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Yes I am that bored....

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Freak out.

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B!tch Please... -_-  *slaughters all the aliens*

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@NumberSeven: So many people underestimate the power of a good freaking out ^_^

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@Redletter: Yes, yes they do. It might scare the aliens and be all crazy and shizzle. Might cut me loose.

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Naamah would giggle, and ask them random questions about probing.

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I pity those poor aliens that make the mistake of abducting me... ;p

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<-------father is an alien
Though i hope it would be somewhere along the lines of what Giorgio Tsoukalos would do. Just for comedic sake.

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Alceus would fight them off.

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@NumberSeven: could go something like this

Alien 1 : what did you do to him

Alien to: Nothing I swear, he was like that when i found him

Alien 1: (looks suspicious at alien 2) Have you been messing with the subjects again

Alien 2: NOOOO! That time with the Bovine Creature I swear it was an accident i slipped.

Alien 1: While Naked,

Alien 2: I was just out of the shower I SWEAR I SLIPPED ON THE WATER ..it was slippy

Alien 1: I'll bet, look cut him loose and put on some pants for Christ sake

Alien: (mumbles) I'm allergic to the cotton blend (release;s freaked out human)

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@RavekTheConquerer: @Naamah_Obyzouth: Kayle finds herself at long last with aliens, freaky obscure ugly aliens. Her beautiful eyes gazing at the monstrosities she grins. "You didn't abduct me I wanted to be here." The voices barely translate into an audible english. "We wan't to eat your brains gain your knowledge." The vixen merely chuckles at the sentiment. "That sounds unhealthy I think I will have to object." Again the fiends speak a guttural unatractive sound, its like nails on a chalk board. "You shall be the test subject of the latest antimaterial saws." Brushing aside locks of black and gold hair from her face she smiles. The xenos twitch and Kayle's hands move, a blur of motion hard to so much resignate with the naked eye and her whailing blades stop emiting a soft hum. The leading creatures fall before her severed into atleast a dozen pieces each. The Queen of Blade's proceeds to butcher, not fight or even slaughter but simply eradicate her many many victims. Leaving to go back to the Nexus now with new toys in tow.

And that concludes this event. :P for the glory of the Keresh! I realy have no reason to add Naamah as a reply other then to share lol

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If hostile I would kill them all :P

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Reveal to them that it was all planned out, then make them eternal servants. Of course. And only the most bestest most powerful aliens too. None of those squishy weak ones.

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@Redletter: Lol

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Judas would turn things around and experiment on them. Let's see how they like the anal probe!

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Archeron would kick some alien @$$

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Laugh for about an hour and a half then kill every single one of them in utter style.

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@RavekTheConquerer said:

B!tch Please... -_- *slaughters all the aliens*

I would like to say that but

@Olympian_Champion said:

Alceus would fight them off.

Brothers think alike.

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@NumberSeven said:

Freak out.

Agreed, but only if it was extremely unexpected and i couldn't understand what was happening.

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Cass tends to have relatively good relationships with aliens. Her best friend is one. Now being abducted with ill intent is something else entirely, but the fact that they're an alien isn't going to throw her.

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Ask them how much they want to take him back with them, then topple their planet, leave it in war and economic ruin, and come home like he was on a trip to the caribbean