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“I cannot allow him to remain if he is not aligned with me,” the Glorious Immortal spat to an identical copy, both dressed in the red and purple adamantine armor, a gift from the gods. Each stood amongst the explosive monstrosity of solar energy, bathing in its exuberant rays. “The archives spoke of seven lords. Each of the prodigious beings mastered unique and intricate disciplines. Though the Keijijo clan would never admit to it these Daimyo were the gods of their belief system. But these were mortal men, and with all their power they could not escape death.” The copy stood there pensively, absorbing information he’d already retained for the sake of analysis.

“Regardless, I digress. The Daimyo shall rise again. They will eradicate Ishin and his clan and I will be done with it.” The dopplerganger shook his head and scoffed. “Your corpses will not eliminate the Impero. You underestimate his resolve. He was not the final Impero because of complacency. You, will not, succeed.” The replica cackled crazily, unimpressed with his master. The Glorious Immortal mimics his cheery laughter, only to remove the copy’s head shortly after. The body and head returned to the form of pure energy and dissolved into the Glorious form.

Glorious did not visit the sun often. His powers, though vast and expansive, are fueled by infinite masses of energy. The detailed or impossible the act, the more life energy it would consume. If not for his complex energy consumption and conversion system the Glorious would be dead centuries ago. An orb of energy manifested around the Glorious and he vanished.

The skies of Japan’s metaphysical Mountain range was blessed with the maniacal spectacle of flashing light then unequivocally black clouds cast a shadow over the entire country. Summoning the spirits of the Seven Lords, their youthful physical forms began to develop around the sprite like energy that was their essence. Dassk morphed his appearance adopting one more akin to the feudal lords. Wedged black sandals adorned bandages that started from the heel and led up to the knee. Black sweat like pan covered his thighs extended whilst mauve silk jacket with white trimmings danced in the wind, red sash holding it closed at the waist. His face was covered with a white mask with markings of one of the older clans from the genesis of Keijijogaku. His red and purple pattern ridden eyes pieced through the slots of the mask, only visible with intention. A large fan sat on his black, the weapon infused with great power, an ancient weapon from a different time. In mere seconds the Daimyo stood before him, stoic and obedient, their minds claimed by the god killer. “Your pupils have been annihilated. Only one clan remains. They deny your existence as beneficial to the growth of them as a people. Destroy them.” With motive, the myriad of powers took off to the Reisho Monastery.

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With various reasons mentally convincing him to proceed with the eventuality of the Keijijo Clan's inevitable massacre, enigmatic Ishin has enlisted the invaluable aid of the weathered Elder Zaraki, and the lethal Miya, famously dubbed the 'Apex Cobra'. In the midst of the extensive preparation revolving around the meticulous plot to eradicate his own kin, the Keijijo Enigma instantaneously halted his practice, his esoteric senses alerting him of the arrival of an incomparable collection of power and might. Genuinely taken aback by the abrupt detection of such fearsome metaphysical prominence and sheer power, Ishin instructed his allies to depart and forsake the mountain of legend.

With obedient compliance, they had vanished, leaving the Impero on his lonesome with the very clan that he intends to soundly assassinate. "What is this?", he questioned, his voice conveying admitted worry and uncertainty in his ability to confront such a collective threat. Furthering his sensory efforts, the Metaphysical Messiah had successfully identified seven incoming nexuses of mythical power, while a distinct eighth presence of even greater power was detected. Unaware that he was to soon be confronted by a past acquaintance, Glorious, an intellectual possessing terrifying knowledge of the metaphysical clan, Ishin had mentally and physical readied himself for the inevitable threat.

Armed and perfectly conditioned, he waited behind Reisho's ominous gates, arms crossed before his chest as anticipation commenced an unmitigated accumulation of both excitement and concern. The opportunity could however, be seized to facilitate the planned extermination of the clan. Soon however, calculating, piercing eyes of visual uniqueness widened in dramatic shock and perhaps even fear. A witness to the unexplained return of the Seven Daimyo of Keijijo Legend, and the arrival of one he had never anticipated encountering once more, Ishin murmured, "... This is impossible", disbelief shaking his legendary confidence and composure. "How did you know about..", incapable of selecting the appropriate words, "Am I expected to lunge into suicide?!?", he had no choice in the matter sadly. Adopting his Katai Ken fighting stance, his balled fist trembling, he waited.

