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Somewhere deep in the never ending chasm that we call space amongst all the galaxies and partnered by many stars their lay a planet that was freaking amazing. In fact this planet was so cool the natives of the neighbouring planets had come to name it. The Planet Of Absolute Awesomeness and why you ask did such a planet achieve such a boastful name. Well it's simple really because on this planet their lives it's creator. He is a God amongst the stars, and the coolest god damn baby in the cosmos and one adorable little bastard. He is simply known as Shiro the king of PAA and the supreme badass that roams the seven galaxies destroying all evil who stands in his quest to defeat the evil baby from across the street and finally meet Thomas the Tank Engine. Oh how he wants to meet Thomas, but alas that is an epic tale for another time.

Shiro sat on his throne like a little boss, he was wearing a golden diaper and wearing a leather jacket like a cape. His tiny head was accompanied by a pair of sunglasses and he wore a cowboy hat. His mouth rolled around a diamond encrusted pipe that blew pink bubbles. He leaned back with a look of satisfaction on his face but could not help but giggle every time a bubble came fourth. As they did his tiny hands tried to grab them without letting them pop but they always did. He shook his fist thinking "One day mister bubble you shall be mine" But he was not worried about that. For Shiro had just defeated his arch enemies newest ally.........Ctjushs, um cthkliu........OK a giant squid like thing.

As Shiro sat and relaxed surrounded by an entourage of alien babes, not a single mark stained his body. He was beginning to wonder if anyone would prove a worthy challenge for his title Intergalactic Ass Kicking Champion, and then it happened. From across the far reaches of the universe a choir of manly angels began to chant the ancient song of the Animal Crackers. Shiro had heard tales of these kick ass tasty treats of heavenly brilliance but he did not believe it. Suddenly a vast light shone and suddenly even though he was at the other end of the universe he could see the box and clear as other people could see his own epicness. Quickly without hesitation Shiro grabbed his HAMMER OF DOOM, his cyborg dog, put on his hero costume equipped with boomerang and most importantly put on a fresh diaper. Shiro could feel many powerful opponents gather around the planet which would host the greatest battle in the GOD DAMN MULTIVERSE. In an instant Shiro warped too the planet and instantly all turned to face him knowing full well who he was. Shiro looked back and giggled the fools as he did the come on hand sign and noticed the planet was shaped like a giant Bruce Lee head. The battle was about to begin..........Of course Shiro remembered it was nap time and fell a sleep in the middle of space.