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Xeno looked out from his ship towards the rotating planet known as earth it was one of the most colorful planet's he had encountered although once he had finished with it all the color would be gone replaced by red as all the plants and galaxies before it .

For this was a mere stepping stone for xeno a step towards a much larger goal a goal most would call mad but those remarks were soon silenced .

And instead they had been replaced by the march of his troops through city streets where vehicles once passed through buildings were people used to live with their families had been turned into garages to build his war machines forests were kids played and the local wild life would live out their lives were cut down to make room for his ever expanding fleet of ships all this was to reach one end his goal .

Which was something simple and yet ever so hard to grasp for you see Xeno sought to bring an end to the god's.

Xeno was born of a dark god and a maiden his father was the ruler of his planet a tyrant who ruled his kingdom with an iron fist and his wife found no respite from his wrath Xeno's dad was not the only god who resided their all of them were dark in origin and they all had their eye's set on the planet not to far from them .

This planet was also inhabited by god's but unlike it's neighbor this planet's gods were one's of light who brought their people happiness and joy and this angered Xeno's father he wanted to bring pain and misery to their planet as he did his own .

So he wasted countless lives on a useless war and they alway's ended the same in defeat with every lost his father's wrath grew worse not only to his people but to his family until Xeno had finally had enough of his father and not only him of all god's so he gathered his people together and rebelled against his tyrant father who greatly underestimated Xeno's strength he and his father's forces had many fierce engagements and it all ended in one major showdown with his army's support .

Xeno charged his dad's castle and broke through it's defenses once inside he confronted the dark god's who had hidden themselves in the fortress while their people battled amongst themselves and Xeno fought them all himself and in doing so he did something no one thought was possible.

He killed a god not only one of them all of them including his father he had ridded his people of the tyrant god's once and for all but he was not yet satisfied he was not done with the bloodshed yet for under his father's reign a hatred for not only the god's of his planet but all god's had been instilled in Xeno and he turned his sight to the planet that neighbored his he gathered his fleet and attacked them.

His enemies underestimated Xeno and figured it would end the same as always their hubris was their own downfall for you see Xeno was a far better strategist then his father ever was and he did what he could never do he defeated his enemies fleet and brought his forces down upon their land he met fierce resistance as his foes now saw how dire their situation was but it was to late .

Xeno marched his forces through their land bringing havoc and death along with him and he reached the palace in which this planet's god's resided for one final confrontation and for the second time in his life he had killed a planet's god's and yet still his thirst for blood was not quenched for he knew god's resided in other planet's as well so to reach his end he turned the now conquered planet and his home planet into one force amassing a large army on them and he used this army to conquer entire planet's and soon entire galaxies .

Before he knew it he had amassed a legion far greater then any before and with it he would conquer the entire universe and once he was finished he would bring all the god's to their knee's and finally rid the entire universe of these being's .As Xeno looked down at the earth he no longer saw it as a planet but as the mere stepping stone it soon would be once those he requested were brought before him he would be that much closer to his goal.

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"A dark day for the NYC eh?" a man murmured as he bustled across the busy streets of New York. It was supposed to be another regular day for Neil... Eat, write a song, record... He is supposed to go to his Abandoned tree-house to go meet the League Of Under Dogz, a superhero support group that is composed of only one member (as of now), him. Well things got weird when the bright sunny sky became dark and a hovering space craft thingy was seen above the people of New York...

"WELL ahm... Another alien race trying to get earth? Mehh... I'm not much of a help! I'm not like them other Super powered monkeys trying to blah blah the recognition screw them (UnderDogz is bitter as he does not have a really nice Reputation in the super hero community)"

moments later, strange lights appeared before him... and the next thing he knew...
Our Hero The UnderDogz is floating... Levitating...

I'm a Filipino in New York... I am a small small man... Now really Alien dude? whaddaya think shall i do to cause you a threat? Hey Hey! Lemme Down!!! My only power is puking Rainbows!!! Hey! Hey!!!!

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The streets where flooded with people panicking over the news. It had been less than an hour since the menacing Warlord known as Xeno, made his demands upon the people of Earth and as usual the news didn't go well. The humans did what they do best and began panicking by hiding in bunkers and hoarding any perishables they could find. Many believed that within three days, life as they knew it would come to an end, but Sarah was not one of them. For he was a man of God and his faith was like a shield against any otherworldly space cannon. That and the fact that he was a mutant and had seen with his own two eyes, the combined special powers of Earth's people, he was pretty sure that somehow Earth would survive. The problem was, at what cost? Sarah only knew the chosen ones by reputation. Some where considered Heroes other Villains, but the bottom line was they were still people of Earth , people with rights. So the question now was would Earth protect the chosen or sell them out for their own personal safety?

