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The Birth of An Empire

Having in the past developed plans involving his political rise in the nation of Portugal, Impero enlisted the aid of China's lovely empress, Sayomi Nakamura to accelerate his ascension to political power. Utilizing countless unknowing magical sleeper agents, Impero had his Witch-Hunters spread them across the Portuguese country and would later compel them into action by activating a mental code linked to a microscopic device inserted into their brains. Forcibly turning them into rogue sorcerers, cunning Impero waited for the effects of his plan to come into fruition. Meanwhile, the Portuguese Government decided against using military force to eliminate the countless magical threats in the country, not wanting to risk disturbing the nation's time of peace as well as risk the safety of military officials against the previously existent mystical threat plaguing the country.

With the Witch-Hunters' reputation as an elite magic-fighting organization having been previously established by their numerous actions across the globe, the Portuguese Government had little choice than to enlist their aid in dealing with the countless witches and sorcerers running rampant within the helpless country. Agreeing to aid the country in exchange for political influence within it, Impero sent the very best that the Witch-Hunters had to offer and successfully repelled the growing magical threat in Portugal. However, in order to bring upon a form of exponential growth to his plans, mysterious Impero requested for China's empress, Sayomi, better known as Charmix to aid in the secret establishment of greater mystical dilemmas within the country. This coupled with his already effective plan, dramatically accelerated his political plans as he swiftly eliminated Portugal's magic-related problem which steadily lead to the impeachment of President Aninbal Cavaco Silva. The impeachment was fully enforced after a legal proceeding revealing an agreement of appeasement between the previously rogue witches and the country's president which indirectly led to the witches adopting a more aggressive, destructive and demanding nature that resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

Fortunately, due to his growing reputation as a politically savant individual, scheming Impero participated in the proceeding elections and won with the majority of the votes, the Portuguese countrymen having decided that he is fit to be their political leader and protector. Months after the election, Impero established a monarchy, naming himself Emperor of the Iberian Empire which he successfully extended by establishing numerous overseas territories in previously large undiscovered islands in the Atlantic Ocean as well as unifying itself with Spain while still allowing Spain to retain local political control over itself. Having built highly advanced and thriving cities in these islands, Impero has since established the Iberian Empire as an ally of the Nakamura Empire.

Politics of the Iberian Empire

The Imperial Palace

Portugal's politics in the past revolved around a democratic republic, however, after the establishment of the Iberian Empire, it is now governed by within the framework of a constitutional monarchy, in which the Emperor (Impero) is the head of state and the Prime Minister (Lara Kelly/Lady Liberty) is the head of the government. The authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state is exercised by the Iberian Empire's Government on behalf of and by the consent of the Emperor, as well as devolved by the Government of Spain. The Iberian Parliament along with the Cortes Generales (Legislature of Spain) are the supreme legislative bodies in the Iberian Empire and its overseas territories. The judicial system is independent of the legislature as well as the executive, with the national court being the Supreme Court of the Iberian Empire. The immediate family of the monarch undertake various diplomatic, ceremonial, official and representational duties. Succession to the throne upon the Emperor's death is automatically attributed to his immediate relative e.g a son or a daughter, this act cannot only be changed by an Act of Parliament. The current Emperor is Impero, his daughter Rubina functions as his heir apparent and is the empire's Crown Princess. The following describes both the domestic and foreign powers of the Emperor and or the Empress (Sayomi Nakamura) as well as the authority of the Prime Minister:

The Emperor

Current Emperor - Impero

Domestic Powers of the Emperor:

  1. The power to command the Iberian Military
  2. The power to grant honors
  3. The power to dismiss and appoint a Prime Minister as well as other ministers
  4. The power to summon, defer, and terminate Parliament
  5. The power to appoint members to the Empire's council
  6. The power to grant privilege of mercy

Foreign Powers of the Emperor:

  1. The power to wage war or declare peace
  2. The power to deploy the Iberian Military overseas
  3. The power to recognize states

The Empress

Current Empress - Sayomi Nakamura (Charmix)

