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Chantry:An endowment to cover expenses for the saying of masses and prayers, usually for the soul of the founder of the endowment; an alter or chapel endowed for saying such masses and prayers.

A chantry is a gathering point for collaborating sorcerers, often at the site of Holy Ground, or an area that provides some degree of shelter and security. While a chantry may conceivably be a cave, part of a forest, or some other natural location, they are typically buildings that were specifically designed as haven for magic users or have since been dedicated to that purpose. Chantries are often heavily protected by means both mundane and magical, and entrance may only be granted to members of a particular magical society. Thus, wars between rival groups of sorcerers often involves seeking out and attempting to destroy such locations, while others seek to infiltrate a chantry in order to seize any magical lore and artifacts that may be within.

House De Hex is a notable chantry which has also been cleverly disguised as a Upscale Estate of Residence for the Lady of Endless Chaos herself. The Crimson Queen of Endless Darkness, the Matron Mother of Debauchery, the one and only Naamah. 2nd born of the first 13, and the true power in this or any Universe in the matters of divine Arcane.

Located in Bedford, New York, this inviting dwelling is home to a family of powerful entities belonging to a secret order of mystics known only as The Inner Circle. Designed from a combined effort byMichelangelo,andMimar Sinan.Naamah traveled back in time to fetch these most famous Architects,due to a love of their works.The Dwelling features many rooms and many floors, which are hidden by means of magic. To the everyday man and woman this rather large upscale home, is beautiful and completely normal, albeit extravagant.

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Oooooh looks great!

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@Kamikaze_: Creating fantastic places is what I do best. This is simple enough. Its my home. Not a team. Not a kingdom or Island paradise. A home. :)

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Exactly. While not too open for interaction, it lets you create good atmosphere for your characters

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@Kamikaze_: Exactly. Which is pretty much the only thing I care about.

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Another truly lovely bit of work, my dear. <3

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Naamah rolled off the girl with a groan, blowing out a deep breath as she landed on her back and wiped the sweat out of her eyes. The girl in question was a servant of her brother Lucifer, pretty enough but a little dull in bed. She was loud enough though at times, and she knew that she had pleased her. The blood red Queen smirked wickedly, she always pleased them. Victoria stretched and sighed beside her, her body shining in the dim lights of her bedchamber. Naamah looked at her appreciatively. She certainly was an attractive young woman.

"That was... Simply wonderful."she breathed, and rolled over, leaning her head against Naamah's shoulder while she traced a hand along her chest and neck."You were amazing."

Naamah rolled her eyes, and smiled."I know... I was there."

The two woman laugh and start to have a teasing game of pillow fight, as the rest of Naamah's servants begin to prepare a hot bubble bath for the pair. It is a good life... One in which one carries themselves with majesty and grace. One in which some others would benefit in at the very least trying to replicate.

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The old-fashioned Rolls-Royce pulled up to the front gates of the sumptuous domicile. A uniformed chauffeur, unremarkable except for his rather cadaverous appearance, stepped from the driver's seat and opened one of the rear doors, allowing the occupant to step up to the front doors of the Chantry. Said occupant presented a crisp figure: his impeccably pressed and tailored suit was as black as his meticulously groomed beard and goatee. Dark sunglasses obscured his eyes, but the corners of his mouth tugged upward in the barest of subdued grins as he surveyed the property.

Ringing the doorbell with one gloved finger, the man stepped back a polite distance and folded his hands in front of himself, waiting patiently.

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Seated in her study the dark mistress of the Chantry goes over some proper documents of sentient legislative ownership clause(s). In layman terms soul contracts, documents constructed for the purposes of owning the rights of mortal and or immortal souls. She is in deep studious forethought when the marble statue of an Angel sibling of hers, mystically comes to life in motion. The small perfectly carved piece, becomes unfrozen by the constricts of reality and presents itself before its Queen.

"Excuse my insolence my most honored Lady, but you have a visitor. The one known as Shadow has just arrived."

The figurine then bows to show respect before a seemingly multiple personality seizes control in an outrageous outburst of fury noted anger.

"Perhaps you should get off your lazy a$$ and great your pitiful guest your unwholesome matron of Jezebel's!"

