right cross at his chin. While using the motion that his body was going in to spin his body as his feet stayed planted to deliver a reverse elbow to the mans hip before spining back up and arching his back planting his hands then bringing his leg up to connect his foot with the tip of his oppenents chin as he backflipped twice and land on a tombstone with both arms out right as the guns fell right into place. Then witha smile he began raining down bullets aiming mostly for the knee caps and the left shoulder before finally firing one shot aimed for the head.  

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"How overly dramitic of you...." Tenjin said as his opponent tossed two golden handguns into the sky trying to draw Katsuro's eyes off his new found foe. Roven bursted forward with surpising speed his eyes locked onto Tenjin's body like a hawk preparing for the kill. Katsuro eyeballed his nemesis as he tossed a strong straight aimed for the mid section. Katsuro planted his feet in a Wing Chun stance creating a "L" shape with his feet and preformed a sweeping downward pointing block with a knife hand style palm guiding the punch out of the way. He watched the second fist come directly at his jaw and his reflexes kicked in to let the fist fly past his face. Instantly he swung a strong right hook but his opponent ducked and sent a sharp elbow to the hip causing him to jerk slightly. He was surpised at his skill in combat because it rivaled his, he began to think about the potential of the fight but this caused him to be off gaurd and he would pay for it. A unorthodox kick was preformed something he never witnessed and collided with his chin and sending Tenjin stumbling backwards trying to stay standing. In his daze he managed to regain his footing as soon as the guns where caught, Katsuro smiled at the use of modern weapons. He transformed his forearm to a four foot in diameter sheild and crouched down tucking his body behind the shield to aviod the barrage of bullets.

"I must admit I am impressed my friend, You must have some years of experience but alas my skills are far superior!" Katsuro reversed the shield back to a regular arm and bursted forward at top speed in three steps clocking in at nearly 60mph. He would slide on his side a preform a hand plant a try to land a leg sweep but at the same time he would use the momentuem of the sweep to preform a set of Capoeira style ground manuevers spinning on his right shoulder let his legs spin wildly in several rotations aiming his heels and toes for the legs abodomen but the last rotation he pushed off the ground and in mid-air he preformed a flawless front flip and sent his heel aiming straight for Roven's forehead with a axe kick.

He landed on his feet and put his hands in a boxer stance and with dancing like foot work he began to jab at Roven and try a combo of a right hook, left hook, two right straight punches and finally a left hook. Only to leap backwards and began to unbotton his drenched suit jacket and tossed it in the powerful gust of air like the umbrella letting it dance in the current.He tore of his silk tie and undershirt to reveal his tanned skin now shining from the beads of sweat and rain. his slacks had grass stains all over the sides and knees and his red gator shoes where muddy. He let in the moist air allowing it to fill his lungs as he spoke

"I'm glad you are still alive because I want to show you something." He smirked as his armored arm began to grow down his side like flesh itself and made its way down to fully cover his lower body feet and all. He let his left side bare skined along with the left arm and chest. The armor grew a medium sized rounded shoulder gaurd on the right shoulder and the metal made his way up his neck and onto the right size of his face. It stopped below the eye only covering the right cheeck and thr right side of the jaw line but was formed to look like the jawbone of a skull. Jagged teeth protruded like a ghoulish grin on his face as he laughed while the thunder continued to roar.

