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@xxfail_safexx: O_O (Thinks about putting him out of his misery.)

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@Over_kill: LOL xD
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Fights like any thug.

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Like spider-man, but without the ability to heal sense danger, or shoot webs

#206 Posted by .Ajax. (2518 posts) - - Show Bio

Brute force

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LOL good times

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No Martial Arts at all. He Just points and shoots.

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Marcus: Depends on the situation. Up close he utilizes martial arts in combination with his super-strength for pretty vicious(and incredibly gory) results. At range he shoots and moves. He might be bulletproof(to a degree), but he's still a soldier. Tactical thinking is kind of ingrained in his head.

Judas: Sees an enemy, whips up a spell or uses his magic-gun(not kidding on that, but it's not as corny as you'd think), and keeps using them until they die.

Devilfist: Really depends on his situation. Normally, he just uses his powers in his normal form. If things get heated and he's facing multiple enemies in a small area, he goes into his first form. For fighting massive amounts of enemies out in the open, he goes into his second form.

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Feral Nova fights with a lot of FIRE POWER xD BUT she has also been trained by, Uchiha NeVann who gave her private lessons in Muay Thai and Mix Martial Arts. Not to mention picked up some moves from the Battle Queen (Ziccarra) as well from all their battles. She also knows how to hack limbs off with a sword pretty well too xP

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Human skin can be cut with only a pound of force. At the right angle, it takes almost no force to break bone. It's all about finesse, efficiency, control.

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Bloodstompa fights the best way: the Orky way :)

#213 Posted by .Ajax. (2518 posts) - - Show Bio

@Warboss Skumgut Bloodstompa said:

Bloodstompa fights the best way: the Orky way :)

I approve of this message.....LOL

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Clementine fights with the power of Cute. And also bites people sometimes.

Portrait has a very liquid style, almost constantly in motion. She relies on the element of surprise and throws in various painted objects in battle to disorient her opponent.

Icarus(Mach9) relies on speed, not having a lot of pure strength. He uses blades, often inflicting lots of shallow wounds.

Fractal doesn't believe in hand-to-hand combat. He just magics away his enemies.

Mortality often starts with telekinesis, hitting his opponent with objects and then turns to his magical abilities.

Premonition uses his environment, though he likes taking the kill himself with his sword-cane.

Solenoid Spin just goes in like a whirlwind and shreds everything.

Salamander brings up the heat, burning through the jugular/carotid if possible, draining away all moisture if not.

DragonflyBoy uses his wing vibrations to make his foe slow, then takes them down with aerial blows.

Midnight Orchid is animalistic, tearing and biting, the city flailing with him.

Io relies on hand-to-hand combat, destabilizing the ground to get his opponent off balance. He uses bombs for tougher foes, or may attempt to trap them in a fissure.

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Xaraghoul first lets loose a full barrage from his reaper autocannon, chaos sorceries, havoc missiles to soften up his opponents with a deadly barrage of explosives. Then he charges in after using his sorcerous power to enhance his own combat ability, and proceeds to RIP AND TEAR. He swamps his opponents in a lethal flurry of attacks from the fist of the black legion and the Daemon blade Kral'Krar, knowing full well that both weapons can pierce any form of armor and that his sword can cut through any form of energy or forcefield. Typically, as Kral'Krar attempts to devour the souls of those it hits, the fight is over very quickly. He does not worry too much about defense, his armor is virtually impenetrable, and the shields from the armor, the mark of chaos ascendant, and his black Rosarius are just as tough.

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No set fighting style, Mike is unpredictable. Even he doesn't know what he's about to do sometimes.

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Que almost loses every fist fight he is in, he uses his cunning, intelligence, a silver tongue and magic to trick his enemies. 

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Alceus usually only employs two fighting styles in battle despite being a master in many. His most commonly used style is a very fast-paced fighting style that focuses on speed and explosive striking power and attacks. He supports his punches and kicks with great speed and maximum physical power and even throws in an energy attack or two from time to time. He almost always focuses on inflicting massive external damage. His fighting style is meant to be overwhelming with immense explosive power and swift speed. His second fighting style focuses on internal damage. He still uses his speed but dodges more swiftly and calmly and exploits the opponent's pressure points to achieve numerous effects such as bursting one's blood vessels or paralyzing them.