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Three weeks had passed and the dexterous disciple continued his training outside the Reisho Monastery. Real life application was proving a powerful tool for the Air Yoso adept. When forced to act under pressure he was able to better see his flaws and correct his style. Now high in the skies, using his latest gift from Lennox Outfitters he flew through the skies. The device was attuned to his areokinetic capabilities. A full body metal kite with cortosis fiber wing and tail flaps. Using this device he could ride the wind currents, manipulating them with little effort to add unparalleled speed to his travel.

The monastery was in view now, and the gates stood shut. His eagle equivalent eyesight spotted eight figures. They seemed foreign at first but upon closer inspection Milo recognized a few of them as the statues placed in the many meditative chambers. The metaphysical pressure was incalculably high, reminding Milo of the pain he suffered for his determination to be trained in the ways of the Keijijo. He soared down to the scene, the air exploding behind him like jet propulsion. Landing just beyond the gate at his senpai's side, gust of air swimming passed the two. Ishin did not seem the same. Though the mask hid his facial features, his posture the same unyielding strength. The once calm clench of his fist as he readied himself for battle had been abducted and replaced by a white knuckled trembling mitt. What could have the poised Impero so shocked?

"Senpai, what's going on?" Was all Milo could muster up, his mask psionically peeling back to reveal his face.

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The Daimyo Aizen was the first to display his metaphysical might eyeing the mystical gates with scrutiny. Seeing a shatter point in the towering doors the lord leaped into the air, unleashing a devastating punch blew a deep dent into the yielding gates as they nearly swung off the hinges. As the dust settled the seven lords sauntered inside, standing tall, aligned in front of the orchestrator. He spoke to the Impero and his unknown clansman with pure disdain. "I came to you in peace Ishin, and you spat in my face. Consider this, my thanks and your resignation."

Chinmei, Yurei, and Aizen stepped forward, the first of three to face the Imperative Impero and his young protege. The remaining four lifted up into the sky with their master. "The extermination of the Keijijo begins with me! I will change the course of history. Now my heralds! Lay waste to the pitiful interpretation of your teachings!" Yuansu summoned the power of lightning from the dark clouds, bolt's ripping through the esoteric architectural structures with crippling force. As the clansmen began to take up arms large dimensional warps began to swallow there numbers, the result of the sign weaving masters Hebi and Inu. War erupted across the once calm land of Reisho. Buildings burned, swords clashed, and thunder roared. The Glorious Conqueror stood above it all, a crescendo of cackling complimenting the chaotic conflict.

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Having physically readied himself for the inevitable confrontation with the Seven Daimyo of Legend, terrifyingly powerful prophetic figures of the Keijijogaku philosophy, enigmatic Ishin forcefully attempted to mentally calm himself. His efforts however, an example of standardized futility. Abruptly, his most recent pupil, Milo descended from the skies, circumstantially immersing himself in an unanticipated impossibility. The Air Yoso prodigy's queries were flawlessly justified, the supposed presence of the Seven Daimyo raised an immeasurable mass of questions. And while numerous Keijijo clansmen willingly engaged the invading martial arts prophets, Ishin's unforeseen shock had physically impaired him with rigorous paralysis.

Sighing, the Keijijo Legend answered his protege's question, "You know who they are.. but this is impossible. The Daimyo have long been dead, their corpses nonexistent", Ishin spoke, his fist still trembling with what could be mistaken by the unperceptive eye as 'fear'. A spiritually awakened individual with admitted respect for the Seven Daimyo, Ishin found himself hesitant to leap into battle. The various voices of past Imperos speaking to him from his legendary alabaster Impero Mask. Their insistent words of apparent encouragement continuously failing to prompt the cryptic Grandmaster. Incidentally, a shock-impaired Ishin had involuntarily indulged in a self-critical, introspective moment. His thoughts uncharacteristic for one of his usual poise and confidence. "Against them? I'm nothing!", arguing with himself in a nonexistent conscious plane. "This is ridiculous, you're Ishin! None can hope to stand with you in close combat, realize this!".