He rushed forward again this time preforming a feint left and leaping into the air while spinning trying to pull off a perfect tornado kick aiming the heel at his foes temple but grew a three inch spike on the heel for maximum damage and mostly likely death if connected. He landed and looked his foe square in the eye and grew a large slightly downward curving sword from his right forearm and prepared himself for a possible counter attack. His fists clenched together and a devilish smile appeared on his face, his eye twinkled with a evil presence.
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The sound of metal clinking off metal filled the graveyard while a light show of sparks from his bullets boucing off shield Tejin created. But Chase already knew this would happen from the information he gathered on him, Chase step off the tombstone and flip one gun and held it upside down while extending that arm forward as he took his fight stance. The two rushed at each other at the same time Chase fired two quick shot see that it would must likely be the best opening figuring if Tenjin would try to just bulldoze him, yet he was caught off guard as the big man simply fell and slid forward before the bullets hit him as if by some odd chance of luck he tripped after seeing the opening he left for Chase. Soon chase would find out it wasn't a fluk when found himself laying on his back from a quick leg sweep, bringing his legs up and back to his head the skilled assassin push up and arced his back kicking himself up barely missing the connection of another kickas mud and grass flew up from the ground. His feet touch the ground only to leave it as he did a tumbling front flip to put even more distance between them.  Rolling to safety he looked over at  Tenjin who would appear to be break dancing, Chase knew better though his was style he came across  when he went to Brazil on a mission once. Capoeira wasn't really the best fighting style for a good offence and farther more it more stylish then anything, but Chase knew once a person got the rotaion and rhythm going it would be hard to denfend against. Yet it wasn't unbeatable by anymeans the trick was getting down the users timing and rhythm  and then get yourself in close to stop there movements. Getting the timing down Chase rushed forward and went for a baseball slide to kick Tenjin off tilter and stop his rotation, right as he reached him Tenjin pushed off the ground. Chase quickly  twisted his body  so his chest was facing the ground  and planted his  hands as he slid backwards  on one knee,  then crossing his arms above his head  he catch the axe kick before it could reach his head.

Pushing Tenjin's leg away he rose back to his feet, his white jacket was covered in mud and grass and the rain didn't make it look any better as it cause the mud to slime down his coat. With guns still in hand he noticed his opponent take a boxing stance and changed him throwing a 1-2 combo of left and right hooks, bringing his arms up and ducking his head to protect himself from each bone crushing blow. He parted his arms slightly as he went for a counter punch of his own but was only met by a straight right that sent his head jerking back, as his head came back he saw Tenjin get ready to throw another right. His reflexed kicked in as he threw a left palm into Tenjin's forearm and twisted his upper torso to send the punch off target, then swinging his right arm in a circular motion to send Tenjin's arm away Chase side was now facing him and bought his left palm up to stirke his opponents chin as he caught the left hook coming at him form the left. Sliding and pivotting his left foot, Chase ducked under the punch and threw a back elbow into his neck before taking an defensive stance. That was unreal... I hit a vital that should have at least forced him to at least stagger some. Chase thought to himself he watched Tenjin remove his muddy vest and shirt,
"I'm glad you are still alive because I want to show you something." He said with a smirk on his face as he turned and the gauntlet on on his right arm covered about 72% of his body in metal, even with the added weight of the metal he seemed not to lose a bit of speed as his jumped and spinning his body while extending his leg and tried to deliver a fatel kick to the temple that Chase nearly ducked under before finally speaking.

So Tenijn or should I say Tin man you were glad that I'm still alive huh, well why wouldn't I be? I though we were here to fight not have a dance off or a chippindale's audition. Now metal man if you look over me I do promise it will be the last thing you do.

Spinning the gun in his right hand Chase placed it back in it haulster as he dashed at Tenjin, jumping up he sent to kicks in a bikecycle motion aimed for his chin. Kicking off Tenjin's chest with his left leg Chase backflip and landed on the ground then charging once more extening out and crossing his arm and sent them past Tenjin's head. As the barrel passed Chase fire the gun hoping the sound at that close of a range would deafen enough to throw off his equilibrium while he went to grab on to his head pulling it down as he bought up his knee to drive it into the bridge of Tenjin's nose, before landing and truning his back to Tenjins chest and grabbing and twisting his wrist while shifting his weight to flip Tenjin over his shoulder. Still holding on to his arm, Chase wrap his legs around it and fell back locking it in a crossbar arm lock and continued to put pressure on it waiting for the sound of bone cracking.