It was just like a parable from the Bible and Sarah knew it all too well. For the time being, he sat in his room watching an obsolete black and white TV donated to Saint Grays, and eagerly awaited the Presidents reaction. He was told by the nuns to stay in his room and pray, but even the devote Mother Helen knew he would do no such thing. For him it was difficult to sit back and do nothing, for he had always been both a provider and protector for those in need. You see Sarah knew at times even the Lord needs a little help from man, but against an Alien battle cruiser...he just didn't know what to do. Suddenly a loud crash was heard throughout the Nunnery, as a group of frightened people began smashing down the main doors. Against orders, Sarah came forth from his room to investigate the sound and was met by a small crowd seeking both sanctuary and absolution. It was obviously a last chance effort for them to get into Heaven, if in fact this was the end of all man-kind, but Sarah was not one to send them away.

Now accompanied by the Nuns of St. Grays, each of the strangers were greeted with a warm blanket, hot food and a bible, all accompanied with reassuring words from Scriptures. But since Sarah had been ordered to stay inside during the whole affair, he was more concerned with what was going on outside, and began questioning the people. In a calm and friendly tone he started asking the standered questions anyone would ask such as “Have you seen the Aliens yet?” and “ Has the Military shown up?” even “Does anyone know what they want with the chosen?” But he only received the same answers from each, “We don't know anything!” But after a few minutes of rest allowing their nerves to calm down, one of the group began explaining what he did know. As he sipped on some warm tea with shaking hands, he said “It was horrible. The last thing I remember before we left the big city was the Aliens were about to attack. We were all looking skywards to see the Aliens mother ship, when suddenly, without any provocation, they launched one of their smaller ships downward, to destroy us all!

This was all Sarah needed to hear. Lives were in danger and something needed to be done. He may not be powerful enough to stop an Alien battle cruiser, but he was darn sure powerful enough to protect as many of the people in the city as he could. As he tried to hide the fact he was lying to Mother Helen's face, he humbly told her “Mother Helen, with your permission I shall return to my room and continue my prayers there in silence.” then respectfully lowered his head and exited the main room. But instead of retiring to his chambers, the gravity battery instead, sneaked out an opened window, and landed in the back yard. Once there, he looked far across the field to see the lights of the big city miles away, and with a quick shift in the gravitational field between him and the ground, lifted upwards and began flying there as fast as he could. Normally Sarah would avoid the big city for reasons such as this, and oddly enough the city was home to one of the chosen, but neither of that mattered. What did matter was peoples lives where in danger and he needed to help them. But as he grew closer to the city he saw no signs of battle or destruction, just a crowd of people surrounding a blocked off section of the street, where one of the Aliens shuttle-crafts had landed. The Alien craft was about the size of a one story house with a loading ramp at the side and two miniature cannons attached to the front. Guarding the ship from all sides was a small army of the Aliens race armed and ready to kill at the drop of a hat.

After safely landing down, out of sight of all the people, Sarah made his way through to the front of the crowd to get a closer look. Once there he made it just in time to see a local news woman giving the broad cast of her life. “Ladies and Gentleman, this is Rachel Pardans and I am standing just outside of one of Xeno's transport ships. It landed here just under an hour ago and the Aliens inside have fortified their position around it. I have also been informed that several other ships like this have landed around the world as we speak. I myself have spoken with one of Xeno's men, who is in charge of the craft behind me and his mission here is clear. The men of this ship are here to transport the chosen ones back to the command ship. If anyone interferes or tries to stop them, they are ordered to destroy the entire city. We, the people of Earth, now have less than three days to hand over the chosen, or else we will all be destroyed. That is all we know for now, but we are hoping to speak with them later. For now, this is Rachel Pardans signing off, but I will continue reporting from here until the bitter end.

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The Following Post will be a huge MONOLOGUE

"This Is Not Good... Anyone Home??? (well, this is not a home obviously but y'know...) Hey! Hey! Answer Me!!! I Tend to go crazy without anyone to talk to... In The Dark!!! In A Closed room!..."

"Hey, Imaginary friend of mine, sup? ahh... GOD! I'm Panicking!!! See? I'm Panicking..."

