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This rpg is basically like the movie or book of I am legend. The point of this rpg is to be the last man in your State. For example my character is going to live in new york city. So that means no one else can live there. You can live in anywhere in the world. So you don't have to be at the USA. You have to try to survive and hunt and stuff like that. Oh and there are some rules:

1: No one can say they killed an entire army of vampire with one blast. Or say you build a devise that should killed all the vampires in the area. You can't do that. 2: You have to be afraid of the vampires. Don;t just walk out at night and laugh in their face. 3: You can meet someone else somewhere else in the Rpg. Just not at the beginning. Try to build your character in here. 4: You allowed to have your powers. So that's basically the rules. If you want you can be a vampire (If your a supernatural vampire the vampires in here should attack you). But if you are a vampire your main weaknesses are Garlic (only the smell), Sunlight, and possibly a cross if you catholic or Christan.

And I believe I covered everything so Rpg will be up shortely just tell me what city you want. Oh and have fun.

My city is New York City

Akira Overdrive city is Mexico City.

Venom Hybrid city is birmingham. (In england)

When you ready to play tell me the city in the Ooc thread.


And please follow the rules.

My name is Jake Wilson. I live in New York with my dog Jack. Jack is a German Sherpherd and I had him since he was a puppy and at the start of the plague. The plague started in 2009. It started because humanty found a way to cure Cancer. But what we didn't know was that the cure relased a whole new disease. So now I try to find a cure for the cure. I live at Washignton square parks. My 2 main goals are to survive and to find a cure for the cure. During the day I do stuff I like and I hunt for food. At night I lock my doors. I closed the windows tight with metal to barricade myself in. I lock my door with a bunch of locks. I block my door with a very heavy Armour. The vampires know I'm alive and every night they eat animals and look for me. But luckliey none of them know where I live. So as of now I am safe.
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I am John i live in birmingham england i have survived this plague so far by hunting the animals with my enhanced sense and hiding out in abandoned houses at night i've lasted this long and still haven't found any survivers where i live is like a jungle now i have to worry about the wild beasts in the day evry day is filled with danger i am hunted hunted down by the infected at night
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Vacation is a deadly thing,especially when your sipping a Pina Colada one minute then the next your fighting off virus filled humans who attack you like something out of the movies.Im the only person in Mexico City,the capital of Mexico.My job now is to find survivors,rumors off a human camp in Vermont,long ways from where i am.

Ive studied these bastards for aslong as they have been around,theres to types.Smart ones who were infected by the airborne virus,and dumb ones who came back from the dead,ive killed almost all hives in this area.Yet one remains.I have estimated about 500 in the hive,my job now is to kill em all then find something to get me outta here.

Its 6:00 am,the sun is up.Now i go and find a radio,theres got to be somebody out there.That should only take three hours,the rest of my time is spent killing these sick fuc#e%s

Akira left his apartment,he wore all black for reasons known only to himself.His weapons were top off the line only because of his connections with military factions,his powers were gone,the airbone virus sort of canceled them out.At the same time he was given immunity from the bloodsuckers.That didnt mean he wasnt scared to get bite,he was terrifed.

The Jet black ninja hummed loudly as Akira zoomed down the streets of Mexico City,they virus hit on the mexican holiday,Day of the Dead.What a coincedence.Pinatas and decerations still hung in the city streets.

Akira halted when he came across an abandoned building,it was the Hive.He already had his radio,why did he need to fight?Because the abandoned building was an Airport Hanger,with planes that could get him out of the country.Sun was setting and Akira had to make a choice.

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John kicked in the door to the pub he carried a shotgun and two pistols strapped to his leg he needed to set somwhere up before nightfall and then he could go out hunting John boarded up the windows and blocked the door he drank a pint and left for hunting he strapped the shotgun to his back and left with a sniper rifle out into the now jungle streets he crouched in the long grass he spotted a boar he aimed the reticle and 'POP' took it out with one shot as he went to stand up he heard a growling behind him

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Jason ran down the dark alley trying to escape the Vampires.

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"I am John Wilson, the Virus started in last month, and I might be the only man left alive. If there are any survivors out there, come to Creston, British Colubia. I will be waiting at The Brewery." I radioed as I tryed finding someone else alive for the 1000th time. "Man, I hope someone is alive out there" I said to my dog, Boestella. She's a German Shepard, whom I've had for 2 years. Apparently, I'm immune to the airborne kind of virus, and skin-to-skin contact. My dog is only immune to airborne.

