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This is the second thread of three in my One Eye saga. If you missed the first part PM me and ill introduce you. The rules are standard as shown on my previous thread (Gathering) but with a few alterations.

  1. If I god mod you it stands. This is because you may do somthing that cant happen or the story falls apart. Just take the hits and dont try and be to powefull and this wont be nessesary.

  2. If your character is difficult to kill then change that, the story relies on it. Everyone has a weakness. If you can control and object like metal or fire only be able to control one or at the most two. This means tha noone hogs all the glory and make everything better for the rest of us.

  3. NO realy short posts. they ruin the flow of the RP. Before you post make sure that none has got there before you and changed the situation.

  4. If youve got any questions put them in the OOC thread. That goes the same for any OOC chat.

  5. Lay back and enjoy the story. Thats an order
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Malcolm crouched low in the snow, feeling the cold seep through his thermal leggings.

“It had to bee Siberia didn’t it.” He said to himself.

The morning after the meeting the Reverend had woken late and briefed them on their targets. Malcolm could still hear his voice, droning on in that calm way of his.

“Malcolm, you Arrow and Darkchild will be killing this man. Vladimir Zytzev. His supposed history is that he’s an Afghan war veteran and was forced to leave the military due to a wound that he received. This is of course a falsity.”

He had paused at that point and looked around the room. Catching everyone’s eye.

“This man is extremely dangerous, as are all your targets. Do not let their appearances fool you; each one is fully capable of killing you. Zytzev has the power to bestow pain of any individual that he wishes. This comes in the form of mild irritation to paralytic agony. Coupled with his combat knowledge makes him a deadly enemy.”

The Reverend had briefed the other teams along the same lines and then given them their travel information. He had taken Malcolm aside then and explained what he was going to do.

“I cannot kill any of them as they are like my brothers and sisters. So I will not be going on the hunt. Rather I will go and gather us allies for the battle ahead. I will return when I feel One Eyes anger.”

With that he had walked through a portal and disappeared.

Malcolm could feel the cold getting into his bones, where the hell were Arrow and DC. They should have caught up half an hour ago.

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Sylux flew too france "Now where is Mr.Napoleon" said Sylux as his radar looked for signs of vampire activity "Now to wait for the others" said sylux as he waited for Octogon and the rest "Any moment now" said sylux.

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Octagon appeared on top of a small building. He looked around. He thought to himself, "Napoleon? Why exactly would we kill Napoleon?" Octagon stood, and looked around at the French people in the street. Children ran, and women walked trying to get them to obey. Octagon looked up and saw a blueish machine-like being. "That must be the man I'm looking for."

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Sylux went over to Octogon "So octogon do you have any Idea where Bonoparte is?" asked Sylux "Oh and my name is Sylux I come from the planet Cylosis" said Sylux as he extended his arm to shake Octogon's hand.

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Cryo-Wolf walked through the bustling City of France, his hood covering his face. He smelled Sylux and Octagon around him.

"It's too bright out. Vampires will never come out in the daylight." Cryo reached into his bag and pulled out Winchester's journal. He flipped to a page in the Journal that had information on Vampires.

"Dead Man's Blood." Cryo reached into his bag and pulled out a jar of Dead Man's Blood, still reading from the journal. He closed it and put it back in his bag.

Cryo stopped and turned to Octagon. "We need to find a place that's dark, damp, and cold. Vampires can't stand the light. If Napoleon is indeed a Vampire, he can't come out in Sunlight."

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"Vampires can't cross running water either or they will be destroyed after 18 seconds of being in moving H2O and I trust evreyone has silver lined weapons and garlic and some holy symbols" said Sylux as he turned on a holographic projecter on his arm cannon "Vampire's can't enter a private area unless they are invited or they own it so we can enter my ship if we need protection" said Sylux.
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Octagon shook Sylux's hand. "I'm Octagon Freak. Call me Octagon for the most part. I'm from, uhh, Earth..." He saw Cryo walk up to him. "You have a point. I'm not quite sure where he's at. You wouldn't know what he smells like, do you?" Octagon looked out into the horizon. "Way I figure it, he's probably in the forest, or maybe under ground. Either of you want to start a search party?"

