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Located roughly an hour by car from Champion City, Honor City has always been the older, less attractive sister of the esteemed metropolis. Although Honor City is almost a hundred years older than the city of the Champions people usually only talk about the newer city. For a reason. From the start on Honor City struggled with many problems, a high crime rate being the most notorious but by far not the only one. The city seemed to be in constant decline, the alleys became ever more dark and ever more trash filled while thugs, robbers and other criminals sought their victims on open street. Unemployment skyrocketed and forced the few good citizens to live in inhuman conditions, huddled together in their cheap apartments hoping that the anarchy from outside would not intrude into their klast sanctum. The situation escalated and the overstressed police was not able to control the city anymore.

Hope returned to the city when news of a masked vigilante serving justice in his own way became common knowledge. At first dismissed at a simple nutjob first successes soon laid a foundation for the legend of the Honor Guard, a man who would guard the cit and give it back its honor. Informal work between the city's Commisioner and the new hero proved fertile and notorious villains like The Kidder or The Enigma rested behind bars. But even for such an incredible individual like Honor Guard could not save a whole city from itself so he started to enlarge his personal circle and recruited the Honor Family.

For quite some time the city seemed to rise from its decayed grave but int he end the pull of doom proved too great.

It has been a long time since the Honor signal shone over Honor City the last time and much has happened since then...

Honor Guard left for largely unknown reasons and the Honor Family began to crumble. One by one left the city and looked back in sadness, broken and disillusioned. Arc Angel decided to explore his mixed partially Tibetan heritage and lost himself in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas where he was last seen as a wandering hermit monk. The fate of Honor Woman is quite uncertain, some say she resides in an asylum now after she hit the bottle and never found a way out, a broken husk of herself trying to forget what she once was. Honor Knight and Honor Legend were not much more than myths to the general public and quickly descended into the area of urban legends. The youngest of the family, Honor Girl, went on to continue her training under the tutelage of the legendary Mistress Redhead in Champion City. Only one of the Honor Family, Honor Avenger, stayed to protect the city but lacking the wise guiding of their mentor she quickly deteriorated into what her name suggested: An avenger instead of an protector.

The family save Honor Girl (who was direly needed by the Champions of Peace elsewhere at this point) shortly reassembled when terrorists attacked and detonated a biological weapon in the heart of Honor City. They did their best but in the end they were nothing more than humans in capes. The poison gas moved through the once bright streets of the city and killed thousands of citizens. Only thanks to the sacrifice of Arc Angel who payed with his life did not more bombs detonate. All the other Honor Heros present suffered from live long psychological scars as they saw people melt on open streets. The overwhelmed government of the USA saw the only chance in walling the city up so the chaos could not spread to other towns. Whoever of the Honor Family was able to flee did so and let Honor Avenger alone again. Isolated in the anarchic city Honor Avenger decided to become a predator again, forget all what Honor Guard taught her and rule over the city how it seemingly was cursed to be ruled. With terror, oppression and violence. Within weeks she did not differentiate between criminals and citizens anymore and just took what she needed from everyone. She became the new terror of the city claiming to be the only one worthy of the Honor Cowl.

Honor Avenger is not the official ruler of this city, simply the strongest person in the walled up place who takes what she wants by force.When Honor Guard briefly returned to restore order in the city Honor Avenger killed him in cold blood. So far only Honor Girl, freshly returned from Honor Cit, has challenged her but certainly the other members of the family won't hesitate for long to regain their home as well.

The city now lies in a state of upheaval. Hidden within the limits of the city are those who oppose the rule of Honor Avenger. She's a villain, but the most dangerous of villains are zealots and those who believe that what they are doing is for the best. There are men and women on this planet who just want to watch the world burn and blood run through the streets. Jessica is not one of those people. She believes that what she does is for the betterment of humanity. Half the city believes she may be correct, they don't know anything else so they don't know that there's another way. The other half of the city are simply to afraid to do anything about that. But there are the very few out of the many, who know what true honor is. They are the Honor Family and her affiliates and slowly but surely, they are coming out of their hidden nooks and crannies in an attempt to reclaim their city.


