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title is self explaining I suppose also wouldn't it be better if you'd made a topic where new people write their bio and all then jump in just askin

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@xorion: You cna start by looking at the rpg information thread i think that will answer most if not all of your questions. If you have any after looking in that thread i believe it contains a lists of people who can help you. If that doesnt work ask myself or others who are around.

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@xorion: Technically, you don't actually need to post a bio in the forums. It can just go in your profile page. That's what most people do. I think there was an actual thread where people posted bios and things, got feedback on style, character, whatever, but it sank within the pages due to lack of use.

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@xorion: Some people write a short story, that helps and usually post it as a character introduction.