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"We should try to avoid to much attention or we may get in trouble with the french goverment" said Sylux to Cyro and Octogon "And Let's not try to split up that often get's you killed" said Sylux.

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Cryo lifted his head and sniffed the air. "Ohh yeah. A guy who's been dead for about 200 years definitely has a smell. And I'm used to Vampires by now."

Then he caught his scent. "You were Right Octagon. He's South of us, His scent is carried on the wind. Can you teleport us there? It smells like he's somewhere with trees and flora. Maybe a forest?"

Cryo gripped his hand around the Dead Man's Blood. He would coat his staff in it, so it poisoned the vampires.

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"Well, if we're not wanting to draw attention, I'm going to have to pick up some weapons." Octagon guised himself in his human form, and jumped down into an alleyway. He made his way over to the nearest weapons shop, and stepped in. Some Frenchmen gave a greeting, but Octagon didn't know French, so he just waved. He ran down the rows, and picked up an uzi with several back-up clips and a shotgun with extra rounds. He picked up an assult staff that was pointed on both ends. It was made of silver. Octagon walked back over to the counter, and laid down several hundred French dollars. He had no idea where such money came from, but he was glad he had it.

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Sylux checked for any undead energy signature's in his Scanning systems which include radar, sonar, geiger counter (not only does it say how radioactive something is it tells you where that radioactive thing is to the nearest trillionth of a nanometer which is less space than an atom), laser scanners, maser scanners (works just like laser scanners but uses microwave energy instead of light energy), biolifeform detecter, infrared scanner, and abnormal energy detecter (works like the geiger counter but it detects for unusual energies that are emmited from stuff like phazon, undead, monsters of venom class and above, anything out of the ordinary.) "I'm detecting multiple undead near Bonapartes posistion they range from animated skeletons and zombies to vampire spawn and a lich or two" said Sylux.

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Arrow and Darkchild were still nowhere to be seen. Malcolm was ridged with the cold, his feet were like blocks of ice and where his knees had been wetted by the snow ice now coated the leggings.

"Well the choice has been made for me. Im gonna have to go and make a house call."

Malcolm stood up slowley and walked towards the door, his numb body having trouble responding to his commands. Even the wood was coated with ice. He checked the saftey on his pistol and knocked. His knucles rapping hollowly on the wood. Silence rieghned in the clearing and then the door exploded outwards.

Vladimir Zytzev was not a large man, but he hit the door with both his wieght and the anger of a spurned god. Malcolm was flung backwards into the snow. He drew his pistol slowley and groaned, the cold ground dulling the pain of his injuries. Zytzev chuckled,

"Foolish man, I can read your thoughts as surley as if you were telling them too me."

Malcolm tried to raise his weapon but Zytzev balled his fingers into a fist.

"I think not, but even the effort will cost you."

With that he unleashed the pain of his old war wound into the clearing. The dead flowers crumbled to dust and Malcolm screamed in the cold Siberian dusk.
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Cryo stood watching Octagon in the shop, his arms crossed and shaking his head. He let out a sigh and reached into his jacket, pulling out two Colt Double Eagle pistols and loading them. "Garlic essence incased in silver bullets. Thing of beauty."

Cryo locked and loaded and set them back in his jacket. "Shall we get going then, yeah?" He said, turning to Sylux.

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Sylux sent octogon a message through the comlink "So are you ready to send Bonaparte to the grave for good Octogon?" said Sylux through the link "I have located Bonaparte and his cronies it turns out he has a few freinds he has some animated skeletons, zombies, a few mummies, some vampire spawn, and a lich or two and of course the largest portion of his cronies are some human thugs who don't know the truth about their boss over" said Sylux to Octogon.

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Octagon walked back into the street. "Yeah, we can go now, since no one's looking." Octagon flashed back into his costume, and grabbed both men. "And here we go!" In seconds they stood at the edge of the forest. "I don't know the exact location of where he's at, so I got us as close as I could. You can sniff him out from here Cryo. Or we can track him with electronics."

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After they were all teleported, Cryo looked around the forest. He saw a few crows in a tree. Oi! You seen lots of dead people running about? Cryo said to the crows in their tongue.