Rules for this thread:

  • Please only post in this thread if your character has legitimate business here. It's to be used for story-building between the Honor Family. If you post out of turn in the thread, it's possible you're going to be ignored.
  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GODMOD THIS CITY. Risky and myself (DH) have put large amounts of work (mostly her) into this. Nobody on this team takes kindly to god-modding. That includes your character showing up without any rhyme or reason and/or destruction of the city, among other things.
  • If you have any questions, please PM Dark Huntress or Honor Finesse
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((Cooooooooooollllllllll! Nice work DH/risky xD I do have  one question though why did you create an account for a city?))

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Ahhhhh, home... finally.
(@kiddevil: Because we thought it necessary and thus we can also store infor about the city on this account, it's like a team account)

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@Honor Avenger: ((Okay, I was just curious since I know you have a team account. :P))
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(Noice. Random thought, would it be better if the light of the Honor signal looked shattered?)

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@_Marco_Smith_: (If you have a picture of that we'll be more than happy to use it ;p)
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(Give me a few days.)

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@_Marco_Smith_: (Really? Thanks!!! You're awesome! :D)
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(I have a question, how would it be shattered? Cause  the bat signal is a high powered spot light with a metal bat over top of it is it the same with the honor signal?)

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@kiddevil: (It's pretty much the same for the Honor Signal. Maybe the connecting beam of the metal H would be damaged resulting in a shattered H in the sky.)
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@Risky: (Ah okaydokey thank you. :) )
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(Might toss some villains up in this city for you guys. I've got mad ideas, yo.)

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(I was wondering when Honor City would be made as a thread ^_^)

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From high above sitting on a once glorious but now desolate skyscraper the Queen Of Honor City looked down on her kingdom with ever watchful eyes...
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Watches Honor City from her clock tower
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From beneath the city screamed. Screamed in pain from murder, theft and rape being committed atevery corner. Screamed in the last few siren calls of the police and the occassional ABC-alert in the outskirts. An anarchic wonderland inviting everyone strong enough to take whatever he or she wanted. Who could have evr asked for more...
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Despite the city screaming in a terrifying agony, Imari wouldn't act at least not yet, the clock as of now read 2:35am; not time for the  3'oclock specter to start her rounds through the city yet. The city was far to large for her to handle herself, but every little effort counted, every small insurrection lead to a larger one. Honor City will soon be prosperous again.
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Laughing Jessica swooped down from th skyscraperto find another victim. Like a demon on a steel cable she swung through the urban canyons of the metropolis leaving terror and fear in her wake. Everyone touched by hr shadow felt cold as if someone had just walked over thier grave. But at the same time they felt an egoistical but understandale relief deep inside that the new rulr of Honor City had chosen another victim tonight. No one could tell if it would be a criminal or a decent citizen, she was just that unpredictable.
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"Nighthunter" Imari said wincing as she could feel the dark aura moving across the city. Up until now Imari had been fighting small scale gangs and common street thugs but she knew the corruption in this hell hole hid an even bigger criminal. As the Aura moved, she began to move with it, jumping from building to building doing her absolute best to stay out of the light.  She continued moving through the darkness of the rooftops following this dark aura, someone was going to be a victim tonight, but not if she could help it.
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The hand of the clock had only travelled a minutes but the image of the batshaped shadow travelling through the air was burned into the onlookers fear-tortured minds for all eternity. The longer the martial law ruled over the city the more lgendary the stories of this urban predator had became till they were of biblical proportions, bigger than life. That explained the facial expression of the thug when he witnessed how Honor Avenger swandived down at him. The lifeless body of a man lay at his feet, his trembling hands that greedily held on to a few dollars were still crimson from blood. A loud cracking was heard only miliseconda fter his executioner had landed. There was one apex predator in this city and only one as he had learned today...
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@Honor Avenger: (I may bring Finesse out to play in a few minutes. Establish the relationship between the two of them, first meeting after she's left her tutelage, I was thinking)