Continually battling himself on a conscious level, Ishin's eyes momentarily directed themselves towards a weathered man helplessly engaging the progenitors of Keijijogaku. His resemblance to Impero Neji was uncanny, instantaneously reminding Ishin of his past words to the once great Impero. Recalling the words spoken to Impero Neji, Ishin's confidence had been replenished. Retaining his characteristic composure, a violent protective aura of chi-augmented lightning radiated around his physical frame, his trademarked speed-enhancing Lightning Yoso Armor. Intent on relying on his legendary speed against the primordial prophets of his clan, Ishin addressed Glorious with his returned self-certainty and resolve, "I spat in your face before, and I'll do it again. These puppets were corpses for a reason boy", he paused, unsheathing his enormous energy-absorbing Hansha sword, "Milo-san, consider this your induction into the very elite class of the clan".

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Too much was happening two fast. The once serene Monastery had become the scene of all out war. Keijijo Elite took up arms against their spiritual forefathers with great fortitude. Yet as battles raged on deep within the land of the metaphysical, their once enigmatic leader simply stood in place, fiercely trembling as he did so. Three of the Daimyo, whom Milo was now beginning to recognize stepped forward, their immense chakra pools manifesting into a powerful presence of pressure. It was at this point the Impero seemed to regain his calm, although tentative posture.

"Let's save the ceremony for later Senpai, there are more pressing matters to attend to," the Air Yoso adept retorted. Well aware of the danger they represent and his potential downfall Milo began to focus his chi. As he did so the tempest created by one of the lord's storm clouds began circling the former mercenary like a hurricane. As he dropped into the low opening stance of Air Yoso Milo was forced to stifle his fears. Yet even with his great command over the inner workings of the mind the esoteric disciple could not simply shake the thought of dying a gruesome death at the hands of the lethal force before him. He yearned to question Ishin further, but before the words could escape his breath Chinmei and Yurei dashed forward with exciting speed.

Two high arcing back flips allowed him to evade the lightning quick flails of the martial arts matriarch Chinmei. In her hand was a kusarigama, ancient weapon with origins in ninjutsu. The sickle, attached to a thick chain, was swung just above Chinmei's head as she stood awaiting Milo's next move. The moment he took a step to the left she was on his right with her uninhibited speed. He only had time to glance in the direction she approached from before the sickle carved into the side of his cheek, leaving a deep gash in the aftermath. The weapons master was not yet finished as the opposite end of her lengthy chain coiled around Milo's legs, pulling them out from under him and dragging his body across the now snowy plateau.

The sickle cut a vicious arc through the air as it raced for Milo's exposed forehead. In desperation, Milo inhaled a powerful gust. His lungs expanded with unreal capacity, an explosion of condensed air through pursed lips froze the curved weapon of the ancient farmers who sought to escape the oppression of their superiors. The sickle fell harmlessly to the ground and the air apparent vanished, akin to an apparition as he reappeared behind Chinmei, relinquished from the chain. Gale force razor winds transferred through a sweeping trio of arcane movement pushed the lord through a meditative center, the collateral destruction riddling the reanimated corpses with minor cuts. Risen with renewed malice and pristine focus the Daimyo ripped the ice encased sickle off the chain, wielding the lengthy metal like a whip with supreme mastery. Milo took in a huge breath, readying himself for the next phase of confrontation as the two assailants charged one another.

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With regained self-certainty and composure, enigmatic Ishin directed his optical attention towards the attacking Daimyo. While harboring the utmost respect for the Keijijo's prophetic figures, his intellectual mind had rendered him entirely aware of the lack of independent consciousness in minds of his clan's fabled progenitors. With his trademarked Lightning Yoso Armor exponentially augmenting his legendary speed, and his gloved left hand firmly gripped around the stylish hilt of his iconic Hansha sword, Ishin's physical form had seemingly faded from visibility, mirroring the effects of instantaneous teleportation. Reappearing mere centimeters from a crashing lightning bolt, with a swift circular twirl of his preferred weapon, Ishin rapidly positioned Hansha's enormous blade before the incoming bolt of chi-augmented lightning. Absorbing the bulk of Yuansu's barrage of vicious lightning into his sword's pulsating blade, Ishin relied on the protective properties of his Lightning Yoso Armor to counter the Daimyo's electrical assaults.