After the switch the statue once more freezes in time, no longer appearing so Angelic as before as it now has its tongue pushed past its teeth in a mocking manner.

Naamah only laughs wickedly, before quickly managing her resources in a sorting fashion, and then with a youthful glee recessing herself to the main hall. The Crimson Queen strides to the great entrance in order to greet her dear brother. She pushes open the double doors.

"Shadow... My sweet Shadow has returned to his sister-soul?" she smiles gentle like an actual smile not her normal sarcastic over dramatized and wicked one. And as she makes eye contact with her brother-love, the great iron gates swing open allowing him entrance into House De Hex.

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As Shadow passed through the gates, his human appearance dissipated like smoke, revealing his true form: that of a traditional demon, complete with horns, hooves, and crimson flesh that matched his sister’s. With a fanged grin, he stepped forward, grabbing his beloved sister about the waist and lifting her into the air before pulling her to him.

“Indeed I have, my sweet sister. I apologize I have not visited sooner; I’ve been a bit busy with the ‘family business.’”He gave her a wry smile.

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"Oh Shadow my love... Why so oblique... You are happy to see me are you not?"Naamah gives Shadow a loving kiss, then pulls back and smiles."I have to say... I had expected that you would grace me with your presence eventually, so I took the liberty of having a wing set up just for you. You will love it... Trust me... Your sissy knows your unique tastes rather well."she laughs wickedly.

"Now if you will place me back on the sound of the earth and take me by the arm I will show you the wonders I have had created for us."

Just through the open doors lays a grand entrance hall, and past that are many rooms serving many purposes. The full extent of which is dreadfully exhausting to imagine. A home designed by Angels and Masters of the craft itself, the fabrics of the cosmic scale yield to the will of the Lady of Chaos and Order.

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He chuckled, a deep rumbling that sounded most incongruous juxtaposed with his monstrous appearance, as he set Naamah back on the ground.“I am always happy to see my sweet sister,” he said, offering her his arm, “and I do not doubt that my quarters will be to my liking; seeing as I have you to tank for some of those unique tastes.”He flashed her an especially devilish grin.

He turned his gaze to the magnificent hall in which they stood.“This is a most impressive edifice, dear Naamah, such as I would expect you to call home. How do you pass the time, these days?”Since rejoining the Infernal hierarchy, Shadow had spent precious little time on the mortal world.

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Naamah is glowing with a beautiful radiance, an effect of being rejoined with her beloved brother. She laughs wickedly for a moment as she considers his question."How does the Queen of Crimson usually pass the time? These days, those days, past, present, future... When on the subject of me... Does it really matter... I have a full staff of beautiful servant girls... With many talents. Other than the obvious answer to that question is the matters of the Arcane. A subject that has always been close to my black twisted little heart.... That is in fact what this place invokes in essence, the Chantry is a beacon of as well as a safe haven of Mystic principles."

Naamah takes Shadow to his Thrown Room, where a thrown made of ebony waits for his darkness to fill it. Naamah watches him closely with her burning brightly golden eyes to scan and judge his countenance.

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He pondered her words as they walked. The mystic arts were not accorded the status that they once were, in the mortal realm. Once a subject of fascination and fear, they were often now regarded as an interest of the idle, or an anachronism before the discipline of science. This was not true, of course, for magic possessed all the potency that it ever had, but for mortals in particular, perception often defined reality.

His ruminations ceased, however, when his beloved sister presented him with his own ebon seat of power. Ascending the dais and settling his large frame upon it, he leaned back and sighed contentedly. “A most exquisite gift, my dear. I shall have to think on some way I might repay you.” Hebeckoned her to come and sit with him for awhile.“I feel more at home here than I ever have in Heaven or Hell.”

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She settles herself upon his mighty lap, and cuddles up against him."Heaven... Hell... Who cares anymore. We were given the world of the children of Seth, the world that they were too dumb to manage properly as Eden was taken from them... Here is our Eden brother. Here is our Eden."She lays her noble head upon his stout chest and listens to his breath rumbling within him."There is beauty here... And fellowship... And company."as Naamah finishes her comment about the truth of this place, an entire herd of servant girls that have pledged themselves to Shadow enter the room, and begin working their chores in his abode.