*Kneels* *Prays*

"God, I know I never talk to you alot... But Please let me live out... Let me outta here, Alive... Send Me SOMEONE"


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2 Days and 2 Hours Left

As the time left was dwindling down, the crowd in the streets started turning hostile. Every man and woman on Earth was forced to face their own mortality at the hand of an Alien race. Their only salvation lied within an act of barbarism, sacrifice another's life for their own. As always there where some willing to throw another under a bus, even for less, and as always there was those who would fight to the bitter end, and because of this a civil war was breaking out among the people. On one side of the street, a crowd of cowards held up signs reading “Hand them Over, Save all Others!” begging the Aliens to spare their planet. It was basically a crowd of frightened people and rich fat cats, that had made a career from stepping over others hoping to buy or trade for some more time. On the other side of the street stood a more respectful crowd, filled with people who looked beyond themselves. Between the two of them tensions ran high as brother stood against brother, pitting off against the rights of an individual compared to the weight of the world

Unfortunately, one of the more aggressive members of the “Handing Over” crowd began feeling that words alone were not enough, and decided to make his opinions known with an act. Already standing with an increased amount of testosterone, due to protesting, the protester picked up a discarded beer bottle and threw it at the head of a “Protect the People” protester. As the bottle flew, the protester yelled out “See how easily I attacked you, well imagine how easily the Aliens will attack us!” As the bottle hit the other, it smashed into pieces leaving a large open wound pouring blood from the cheek of another human being. It was the spark that lit the fire. Immediately a fight broke out as the two opposing crowds began attacking. In the midst of the street, people were swinging signs as they stomped down on anyone that fell beneath them. It was a debauchery of violence with both blood and bruises as a prize. The Aliens no longer had to worry about destroying the Earth, for the humans that occupied it were doing it already.

It was a horrible sight, watching as people attacking one another with such violence and cruelty. It was truly mankind at its worst and something needed to be done. Luckily Sarah had the ability to stop the fight without any more bloodshed or pain. Instead he simply raised both his arm upwards and as he swung them down he shifted the pull of gravity on the crowd, forcing them all to fall to the ground unable to move. They were now pinned down by an unseen force of gravity and that is where they would remain until they all calmed down. But what Sarah did not think about was that his actions gathered the attention of the Alien soldiers and that now they were closing in on him. Immediately Sarah raised both arms back into the air in a non-threating stance and approached the incoming soldiers. As they drew closer he began by saying “Don't shoot, I'm not a threat.” The Alien soldiers all drew their guns and aimed everyone of them directly at Sarah's head, but instead of open firing, they seemed, interested in what he had to say. Sarah began to pick up on this fact, especially since he hadn't been vaporized by an Alien gun, and began to use it to his advantage.

With a bit of luck and a lot of faith, Sarah engaged the Aliens in dialogue in an attempt to gain some ground. “As I said I'm not a threat, I am actually, (pause) one of the chosen, here to turn myself in.” It was a bold face lie, but over the many years Sarah had gotten exceptionally well at telling them. Still rolling with momentum, he continued on with “and I am willing to go with you, if you agree to leave this planet peacefully.” All Sarah could do now was wait and see if his bluff worked as one of the Aliens went over their list. One such Alien, in charge of the transport ship, stepped forth and asked “Which one of the insignificant creatures are you?” Sarah was now in a tight spot, if his bluff failed he would most likely be vaporized right on the spot, but if he succeeded he might have a chance to get his hands on Xeno himself. It was now that Sarah needed to rely on something more than his silver tongue, this time he needed to rely on his dark red eyes. Trying to keep his composure he carefully lowered his sun glasses just enough to expose his two red mutant eyes with the ability to control or at least nudge another persons thinking. Now staring deep into the Alien's eyes Sarah forcefully replied, “Trust me I'm on the list! You can take me to the mother ship!” All the cards were now on the table, either Sarah's mind trick would work on the Alien or he'd soon be dead, but luckily the outcome was successful, when the lead Alien turned to his men and said “He's on the list, we can take him to the mother ship.