The Empress is the virtual equal to the Emperor and possesses every single one of his domestic and foreign powers with the exceptions of being unable to wage war or deploy the Iberian Military overseas. Bound to the Emperor by marriage (usually), the Empress is a position automatically granted to the woman officially identified as the Emperor's spouse (usually). Tasked with acting as the voice and face of the Emperor during situations in which the Emperor is unavailable for public appearances, the position of Empress possesses some of the duties that the Prime Minister is tasked with as well. While the Empress acts as the Emperor during the Emperor's absence from public matters, the Empress is usually the first choice for speeches and other public addresses. In the absence of an Empress, the duties of public speaking fall mainly to the Prime Minister or the Emperor himself. While the Empress is usually identified as the wife of the Emperor, this is not always necessarily the case. In the absence of an Empress, the position will remain vacant. Should the Emperor himself still be alive but requires the aid of another monarch in governing the empire, his daughter, the crown princess may take up the position of the Empress and rule alongside her father. Currently, the Crown Princess is his daughter Rubina, upon Impero's death, she will be his immediate successor to the throne as the sole monarch of the empire. Recently due to his divorce with Clarice Zeraz, mysterious Impero has appointed Sayomi Nakamura (Charmix) as the Empress due to the simple fact that with his current political duties, plans and research, he is unable to rule the entire empire on his own. The resulting appointment of Sayomi as Iberia's Empress has resulted in an even stronger connection to the Nakamura Empire. Sayomi's time as the Empress is designed to be temporary until Impero himself feels that his daughter Rubina is ready for the grand political stage.

The Prime Minister

Current Prime Minister & Field Marshal - Lara Kelly (Lady Liberty)

The Prime Minister wields both legislative and executive powers. The Prime Minister is also tasked with coordinating the policies and activities of all government departments as well as the dismissal and appointment of cabinet members. During the Emperor's absence, the Prime Minister will function as the head of the state as well and is also tasked with acting as the physical representative of the Emperor, however, this is only when both the Emperor and Empress are otherwise engaged. Recently, Impero has appointed Lara Kelly (Lady Liberty) as Iberia's Prime Minister due to Aisha Omar's resignation to focus more on the Witch-Hunters. Lara now has the unique distinction of being the leader of the Iberian Military as well as holding the position of Prime Minister due to her extensive expertise in political areas as well as the military. In addition to her duties as the Prime Minister, Lara Kelly's position as the Iberian Military's leader has given her access to the Keresk bio-weapons supplied to Impero by Commander Ravek. She's updated the infantry with more modern tactics, focusing on suppressive fire and force conservation. There's a lot more urban warfare training, and enhanced communication. While the Emperor possesses control over the Iberian Military and has the ability to wage or cease war, the field marshal's control over the military is far more direct and in her current position, Lara Kelly is granted the ability to wage war etc. should it be considered necessary, even without the Emperor's consent. While she is the current Prime Minister, Lara Kelly was offered the position of Empress upon enigmatic Impero divorced Clarice. However, due in part to her ethical and political beliefs, she refused, being more content with the position of Prime Minister instead which allows her reasonable time for her scientific research as well as militaristic duties.

Iberian Military

Iberian Navy

With a population exceeding sixty million due to the combined populations of Portugal, Spain and the Empire's overseas territories, a powerful military force is required to maintain balance and order. With Impero's advanced futuristic technology available to the entire empire, the Iberian Military is one of the world's most effective and technologically savant armed forces. With the Witch-Hunters available for purposes of aiding the Iberian Military, it should come as no surprise that the empire's armed forces have also been granted some of the Witch-Hunters' magic-combating equipment in preparation for any future magic-based threat. Tasked with supporting international peacekeeping efforts as well as promoting the Iberian Empire's global security interests, the Iberian Military's primary objective is the protection of the empire and its overseas territories. While the entire armed forces are vast, the Iberian Military is most prominently boastful in its navy and air-force. The Iberian Military in total consists of the Portuguese Military, the Spanish Military, and a large number of Witch-Hunters. After having struck a sort of business partnership with Keresh Commander Ravek, mysterious Impero is given a continuous supply of Keresh weapons technology, particularly that involving biological warfare. Performing various forms of experimentation on the biochemical agents provided by the Keresh, The Genius has managed to evolve the already deadly biochemical agents for the purpose of biological warfare, should the need ever arise. While possessing a colossal armed forces, Impero has taught particularly the empire's ground army a series of guerrilla and fear tactics. With access to highly advanced nuclear weapons technology, the Iberian Military has reserved a large number of nuclear weaponry for dire situations. Additionally, the Iberian Military may call on the aid of the armed forces belonging to the Nakamura Empire should a war ever be waged on Iberia. Recently with the addition of Paradise in the empire, the Iberian Military has further assistance in situations that require the employment of armed forces. Martial arts and extensive hand to hand combat is a necessity. There are certain Witch-Hunters ranks in the military, however, they are not official ranks in the army and they are used more so when employing the use of fear tactics. So far, Impero has established two Witch-Hunter ranks in the Iberian Military:

  • The Apex Cobras
The Apex Cobras

Named after his daughter's (Rubina) self-made title, the Apex Cobras are the most elite combatants in the entire Iberian Military. Superior to the Reapers in every single category, they are the most feared ground combatants that Impero's forces have to offer. Virtually as skilled as the enigmatic Emperor himself in his exotic pressure point techniques, their impressive physical attributes only enhances their formidable skills. Physically superior to the Reapers, this all-female group of warriors is according to Impero, the second most effective group of warriors at his command, citing the Reapers as more effective simply due to their systematic fighting style that involves simultaneous movements and group-attacks as opposed to sheer individual talent. Twice as physically powerful as well faster than the Reapers (who themselves peak at 10 tons in regards to their strength), the Apex Cobras are expert users of their chi, capable of using it to enhance their physical attributes. In spite of their physical advantage over the Reapers, the Apex Cobras opt instead to use a self-developed martial art that stresses using an opponent's force against them. Clad in ornate, armored, green kimonos, metal headdresses, and ghost-like white-faced makeup designed to intimidate opponents, the Apex Cobras are well versed in the employment of fear tactics. Their weapons range from adamantium katanas to unique war fans (their preferred weapons). Aside from being master martial artists, they are trusted with some of Impero's most technologically advanced armed weapons (which they rarely use due to their incredible skill). A total of 300 Apex Cobras are currently part of the Iberian Army. A select few also serve as palace guards. They are treated with the utmost respect and are highly revered.

  • Watchers

While not exactly direct members of the Iberian ground Army, they may at times be asked with serving them. Watchers are silent androids in the guise of humans and are controlled by Impero's primary AI. While only fifty in total, they are scattered across five cities in groups of five and are tasked with aiding the AI in observing and detecting any significant events across the important areas of the Iberian Empire. Not particularly created for direct combat situations, they are more adept in stealth due to their various defense settings which grant them technological cloaking abilities that conceal them from most modern forms of detection. Capable of sly shapeshifting, they are capable of concealing their identities in order to avoid combat-situations which they aren't specifically developed for. While moderately skilled in Capoeira, they are not masters and are the weakest force in terms of combat. With maximum effort, they are capable of lifting a simple ton, they are not particularly fast or durable and their main capabilities are oriented towards observation and recording. They may be employed by the Iberian Military simply for information gathering purposes as their direct link to the Emperor's AI allows for instant computerized access that they may obtain. Supported by the powerful security systems of Impero's AI, conventional hacking, as well as even the best modern hacking methods are rendered useless against them due the versatility of the controlled AI. Fortunately, as a substitute for their lack of speed and general fighting ability, Watchers possess a direct link to various specific teleportation-transmitters across Iberia enabling them to teleport across most of the empire.

