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Street lights, buildings and other vehicles seemed to be a blur as Tenjin raced down the main street in a custom 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. It was triple black and the sound of the 440 cubic inch engine combined with the "Six Pack" carburetor silenced everything around him in a loud continious roar. He shifted into four by gripping a skull shaped knob and popped the clutch, his speedometer read one hundred and sixty and still going. The sound of heavy metal pulsed from the car's speakers, the guitar shredding high notes and the drums pounding rapidly as the lead singer screamed about blood and death. He continued down the street until suddenly he slammed the brakes and twisted the steering wheel until it jammed sending the car in a drift, smoke rised from the sliding tires along with a dull screech. The muscle car was on the verge of flipping over but Tenjin regained control of the whell and put the front wheels straight again, beginning to drive down a long and lonesome road. The night streched across the sky and the moon was at its peak, perfectly round and casting a eerie bone colored glow. He rolled down his windows letting the music echo throughout the gloomy forest. On his rear view mirror hung a pine scent and his slowed down upon reaching the driveway of the LAS mansion. A elegent chateux with wonderous arches tipped with gothic style roofs, towering several stories of concrete and masonary forming inlays and borders. Surrounded by the thick forest and a garden that rivaled Eden's, a long set of stairs connected the large medievel door to a walkway which lead to a priceless fountain. Slowly he approached the building before letting the mechanical beast of a vehicle rest by a large tree which cast a shadow over the already midnight colored automobile. He pushed open the door and stood to his feet in a totally different attire than he is normally portrayed as. rather than a expensive custom suit he wore a Metallica band t-shirt that fit skin tight on his upperbody, the sleeves only covered half of his biceps and on the front of the black shirt read "Ride the Lightning". Loose fitting but not baggy light blue denim jeans flowed down his legs and hung over black Converse all-stars. Tossing the keys back into the car and landing on the seat he slammed the door and pulled from his pocket a comb and ran it through his jet black hair, letting it slick back into a duck tail. Placing the comb back into his pocket he made his way through the soft light green grass and walked quiet a ways before reaching the fountain. It displayed a woman dancing in a large bowl overflowing with water to let it crash into the round pool below.

Tenjin stared down the walkway which was foreshadowed by specifically planted evergreen trees and at the door which he awaited his opponent to exit from. Katsuro was a member of Les Assassins Silencieux but he hardly ever stayed at the mansion because of his nightlife habits, it wouldn't be wise to let random women come and go through the chateux. He sat down on the dry ledge of the fountain which made up the rim of the pool. Placing his fist under his chin he tapped his left foot in anxiousness rapidly as he hunched over waiting for that door to open. About five minutes later he saw the gigantic door swing open and from the depths of the palace arose a figure he had longed to confront in combat. Watching him move like a buzzard waiting for a deer to die, he could barely stand simply waiting so he again stood to his feet and placed his hands in his pockets once more. Tenjin's eyes were like swords tearing through the blackened air beaming upon his rival with anticipation. Katsuro converted his forward pointing feet into a battle ready position forming a "L" with his feet but remained relaxed with a smirk on his face.

"Glad you showed up, I hardly brung anything with me....left most of it in the car. If need be I will go get it, I also left Babs a blank check so feel free to give it your all regardless of the surroundings....just don't step in the flowers."

Tenjin slid is front foot forward slightly before darting forward at Precise, he fully realized that his nemesis carried a light shield capable of blinding him so he constantly eye balled his hands. In a quick display of acrobatics he spun madly in the air and summoned a roundhouse kick from the rotations aimed for his comrade's temple. Following the strike he continued to utilize the momentuem of the spin and preformed two more kicks, the first for the chect and the last for the stomache before landing in a crouching position similiar that of a marathon running with his left leg fully extended backwards. he preped his body in this position for two reasons, one, he would preform a flawless backflip kick aimed for Precise's chin if he rushed forward and second this would allow him to roll on the ground to avoid projectile attacks further.

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Precise gazed at the stars as he sat in a chair facing a large window. The only light coming into the room was from the moon itself. It was too faint to light up the entire room, it could hardly illuminate the area surrounding the window. But it didn’t matter to Precise. He was quite content with sitting in the shade, it was actually quite soothing and helped to clear his mind.

It would soon be time for his fight with Tenjin. Even the assassins in the mansion knew it would come to this one day. They were both men who loved to show of their fighting prowess. It might seem savage to some, but nothing could be further from the truth. These were men who held each other in high regard, who respected one another. And Precise was honoured to hear Tenjin challenged him to a battle.

