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This is just a practice fight so I can see how I do with Zaniel at full power, beacuse of this you can post and comment on the battle in this as its an RP and OoC. Thank you

@vinersaurforlife - Thanks for agreeing.


Zaniel stood tall, shield and sword in hand looking at his enemy, get got into the traditional single-man spartan phalanx as he watched the God. This was the God of creativity, Zaniel knew what his powers were and how he could manipulate your thoughts. So he had brought his helmet along to the fight, this stopped any intrusions into his mind - But also stopped him using any mental powers.

Zaniel had only fought one god, Ares and he had gotten battered. He hoped this would not turn the same way, Gods and Angels never fought.

He locked eyes with the God , he walked forward in his stance, sword over his shield he suddenly thrust at the man, moving at the speed of sound attempting to stab him in the chest. Ending this fight before it had even begun, he was not going to attempt to engage a God in combat any more than he needed. He did not wait for the outcome of the stab and got back into his defensive stance in case it had failed.

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(Good luck!)

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@chevaliere: ( Thanks :P Zaniel is the Angel of luck remember, so I got plenty hehe )

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@zaniel: (I knew there'd be a follow up joke)

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@zaniel: (Duly noted and appreciated. Now I'll stop talking; you guys' time to shine)

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@zaniel: ( You could have told me on my normal account, if its ok with you i'd like to use this one, Also is this cannon? )

Ichor was ready for the fight, he came in his old school robe with his Staff and Fanny Pack. He has heard about the angle and his actions, lucky he stayed out of the war.

He got his staff in a defensive position and saw the sword coming, quickly he started to spin his staff and it knocked the sword out of Zaniel's hand, then he pulled out a shrink ray from his Fanny Pack and shot it at him.

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@joewell: ( I saw you logged in when I posted it so assumed you were on this :P , No...Zaniel is currently not full powered, hence practice fight )

Zaniel just blocked his sword being thrown at his hands, his reaction speeds and strength far outweighed the futile attempt at this, He swung his sword in a circular motion and created a spinning shield of energy the size of his metal shield, but this shield stronger, he smashed it in-front of him with his arm outstretched, deflecting all of the guns impact before sending a powerful 20tons of strength shield-bash into the mans face, this was strong enough to dent the side of a mountain. Cause an avalanche even, it was fast enough to make a speeding bullet go slow motion, Zaniel was trying at his peak.

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Munches popcorn. Chokes at the mention of fanny pack. "Ha. Fanny. That means butt."

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@zaniel (Burp. Good idea...) Wanders away.

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@zaniel: ( Oh ok )

Ichor jumped back, the shield was only two inches in front of his face. He done a backflip on the ground and stood up, he was a good 20 feet away. He threw his staff in the air and let it disintegrate into the air, then pull out another raygun, this time made for freezing things. He threw both in the air as he turned himself into a four armed, firebreathing, 13 1/2 foot tall Bear. Then he caught the Rays with his top two arms. He shot an large amount of fire out of his mouth at the angle, then started shooting randomly into the flames.

" Hahahaha, this is gonna be great! " Said Ichor while firing randomly into the blaze

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Zaniel had anticipated this would be tricky, the man with a God and he was a mere Angel, But an Angel trained by the God of War personally, he would not let it be that easy for the God...what God used a gun anyways?

Zaniel hid behind his shield, heating it up to temperatures that would melt normal steel, this was to deflect anything that touched it + the shields naturals defense against fire and other attacks, The fire from the bears mouth simply bounced off the shield, he had heated it up more than the fire anyways.

He swiftly ran to the side at his usual speed fast enough to dodge the guns attacks, He suddenly levitated into the air and circled the God at 5 Times the speed of sound, going around faster he dipped in first attempting to slash his leg, then arm, then back, then neck, then head, then chest, between every-attack backing away and coming back in for the hit not waiting to see if they connected, finally stopping his vicious attack and flying into the air, the attack had been done so fast the consequences were not even apparent yet, it was all over in the space of 3 seconds...Zaniel watched.

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Ichor, still in bear form, expected that the fire would be unaffected, really it was just used for a distraction. As the Angle levitated and started to attack Ichor just tanked the first few shots, they stung, alot, but he'd get a med pack later. He then caught the bird-man when he was going for his neck, he had grabbed his hand and slammed him down hard. Then he tried to take the mans sword away, pulling with all of his might.