With his equilibrium disrupted due to the sheer force of the impacting lightning, the Keijijo Legend found himself sliding off his feet, the supernatural properties of Yuansu's lightning managing to bypass the electrical resistance of the Impero's lightning-based aura. With sustained burn wounds from the scorching heat of the projected bolts, Ishin's elevated tolerance to pain had enabled him to resume the battle without apparent impairment. With a series of overwhelmingly fast swings, he reflected the previously absorbed lightning bolts towards Yuansu. "Milo-san, we will have to retreat soon. Unprepared, we will not defeat them all", Ishin suggested, mentally formulating an eventual plan to tip the scales to their bleak favor. Returning his focus to the battle at hand, the prodigious Impero channeled his blitzing speed into seemingly random movements around Aizen, the most powerful of the Daimyo. Perceiving him as the greatest direct threat, the Impero visually vanished and reappeared repeatedly all about his opponent with virtually peerless quickness, moving at a blistering 80,000 miles per second, rapidly executing a flurry of precision-based sword swings, all aiming for a variety of Aizen's chakra-points.

With the intent of absorbing even the most minuscule degree of Aizen's chi into his sword for future research and planning, Ishin waited not to bare witness to the potential success of his initial assaults. With the sustained severe burn wounds threatening to impair his performance at high-speed combat, Ishin reappeared beside Milo. "Come with me, there's little time to spare. We'll never win without a plan. I have one", he concluded, placing a palm on his protege's shoulder, using his Potaru Amulet to teleport both to a serene metaphysical plane of existence. Confident that because he was Glorious' target, the knowledgeable antagonist would undoubtedly attempt to follow them, Ishin harbored no concern for his clan, an extension of his objective to ultimately massacre them. Arriving in an unimpressive, colorless dimension, Ishin turned to his pupil, "The only way for us to win, is for you to manage to hold them off while I prepare. I've formulated a plan for this. I will use Keijijo Geijutsu to temporarily transfer my chi into your chakra-points. You'll be able to hold them off for a while. In the meantime, I'll gather some ambient chi to replenish my own reserves. Once I've completed this, I'll erupt my chakra-points, releasing all of my energy to eradicate the Daimyo, as well as their metaphysical essence".

"It will render them impossible to resurrect once again as they will be nonexistent. However, upon doing so, I'll die", he revealed, illogically calm regarding his eventual death. "But I'll return. I've prepared for these scenarios. Keep my sword, Hansha. I'll return from its blade. My chi rests inside the blade, and some of my genetic material is sealed in its Keijijo Geijutsu symbols. A few hours after my death, I'll return", he explained, while a useful technique, potential overuse will result in the eventual corruption of his metaphysical essence.

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Impero's illusionary speed was remarkable. Blurs flashed along the battle field as the likes of Chinmei and Yurei continued their onslaught against the neophyte air manipulator. The vicious flails of the chain whip left lacerations along the mercenary's sculpted chest and biceps as he used gale force winds to keep the soft style martial artist, Yurei, from connecting a chakra crippling strike. Meanwhile with his legendary blade, Ishin swatted away the powerful lightning bolts of Yuansu. The effort proved fruitless as the hail of electricity continued, one actually catching the Impero, bypassing the manifestation of his electrical armor and sending a vicious surge through his system that made Milo shiver. The loss of attention led to a visceral crack across the face that sent his body spiraling across the monastery and into a statue of Aizen. Before he could recover, Yurei was closing in. As the daimyo ascended Ishin appeared beside Milo, and with a statement they were gone, Yurei's strike connecting with nothing but air.

They materialized inside an empty space. Milo could no longer feel much of anything. This void that now inhabited must have been another dimension, confirming something Milo had doubted the existence of before studying Keijijogaku. He wanted to question Ishin on the location but their was no time. The seven lords and their master were too powerful to leave alone. They had to be dealt with fast, lest they spread the destruction around the world. He listened to Ishin's plan with a careful ear, making sure he fully understood before responding. "Got all your bases covered huh, Senpai?" Milo retrieved some bandages from the many concealed pockets in his suit to alleviate his wounds as he waited. "So let's get started."

