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The House of Q

I remember when I first met Q. It was October 21, 1881, I was in France to give a lecture on genetic diversity. It almost seemed as though fate brought us together that night, a scared mutant boy and a scientist who was about to be let go on ethics violations. He was marvelous. A mutant who could move through time. Of course I took him in, raised him. It was his existence inspired me to continue my research concerning the phenomenon of metahumanity. It was only natural I would use him as the primary donor of my greatest achievement: the ALEX project.

But before I elaborate on that, I shall begin with my first project, myself. I am Dr. Heinrich Keller, a synergistic amalgamation of chemistry and vampirism. But those who know me well refer to me as Dr. Genetix. It was necessary for my work that I be able to work tirelessly for decades, to be able to subdue my subjects to enable experimentation. I constructed my first immortal serum from pure vampire blood. It was engineered and thus did not have the symptoms of religious aversion and vampire contagion and subjugation. The side effects were still ghastly. Ghostly pale skin, red eyes, deathly allergies to sunlight and garlic, the necessity of drinking blood. But it was a small price to pay. With my continued existence sorted, I found and experimented upon various organisms, plants, insects, reptiles, mammals, those genetic anomalies now called mutants, coveting their evolutionary qualities. I wanted to create the super race, to bring Darwinism to it's next stage, to root out human frailty and limitations.

In the 1930s my proclivities were responsible for my induction into a group of elite Nazi scientists who shared my vision, a future not just for the beautiful Aryan race, but for humans beyond what could even be imagined. We learned much. Q aided our endeavours greatly by bringing us secrets from the future to utilize in our present.

But he fell in love during one of his travels with a German model who went by the name Angelique, a mutant like himself and remained in that future era. It wasn't until decades later we met again, long after the demise of the Nazi party. He proposed to me a business front behind which he and I could continue our past research. We created the YOUgenics corporation in Geneva, Switzerland. The services provided to the public included the latest in birth control options including sterilization methods, abortions, genetic screenings, a sperm and ovum registry, in vitro fertilization, and minor genetic treatments and alterations for humans in the embryonic stage. The company branched out, the resource being applicable to modern life after the Sexual Revolution. But unbeknownst to the public, this institution funded smaller labs in which my dream was enacted. Most of the first ALEX projects failed as previous experiments on developed humans had. It seemed fate again linked my endeavours to the anachronistic mutant known as Q. His wife was unable to carry a child. Given the nature of my business, I procured the fertilized egg from this couple. By lucky chance, the egg had been doubly fertilized resulting in a monozygotic twinning process. It was imperative to tweak the genetic structure of the twins in the critical stage before the stems cells had begun to replicate and divide. I used two different processes enabled by a revised serum similar to my own vampirism that allowed for the absorption of foreign DNA. One subject ALEX Y became a kind synthetic mutant, spliced with amphibian chromosomes. The other remained mostly unchanged to serve as a genetic template for further creations should the first fail. From the second subject code named ALEX X, I made a clone, identical in every way to its host except for an alteration to the sex chromosome. The embryos were developed in a synthetic womb that had finally been perfected. The clone was given to Q and his bride to be their son; the other two were donated to science.

Most of my subsequent creations, ALEX Y included, were fitted with an implant that would inhibit psychic interference and allow for cybernetic hypnotic control over them. This was a fail safe should any of them go rogue or need to be recalled after release. The exceptions were the psionic mutations such as ALEX X and Q's son.

I call those genetic descendants the House of Q as it was by him they were born. The primary lab was destroyed by ALEX X and ALEX Y in a revolt. Much of my research was lost. Thankfully, the satellite branches remained and from those were constructed the other ALEX variants, many of which were able to be released into the general population for natural reproduction.

All this was done to further the evolution of mutantkind. The strongest shall live to reproduce, and the House of Q shall endure.

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There is only one Q lady -_______________-

Badass though ;)

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(Shudders) Insidious bastard. Josef Mengele with a necessity to drink blood to survive. No way that could turn out bad :P

Extremely well-written though, possibly my favourite piece of yours.

Fear the House of Q, and their creepy uncle;

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@markus_langbourn: LOL. Q. He's such a troll. He popped up in one of the episodes of DS9 I was watching. Had him and Commander Cisco in a boxing match. Cisco punched him in the face. "You hit me... Picard never hit me..." "I'm not Picard." xD

And thank you, kind sir. :)

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@markus_langbourn: Also, of course it's very Mengele. Nazi mad scientists are my favourite. ;)

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@the_psyentist: Have you seen Boys from Brazil? If not, go see it, right freaking now.

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@the_psyentist: Gregory Peck as Mengele. Tis a fantastic movie. So freaking creepy.

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@markus_langbourn: I'll have to watch it some time... when I'm not busy with RPG or TOR. xP

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@the_psyentist: I think you'd like it quite a bit.

Marathon Man is a good companion movie too, imo.

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@the_psyentist: Laurence Olivier plays a Mengele-allegory in search of diamonds that he took from the Jewish and Roma people that he experimented on during the Holocaust. Dustin Hoffman plays the brother of a special agent who "Mengele" believes held knowledge of the diamonds prior to his death.

Boys from Brazil is more of the eugenics/mad scientist stuff, but there's a very interesting (and famous) interrogation scene in Marathon Man and it's fascinating to see Olivier play a Nazi Hunter in Boys and then a Nazi war criminal in Marathon.

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This made me think i could totally do something with your if i used Dr_Frank. Though that's where the Ideas ran out. Oh and using Sinister is a quality touch love the guy.

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@edwardwindsor: Sinister is just how I imagined this character from the beginning. He's one of my faves. xD

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Does research on enemiesEnjoys the excellent read

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Does research on enemiesEnjoys the excellent read


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@amaranth_strix: This information is obviously more for reading than common knowledge in the world, a bit of background into how I imagined the company that created the ALEX project. The real face of YOUgenics is known only to the doctors involved. Most of the subjects have been hypnotized to forget their past experiences.

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@the_psyentist: I wasn't gonna metagame you, just keeping our rivalry strong. Like all relationships a feud requires regular infusions of drama and lies ;-)