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What would you do, (taking notes)

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I'd kill that b!tch after making her beg for her life.

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@Mercy_: Your name's misleading. ;p
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@Risky: A. That's intentional ;)

B. Depends on how you look at it. That's merciful as opposed to torturing her for days on end, no?

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@Mercy_: LOL

Make my enemy do things against their morals and beliefs, then then shove his head up his a$$ like human centipede, only rolie polie.

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It depends on the situation but Angeni doesn't like to kill anyone because she believes that everyone should deserve a second chance.

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Definitely torture. Keep around as an organic punching bag. Hey, I'm being green aren't I?

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Somebody's gonna need some new teeth and kneecaps...

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@.Longshot. said:

Somebody's gonna need some new teeth and kneecaps...

That's SK666, right?
All possessions now belong to me.
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Uh, in "calm" form, let them go. 
As the Marquis;
Punch a hole clean through their ribcage and tear their heart out.

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Find out why they're so sinister and then brutally beat him.

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@Olympian_Champion: Wow, I thought OC was like... yeah.

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@VictorGrey: LOL Nemesis is different from everything else, you'd have to do some pretty unforgivable stuff to be OC's nemesis :P

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....i dont want to give the gory details.away v.v to much work. Save the reveal for latet :p
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The only one who has a nemesis is Judas. And let's just say that it would not be pretty if he got his hands on Artair.

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Oz did have his nemesis at his mercy and he put him in prison :D

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My nemesis? Kill him.. Unless hes a real hero like Cly.. Then I would think it through and might just break a few bones.. At least hes alive right? O.O

If its a girl I'd probably ask her out :P

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Fly him out to the hottest desert on Earth, pin him down to the ground by his arms and legs with no chance of escape and let him die a very hot and painful death there.

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What does my nemesis have to do with @Mercy_:? O.o

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I found him, I rammed an energy blade down his throat. I yanked it free, I removed his head. And I enjoyed every fecking moment leading up to it. That station he was on reaks of death even today.
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Kill em

IF I were evil: Make em my servant for a week, and then kill em... but i'm not evil.

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Play an extreme game of Shiro ball :p

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@Acer.: LOL

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@VictorGrey: You could be. I could help. I'm exceptionally good at tempting people.

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@Eternal Chaos: Good luck tempting Vic.

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Shove an his own arrows so far up his arse he coughs out the tips, .And then simply crack open a beer, Get a lawnchair and watch as I Detonate all the toys and attachments on his arrows and watch like a fireworks show.

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Make them run away, like a coward, if they had forces, tell them all to run away, not retreat or fall back, run away! Like cowards! Those exact words and make sure they never come back for they have seen my wrath and they know not to cross me again.

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She'd find a way to lure her out of her comfort zone, and then make her watch as she killed everyone she loved.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: I like the way you think O_O

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Beat them real real bad then drag their sorry ass to a cell at Cops Hq so he could check in on them every day.

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Restrain them, gather the evidence, and notify the police.

Given most peoples posts here, most could be my nemesis.

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Chain them to a table, then have a continuous stream of piss, yep that's right PISS, shower over their entire body. They would then have to either drink the piss, or die of thirst. Either way they're gonna die, but it would be fun to see them decide between drinking piss, or dying of thirst. Did i mention their body is covered in non-lethal cuts?

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Stab them in the throat, twist, yank and then take their wallet. Dead men tell no tales and all that.

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It depends. If you've done enough to become his nemesis, you'll probably die. Still, he'll respect you while doing so, and make sure he uses the death to learn as much as possible. Still, his mind  might think of new ways to test and experiment, so he may need multiple nemeses, or one who can die multiple times (GLARES AT SALEM HEX!). Currently experiments on himself, but would like to try with others as well.

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1/ Shoot in neck with blow dart gun tipped with sedatives

2/ Kick repeatedly

3/ Remove clothes (Their Clothes)

4/ Suspend Naked flat Horizontal forward facing over empty swimming pool

5/ Fill swimming pool with snake venom & acid.

6 / then insert large heating element in to pool to boil liquid

7/ Lower them six inches or less directly over swimming pool of boiling snake venom & acid

8/ Push TV Cd player into sight of Nemesis

9/ Insert CD of provocative nature & press play

!0/ Walk away Skipping, tra la la

(If nemesis is female bitch about her on face book)

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He did, for a moment. He let him go. (Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet)

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I have no mercy; therefore, I have no nemesis. I believe in being thorough.

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Kill them quick clean and efficient.

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Would leave him brain dead in a wheelchair in my basement.

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Would buy him a puppy just so I could make him watch as i microwave it

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Raise my fist with flames sprouting out from within then thrust forward to squeak his nose.

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Make him watch all the Kardashion Jersey shore & Glee episodes BACK TO BACK!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHA Oooo feel my evil because that is what i am

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Teleport his balls into his mouth, and watch him choke to death.

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Erase consciousness/identity/personality

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She has no nemeses. Everybody, love me!

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Scare the absolute shit out of them as a ghost.

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I would keep them in my lab and torture them with my experiments. So, I am benefitting from it too. The first expirment would be to use a gamma-ray room, and also use Mystryo powers to try and make him my new Hulk. Prefferebly a black one.

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@Zauberin: That fact seems to be true