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Silently, the Keijijo Messiah calmly removed the symbolically significant mask of the Impero that had effortlessly been rendered a trademark of his unmistakably iconic appearance. Gently resting the mask on the colorless ground before his crossed legs as he assumed an ancient Keijijo meditative stance, Ishin responded to his pupil's query, "Not as much as you'd think", he revealed, "This technique is mostly experimental. While I've no doubt in its effectiveness, it is its consequences that somewhat worry me. Return, I will. However, what I'd like to be certain of, Milo-san, is what will happen to me as a result of using this technique", he paused, calmly removing the stylish, militaristic top that appropriately concealed his torso. Left only in the ceremonial trousers of the Impero, he continued, his exposed upper body revealing perfectly chiseled features of iron and bronze muscle, populated by a plethora of various metaphysically significant tattoos and aged scars.

"I've never used this. This is the first time, and the only time I intend to use it", he concluded, assuming a previously unseen meditative position, his hands open as his palms face the bleak grey sky in a tranquil manner. Steadily shutting his eyelids as his unique optical orbs close, Ishin begins, "Just stay calm Milo-san. This is a delicate process. You may feel a stinging sensation. Remember though, this is temporary. My chi will not last forever in your body, so do not waste time. Hold the Daimyo off for as long as possible, otherwise we'll all fail", the Keijijo Legend halted, the multiple distinct tattoos across his scarred upper body glowing luminously with simultaneous brilliance. Explosively, a radiating aura of a blue flame-like spiritual essence radiated violently all about Ishin's paralyzed body. Instinctively assuming the shape of flaming crows, the aura of eerily lifted off of Ishin's now pale body, soaring towards Milo, intent on distributing the concentrated chi to all his chakra-points.

Proceeding with the following phase of his hopeful plan, an optimistic Ishin asked that Milo wield his sword, "Take Hansha. You'll need that sword", he concluded, forcing his chakra-points to steadily absorb the ambient metaphysical particles of the realm at a cautious pace, in an experimental attempt to replicate the exponentially augmented chi supplied by all 80 chakra-points of the Gaibu Dengen technique. Quickly, his skin adopted a fluorescent blue tint while his symbolic tattoos transitioned into a blinding white color. "If they come to us, do your best not to let them touch me, otherwise, my unstable chakra-points will erupt and not only will I die, but my spiritual essence will fade. I will no longer exist. Impossible to return", he cautioned.

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"Hmmm..." Amidst the disharmonious invasion of Reisho, Glorious had found what he believed to be the enigmatic master's quarters. Wealth's of knowledge remain behind these large heavily engraved gates of passage. The symbols glowed heavily, a testament to the various seals and enchantments placed upon it. With a preposterous smile the immortal turned to Daimyo's Hebi and Inu. "Bring this hindrance down while I go found out where your inferior descendant and his pathetic pupil have gone." Illusive speed left him as a mirage to the couple of lords as they began to analyzes the signs.

Upon reentering the center of chaos he was immediately rushed by esoteric followers. Their will was admirable, but the enemy was well aware of their capabilities. He stood, ghostly, his form transparent as the foursome appeared from multiple angles with unsurpassed aerial agility. As soon as they struck in unison, a phenomenal amount of blinding white hot energy expelled in a 30m radius. Yuansu made a glance at the display, before returning to launch hurricanes at the masses. Nothing remained but the immortal, who left the scene quickly. Returning to Aizen, Chinmei, and Yurei, Glorious absorbed the last moments of battle from the conscious mind of the reanimated corpses before allowing them to join the battle against the Kejijo.

Using only his voice he could pierce into the plane of existence Ishin resided within, to make his words known. "You believe you can hide from this Impero? There is no plan. There is no survival. You and your clan will die. And your pupil will be broken. Then I will kill him," He snickered, then yelped, stifling his noise before speaking. "I understand, you just wanna get ready huh? Tell you what, after I collect all the little trinkets you left under the bed, I'll give you another call. Buh-bye."

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Immersed in a deep meditative trance as ambient metaphysical particles were intricately accumulated all about the Keijijo Enigma, a spiritually focused Ishin's concentration was briefly broken by the taunting voice of the overconfident Glorious, quite the knowledgeable opponent indeed. Threatening to acquire Ishin's wealth of invaluable artifacts, inventions and collection of knowledge, his haughty voice had faded as instantaneously as it had manifested. While disturbed by the abrupt occurrence, the Impero harbored no worrying concern. In the Impero Quarters, there was merely esoteric recipes for spiritually-augmenting smoke and an unimpressive collection of texts and scrolls documenting the history of the Keijijo and their known practices.

