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Grav sat in the kitchen of the Les Assassins Silencieux mansion, a little green gremlin nibbling on some chocolate chip cookies he just stole from the cabinet next to him. The whole kitchen floor around him was littered with cookie crumbs. His little hands reached into the plastic box which held the sweet crispy delights but he felt nothing but little tiny crumbs. NOOOOOO!!! He jumped up, knocking over his glass filled to the brim with cold milk. He quickly made his way towards the white cabinet he had just stolen his box of cookies from to get a box filled with raisin brand cookies. To his surprise he saw the box of raisin cookies was completely empty, not even one cookie was left, even the crumbs were eaten.

Grav’s eyes closed a little. There was only one cookie addicted squirrel evil enough to put an empty cookie box back in the closet…his nemesis… Lill Arrow! A little glass of milk was placed next to the cookie box, Grav put his tiny green finger in the milk and began stirring the milk to feel the temperature. His already big eyes became even wider. Lill Arrow couldn’t be far, the milk was still cold.

The little green goblin stood up, his eyes squinted. A little gust of wind came through the kitchen door, blowing the crumbs from his light brown robe. His left hand moved towards his mouth, wiping of his milk moustache. “The cookie is strong with this one..” he said to himself. When the new groceries arrived there would only be one cookie addict left.. well in the kitchen anyway... and it wouldn’t be that cookie stealing kung-fu squirrel…

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Grav quickly made his way outside, in the backyard of the mansion was a forest with some of the largest trees he had ever seen, than again, he was only knee-high. He saw a blur between the trees and some leaves twirling down from the branches. He quickly climbed a tree, jumping from branch to branch with amazing agility in an attempt to follow him, But he was just too fast. "The cookie is strong with this one.." he thought to himself. He waited on top of a branch concealed between the green leaves until he would resurface, only the white from his large eyes was visible. Until suddenly Grav heard a scream.. GRAV!!.. A grin appeared on his face, Lill Arrow must've found out Grav stole some cookies from him. The white from his teeth glistered in the sun while he chuckled.

Grav quickly responded "yes, yes...i'm here, you can be such a drama squirrel sometimes.." Lill Arrow was concealed by the sunlight shining from right behind him. All Grav could see was a shadow with a small glistering coming from his forehead, a silver symbol on his headband. Grav jumped from the branch while doing some flips in the air and landed on all fours on the ground in a crouching position. He slowly stood up and reached with his hand in his robe while the other hand held the robe open. He pulled out a cookie from his light brown robe and used his telekinesis to let in float in front of him. "This cookie is made from the toughest cookie dough in the world, let's just test how strong your teeth really are!". Grav made a circling movement with his little green hands and the cookie began to spin in front of him. Suddenly he thrusted his hands forward and send the cookie with great speed towards his opponents mouth.

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As he landed in front of the green guy lill Arrow listened “kryptocookine” he said under his breathe it was uneatable and could crack open a chestnut with ease. Lill Arrow watched with big eyes as the dangerous cookie flew towards him at great speed. His two feet paws (super Cute) clenched in the ground as he pushed off as the cookie came closer. Landing on the cookie it span round and round “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” the tan blur screamed as he then flipped of landing in front of Grav his body still spinning from his ride on the cookie. Falling to the ground he looked up at the sky. Lifting a paw to his lips he wondered if he would be sick. “Wait what was me doing” he said to himself as he stood back up and looked towards the Green Goblin. “Oh yawh”.

Striking a pose he then began to jump into slow motion and pulled the two throwing cookies from his belt and aimed them at the eyes of the cookie thief “Eat that” the cookies where a present from Nevann and where laced with silver hard candy balls able to crack the strongest of teeth and he would need his all his skills to beat the green monster in front of him. This was a battle of wits (once again not big wits but this id for them so go with it) And strength one would walk away from here with a bruises not only on their bodies but on their um um cookie ability (don’t ask Im winging this).

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"NOOOOOOO!! stupid ninja squirrel..." the green goblin screamed out as he saw the furball spin on top of the cookie. Grav became almost sick himself by watching Lill Arrow spin around so much, but yeah.. cookie eaters have strong stomaches, especially little ones. He saw the little cookie-eater move in slow motion, Grav tapped his little toad-like feet on the ground in impatience while pretending to watch the time on his imaginiairy watch. (they don't makes watches that small)

Even the two cookies moved in slow motion, Grav sighed, he didn't have time for this.. the groceries would be in the kitchen soon. He walked towards the trowing cookies and took a bite from it, the silver candy hidden inside it broke one of his little white teeth. Little white crumbles fell to the ground from his mouth.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!   He was now forced to talk with a slish (is that a word?). "Iss Willss Getss youss for thisss"

He grabbed a bottle of milk from his robe and poured it on the ground around him, this was special sticky milk. If lill arrow stepped in it with his furry little feet he would surely become stuck to the ground. He turned around and bended over, wiggling his green butt at him (still covered in clothes though!) to taunt him and try to lure him closer.