The roaring noise from a car could be heard through the cold glass from the windows. Precise knew it was time as he slowly rose from his chair and looked outside, his body still covered in the shadow of the night, only to see an impatient man tapping his foot on the ground near a large fountain. “This is going to be a different kind of battle” he thought to himself as he looked at Tenjin’s attire, no weapons or anything. With no more time to waste, he walked downstairs as he saw assassins wishing him good luck in his fight to come. They slowly opened the large heavy wooden doors, as he stepped into the light. His body becoming more visible with every step he took. He was only wearing part of his black suit, with a white shirt and black tie, just missing his jacket which he left upstairs. It was quite a contrast from Tenjin’s clothes.

Before he could even mutter a word, Tenjin took his stance as he readied himself for the fight. "Glad you showed up, I hardly brung anything with me....left most of it in the car. If need be I will go get it, I also left Babs a blank check so feel free to give it your all regardless of the surroundings....just don't step in the flowers." He heard Tenjin say.

A smirk appeared on Precise’s face “it’s not the flowers I’m worried about” Precise responded, keeping the smile on his face. This would be a battle which showed of their skill, not with weapons or powers, but with their prowess. Precise knew Tenjin was the better hand-to-hand combatant, but Precise had his own tactic, using the environment to his advantage.

Tenjin dashed forward performing a roundhouse kick aimed for his head. Just barely Precise managed to block the attack with his arm as tenjin’s leg slammed into his forearm. He felt a throbbing pain all through his arm, as he saw Tenjin’s feet coming towards his chest, a sharp pain ran across his chest knocking him backwards and the very breath from him. The knockback saved him from a kick heading towards his stomach just barely missing his body hitting nothing but air. He grabbed his chest in pain trying to catch his breath, but he had no time to recover. He knew he had to act fast before Tenjin got his defence together. He dashed forward, while at the same time untying his black tie he lunged forward feet first towards Tenjin’s knees, attempting to distract him from the actual danger. He threw his tie towards Tenjin’s neck while lunging forward. He quickly grabbed both ends from the tie behind him and pulled it tighter. Attempting to strangle him, squeezing the very life from him.

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The moon illuminated the battleground, towering trees and exotic flowers such as orchids decorated the area. The path sill blackened by the trees and Tenjin's blood dripped onto the conctrete path, he scrapped his knee on the cement while preform the landing. His eyes stared deep into his foes as he was already in Tenjin's face "Damn" he thought to himself, Precise was indeed fast. Like a human missle he launched at Katsuro's knees so Tenjin preformed a swift back handspring trying to aviod the dropkick like move but this was a faint. Suddenly the black tie constricted around his neck with much pressure, like a python it squeezed, on the other side of the tie was Precise using his whole upper body to pull in opposite directions. Even through the white shirt, his chest muscles could be seen flexing along with his muscular arms. Tenjin gasped for air as he buckled to his knees and gazed up at his rival and in a broken and dry laugh he said "Well this sucks, you just had to were a silk tie huh?" Katsuro rose to one knee in a kneelling position as his foe continued to tower over him, he had to act quickly, he had just begun to turn blue. Using his right hand he clutched both sides of the tie in his grasp andkerked the tie towards him with a strong tug. Arching his left hand backwards in a haymaker position before sending a mighty palm strike to Precise's left bicep, directly at the joint that connects the bicep to the shoulder attempting to pop the arm out of the socket. Using the left hand still he would try to grab Precise by the tendons and ligaments that also connected the arm and upper body located in the armpit area. He would use his thumb like a dagger and drive it into Precise's tendons and use the fingers like a lever to pull up underneath the tendons before pulling with such ferocity backwards, if successful it wouldn't severely damage the arm but would cause tremendous amounts off pain.