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@joewell: (Attempted to slam him down next time* , otherwise its auto I think.., But I will sell it this time)

Zaniel watched as the man grabbed his sword, he simply went intangible and phased his sword out of the mans hand and pulled away, he smiled "Nice try" At point-blank range, now standing virtually next to the bear, at the same speed he had done his flight attack, he attempted to thrust his sword into the bears chest, not stopping his intangibility before the sword had met his chest, so he could not deflect it.

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@zaniel: ( Sorry, still pretty new to this )

Ichor jumped back this time, then he took some of his own golden blood and threw it at Zaniel, aiming for his eyes. Then he pulled out yet another raygun, this one could only hit ghostly or intangible objects, and he shot it 3 times, twice at his legs and once at his face.

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@joewell: (It's fine mate)

Zaniel swerved to the side and dodged the blood, he was not letting that touch him, it could have been poison or anything. The ray-gun shot at him, he blocked it with his shield, all 3 shots but the force of the shots sent his shield flying in the opposite direction, he took out knife Dagger, and his sword still in his hand, he was now going to do this akimbo style. He grinned.

He went in for an attack, attempting to drive his knife into the mans knee, this sword and dagger had damaged Omega's Armour, Omega apparently was a planet buster ( By their own words ) and the Armour survived a direct hit from SLAKE, Slake was able to take out matter from existence, and for Zaniels sword to penetrate the Armour it would easily cut the man. So Zaniel attempted to slice into his knee, then drive the Dagger into his stomach before finishing with 4 slashes to the mans torso and a last slash to his neck, he jumped back into a defensive stance.

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Ichor saw him coming and while he was going down for his knee he lifted it and tried to kick him in the forehead. Then he attempts to grab both of The Angles arms. Then he went in for a literal bear hug, holding both of his sword arms back and crushing him with with his others.

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Had the man not learnt? What type of God was this....Zaniel simply phased through the man and stood behind him, no...nearly inside him, millimeters away from him now, he attempted to drive his dagger, right into his back, killing him.This was done at now 10x the speed of sound, the Armour's boost that Areas had given him was now in effect, it did not always kick in. The God could not possibly defend against this hit, Zaniel was practically already touching the man since phasing through him.

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Haha. This man was good, he might just have a chance. Ichor was enjoying the battle alot, even if he did die he knows he could always get out by sweet talking Hades.

Almost in an instant the god had shrink down to the size of an nat, he reactions was slightly above the speed of light, and all he had to do was think to transform, so its very possible. The knife went into thin air as Ichor was finished transforming, he was around half the size of a nat, but he was an elephant. He had small wings and three trunks, all could spit acid. Ichor flies out of sight and pulls out three swords, all were the same. They could instantly melt any substance they touched, but considering the size that wasn't much. Even so he threw the three swords at Zaniel's helm, launching gallons of acid with it.

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Zaniel watched as the man became a type of ant thing, he could see it coming for him, Zaniel suddenly shot into the air gaining much kinetic energy then suddenly smashing back into the ground with 50 tons of punching power, this caused a country-wide earthquake, sending shock waves, turbulence and other shocks into the air, making it impossible to fly at such a small weight and size. The acid was thrown into the air when the shock-waves it it.

Zaniel flew to his shield and picked it up. Getting into a defensive stance. Awaiting more.

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Ichor felt the shock wave go by as he turned back into his normal form. He wasn't hurt bad. Now, in his normal form he summoned his staff and started to charge a blast. Suddenly after at least 10 seconds of charging he shot the powerful beam of pure energy at his head, This blast would be powerful enough to bust a mountain with ease, Ichor was sure it would have to do something

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Zaniel watched as the man charged his energy blast, he started to charge his own and as his flew though the air, so did Zaniels, the blasts collided in mid-air causing a shock-wave that blasted in all directions for over 100miles, rocks and mountaintops even felt the blast as the surrounding area was turned into nothing, just a crater lay in the remains of the beams. The Raw power of the beams colliding was so powerful, mountains over 50miles felt the vibrations.

Zaniel was thrown backwards onto the floor, he got to his feet, blood dripping him his mouth and nose, the blast had taken its toll on the Angel. He started to charge another blast, but it would take some time.

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Ichor was blasted back thru the power of the blast. His body ached and he had a bunches of cuts and bruises on his body. He was very tired but could he has been through worse.

Ichor laughed and said " Oh, did I do that? ". Then got up slowly to see Zaniel charging his blast. Quickly Ichor pulled out another shrink ray and blasted randomly at Zaniel.

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@joewell: ( Dude, I blew up the whole area and you got a couple of cuts? )

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@joewell: (Its fine as you are new, just remember others in the future may get annoyed if you don't sell, if you want we can talk in PM and I can help you? )

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