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Sometime before dawn, Naamah went quietly down the stairs of the West Wing of House De Hex, her gear thrown over her left shoulder. Victoria followed, carrying a lamp. She'd been pleased to see her Dark Mistress, and Naamah knew Victoria was disappointed that she was leaving again so soon but there was nothing to be done and she knew that.

Naamah let her walk with her to the door and set her gear down while another servant hurried to saddle her horse. A mighty pale steed with a main of pure silver-white, and eyes that blaze with hellfire.

"Come home soon," Victoria told her. "We miss you."

"Soon as I can,"The Crimson Queen replied, kissing her softly, and took the lamp."I have to get Vex."

Leaving her, Naamah opened a portal to the other side of time and space, where the abandoned and forgotten ones drifted through the endless graveyard of Nevermore."I'll be back before you even knew I was gone."she added as Frightmare galloped through the open gateway and Victoria's mistress disappeared.

And as the Queen of the Chantry left her love sick companion behind tears aplenty ran like rivers from Victoria's cool mint eyes, and her long golden hair lightly flickered from the effects of the tare sealing itself and vanishing forthwith.

"Not likely." Victoria sighed.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: (O_O Awesome post!)

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As far as the East is from the West on a grand cosmic scale, the Nevermore River of Eternity streams through dead space. Timeless and void of almost everything, save for the newly arrived woman and her pale horse. The woman is stout and stoic yet still feminine with skin of Crimson and long lush hair of black that shimmers like the feathers of a Raven.

"Nevermore." The Queen whispers, as she stares downward into the infinite chaos that streams before them. Her voice is soft and honeyed.

The stream itself is a sickly gray as if all life in it has gone sour, seeming as though it wishes to so, like it has lost the will to be anything else but. There is also a faint smell, sour, and repugnant to both the Lady and her trusty steed. Frightmare would dare not to taste of it, for it is surely of poison and bitter. Naamah strokes the coat of Frightmares neck as she notices his discomfort.

"Its okay boy... We shall not have to wait much longer I suspect."she reassures him, adoringly.

Her words were indeed spoken justly. The utterance of them had seemed to awaken something within the stream, as it started to boil from immense heat, then the fog came. A tremendous storm of fog filled the blackness of space, swirling into large shapes and chaotic angles of dread. For Naamah knew them well. The Old Ones were watching.

"Gruit Ren Throgluff."Her speech is twisted as long forgotten sounds emit from the daughter of Elohim.

"Zew Whalsh Bloppgree." The dread mass, replies.

"I have come for Vex Wormwood. Imprisoned in your stream eons ago by my father. I have come to take back my long lost brother."She stares at the mass with unblinking eyes, a stern scowl on her fair face.

The mass flickers with effects of light as if a great storm were taking place within its bulk. And as the mass considers Naamah's request, a few rebellious forgotten ones slip free from their masters grip. The odd looking abominations spot The Crimson Queen instantly as they rage towards her with a insatiable hunger burning in their beady little eyes.

"MEAT!"they scream as their voices sound like thousands of tormented souls besieged in anguish.

Naamah pulls free her Mace as she whistles to Frightmare, signaling him to engage the foes. The battle is long and bloody, as Naamah forces the fiends back from where the came, and sealing them with her own magics. An effort which must have amused the Old One of Unknown name.

"Freedom is granted."a voice cracks like thunder from the mass, as a puzzle box appears before Naamah.

"The one known as Vex Wormwood is locked within this toy... This cosmic cube. Unlock it and you shall regain what you have lost."

Then with that... The mass disappears... Followed by a blinding flash of white. Next thing Naamah knows she is back at home, in bed. Victoria is fast asleep next to her, with a satisfied smile on her face. Naamah looks around the room in confusion. The puzzle box is at rest upon the nightstand at her bedside.

"I will start playing with you in the morning." she says to the cosmic cube before cuddling up beside Victoria and closing her eyes once more.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Hands in pockets, the blonde bombshell walked down the streets of bedford new york, no goals or thoughts but rather just a simple jog to clear her mind over the recent set of contracts she had obtained over simply criminals in bedford. For a moment her eyes lit up as she paused, turning to see it...The most luxurious piece of architecture she had ever seen. It's pure complicity caught her, but a slight disturbing feeling ran down for a moment...Something was more to this mansion. Something was watching

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@Kamikaze_: Naamah stands in her Master bedroom as she peers outward towards the events taking place beyond her doorstep. There is a buxom blonde woman standing outside the front gate looking at her, without actually looking at her due to the stain glass windows.