It is June, 2009. Something happened today, I watched as a young fellow became infected and started to terminate his friends. I tryed stopping him, but for some unknown reason the Virus has negated my strength, beams, and teleportation powers. I was almost bitten as I tryed to restrain the super strong zombie. I then jumped back and tryed freezing him, but the beam wouldn't come out. I then tryed to teleport him to be inside a wall, but that failed. I was forced to kill the man, who I know, at least I used to know, by driving my claws into his chest, then crushing his heart.

John walked down the street, hunting for things to eat with an M099 High Powered Rifle, and his blades. John has spotted two white-tailed deer, a buck and a doe. He zoomed in on the buck, seeing that it had more meat then the doe, got ready to pull the trigger, then a cougar came out of a parked car with shattered windows and killed the deer. John ran. The cougar chased him and almost caught him, but John turned around and impaled the cougar upon his blade.

While looking for a secure shelter, John came upon an old military base. He walked inside and found what he had called 'Meaty Shirts'. He had found out that the zombies would have trouble getting through his clothes to bite him, so he took it. He had also found an old military jeep, and decided to take it. When he was driving along he had forgot the fact that he needed to look for a place to stay for the night. It was almost time for the zombies to come out. Only 30 minutes till it's time. John sped up and couldn't find a place to stay. The zombies slowly descened out, staring out the windows watching John. John had stopped and had seen a group of zombies, huddled together in the crevises of a demolished bridge. John had gained their attention, and had driven away really fast. He had regretted the fact that he had forgotten to find a shelter to find for a safe sleep. A zombie had jumped out of a 3-story window and on the jeep. It had smashed the window, opened the door, and thrown John out of the moving vehicle, then had jumped to John and with one bulge of its mighty muscles, he lifted John in the air with one hand.

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John turned to see a tiger standing over him it roared you could seee the massive muscles in it's jaws John slowly stood up and crouched looking the animal in the eye's it jumped at him hemoved out of the way but it scratched along his back cutting him and ripping his t-shirt he tackled it holding it's body he didn't want to kill the creature they had a sort of animal connection 'since he was only 4 when the virus started but he had survived till he was 10 or 11 because his parents had hid him at the top floor of a huge building and supplied him with food and weopanry until when he as about 7 they stopped coming he knew they had ben infected he lasted the next year on the left over food but he had to venture outside now he could barely talk and was basically an animal' he grabbed the tiger round the neck in a sort of headlock he stared into it's eye's he could sense it was scared and loosened his grip the tiger brushed it's head against his arm and licked his hand he took it back with him to the pub carrying the carcus of the boar over his shoulder he went inside setting up for the night
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John somehow tapped into his strength, but it wasn't to the same extent. It was just below peak human, which was 500 pounds. Now realizing this, John had grabbed the zombie's arm and started squeezing it. The zombie had a slight grin on its face. John then squeezed as hard as he could which made the zombie let go. The zombie then tried pucnhing John, but John dodged it and had caught it in his hand. Then John had grabbed one of his blades and cut off the head of the zombie. John then calmed down and had called Boestella. John had to sleep in the jeep that night. Around 4:00 in the morning, John had been woken up by his dog. He had checked the dog for any bite marks. "Never, you hear me? Never, do that again. You could have been caught by them." In the morning, around 11:00, John found an abandoned warehouse. Later that day, John had made sure it was a safe stay for him.

John had set up a sniping spot for the zombies on top of the 7 story warehouse. John, being new to the warehouse, started exploring. He found a floor filled with gunas and ammuntion, but when he picked up the box of throwing knifes and utility belt, a zombie had lept out of the roof corner. John had realized that the zombies had been, what he called, 'evolutionazing'. What he had ment by this is that they had began smiling when happy, and howling to show that they're sad. Also that they're becoming smarter, harder to kill, faster, stronger, and their hides are becoming harder and harder to cut through.

John had grabbed the zombie in a headlock but the zombie had quickly thrown John off of him. John, having to resort to his martial arts, then grabbed the zombie by the arm and broke the zombie's arm with one swift movement of his abdomen. The zombie started screaming in pain and then a whole herd, of what looked like twenty, zombies had came from around the corner and raced towards John. John's heart began to pump and pump which gave John an amazing adrenalin rush which allowed him to jump to the roof and stick to it. This gave John the advantage to think of what to do. John though "This shouldn't be hard to get out of, not for me, not for New John". 'New John' is better, stronger and faster then what he used to be. John then grabbed his throwing knifes, summoned all his strength, and then whipped them at the zombies. One by one, the zombies fell to the ground. John had unexpectedly fell to the ground and knocked himself out. Boestella had came and started to lick his face, which had woken John up.