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Hidden in the transparent shadows of the surrounding buildings Imari watched from inside her cowl, watching with her typical paralyzing white stare as This woman of the night stalked her prey.  Imari stepped from the darkness, light on her feet like a rodent but as graceful as a crane. "Night..." Imari whispered as she positioned herself behind the horror that was H.A
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@The Dark Huntress: (Would be okay with that. ;) Does that include the hostility or not yet?)
@Honor_Legend: There was something.. someone behind her. She could npt tell why she knew it, it was like a sort of electrical tension that suddenly ran through her body and made the hair in her neck stand straight up. Whoever this was, she could tell from the feeling alone that the crook she had just killed was nothing compared to her. Another predator had trespassed into her territory, one that was a ral threat this time. She knew this like a lion knew when the winds brought him news of a rival entering the savanna. More than a challenge. Perfect, the whole game had already begun to grow boring. With cold red lenses she looked at the intruder.
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@Honor Avenger: (Was thinking uncertainty mixed with a slight hostility)

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@The Dark Huntress: (Already adjusting to that)
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@Honor Avenger:  Imari just stood there, using her Autism to sense the emotion running through H.A. Imari winced this was another woman whom was making her restoration of HC an arduous task. Slipping her penny into a compartment on her utility belt Imari stepped farther in the light. She knew not of fear so before the menacing presence of H.A she stood tall. Taking a step to the right she saw the dead body; glancing back at H.A she winced. Taking a deep sigh Imari took a fighting stance and challenged the murderous H.A
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(Finally got around to making this character lol.)

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@Honor_Legend: The fighting stance was strangely familair to her but it kept elduing her where she had seen it. It was a strange phenomenon. Like a bad tv-signal it appeared in that strange part of her brain that housed her photographic reflexes and suddenly disappeared again only to reappear a few seconds later partially disturbed by white noise. Bad after images screwed her ability to rcognize fighting styles over and let her alone in a fight for the first time in her life. under her helmet Jessicas pretty face distorted to an expression of discomfort. This was no fun, not in the least. Who was this woman? In reaction to her opposite she went into a Krav Maga pose.
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@Honor Avenger: As soon as the woman took a fighting stance Imari attacked, the allusion of a head on assault was given, but the allusion of not attacking head on was the purpose for this attack. Imari wanted H.A to believe some sort of deviation in her direction was coming, when indeed it was not. Gaining close the specter of 3am attacked sending a powerful open palmed strike to the upper deltoid muscles of H.A. when she finished with the two strikes aiming to lower H.A's upper body strength she then worked on the middle attempting three quick, but less powerful strikes to the abdomen with her quick right hand, this would allow for a pivot of the hips and open H.A up for a powerful strike from Imari's left elbow.
This was Imari, sizing up the strength and skill of the woman before her, and then allow her to fight back which would give her some indication on how to combat her.
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@Honor_Legend: The strange after imafes were still busy with obscuring the vivid images she always saw when batling someone. One moment the new opponent was there and the next one she was at another place, something in her fighting style maybe even herself prevented Jessica from "reading" her how she was used to. The first strike came at her head. Like in bullet time H.A. wittnessed the comparatively tiny fist flaying at her and brought her arm up in a used motion to block a hit that would never come. Instead she felt a heavy impact on the steel of her armor in the shoulder/armpit region. If she had been another woman her arms would have been paralyzed now but she was Honor Avnger and thus