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Homicide stood at the foot of her bed in her apartment as she layed out her many weapons for a battle she was to go to tonight. Carefully she placed all of her ninja stars, throwing daggers, guns and clips where they needed to go. She then walked over to her closet, her black hair in her face as a smirk curled up her lips. She reached out and grabbed a sword still in its case as she strapped it to her back. Standing now ready to face almost anyone she walked over to her window and opened it. A small burst of wind ran into her face she felt the coldness from it give her goose bumps. She the pulled up her mask that covered everything from the bridge of her nose down to her neck were the uniform started. She then climbed out the window and made her way up to the top of the building. When she made it she began to run from roof top to roof top, she was moving so quickly that it almost looked as if she her feet weren’t even touching the ground. She continued to run until she launched herself off the building and into a lush green tree. She clung onto a branch as she looked around. She now landed on what looked like a park.

Slowly climbing down she began to look about, there was a swing set and slides for kids to her right, and water fountains and branches to her left. Homicide chuckled as she saw that no one was around. She figured no one would be here to get in their way, seeing that their fight was starting at 1:00am. Homicide then walked over to a bench and sat there for a moment as she began t tap her foot on the ground. If she wasn’t going to be here in another five minutes, Homicide was going to declare herself as the winner of this fight.

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Agent_DEATH Stood atop a large apartment building she could feel the cold breeze as it made her dark hair flap about she had equipped her best weapons her 45 mags, her throwing knives and stars along with her two adamantium short swords she was ready. Agent DEATH Leaped off the building onto the next jumping from building to building until she leaped on to the park grounds she then walked towards the center of the park towards the childrens playground searching for her opponet.

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As Homicide waited her ears caught the sound of the being rustled upon. Her head picked up as her brown eyes darted around the area. A smirk ran across her face as she stood up and slowly pulled out two throwing knives from her left arm patch and held them in between her fingers of her right hand. She began to slowly move around, being sure she wouldnt make a sound, shifting from shadow to shadow, to be sure she wasnt seen. As she made her way through the area she then caught the sight of of opponent. She was walking around and towards the children's playground.

Homicide decided to take the element of suprise and in one flick of her arm, she threw the poisoned laced vibranium daggers through the air and towards her opponet. With the girls back turned to her Homicide took one aim at the girls left shoulder and then at her
mid back. As soon as her daggers left her hand she then took off running towards the playground herself, making her way to the slide as climbed on top of it and then jumped off, soaring through the air and coming down on top of the other girl. Homicide then pulled out her poisoned laced sword and right before she was to land she swung down her sword, trying to get a slice of the girls right shoulder. As soon as she was to land she then pushed herself to the side and slid across the now sandy flooring of the playground.

Homicide looked up with a smile on her face, even though the other girl couldnt see it. Homicide was excited about this battle. She stood on the ground with her sword in both hands as she got onto her balls of her feet, and looked at the girl right in her eyes, waiting for her move.

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Agent_DEATH searched the park for her opponet still no one was seen she was starting to get irratated. Agent_DEATH had reached the childrens playground when suddenly she felt two sharp blades pierce her skin one had impaled her right shoulder the other had planted itself in her back Agent_DEATH fell to one knee but before she could even turn back and see her opponet eye to eye she saw a glimpse af a girl dashing toward the playground, making her way to the slide she then climbed on top of it and then jumped off in mid air the girl pulled out her sword and aimed at Agent_DEATH's right shoulder but before the girl could cut her with her sword Agent_DEATH teleported to the top of the playground in crouching position atop the playground Agent_DEATH reached back and pulled the two knives out of her back and right shoulder she then stood up in the moon light you could see that where the knives had impaled her were completely healed Agent_DEATH saw that the girl was waiting for her move so Agent_DEATH jumped into the air flipping with the girls throwing knives in hand, while flipping she threw one of the knives toward the girl aiming for her wsord then she pulled out her adamantium short swords and launched herself toward the girl and right before she was to land she slashed her swords aiming to cut the girl in the neck and her right shoulder.