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Park is a capable fighter but not very flexible. He uses mostly punches and elbows and only uses kick for surprise or distance. Although his background is martial arts Park's reliance on pressure points is minimal as he prefers to use momentum and solid strikes to win. His favorite target is the eyes and nose of his opponent but will also settle for knee caps and central body mass.

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Manchine uses his tech in fights. Usually its never hand to hand. Blasting Zapping is the way to go. If it does get to hand to hand he would just increase the gravity to slow down the combat which has happened (against a superman clone type).

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Hand to hand fighting similar to Black Canary. She is an Olympic level gymnast and classically trained ballerina so agility and grace play a huge role in her hand to hand techniques. Depending on her opponent she'll rely mainly on hand to hand skills will small bursts of magic/telepathy, but others she'll use the full scale of her powers with minimal physical motion. Depends

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Shoots 'm in the face..

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OVERHWELMING FORCE!!!! LOTS AND LOTSA PUNCHES!!!! And maybe a kick here and there. 

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In close combat Demitria uses a blade of some kind preferably. If she can't she uses an equal amount of kicks and punches

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LOL, I make my enemies kill themselves

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Super back-hands to the face.

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Very well.

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Variable. Adjustable. Careful. Cautious defense, at first. Hang back until you've found your niche and know your opponent's. Then, more cautious even still with his offense.

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In the fight club

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Mean and Dirty.

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For infiltration in general

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Specialized martial arts

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@_Quickster_ said:

OVERHWELMING FORCE!!!! LOTS AND LOSTA PUNCHES!!!! And maybe a kick here and there.

what he says

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Depends. Mostly she just messes around, using minor amounts of her powers and enjoying herself.

Sometimes she gets serous though. Once that happens it depends on if she is in atmosphere or not, and if she cares about the planet she's on.

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Seemingly unpredictable, and sometimes unconnected, movements at blinding speeds.

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[[I have a nice hint for her fighting style, check out these female mma fighters Gina Carano & Cyborg Santos]]

#241 Posted by Lady_Liberty (8460 posts) - - Show Bio

@Rumble Man: [[ I'll do that. I've seen a lot of Gina, but not much of Cyborg.

I've been thinking of having her focus on improving her skills. Now that's she's adding the Trion Weapon to her tools it should be fun. Gotta keep it within limits though, don't want her to be so powerful she isn't fun for others. ]]

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[[If you are familiar with mma cyborg is basically female wanderlei silva. Well there are way so keep things in level, ego is one of the best ways to do so]]

#243 Posted by Lady_Liberty (8460 posts) - - Show Bio

@Rumble Man: [[ Yeah, that's a good point. ]]

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[[logical too since your character has experience taking on very powerful things, It wouldn't be surprising that she lets her opponents get a free shot. I use the fact that my character loves a good fight to nerf him, good enemies get to brawl]]

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@Rumble Man: [[ I try to RP that she like likes to fight, and so uses only a fraction of her powers. Plus she lets people hit her instead of dodging because she's confident in her durability (But it also gives me a chance to sell attacks, and lets other people show off how good their characters are.)

But bedtime for me, see you about! ]]

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@Lady_Liberty: [[G'nite babe]]

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applying to all my characters, magic, martial arts, and poison ;)

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No real fighting style, just mainly brute strength, super human speed and flight

#249 Posted by Lost_Nomad (156 posts) - - Show Bio

Likes to mix it up depending on the situation. Can go a stealthier approach, or the more straight forward approach. Has a lot of creativity in the way he attacks.

#250 Posted by _Creed_ (4792 posts) - - Show Bio

Creed will often go one on one with an opponent, utilizing his martial arts training. But of course it is inevitable he gets hit sometime and that's when things get complicated. After a duplicate is created from the first hit, the two tend to go for a duo combo, knowing that one of them will get hit again, eventually duplicates are created every few momnets due to the sheer numbers swarming the opponent. This is when Creed will either slip away from the battle or send a small squad of supes to seek out a quicker way to end the current battle.