John had woken up just in time, as zombies were coming in by the 100's. John did not know what to do. The zombies had spotted John and started slowly walking towards him, then started running. John, not knowing what to do, started running away by instinct. He then stopped and faced the zombies. He started running towards them, then he made a quick turn and jumped through the wall and began falling. He grabbed a telephone pole and cut his hands open grabbing it.

John then realized that he had forgotten his dog inside. He knew he had to go get her. John ran and ran, then seeing his dog running from the zombies, grabbed his sword and prepared for the inevitable.

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John sat with his back against the bar he stroked the tiger which purred loudley he rested his shotgun against the bar and stood up he poured himslf a pint and poured some of it into a bowl for the tiger John stopped wear he stood with his enhanced animal sense's he walked over to a hole in the wall pointing his sniper through it he spotted three vampires and shot each in the head taking them out John sat against the bar finishing his drink and fell to sleep

A couple of hours later John woke up he could hear a vampire outside it was coming to morning so John stood up pulling out his two pistols he shot at the vampire whilst walking towards it he lifted it's dead body and hung it with the other three upside down in a tree

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John held his sword with pride. Knowing it might be his last moment alive, he summoned all his courage and ran forth. His sword clashed with the zombies skin, he had killed, killed lots. He used all the powers he had to the fullest extent, and somehow, killed off half of them. He then realised there were more coming. He could not possibly kill them all. Realizing that all the commotion was attracting attention, he fled. He grabbed Boestella, and ran down the stairs. Except he had forgotten one fatal flaw. The fact that he had left himself vulnerable to the zombies while holding Boestella. But for some strange reason all the zombies had stopped, and turned around. John had turned round as well. He had seen all the zombies had got on the ground, and layed down. He looked up, and there he saw it.John froze in fear. It appeared that the zombies had actually worshipped someone. Something.

It had four muscular arms that looked like it had godly strength. John had let his guard down and found out the hard way. This Thing had picked him up, and tryed tearing him apart. John did not know what to do during that time. He tryed cutting it, but it broke one of his swords. He tryed stabbing it, but that had only made the sword stuck in it. It had no effect. John thought he was gonna die, but out of nowhere, an Army Helicopter had came. There was a woman with a mega-horn. "NO!! Stop!!" She screamed. That was when the chopper had started shooting it. It had thrown John 20 feet away right through a car. John nearly died. But Boestella fended off the zombies, until a zombie Bear had came rampaging through. It had charged through the cars like the cars were dangling strings. This is when Boestella had ran. John called for her, but she wouldn't stop. It had seemed she had lost hope in survival. John had too. John looked at the Bear was getting closer, and closer, but John then summoned a burst of courage, which gave him his powers back. He had just thrown the bear with his god-like strength. HE had then turned around, grinned, and then shuffled his arms and he was right behind the monster. He yelled "OVER HERE!". This gained its attention. He had looked into its face and then his eyes widened. His confidence has lowered by a massive degree. John then ran for his life, but that moment the girl on the mega-phone yelled "SHINE LIGHT INTO ITS EYES!". John, being desperate to live, obeyed. This monster had screamed and jumped and jumped until it was miles away. The woman, named Katherine, had offered John to the other survivors'. John declined, explaining he had to look for Bosetella. John had hopped on and asked to look for Boestella. The pilot said "Those are not my orders". This angered John. He had got his claws out and threatened to kill the driver. The woman pulled out a tranquilizer and shot John.

John woke up by a lick on his face. Dazed, and confused. A bright light shon on his face.

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John walked out into the desolate streets that used to be his home he walked through the overgrown forest closely followed

by his tiger he cut through the thick trees and vines whilst listening to music on an old i-pod he found listening to 50

cent i get money relying on his other sense to alert him to dangerhis machete and his strength easily cut through the forest because since

the virus all John has done is workout he has gotten ton peak human strength he got to building he found familiar it was his old school

he had only been there a year before the virus came and know he was going to use it as a base he kicked down a big double door out of the

out of the darkness he could see a figure running at him as the vampire swung at him he flipped it over his shoulder while the tiger dug

it's claws into it John thrust his machete through the vampires chest

John sat in the dusty old building he switched on all the computers trying to get a way of reaching the outside world one of

the computers loaded up it was finally a way of contacting any survivers he logged in to an e-mail sending out to any one with

a computer the message read 'Send help to birmingham in England i am a survivor' John couldn't write alot because no one had

ever taught him