The Metaphysical Messiah, counted himself quite the fortunate individual. Had it not been for the innovative creation of his Chakra-Potaru technique, Glorious would have held in his possession, all of the masses of knowledge and wealth of exotic creations originated by the Keijijo Grandmaster. Secretive, and meticulous, Ishin had cleverly transferred all of his inventions, texts, and other sources of invaluable knowledge into his metaphysically augmented chakra-points. Opting not to respond to his powerful antagonist's taunts, the composed Impero offered instead, a dismissive silence, seemingly condescending, but simply disinterested in engaging in fruitless verbal banter. While an admitted practitioner of verbal taunting and psychological warfare, much of Ishin's concentration was fundamental for the current experimental ritual, one primarily created by the Keijijo Legend for such unwarranted circumstances.

"Milo-san", he paused, a surge of agonizing pain torturing his physical form as the intensity of the fluorescent blue tint on his skin experienced an anticipated escalation. "It is almost finished. Brace yourself", he concluded, the final ethereal crow flying into his Air Yoso protege's remaining chakra-point. Currently devoid of his own chi, a wincing Ishin's chakra-points had begun embracing the unnatural properties of ambient metaphysical energies of higher dimensional planes. Conditioned to function as the nexuses of his biophysical chi, the Impero's chakra-points struggled to accommodate the energetic particles of ambient metaphysical essence. Cautious not to tamper with the contained items etc. in his chakra-points, the Grandmaster opted for a very cautious approach, having yet to transfer even half of the necessary metaphysical energy required for his impending suicidal technique.

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Milo's Senpai was an eight thousand year old master of the metaphysical arts. In his full clothing, its hard to take at face value. Especially with the mask on. Upon seeing the temple that was his heavily marked body it only made sense. Some of the scars looked like lethal lacerations once existed. As his body began to glow Milo silenced all thought, opening himself up to the experimental process. The blue flame was a florescent display yet Milo was not prepared for the next phase. From the flames emerged black crows, shrouded by the blue flames. They began to penetrate his chakra points, igniting his body with the same flames. Ironically a burning sensation spread throughout his body, but his senses expanded, the augmented chi was overloading the tranquil mercenary's systems. Before long the sensation subsided and all that remained was peerless clairvoyance.

The final crow was transferred, completing the project. The success was evident as Milo stood before Ishin, Hansha in hand, flaming aura raging around him. "You know what? I'm getting a little worried about you. Aye, do me a favor and provide a little company for our host," The Glorious spoke once again. Tranquil senses transcended the dimension, immediately picking up on a distinct detail as Yurei and Chinmei arrived. The flaming air apparent stepped between them and Ishin, "He's using Chie to control them. I don't know why, I'll leave that to you. Got some unfinished business to handle."

Chinmei now brandished two wakizashis and Yurei assumed his predated Naibu Dengen stance. Arrogantly the tranquil elite stampeded towards them, adopting the horrific speed his senpai was known for. The lords met him half way and a blitzkrieg of blow erupted. Shimmers left in the wake of high speed intense combat as the three matched each other blow for blow. Implementing Air Yoso with the heavily augmented strikes gave Milo the upper hand as thunderous blows started to connect amidst the exchange. The two drew back from the engagement, reaffirming their strategy.

The esoteric pupil gave them no rest, send a whirlwind of deadly force at Chinmei. Occupying their attention was he goal. He succeeded, then used his illusion casting speed to hit Yurei with a vicious uninhibited strike, crashing through his chest and sending the corpse rolling along the metaphysical realm. With her own power Chinmei was able to dispell the powerful winds and descend on her opponent with malice. Invisible swipes left two small cuts on Milo's cheek as he ducked and weaved out of harm's path. Slowly Yurei was rising to his feet and the air apparent was waiting. In the heat of battle he attempted a trick that Ishin was quite capable of. "How do I get back to Earth?" He thought, attempting to transfer this thought to Ishin's conscious.

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Upon the successful completion of the complex transferring of the entirety of his metaphysical essence into Milo's numerous chakra-points, Ishin's mental focus was instant in transitioning towards the premeditated practice of spiritually conditioning his remaining chakra-points for the strenuous containment of the ambient metaphysical energy-particles of the bleak dimensional plane. As impairing pain overcame his chiseled frame, the Keijijo Legend channeled his indomitable will in an attempt to resist the physical and spiritual agony.