The Crows sqwuaked and flew in a direction. "They want us to follow them." Cryo ran after the crows briskly, jumping off of trees and over bushes. The crows stropped in a tree and yelled to Cryo, No Further, Monsieur. They, of course, had a French accent.

Cryo picked up the scent full blast now. He turned to the crows and nodded slowly creeping up near the Mansion. It was a huge palatial Mansion, almost of Versailles proportions. "Here we are, gents. What now?"
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"We most likely will encounter the human part of Bonaparte's army before we meet any undead and to kill a skeleton effeciantly you need either positive energy magic or technology or a bludgoning weapon like a hammer or mace or fist anything that is meant to crush and smash instead of peirce and slash" said sylux as he readied his neutronite long mace that can be sheathed in laser energy if needed and is coated in garlic (neutronite has a 40 on the hardness scale with diamonds having a 10 and diamonds are the hardest somewhat common natural material on earth) "Let's go kill some undead" said Sylux as he activated his cloaking field which rendered him cyro and octogon invisible to evreything but infrared detection or sound detection.

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Cryo moved in close to The Mansion. Suddenly, Bats flew out a window.

"Get Down!" He yelled,"If those bats sonar us, we're done for!" Cryo ran up to the mansion and bbacked up against the wall. trying to figure out a way in.

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Sylux pulled out a bedsheet "Sonar can't detect something if the soundwaves don't reflect and bedsheets absorb all soundwaves" said Sylux as the bedsheet cloaked instantly and the soundwaves simply were absorbed by the sheet and never returned to the bats.

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Cryo looked back at Sylux. "People from Space are smart....." He said, patting the door and making sure it wasn't rigged or something.

"They wouldn't expect intruders coming in the front door. Let's Roll." Cryo kicked open the door, illuminating the entrance hallway.

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some well armed thugs came to investigate using the telepathic link Sylux established with Cyro via a device in the shape of a microscopic attatchement to Cyro's watch and Sylux's arm cannon "They are well armed but very dimwitted" said Sylux telepathicly to cyro through the link "We can ambush them so they won't be able to assist Bonaparte in the upcoming battle or we can just pass them by" said sylux through the link.

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A stunned man wearing a chaffeur's uniform looked at Cryo in disgust. He swore loudly in french and reached for a radio at his belt.

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Cryo spoke into his watch,"It'll be more fun to toy with them a little bit." Cryo, using his claws, crawled onto the walls out of sight of the thugs.

He moved behind one and hit him, making it seem like the other thug punched him. The thug punched thug number 2 and the two of them got into a fight. Cryo laughed and formed an ice shard, He aimed and threw it at the thugs, hitting both of them and pinning them dead to the wall.

"I hit two thugs with one icicle." Cryo laughed as their blood dripped to the floor. He noticed the chaffuer and charged for him.

"I don't think so, Jeeves."
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Sylux fired a imperialist shot at the thug (it's a long ranged sniper type laser beam and it has a slow rate of fire once evrey 3 seconds but it's very powerful and it's narrow so you have to make it count) "Nighty night" said sylux as the beam raced towards the thug and then sylux fired his judicator (fires plasma that's been super cooled to -273 degrees celsius and fires 3 in a shotgun type burst and they deflect off of inanimate objects like walls but not off of living beings, undead, or constructs and of course they freeze what they hit and mostly they kill their targets on first hit and their very quiet making a sound at 1 decibel to quiet for most beings to hear) "Freeze right where you are morons" thought Sylux.

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Napoleon was old. For two hundred years this had been his home and now he could feel that somthing was wrong. He paced in his study, trying to identify what had unnerved him. He had the sudden wish that he'd taken the time to instal security cameras. It was somthing that he swore to rectify.

"Alfred," he called to his manservant "allert the illuminati that I feel there is a disturbance on my estate."

That was a suitible punishment for those who had disturbed his household.

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Sylux slaughtered the rest of the thugs with his shock coil "Heh my shock coil heals me whenever I damage my enemy in effect it drains the enemy of the force that animates them or holds them together and converts it into energy for my suit's shielding the only thing that really needs to be recharged and only if damaged" (none of his systems lose power over time and only his shields degrade to damage unless they have been penetrated but normaly if that happens he is teleported directly to his ship) "Now who's next" said Sylux as a T-Rex fossil came to life and charged at him and Cyro "Well looks like we have a taker" said Sylux as he pulled out his mace.