"I want one." Naamah says as she smiles at the young attractive woman.

Then she starts to plot a wicked plan to meet this passerby. She draws a book of hexes from her personal stock of light reading choices and cracks open a book on casting summons. Her nimble red fingers make quick work of the pages as her golden eyes search the context within."Nope... Nope... Not it... Not it... Not it... Not it... Here we are."A faint wicked smile appears on her face, as she reads the page carefully.

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Taylor was always well endowed throughout her life, her beauty often causing a decent size want by men, and an advantage for her looking for fellow girls. It seemed however on that normally boring day that her body caused another problem. As she gazed and marvelled at the house in front of her that had an equally attractive woman lurkin from within. In seconds she casted two quick hexea shocking Taylor a bit as without notice, she was transported inside the chantry... The other spell kicked in as she just glimpsed the red beauty. Inches away from her the next hex began. Immediately Taylor rushed to Naamah, eyes closed and mouth open as she passionately kissed her rather deeply. This was all involuntary as she wrapped her hands around her back, not involuntarily giving her rump very brief feel. The spell broke finally and Taylor opened her eyes full of shock, looking at Naamah almost speechless. "...What the hell did I just do?"

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*Bing, bang, boom.* Naamah thinks to herself as the hex's are set into perfect motion by the Crimson Queen of mean. A woman named Taylor Livingston locks lips with the summoner and also gives a nice little grope to her large round rear. After the details of the summonings are performed the effects of the voodoo that you do, quickly ware off. Now Taylor stands in slight alarm, wondering what has occurred, she has questions. Naamah whom is always quick with a joke, a smoke, a toke, and sometimes a bloke. Retorts back enthusiastically. "I do believe you just molested me... Ever so slightly my dear." Naamah says with a faint smile on her face, she enjoys the tingles she feels race up and down her spine from the act of which that had just briefly transpired. Naamah then rests her own hands on the same spots Taylor had hers only moments ago, and enjoys the memories. "Fantastically at that." she finishes, with a slight giggle.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: The final movement back sent a bit of shock, she saw the almost demonic, red skinned Contessa standing with some kind of smile, no shock or guilt for a moment "Oh...Yeah..Terribly sorry about that miss..." She said as she crossed her feet lightly, her hand scratching the back of her head for a moment as she looked about the chantry "May I ask you though...who are you and where am I?"

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@Kamikaze_: Naamah giggles more as she watches the cuteness that this creatures portrays as she starts to try and figure out what had exactly happened. Taylor starts to reserve herself and become apologetic.

"Well... I am Naamah and this is my home. Your welcome to spend as much time and as you want here. "Then she looks at Taylor with an inquisitive visage.

"Why say sorry... Did you not enjoy it... Oh wait... Was that the first time you have ever kissed a girl?"

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: She wiped a bit of sweat off her head as the confused state, her eyes widening as she replied with a slight hand gesture "No No, I thoroughly enjoyed it...And trust me, I get more pu$$y then the meow mix factory..." She tilted her head for a second "Wait, your not angry I kinda just came onto you for little reason?"

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@Kamikaze_: Naamah fullout laughs. "Angry... Not at all... I thoroughly enjoyed what you were doing... Especially with your hands, you can do more of that if you'd like. In truth I saw you as you were standing out there." Naamah points out her observation window which is large and round covered with shards of painted glass. "You were watching me and I was watching you... The truth... The whole truth is that I am a Sorceress and I placed a couple of harmless hexes on you in order to A: Bring you to me. and B: Kiss me. They worked like a charm. And now here we are getting to know one another. I hope you don't mind it was just a bit of harmless fun. I just really wanted to meet you, and to have you kiss me. And I saw chance, so I took it. Such is my ways." Naamah says with a smile painted on her face. She is wearing a slinky black dress and not much else.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Taylor felt a bit more relaxed a bit as Naamah explained, saying how she could perhaps touch her in a such a manner something to which a look of a little excitement appeared on her face which was quite noticeable. Taylor looked her over as she replied, a slight grin on her face as she replied back "Naamah is it?...Your a little crazy you know that?" The pieces came to mind as she realized that it wasn't uncanny for a sorceress to have such an odd appearance. She moved a bit closer, still smiling "...But I like that."