Experiencing unbearable pain in the innumerable chakra-points populating the metaphysical portions of his body, Ishin winced as he grit his teeth in recognizable physical misery. "Gnnnh!", the continuous escalation of the luminescence of his fluorescent blue skin had begun weighing heavily on his various chakra-points, as the excess dimensional metaphysical energy was experimentally directed across his physical form, greatly intensifying the brilliant white glow of his varying tattoos. Red electrical arcs had begun to surge all about his perfectly chiseled and physically scarred form. Too occupied to notice the drastically altered appearance of his Air Yoso protege, Ishin's body was immediate in eerily levitating ten feet into the air.

Airborne and seemingly suspended by a radiant red rim that formed around his body, Ishin managed to speak through the intensifying pain of the experience, responding to his pupil's query as he impressively combated a portion of the Daimyo. "Chie?! Until I.. aargh! Manage to complete this ritual, we will be unable to disrupt his control. I would... recommend using Eikyo but against Chie it is useless. Just hold them off for several more minutes. It is almost done", he concluded, the remaining half of the fundamental metaphysical energy commencing its impending transportation into Ishin's chakra-points. "If you want to return to Reisho, use my amulet", gesturing towards the Potaru Amulet lying on the colorless ground.

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The Inner Sanctum of Reisho lay wide open, the Glorious sniffing the air with vigor. "There is great power here, I can smell it." Though it the Impero was wise enough to relieve the room of anything valuable to his clan, an age old manifestation of manipulation lay beneath the very ground Reisho was built upon. With his impossible abilities Glorious began to removed the ground below him, simply reducing the matter to nothing and cutting a path deep into the earth. Fifteen feet below, now exposed among the dirt and rock, a single, silver gem. It radiated a vibrant luminescence as the immortal telekineticly liberated it from the rocky prison it once inhabited. With a sadistic smile the Glorious Conqueror placed the jewel within his body, specifically where a human's heart was located and ventured outside.

Meanwhile, Milo defended against an onslaught of strikes from Chinmei. Her chi enhanced strikes extended her reach well beyond the tips of her blades, making the flailing slashes damn near impossible to predict. If not for the chi supplemented speed attributed to senpai's chakras and his natural preemptive reactions the Daimyo surely would have annihilated him. Ishin was now suspended in the air, a red vortex of metaphysical energy scoured from this realm enveloped his frame as he wretched with pain, barely maintaining the composure to continue. Spying the Potaru Amulet besides his sensei, Milo developed a scheme. Purposely leading his steps of evasion towards the necklace, Yurei joined the fray, gripping Milo's collar. Perfect. With lightning quick dexterity Milo caught the long handle of the deadly weapon while simultaneously kicking the amulet up and over his neck. Light swallowed the trio whole as they were returned to the Monastery.

The group materialized directly in front of the Glorious who wore a grin from ear to ear. The two lords stepped away from Milo as he adopted his Air Yoso stance once again, ready to take on the enigmatic monstrosity. "You may possess a smidgen of your master's power, but you are out your league child." The Glorious gripped Milo's body, forcing every molecule to bend to his will as he lifted the mutant up into the air despite his struggle. "You believe you can stand against all of us? You couldn't stand against any of us. I can see the power bleeding from you like an open wound. Your running out of time. You and your master have failed."

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Approaching the inevitable completion of his esoteric spiritual ritual, the accumulating pain and agony experienced a dramatic escalation as the fluorescent blue skin of the enigmatic Grandmaster heightened with visual intensity. Coupled with the continuously pulsating energy of his radiant white Keijijo Geijutsu tattoos, Ishin instinctively gritted his teeth in unbearable pain, incapable of telepathically intercepting the conversation between his Air Yoso protege and the knowledgeable Glorious. The culmination of hours of incomparable pain and extensive experimental preparation had arrived. Steadily, the Metaphysical Messiah stabilized the energetic nature of his newly acquired spiritual essence.