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"You handle Rex, there." Cryo said punching out the chaffeur. "I think people know we're here."

Suddenly, Cryo caught a scent he hadn't caught before. It was like Vampire scent but on speed. "I have a bad feeling about this."

Vampires crawled from the Shadows, advancing on Cryo. He whipped out his two Colt Double Eagles and readied himself. "Locked and Loaded. Come and get some, Drac."

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Sylux fired a missile but the Rex dodged it and it seemed to regrow it's flesh it became a vampiric tyrannosaurus "Cyro the T-Rex is a vampiric one" said Sylux as he dodged the rex's bite and let it ram into the wall "Come on you overgrown lizard if you want me come and get me" said Sylux as the clearly aggravated Dinosaur pulled his head out of the wall and roared "YOU DIE NOW!!" and it was capable of speech due to enhanced intellect gained by vampirism "Damnit stay down" said Sylux as he fired a missile into the T-Rex's mouth however the massive dinosaur simply healed the wound "Nice try but you will need to do better than that" said the T-rex as he tail whiped Sylux into the wall "Nice try yourself" said Sylux as he got out of the wall quickly.

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Malcolm writhed in the snow as the agony filled him. Trees creaked as they too felt the shock of the pain. Desperatly Malcolm crawled on his belly away from the source of the pain.

Zytzev laughed, the harsh noice cuttingt through the noise of the clearing in pain.

"So you are the one that was sent to kill me? Pathetic."

The words cut through his pain and Malcolm sat up, panting.

"Guess what bub, I aint alone."

Exploding out of the undergrowth a figure came running, head low. Zytzev swore loadly in the gathering dark.

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Sylux threw a spear sized stake threw the T-Rex "There Rexy is taken care of that is if no one pulls out the stake" said Sylux to Cyro as he went to the chaffeur and hit him with all his class 175 strength "Now stay dead" said Sylux.

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Vampires kept coming and coming from the shadows. They almost seemed possessed or something.

Cryo held up his pistol and pierced a vampires chest. The Vampire spasmed and exploded, the essence of garlic entering his blood stream and killing him.

Cryo looked at his pistol,"These things are way cooler than I thought They'd be!"

He began shooting the Vampires with both guns, killing them left and right.

More kept coming. "This is gonna be a long mission."

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Sylux fired a missile that contained small wooden stakes inside them (when they detonate they spread a hailstorm of wooden stakes on evreything in a 25 foot radius) the stakes impaling 10 vampire spawns and killing them and when a vampire tried to bite sylux it's teeth broke on the shield then it had it's head cut off by his sword like arm cannon which sheathed itself in laser energy and the head was thrown into space by sylux then he hit a skeleton with his mace which caused the skeleton to break apart then a zombie was blown up by a missile when a thug tried to attack him from behind the thug got a punch in the face at mach five (sylux's fist can go up to mach 50 when he punches so factor in Sylux's density and his strength and you get one hell of a deadly punch) and the thug was sent flying into the river and was promptly killed by the force of the punch and the fall and when a vampire approached Sylux the vampire was killed by the shock coil (it drained the vampire of his undead life force and that life force was turned into energy for his suit's shielding) then Sylux rapidly defeated the rest of the thugs, zombies, skeletons, and most of the vampires now all that was left were the two unnamed lichs ,Bonoparte, and Alfred as well as a Admantine Golem "The games over Bonaparte Give Up and I will make this quick if you don't surrender I will use your immortality against you by torturing you and your lichs until you die" said sylux.

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Cryo was about to shoot more Vampires when Sylux blasted them all away before him. Cryo spun his pistols around and tucked them back in his jacket. "Nice Job, Space boy."

Cryo looked up at the Adamantine Golem. "Well, The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Cryo whipped out his ice staff and jumped onto the Golem. He clung to its front as the Golem began swiping at Cryo.

"Esy there, Big Boy!" Cryo yelled as he swung around the Golem's head and onto its back. He pulled as hard as he could to try and get the Golem to stumble backwards. When It leaned back and began to back up, Cryo flipped over its head and, still in mid-air, spun around and kicked it square in its chest. It went down with a huge THUD.