  • The Reapers

The Reapers

Led by the Death-Reaper (the greatest combatants among the Reapers). The highest achievable rank by any member of the Witch-Hunter fighting force, very few manage to reach this rank. With there being only a total of three hundred Reapers, it is considered an unimaginable honor to be promoted to this rank. The Reapers are the deadliest group of individuals that the organization has to offer. They function as Impero's personal guard and mercenary squad. Master assassins and flawless martial artists, the Reapers have been described by Impero as "The perfect assassins". Their mastery in the art of hand to hand combat is virtually peerless, most Reapers having spent their entire life honing and perfecting their skills. Like Lieutenant Aisha, they are nigh-absolute masters of Impero's exotic pressure point techniques and expert practitioners of his Zuzhi martial art, fully capable of triggering the more unknown vital points in the body for effects such as insane manipulation of the enemy's muscles, bones, nervous system, circulatory system and more. The Reapers are such capable pressure point masters that they too like Impero, can induce blindness and impair the senses of the opponents with a simple strike. Like Aisha, the Reapers were taught to harness chi by Impero. A mysterious ability that all Reapers seem to possess can be categorized as "Photographic Reflexes" which Impero has trained them into using for battle-analyzing purposes. Gifted with eerie stealth suits, masks and deadly weaponry, the Reapers are master marksmen and snipers as well, their skills only enhanced by their computer-aided masks. Taught to fight both individually and as a group, the Reapers are well versed in intimidation, fear tactics, ambush attacks and several other underhanded tactics. Equipped with specialized gloves that contain a magic-negating agent, several strikes from a Reaper can temporarily disable a sorcerer's magical powers. The Reapers are Impero's first choice in infiltration plots involving sleeper agents. The Death-Reaper himself is clad in a different version of the Reaper attire. Recently, the Reapers have been added to the empire's army, specifically when guerrilla tactics are employed.

  • The Silvers

The Silvers

While skilled in the art of hand to hand combat and masters of several respective martial arts styles, the Silvers rely mostly on Impero's futuristic technology for advantages in battle. Equipped with powerful metallic gauntlets capable of generating unbearable amounts of electricity and fire, the Silvers utilize these offensive abilities as long-ranged weapons while also fully capable of shooting dangerous adamantium projectiles from said gauntlers, the projectiles being even more effective than bullets. Perhaps the gauntlets' last capability is the physical enhancement of strikes. Aside from this, the Silvers are different in the aspect that they usually rely on large mechs during battle which grant them a wide array of different technological abilities. The Silvers are specifically trained to be flawless pilots of the mechs. They are also responsible for making up the Witch-Hunters' small air-force and water-based armies. Like the Reapers, the Silvers have been established as a military rank in Iberia and are the prime protectors against malicious arcane forces within the empire.

Foreign Relations

The Iberian Flag (A symbol of its fruitful relationship with China)

A member of the United Nations, NATO, OECD, EEC, CPLP, the Latin Union, and the Organization of Ibero-American States, the Iberian Empire boasts a healthy relationship with a plethora of different nations, particularly China as Impero seems to have a rather amicable relationship with the Asian nation's empress, Sayomi Nakamura. Because of this, the Iberian Empire willingly shares its more advanced technology (including its nuclear weapons technology) with China/The Nakamura Empire. The relationship is to such an extent that the Iberian Empire's flag's symbol is a large red circle inscribed with the Chinese character for "peace" as a symbol of the amicable relationship between China and the Iberian Empire. Impero himself acts as a foreign representative of the Nakamura Empire. The relationship between Nakamura (China specifically) and Iberia is to such an extent that the entire Asian empire is granted absolute immunity to the Witch-Hunters and their activities. The Iberian Empire enjoys a friendly alliance with Brazil through Portugal and shares a dual citizenship treaty with the country. It also shares the oldest active military accord with England in the form of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. Due to the recent 'unification' with Spain, Portugal no longer has any territorial dispute with Spain. Because Spain is a part of the Iberian Empire, it's armed forces can be summoned by the Emperor for aid in military-based endeavors and Spain is allowed to do the same by summoning the Iberian Military as well. While indeed a member of the Iberian Empire, Spain is allowed to remain an individual sovereign state but acts as a representative of the empire and does not fall under direct rule of the empire and is still governed by its monarchy. The Emperor may only offer his advice to Spain's King in political matters. Recently, Impero has struck a strong political relationship with Victor Frenzy, uniting Paradise with the Iberian Empire while allowing it to remain largely independent from the politics of Iberia, the Emperor only being able to offer his suggestion to Paradise's leader on political matters. In return for being able to call upon Paradise's military service and use their land as residence, Paradise is allowed to do the same to any nation that is a part of the empire and the Iberian Military can be summoned for aid with the Emperor's consent. The alliance between Impero and Ravek has potentially put the Iberian Empire on at least amicable terms with the Keresh. However, it appears as though one of the United States' presidential candidates harbors distrust towards the infant empire. While the Principality of Sealand remains an unrecognized entity, Iberia did not hesitate to ally itself with the micronation due to the incredibly amicable relationship between the leaders of Sealand and Iberia. Recently, seeking a temporary but suitable replacement for the position of Empress, Impero has selected and appointed his close friend, Sayomi Nakamura as Iberia's Empress which has resulted in even stronger and more direct relations to the Nakamura Empire. And while both empires remain separate from each other, they are linked no other.