As the violent energies all about his body faded as elusively as they had manifested, a panting Ishin's physical form descended from physical elevation, his feet calmly touching the colorless ground of the bleak dimensional plane. Having experienced an indescribably painful and dramatic alteration in physical appearance, Ishin's experimental suicidal technique was on the verge of encountering the commencement of its use. Still indulged in instinctive panting from the physical and spiritual shock of the metaphysically intricate ritual, Ishin briefly found himself ethically conflicted with acting as the executioner of the Seven Daimyo of Legend, prophetic figures of peerless religious significance in the Keijijogaku philosophy. With the utmost respect and admiration for them, a temporary internal struggle manifested as the sole obstacle in the Grandmaster's path.

Physically paused and involuntarily immersing himself in introspective thoughts, he questioned the impending course of action that he had destined himself to take. Staring blankly into open glowing palms, he uttered, "Can I do this?", a spiritually enlightened man, and faithful follower of Keijijogaku, Ishin instantaneously experienced the realization of the blasphemous actions against his clan's religious philosophy that he would soon partake in. Only because of the convincing strength of his messiah complex did he opt to face them, feeling that regardless of his spiritual ties, he was destined to bring salvation to his clan, unknowingly generating latent conflicting feelings regarding the planned assassination of the Keijijo.

Returning to Reisho with powerful messianic resolve, Ishin emerged from a radiant metaphysical rift that vanished behind him. "Milo-san. Just do as I say, and stay calm", he commanded, turning his attention to Glorious and the Seven Daimyo. "I must admit, using the Daimyo against us was a stroke of genius. You have what you came for, but the destruction of the Keijijo will never be a feat of yours to claim", he concluded, instantly locking his impending technique towards the chakra-points of the Daimyo and Glorious. Clasping his hands together, the Keijijo Legend's skin began to violently peel off, underneath it, lied a sparkling mass of emerald energy. Invisibly locked to the chakra-points of the mindless Daimyo corpses and Glorious, he commenced, violently expelling the collected metaphysical essence into innumerable glowing threads that sprout from his body, all targeting the chakra-points of the Daimyo, but alas, the gathered spiritual essence was not enough to target Glorious'.

Settling for the defeat of the Daimyo, Ishin violently released all of the welled up ambient chi with the intent of erasing the Daimyo's physical and metaphysical essence from the physical plane, while sacrificing his own, his physical form fading from existence, along with his spiritual essence. His only return would be from a gamble, hopeful that his lover Fan would use magic-based reality manipulating intervention to resurrect him. His previous comments regarding his eventual return, simple verbal misdirection not to imbue Milo with overwhelming concern.

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"I must admit, using the Daimyo against us was a stroke of genius. You have what you came for, but the destruction of the Keijijo will never be a feat of yours to claim", Ishin said, ever so calm and collected before his impending death. Milo's eyes widened as the keijijo clan's chieftain clasped his hands together. His skin bubbled then slowly dripped off his body, revealing a jade form of energy that sprouted into needle thin wire that connected to the Seven Daimyo. "80 strands, 80 chakra points," Milo mumbled, truly understanding what potentially unfolded before his eyes.

Exponential amounts of spiritual, foreign energy expelled from Ishin's heavenly figure, consuming Milo's optical senses with light. A thud was felt as his body hit the ground. With the last moments of his senpai's chakra flowing through him, he grabbed Hansha by its bandaged handle and leaped towards the only living thing he could feel, the Glorious. An austere assault of slashes shredded the immortal, energy spewing from his severed form as the energy of Ishin's suicidal blast faded. The Glorious fell to the ground, his body lay, crippled. Milo calmly descended eyeing the defeated invader with a hatred. Ishin had lied. Milo could no longer feel any lasting essence of his master, not even in the sword itself.

A cackling Glorious picked up on Milo's disbelief. "You thought he was coming back didn't you? You thought that the all powerful Impero would miraculously defeat me and my slaves, save the day and everything would be fine. This ain't no movie boy. You master is dead and I killed him. Ain't nothing you, or that pathetic sword can do about it."

Milo dropped to his knees. "Why would he lie to me?"

He questioned the immortal, its body steadily turning to dust that blew away in the wind.

"Because you are a fool. That's why. He manipulated you, and like the Impero's before him he manipulates this clan. Remember this disciple, you are but a pawn in the games he played. And one day you and all others like you will be sacrificed. It is, their way." With those poisonous words etched into Milo's mind, the Glorious was gone. The Protege did not move an inch as he stifled his thoughts, trying to search for any hint of Ishin's return. To his discontent, he found none.