Cryo ran on top of it to its chest and began to freeze it, the cold slowing its movement and ultimately killing it, slowly and painfully.

Cryo stood up and cracked his knuckles. "Now, I believe there's an undead Emporer to attend to?"

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The lichs began using extremely powerful magic summoning demons, devils, and various abberations and aliens and started enhancing their summoned allies with magic then they started to attack Cyro and Sylux with various spells "You always have another trick up your sleeve don't you" said Sylux as he dodged a fire ball and a swipe from a demonic octopus then sylux turned to the octopus and blew it to peices with a missile however a Draconic demon took a slash at him but Sylux retaliated with a ice beam shot a point blank (even better at freezing stuff than the judicator and it freezes more stuff and freezes them longer) then he fired a missile at the frozen Demon shattering it mistwhile in the Confusion the first lich fired a paralysis ray at Cyro while the second one brought a destructive Cyclone using his powerful spells "Damned lichs" said sylux.

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Cryo saw the paralysis ray and tried to move to dodge it. "Oh Shi-!" He yelled, but It was too late. The Paralysis ray hit his right leg and caused both legs to go numb.

Cryo fell to the floor and looked up. He crawled over to Sylux. "Do you hate Liches? 'Cause I do."

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Sylux punched the head off a demon "Yep I realy hate them and their damned magic" said Sylux as he fired a missile at a Lich but it was deflected by it's shield "Do you ever give up damnit" said Sylux to the lich which simply laughed "You fools shall learn the mistake of tampering with us" said the Lich however Sylux blew the lich up while it was laughing then he fired a missile at his phyclarethy to prevent the lich from reviving "Now for you" said Sylux as he shot the other lich dead then destroyed it's phyclarethy "Now Bonaparte Your next" said Sylux as he strangeled the last of the summoned creatures dead.

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Spectrum sped through France .How he loved Europe, so cultured ao divine. He was nearly at the others location. He burtst through the mansoin doors, unsheathing his sword.

Spectrum stalked down the corridors he reckoned that it would be better if they stayed as two groups so he didnt go near the others.

As he rounded the corner he say to incubis demons fighting over a dead rabbits carcus.

They looked at him stunned, he looked at them stunned, and then took out his sword.

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His sword was scrapping the ground as he gained speed , His gaze looked up meeting Zytzev eyes, for the first time that night Zytzev looked a little scared it was ARROW "as he swipped at him with his sword the great Zytzev moved back in pain "Hello Zytzev".

Arrow smiled and threw his jacet to the side he looked up as the night air filled his lungs , Offering ahand to Malcolm he smiled , When he smiled everything smeed to shake in his mind this was a battle worthy of his powers slowly the shadows began to surround Maclom and Arrow froming into diffrent shapes and animals and then dissappearing, It was as if his powers where screaming to be set free for the kill.

Not many people know this about Arrow but his powers are always fighting to break free , He always has an internal battle , trying to keep them in check if was ever to realse them fully then not even he knows what would really happen.

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"Lets kill us an immortal."

Malcolm said to Arrow. His pistol was lying on the earth a few feet away and he sttoped to pick it up. Zytzev looked at the two of them, standing in the moonlight and knew fear. Malcolm didnt give him time to use his powers and dived forwards, hammering his knee into his groin and smashing his face with his elbow.

Zytzev crumpled, the pain shooting through him. Malcolm placed the gun to Zytzev's head. The man reacted quickly, brushing Malcolm's arm away and unleashing his powers. With a scream Malcolm fell again, his form wracked with agony. The stage was set, an old fashioned immortal duel.
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Octagon pulled out his staff and rubbed it with garlic. "Let's get us a dead French general." Octagon disapeared and then reapeared above Napoleon. "Take this you blood sucking bas*ard!" he yelled with his staff pointed downward.