Scientific Development

Ruled by an intellectual Emperor, technological and scientific advancement is of great importance to the Iberian Empire. Having made countless scientific discoveries, particularly in the field of technology-based science, Impero has shared a small amount of his less-important breakthroughs with Iberia's scientists while keeping them at the peak of modern scientific advancement. In particular, the cunning Emperor has had them further develop and properly contain the biochemical agents given to him by the Keresh as a part of their business-related partnership. A leading nation in scientific research, most prominently involving technology, and machinery, particularly robotics which Iberia is the world leader at. It's space agency is also particularly well developed, however, Impero refuses to offer most of his genuine technology. He has since appointed Lady Liberty, otherwise known as Lara Kelly as the head of Iberia's scientific development and research. A highly advanced AI that is linked to the Reapers' technological masks is tasked with monitoring significant events across Lisbon and Madrid in particular, it acts as a defense system for the empire and is directly controlled from Impero's undisclosed main headquarters.

Significant buildings, locations etc.

The Imperial Palace Compound:

The main residence of the Emperor and Empress, the imperial palace is a marvel of peerless architectural brilliance. A ridiculously colossal palace compound, its myriad buildings, gardens, and plazas almost render it an entire city in itself. The palace compound is surrounded by a vast circular wall, made by an extravagant Trion-based material and covered with red-painted plaster. The wall is pierced at each cardinal direction by a gate and studded with numerous guard towers. The gates and towers are the only parts of the palace visible to the public. The palace grounds are consist of numerous ceremonial martial arts temples, quarters to house the Emperor's servants, intricate gardens, and the Emperor's menagerie of rare, exotic animals. In the northeast section of the palace is a large ornamental lake with a pavilion in the center. A large part of the palace's ground is forested, and there are several groves of ornamental cherry trees. The most concealed and one of the most restricted sections of the entire palace compound is a vast outdoor training area that is only accessible to the royal family itself due to it's ridiculous security, surveillance and perhaps supernatural methods used to maintain the secluded training ground's exclusivity. An incredibly colossal structure, the imperial palace boasts an infinite amount of different rooms with certain locations such as Impero's personal training rooms, main office and bedroom mysteriously restricted with nobody capable of making their way into said locations without any prior permission. While he suggests that it is due to his heavily guarded palace and the use of his highly advanced technology, it has been rumored that he uses supernatural means from keeping uninvited guests from obtaining access to certain areas in the palace The imperial palace is located in Lisbon. (Without my permission you cannot go into the personal training grounds, personal office etc. and you must sell the guards in the palace).

Serenity Park:

The park itself is named after its peaceful and tranquil nature. Due to the very low level of crime in the park, a small unit of park officials monitor the park and enforces its bylaws, one such law being that fishing on park grounds is strictly prohibited. Due to it's beauty and welcome atmosphere, public gatherings are often orchestrated within the park's interior, as the grounds are frequented by numerous citizens. The park is abundant in artistic greenery and is landscaped with small hills, deciduous trees, and impeccably kept grass. A pond stretches along the park's entirety, with stone arched bridges built over the surface to allow easy passage. Several types of fish and other fauna can be found in the waters of the park's pond. During the night however, the park's atmosphere transitions into an eerie and dark one when there is lack of illumination. The park is a newly constructed park in the reinvented city of Lisbon.

Civic Center:

Constructed almost entirely out of stone, the civic center is a large building which is very elaborately decorated. The building has a large, green dome located at the center of the roof, and contains various gold trimmings. The main council room is where the city council discuss issues and vote on laws. Leading to the main council Room is a grand hallway. During formal occasions a ball room is used as a type of hosting place for formal dress parties and even balls and/or masquerades. There are office spaces incorporated in the building's different floors. Like all other significant locations, the civic center is located in Lisbon. While it is mainly used for a governmental role, it also acts as a venue for public events, announcements etc.