she wore the armor she had designed herself. Two quicker strikes hit her breast plate before she was able to block the three jabs at her abdomen. This woman was good, very good. And a lot quicker than her. Jessica on th other side was a lot stronger than her thanks to the mechanical wondrwork of the strength enhancers in her armor, had a greater reach and wore a complte suit of partly mechanized armor. A plan formed in her head. Two quick boxing jabs were aimed at her oppoenent, one to the face, another one to the body. Sure they were meant to hit but the true intent behind them was to get into body contact so that she could force the deadly rival into a grappling fight and force her to the ground where she would attempt a Sambo-armbar.
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@Honor Avenger:  It didn't take long for Imari to realize how ineffective her quick strikes were; the Armor Clad Honor Avenger made sure that the usual strikes wouldn't effect her. Imari was not a strong being at all; she had no effective way of damaging her nightmarish foe.  Imari began moving backwards as she blocked the strike to the face, but couldn't evade the strike to her body. This hit hard causing her to almost hunch over in pain. Before pain could even be registered though she was taken down to the ground and placed in a powerful Armbar. The pulling of her tendons and the constrictions on her muscles caused  her to writhe in pain. Having trained with Pensacola and Gwen Lopez, Imari's mind knew how to reverse this only with H.A's superior strength there was no way to push out. The time called for improvising. Using her less dominant hand, Imari shot her batclaw into the air and managed to snag it on the side of a ledge. Pressing the button both she and H.A who still had the hold in began to lift off to the top. Once they got a considerable amount of height on them Imari released the button sending them plummeting back to the ground below. She hoped it'd be to late for H.A to release the hold and both of them would take damage if not; she would've still accomplished her goal and freed herself from the armbar.
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@Honor_Legend: With sadistic glee Jessica noticed how the apin shot through her opponent's body. One more pull and the arm would be dislocated, torn out even if she strained the enhancers a bit more. More and more the arm bend and she could hear the first still harmless but at the same time betraying cracking of the 3 am spectre's joints. Ready to put the last bit of pressure to work to reduce a formerly fully functional arm to a mass of ripped tendons and shattered bones she was shortly distracted by a familiar sound. Air pressure. With a strange twhirling sound the two combatants were suddenly catapulted into the air only to find themselves plummeting towards the street. Hoping to roll the fall off H.A. let go of the armbar but did not succeed. Painfully she plunged on the dirty street, a sharp pain going up her back, cushioning several ribs and her left shoulder in the process. Still she knew she had to end this confrontation quickly. Remaining in the Sambo-stle she rolled around and tried to ram Honor Legend an armored ellbow in the solar plexus while both still lay on the ground.
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@Honor Avenger: The two women smashed into the ground having no significant armor on Imari's recoil damage effected her greatly. She lay on the ground momentary trying to give her injured arms and legs a chance to heal. "Urk" was the only sound that exited her mouth as she tried to rise to her feet, however this was to no avail as she quickly fell back down. Breathing heavily and she was obviously overpowered by the armor of the Iron clad dictator; however this being there first meeting it was expected. She attacked much to fast for Imari to get a accurate copy of her fighting style, so Imari would have to use the skills she learned to this point. HA came with a strike, Imari who was backed against the wall attempted to use the wall as a springboard; which would propel her over H.A allowing her to grab hold of H.A's came and send her vaulting towards the main street. This was Imari's strategy all along; if she could show these people that this dictator could be bruised there would still be a chance of hope. 
ACK! wrong account
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(O_O How many cities are on this island?! xD But awesome job you guys, two points for the Yu-Gh-Oh image!!! ^_^)