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@Kamikaze_: " I am what I am... If I am a bit crazy it is as you say Love. You can call me Naamah, others may not, some will call me other names. I am a complicated woman, but I have many refined yet simple tastes. For an example... I enjoy good food, good drink, and the attentions of an attractive young woman. Any night or day in which I get to enjoy all three of these elements is a fabulous one in my eyes. Which are golden by the way, did you notice how they glow. Come take a closer look at how they glow... I am sorry... I never asked you for your name."Naamah holds her hand up and gives Taylor the come-hither signal with her left hand index finger.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: "So I am the attractive woman you want the attentions of?" She said grinning for a moment as she moved back in closer to Naamah, her eyes rolling over towards her endless, rich golden eyes. She notice the radiation glowing off her eyes, giving a bright tint to them "Your absolutely lovely miss Naamah...and so are your eyes" She said briefly, before continuing on. "My name is Taylor, Taylor Livingstone."

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@Kamikaze_: Naamah places her delicate hands upon Taylor's hips, mimicking the way Taylor's hand's had embraced her earlier. Her long nimble fingers wrap around and firmly grasp her lovely rear."Taylor you are indeed that woman."Naamah smiles a faint and wicked smile, as her eyes shimmer with the wild spark of her inner spirit.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: The light and delicate touch on her backside caused Taylor to let a rather quiet hum of a pleasure for a moment, her eyes meeting Naamah's for a moment as Taylor decides to put her hand delicately Naamah's cheek, giving a good stare "Good to be that girl..." She grinned for a moment

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@Kamikaze_: "You are a very interesting girl indeed Taylor... You might have noticed... But I am not exactly a normal human, yet it doesn't seem to bother you any. I like you Taylor... You are a bit crazy yourself."Naamah smiles as she leans in close for another kiss, only half way to see if Taylor is going to meet her in the middle.

@Lincoln_Protocol: (Enjoy the show <3 )

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: For a moment Taylor leans in as well, giving her a slight kiss for a second only to break and say "I've gotten called that before...I'm fine with everything and everyone." She said before continuing on to kiss Naamah a bit more

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@Kamikaze_: Naamah is unlike any kiss that almost anyone has ever experienced, for starters her tongue is blue, its cool and refreshing. Her saliva is sweet like honey and is 40 proof. She can get people drunk just by making out with them, this is not a power it is her natural body chemistry. "Mmmmmph... Yummy." Naamah says as her hands begin to wander a bit as they caress Taylor's rear and lower back.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Parting lips for a moment from the sparking kiss, Taylor looked at Naamah, astounded with her and says "Do you have anywhere private we could take this?" She says for a moment before keeping up passion, hoping to find some time with her

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@Kamikaze_: Naamah takes Taylor by her lovely hand and leads her to the Master bedchamber...

(This concludes the viewable content for this interaction... Thanks for reading. )

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Dan walked into the beautiful mansion with his hands stuffed in his pockets.

Another night, another case, blah blah noir stuff...Woman came by my office the other day, claimed that this place was haunted, of course I didn't buy it. But she is paying a pretty decent sum for me to check this place out, so why the hell not?

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They gathered in one of the larger rooms that hadn't been allocated yet, light provided by a sunset shining through a large window cut into one wall and supplemented by the eternal flame of an enchanted torch. The glass in the window was oddly swirled in shape, making images of the plains outside fluctuate and ripple any time a viewer changed their position. Naamah found it whimsical as she sat down at a stone table. The rest of the family was in the eating area, under the care of the Elven servants. And the party carries on without a single worry as an unannounced house guest lurks around the empty corridors of House De Hex.

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Naamah was delighted with herself as usual. She savored the final few moments of her chauffeured ride by relaxing herself even more deeply into the downy-soft leather seats of her luxurious limousine, jet-black with silver accents and stretched. It was high time she made an appropriate impression on her new family, and she knew that tonight would be that time.