Letting go of the tie Tenjin launched a right hook aimed for the left side of Precise's gut, aiming for the kidney and apendex if he still had one. He would continue to strike wildly with both speed and power, using his boney knuckles to damage that same area hoping for Precise to release his grip on the tie so Tenjin may free himself from the deadly technique. If that didn't work, Katsuro would simply grasp the tie once more and focus his chi into that hand before tearing it in twine either way Katsuro would vault backwards in a moonsault landing in a standard attack position. He huffed and took in mass amounts of air still keeping his eyes on his enemy like a cornered cobra facing a rabid mongoose, two natural adversaries. Regaining his breath he clutched his throat that was starting to form a ring shaped bruise around his whole neck from the mass pressure. His face formed a somewhat maniacal smile but with furious eyes and arced brow, a mysterious expression that tenjin gets when adrenaline coarses through his veins like wind swept fire. Behind him stood the notorious fountain, water splashed down from the bowl and created small waves in the water causing them to crash slightly against the rim. His once slicked back hair now draped down past his ears, needing to brush it out of his face as he spoke "It is rumored you are a expert in pressure point fighting....I myself haver studied it as well, let me show you what I learned...its called "Koshijutsu" a form of Dakentaijutsu which is a branch of Taijutsu"

Tenjin bowed his head and bursted forward only to slide on his waist like a baseball manuever to preform a spinning legsweep but this was only a faint and upon spinning into a crouching position by using the momentuem of the sweep. Using his middle and index finger while the other two fingers and thumb formed a fist, Tenjin launched a series of pressure point attacks, first aiming at Precise's wrists, then preforming a side roll into a standing position. Using his left hand he would use his fingers like a dart specifically for his foe's left juggular vein then the Adam's Apple. This attack would be interseting because pressure point fighters also know how to reverse the effects of the attack by preforming pressure points on themselves.

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His attack was a success, Precise pulled his tie tighter around Tenjin’s neck by the second. He was amazed at the stamina his opponent showed as Tenjin grabbed the tie and pulled it towards him. Suddenly Tenjin’s hand shot up to Precise’s left shoulder, without time to react Tenjin reached out with his finger under the tendons in his armpit. An intense pain ran throughout his entire body as his left arm popped out of its socket. He lost grip of the tie, but his right hand quickly regained it. He let out an animal roar from the pain. His arm dangled limp at the side of his body. His nails pierced the flesh under the tendons as he pressed his finger further into his armpit. Precise’s eyes widened from the pain his opponent had caused but he would not let go of him. A red stain began to form on his shirt, as it slowly continued to grow larger. The pain brought up the memory from his captivity. He was beaten every single day for most of his childhood, the only way he survived was to teach himself to ignore pain. A skill that would serve him well in this fight.

Tenjin’s face became blue “just a little while longer” he thought to himself. His strength seemed to diminish, but it was merely another tactic from Tenjin. He felt Tenjin’s knuckles slam into the side of his stomach, every time a little harder then the next, the pain was beginning to get to intense for him to handle. The tie slipped from his hand. In a glimpse he saw Tenjin make some distance between him and Precise. In the meantime a circle of assassins had formed themselves around them. Cheering and yelling. “GO PRECISE! GET UP… TENJIN KICK HIS ASS.” He didn’t pay attention to the assassins, the stress on his body from the sheer intense pain had caused him to be dazed. He didn’t know where Tenjin was and circled around confused, bending slightly over from the pain in his stomach while his right hand was grasping his left shoulder for support. Seeing everything in a blur around him, just hearing sounds but he couldn’t make out what they were, it just sounded like gibberish.

His sight became clearer by the second, as he tried to calm himself down. Ignoring the pain in his shoulder. Tenjin was already back in his face, he was amazed by his resilience, he was almost choked to death and he was already back for more. Precise immediately crouched down, he saw Tenjin’s hand go past him. His opponent responded with a pressure point attack at his neck. He felt his apple popping from its place, another attack had stopped blood from rushing to his head. He made a gurgling sound as he bended over, leaning on just one knee, his long black hair covered his face. His right hand disappeared in his black hair near his throat as he made a twisting motion with his arm. The gurgling sound became worse for a second but soon his breathing returned to normal. His hand made a twisting movement once more attempting to keep the flow of blood coursing through his body.

His eyes filled with rage as he looked upon Tenjin, His left arm still dangled helplessly at the side of his body. His face covered with his long black hair. He couldn’t think clearly and only wanted to return the favour. From his crouching position he performed a kick aimed at Tenjin’s right ankle with sufficient strength to seriously hurt of break his ankle. Afterwards he quickly performed a leg sweep attempting to knock him down after his initial attack. Precise quickly picked himself from the ground and aimed with his index and middle finger for the pressure point at Tenjin’s right shoulder, if it made contact it would surely paralyze his right arm for the next hour. To his left was the fountain still spewing out water from the statue that resembled a woman. If his attack was a success, Tenjin would have no defence against falling down, slamming his head against the rim of the fountain because he would have disabled the entire right side of his body.