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@Honor_Legend: The impertinent aggressor was against the wall, her days were finally counted. Maybe Jessica could not learn her moves just by watching or automatically tell what she was up to but now this would be of no importance anymore. The light in the shady alley glistened on her claws as she took a swing against her. It was almost as if the blades on her gauntlet parted the air they cut through. Unflinching they flew towards Honor Legend's head. Only to find her not where she had been a few moments ago. Not good. her perception was still playing pranks on her. A sudden pull made her forcably aware of Imari's presence. At first she laughed cruelly. How could the petite girl hope to strangle her while she was in this armor? But when her feet lost ground contact her eyes widened in recognition of the maneuver. Like a 620 lbs shuriken she swirled through the air on open street. Cursing and driving her claws deep into the concrete she stopped her rolling to glare at Imari with a stare that would have given most inhabitants of Honor City a heart attack. Ready to spring into a frenzied attack she overheard the loud honking...
and the truck crashed right into her on open street. A cloud of dust, smoke and glass splinters cloaked whatever happened next.
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@War Killer: (It's not on the island but on the mainland, simply an hour away if you drive there from Champion City using the bridges, highways and all)
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@Honor Avenger: (Champions City isn't connected to the mainland though... O_o)

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@Honor Avenger: Imari's Autism gave her the strength of a peak human; most people call it autistic rage;however for her to activate this strength Imari just had to be calm. She watched from the shadow's as the truck smashed into the dictator. There was something that told her to continue on with the attack; but it was clear that this was crazy talking. Imari couldn't combat that Armor even with her now peak human abilities. "saaaun swooord" Imari said referring to her bright red red son swords resting deep within the clock tower. "Tock" she heard it the stroke of 4 am. She left a paralyzing stare as white as a cloud and vanished in the fog.
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@War Killer: (Always thought it was. O_O Well, then lets just say if you go from Champion City to the mainland and then one hour by car. lol)
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I ran into this problem when i was trying to set up where Solace City was in relation to the other major cities. I just ended up putting it on an island as well

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@Honor_Legend: Furious Honor Avenger clawed herself out of the truck wreck. her armor was dented in several places, the visual systems in her broke down every two seconds, she was sure that her right arm was dislocated and her ribs were probably broken by now. But she still lived and was ready to fight. In horror frightful eyes watched from dark windows how the monster of Honor City rose from the car wreck like a beast from a nightmare. A cal.45 rested firmly in her left hand and she was eager to end this. But the attacker was not there anymore. Like a ghost the enigmatic young woman had disappeared and left Jessica witha  lot of questions. Just as the clock beat four it dawned to her. The dangerous opponent had attacked her at 3 am and had disappeared at 4 am. She had already heard the rumors. Time to watch the city a bit closer. One experience richer Honor Avenger returned to her hideout.
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@Honor Avenger said:

@War Killer: (Always thought it was. O_O Well, then lets just say if you go from Champion City to the mainland and then one hour by car. lol)

(We could just say it's one hour by boat from the mainland? xD I never said how close the island was to the mainland in my thread because as far as I know Champions Island is the old ICE Dragon's island, but I never knew where the island was located exactly in relation to the rest of the world.)

@Honor_Legend said:

I ran into this problem when i was trying to set up where Solace City was in relation to the other major cities. I just ended up putting it on an island as well

(There was a similar problem with Vine City where it was in one place, but then Kurrent did an RPG and it ended up being located in California near WAL's base and that's where it's been located since.)

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Oh the "Vine City is cannon?

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@War Killer: (Oh well, works for me. Oh hey, got a nice idea: How would you like it if Honor City had been one of the main access points for Champion Island before the tsunami on the island and all the horrible things that happened to Honor City?)
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@Honor_Legend said:

Oh the "Vine City is cannon?

As far I know it is, Vine Titans were originally based there and the old Titans Tower is still there as well. Talon and I are actually planning on doing some stories there too. Though since I wasn't here when everything was first created, I don't know how much is still cannon or not, but last I knew, Vine City (or at least a version of it) was.

@Honor Avenger said:

@War Killer: (Oh well, works for me. Oh hey, got a nice idea: How would you like it if Honor City had been one of the main access points for Champion Island before the tsunami on the island and all the horrible things that happened to Honor City?)

(We could make Honor City Champions Island's mainland sister city if possible? Like Champions City could be like the Metropolis to Honor City's Gotham xD)

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@War Killer: (That was th plan from the beginning hence the mentioning of Champion City. ;) I wanted some connection between the cities because  Honor Legend patrols there now and Honor Girl would be pretty near as well. In the end it wouldn't have a lot of effect since Honor City is walled up now. But it could even help to explain the population of Honor City as everyone who was able to got out of there shortly before martial law was declared. Some of those citizens would have certainly taken the chance to begin a new life not far from whre they had lived before.)
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@Honor Avenger:(I thought so, lol But yeah, that works.)

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From above the city, high over the rooftops comfortably seated on a stone angle that held watch over the city on the bellt tower of the Honor City Cathedral Honor Avenger sat and closed her fist over and over again. Maybe resistance from so-called heros and vigilantes was rising but the common citizen had finally accepted she was the dominating force in the city. Even the American government had given up on resoring the metropolis to a legal status and had put it under constant martial law. Only a bit, a ridiculousy small bit, and the resistance would be crushed between those claws that she cloesed and opened repeatedly...
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Stalks Honor City yet again
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@Y intercept: Que walks to streets only to feel a very unsettling presence afoot. He dismisses it as he lights a cigarette and takes a drag.