She had filled the vacancy of House De Hex Chantries, head Mistress earlier this year after the Hunters Curse killed the luckless and witless Alexandria, along with the majority of the Witches in NYC towards the end of 2011, but she needed a coming-out party, and this celebration would serve wonderfully. It had been a delightful demonstrating her thanks by actually inviting the Witches and Warlocks that were not normally welcome at House De Hex affairs because their often gruesome appearance.

There was difficulty in planning a celebration on such a short notice, but she appreciated that in such spontaneous implementation the event seemed stamped even more strongly as a House De Hex affair. Her delight in this fact was not one of station pride, though she would argue the merits of her Dynasty against any other, and she expected she would be forced to do so this evening, but instead she was happy to take advantage of the House De Hex stereotype.

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Must you stare at my chest while you say that? ;)


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@Naamah_Obyzouth said:

@Quintus_Knightfall: Must you stare at my chest while you say that? ;)


lmao and what about you?

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@Quintus_Knightfall: Great minds think alike :)

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Naamah preferred the term "archetype", but the result was the same. By making cunning use of others' expectations of House De Hex behavior, she was able to lull them into regarding the ways in which she subtly strayed from such convention. If the spotlight of House De Hex allowed the candlelight plots of Naamah to flicker unnoticed, then House De Hex conventions could be very valuable to her.

After all whom would imagine that House De Hex taking pleasure in the sumptuousness of the evening would really have an ulterior motive regarding the Other Houses, who would attend? Naamah was not so dim as to fail to realize that there would be some who would suspect such underhanded play, but there was great difference in suspicions and proof. Naamah enjoyed providing room for plenty of the former, but opportunity for others to find little to latter.

She stretched a slender arm toward the central control panel, her slender limb covered from her upper arm to the tips of her fingers in a silken glove that accentuated the poise and flair of this beautiful woman. Pressing a speaker button on the enormous central armrest, she lazily commanded. "Go by the front first... Slowly."

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Stuff's goin' dowwwwn.

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The Contessa kept the interior of the car dark as she observed the House De Hex on this final pass. The beautiful structure rose six stories on a small rise in the heart of the section of NYC. The entire building appeared to be dark and empty for the night, but her party was well underway on the fourth floor.

Special enchanted lenses that looked like ordinary opera glass allowed Naamah to penetrate the seemingly opaque glass set inside the House De Hex's standard windows on that floor. That special glass hid the party from mortal eyes, but not from her own, through only when she used the special lens to pierce it. There was something supernatural regarding wavelengths of light and interference that she didn't quite fully understand, but what she did completely understand was that the glass was opaque to her naked eyes even when she utilized her very heightened superhuman sensory capabilities, due to arcane wonderment.

The trademark smirk of the Crimson Queen appears as she sees what others cannot, as the Cat comes home to a den of mystical mice."Very interesting."

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: (I feel as though this could be interesting lol)

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: Ever since the passionate encounter between the mysterious red skinned sorceress supreme, and the ruthless gold haired huntress, things had been stirring in Taylor's life. In a bout of pillow talk, she had decided to take residence up in the House De Hex, not minding that she had to share a gargantuan bed with Naamah and her lover, Victoria. Taylor had experienced the strangeness of the parties, and the mass number of servants, both of which catered to her liking. Finally she went home and retrieved her full belongings, heading into the women's rooms with duffell bags, and began unpacking a bit. "Time to get settled in..." She said with a sigh as she look around the extravagant room

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Naamah is ever aware of all that occurs within her domain, her golden eyes gaze witness upon a seemingly endless scope of rationalizing that would seem impossible to most mortals. She smirks as she ease drops her attention to the awe inspiring beauty that is Taylor Livingston. In point of fact the lovely presence distracts the crimson Queen so much that she slips her grip on the vile of tonic in her usually nimble and exact hands, as the mixture spills extra mass into her boiling brew and the potion she was carefully crafting becomes quite active. A flash of smoke and a loud bang emits from the scolding hot cauldron made of mystically enchanted black cast iron.


"F*ck me!"Naamah says as she realizes what had transpired.

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@Naamah_Obyzouth: With the loud bang and the low laying black smoke covering the floor, Her brown eyes widened. Immediately teleporting into the hallways, she decided the had to act fast, grabbing Naamah's hand and attempting to teleport the two back to their bedroom before saying with a bit of worry "What the hell was that?"