Police Station:

The architecture of Lisbon's newly built police station is so prominent that the design of both the exterior and the interior are largely comprised of geometric shapes. Located deep within Republic City, the Metalbending Police Force's base of operations is a monumental building, with numerous entrances and windows lining the exterior. Domes and steeples adorn the top of the structure and numerous large pillars support the roof. A platform on the highest dome seems to double as a landing pad for the several police airships that monitor the city of Lisbon. (You must sell the police if you post here).

OOC Rules

  1. No destroying of anything without my consent
  2. You must sell the law enforcement etc.
  3. The palace compound's restricted areas e.g Impero's personal office, training grounds etc. cannot be entered without my (IC or OOC) permission
  4. If you want to do anything involving Iberia outside this thread then ask first (certain people are exceptions to this rule)
  5. No godmodding
  6. No invading of Iberia's airspace

(This is still incomplete :P)

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Congrats to the new emperor! 
If you ever need a position filled, I would love to be your (corrupt) guy! It would have to come with a large salary of course  >:)

I could fill that role perfectly well, you! And I'd do it, friend to friend.
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@Lady_Liberty: "You wanted to speak to me Ms. Liberty?", he asks, having received her message through the communications systems in his mask.

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"I am thinking of an underground base for sorts, In which I will start payment with cash. I do have plans in terms of expansion so I will pay in installments, giving different amounts for each event."

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@Impero: "Drug production plant, you can have some of my products free of charge and drug money is booming. Should you decide to add super soldier under command give me a ring and a batch will be sent with no fuss"

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@Impero: "Hence the underground aspect of the special area that I would like to purchase, and of course you get royalty. I will set up a bogus pharmaceutical as an operations front, then again some of my medication is legal while others are more questionable."

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@Impero: 'That I did. I'm sure you have seen the presidential runners speech about your empire? It seems to me you can both be of use to one another. He needs an an external enemy to unite people behind him.'

'And having the president of the US as an hidden ally could be useful to you as well.'

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@Lady_Liberty: Always open to a suggestion from Liberty, Impero considers her words, promising to have an answer the following day. "Indeed I have. It was.. interesting to say the least", he continued, "I will consider your advice. You have yet to disappoint me sweetheart".

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@Impero: Hopefully my idea was something he could use. Impero certainly had a handle on the political side of things more then me, but an idea would hurt. And besides it was good to let him know I had his best interest in mind, even if my advice wasn't useful.

'Thank you my friend, I hope its helpful.'

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@Impero: Oh yeah, and also black market organlegging as well

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@Rumble Man: No worries man.

@Lady_Liberty: "Oh and Ms. Liberty, would you perhaps be interested in a scientific position here?", Impero asked, appealing to his ally's intellectual side, having grown fond of her, he intends to see what could emerge from their interactions.

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Creed sat around observing Impero's new estate, he thought he should at least pay a visit.

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If you don't mind I would like to help with some R&D


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@_Creed_: "Ah Creed. How unexpected. What brings you here to Iberia?".

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@Impero: 'That does sound like the kind of thing I would be interested in.' Chuckling softly at the understatement.

What kind of things could I make with the resources of a country behind me? Thus far I've had to work without any money, or a lab of any sort. This could be a big improvement.

'I accept of course, thank you my friend.'

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@Lady_Liberty: A pleased smirk manifests beneath his mask. "You are quite welcome my dear. It would be best if you send me a list of what you will want for your work, my resources are now yours".

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@Impero: Creed smiled and shrugged, "Just thought I should take a look at this budding empire of yours"

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@_Creed_: "You are always welcome here Creed", Impero responded with a nod, offering Creed a seat with a calm gesture. "How is the training coming along with the young woman who requested it from the League? Is she progressing well or has she turned out to be a disappointment?".

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@Impero: "Oh she has promising potential, I am making sure that her training is air tight" Creed smiled at the thought of Destry, having an attraction to her made it hard to train her, but he wold need to endure if she was to be a good assassin.