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the moon was in between the two immortals, Zytzev looking at Arrow his dark coat blowing gentle in the breze Zytezev fired a blindingly powerful blast, Arrow did not move the whole ground shock as it knocked Arrow back two steps, Zytzev face truned white ,"WHAT ARE YOU"

He did not speak but walked forward liffint his hand he pushed out his index finger and moved his thumb up , Liffting his head so they there eyes met he smiled "Bang" as arrow said it, a blood vessel exploded in Zytezev arm crimson sprayed in front of the moon ,lowering his hand he aimed at Zytzev leg "BANg" another pop in his knee this time, falling backwards pain on his face Zytzev scream filled the night air .

Arrow licked his lip a small bit of blood appeared at the conner of his mouth from Zytzev shot , moving forward he stood above Maclom "GET UP your embrassing yourself" , he continued to the side of the other Immortal , He watched as Zytzev rolled in pain "you call yourself an Immortal " the shadows began to surround the three of them.

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Malcolm staggered to his feet.

"Easy for you to say you immortal bast*rd."

Malcolm stooped to retrieve his pistol.

"Any objections to me having the honors? I owe him."

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He turned and regarded the man "Be careful who you talk to boy" Arrow aimed his finger then lowered it "do you get the picture" , walking away from the mortal he pushed his boot into Zytzev shoulder , causing the beast to scream , leaning forward he dug his hand into the open wound and as if he was tearing at uncut bread ripped his arm off and threw it aside , Blood flew into arrows face, Zytzev maybe an immortal but he had never truly felt pain like this, No one could have made him feel it till now and his torturer relished in it,

Pushing his finger in to his temple Arrows finger never even broke the skin when it entered into Zytzev brain , slowly the beast eyes filled with blood, he could not talk he was in that much agony , you could see him trying to scream but nothing could escape his mouth , Arrow began to laugh wildly , throwing his head back in a mad fit of laughter that could chill the hardest mans blood, his black hair flashed round as if it was dancing in the moon light.

His head slowly turned to Malcolm and back at Zytzev A small bit of mucus dript down Zytzev chin and his gaze was miles away , the once great Immortal reduced to a dribbling retard, “You can have him he bores me now,” Pulling his finger from the brain and standing he slammed his boot into Zytzev face breaking it open , pushing down as he walked over he felt the crunch under foot as he walked to look in the moon, His arms out stretched and still laughing.

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Malcolm was shocked at the transormation that Arrow had undergone. His raw power was astounding. With a shudder Malcolm stepped up to Zytzev and blew what was left of his brains out of his skull and over the trampled snow. The crimson blood clashing with the off white.

Malcolm shuddered, that was no way to kill a man.

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Spectrum stood over the two demons bodys.

He felt a massive presence awakening in the universe something was wrong, very wrong.

Something had to be done, the others could handle the vampire.

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His laugher echoed round the wood, lifting his had as he lowered it the moon turned black “It has begun”, he walked back towards the woods , his eyes full of joy , he had enjoyed himself tonight and would not be long until they would become the hunted , by force more powerful then himself

Looking at Malcolm “are you coming mortal” he smiled just a little maybe he was a worthy allie to have he was not strong enough o challenge Arrow , But willing to die to save the world, Arrow had no plan in dying he was in this for his own gain,

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"A beutiful display of power Arrow." spoke a familiar voice as Malcolm opened his mouth to speak.

"Who but you would kill an imortal in such a gruesome manner. I admire that. Save your bloodlust, keep it deep down in your heart. For what is comming threatens to consume even you."

The Reverend strode into the clearing. His black suit was dirty and worn, as if he had been wearing it for a long time. Behind him stood another man, wearing moulded armour of some kind. The Reverand gestured to him,

"This is General Karden. He has come to lead us against One Eye. He will have need of your anger Arrow."

The man was short. Around five feet tall but heavily muscled. He lacked an inch of fat on his body and his face had the look of metal. Here was a man who would not give an inch.

"I bring with me the Wolf Brigade and other allies. One Eye will fall tomorrow." he said in a voice like rolling thunder.

The Reverend smiled.

"I hope our friends succede in thier tasks soon. For the storm is approaching.

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Spectrum blazed through the forset until he reached hi target. It was as he had imagined Arrow had let his powers consume him the universal scales had been tipped, and must be balenced.

Spectrum drew his sword,

"i fear it is too late for you Arrow but what must be done..."

He leaped at the figure with awesome skill and precision bringing his sword down for the final blow.

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Post Deleted.