Immediately Sarah was loaded aboard the transport vessel and quickly taken up to the mother ship hovering a few miles above the planet. It was a quiet trip, nobody had anything to say to anyone else, but all the while Sarah wondered if in fact his Jedi mind trick worked, or was he falling strait into a trap. Either way the moment he stepped out upon the Alien's mother ship he was quickly searched by a group of guards that ended up securing him in a futuristic style hand cuff that gave off a bright blue glow. From that point on the Alien guard forcibly pushed him through the halls as they verbally insulted him in their own language. To them he was nothing, no more than the filth they jettison with their waste. The only thing keeping him alive was that their ruler Xeno had a special need for him, and they were not going to defy their leader. Finally, after receiving several bruises and several minutes later, Sarah was lead to one of the ships holding cells. It was located on one of the lower decks of the ship and the entire area gave off a nauseating smell. Then from behind one of the holding cells doors, the faint cries of a panicking individual could be heard screaming "God, I know I never talk to you alot... But Please let me live out... Let me outta here, Alive... Send Me SOMEONE!” The guard broke out in roaring laughter as the current prisoner continued to whine about his situation, but eventually turned on the cells lights, opened the door and pushed Sarah into it. Then just before closing the door once again, one of the guards made the comment “Welcome to your new home. This is where you stay until Lord Xeno wishes to speak to you! That is IF he wishes to speak to you!

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@underdogz: @heavyweight: Lord Xeno was staring down at earth standing stoic like a statue and exuding power as one of his soldiers entered into his chamber's the soldier stood still for a moment as he stared at Xeno unsure if he should interrupt the terrifying figure, finally Xeno spoke with a booming voice "What is it soldier have you come to my chambers unannounced for a reason or have you simply lost the will to live. Xeno said telling the soldier to speak quickly in an indirect manner this was not lost on the solider who quickly began to deliver his message to Xeno "Lord Xeno sir i have come bearing urgent news one of our recon ships have picked up two people who say they are among the name's on your list .Xeno turned toward the solider at the mention of the list and the prisoners "which ones are they exactly"Xeno asked .

The solider looked nervous but finally he worked up his never and responded "We don't know sir but we figured no one besides them would have a reason for letting us capture them " Xeno looked intensely at the solider before responding "so let me get this straight you are saying that you brought two people aboard my fleet simply because they said they are on the list but not bothering to check if this was in fact true." The solider responded quietly as he grasped Xeno's tone"yes sir that is correct ".

Xeno had to fight off the strong urge to face palm at the lack of common sense from his solider's "Well then bring them to me but let this be the last incident of this sort otherwise their will be a mass flaying among the recon squads am i understood "The solider nodded as he tried to keep from wetting himself at the image put before him he then went to gather the prisoners and bring them to Lord Xeno in a timely matter lest he upset his Lord again.

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"Hi! Ahm... You're this Lord Xeno Right?" (pause) "damn, this man really does look like--- SHI---" Underdogz said to himself...
"well... Hi! I am the UnderDog" he smiled... And without warning...

No Regrets MUTHAFLUCKAAA!!!! I'm Hittin' you with my best shot!!! BRAAAAAHHH~ take that!

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1 Day and 16 Hours Left

Once again Sarah was forcibly thrown to the floor at the feet of Xeno, after hours of being manhandled by his guards. From the moment he met the other Earthly captive, his life had been non stop beatings. The guards beat him in the cell, the guards beat him on the way to Xeno's Interrogation Room and the guards would most likely beat him in front of their master. However, once in the presence of Xeno the guards took a drastic change in attitude. They were no longer free thinking bullies using their size to intimidate, they where now slaves following the orders of a master they feared. So at the exact moment they threw the Earthlings to the ground, they took a fortified position around the room to protect both their leader and the fleet. The worst part of the endeavor for Sarah, was that with the guards around them from the beginning, he never once had a chance to talk to the other prisoner, let alone come up with a plan. For now, Sarah was going to have to play this scenario out, as he went along.

As Sarah rose to his feet, one of the guards removed the glowing blue cuffs from his wrist, sending him a mixed message. Either he was being welcomed by the Aliens, which seemed highly unlikely, or they just didn't see him as that much of a threat. Either way Sarah felt good to massage his chafed wrists for a while. He now stood face to face with Xeno, and could easily understand the intimidation factor Xeno possessed just from the way he stood. But like David and Goliath, he knew not to be afraid, but that didn't mean not to be humble. Judging from the way Xeno relished in the groveling of his men in front of him, Sarah deduced that his ego was his Achilles heal. As long as the evil Warlord thought he was in charge, the longer Sarah had to come up with a plan to save himself, all of Earth and that weird captive standing next to him.

But before he could get a word out, the other captive decided to handle things in his own way. In a rather curious tone the other Earthling spoke up saying "well... Hi! I am the UnderDog" then gave an off setting smile. Immediately, Sarah began thinking to himself Oh God don't let him do something stupid, please just don't let him do anything stupid, when all of a sudden the guy started a gagging reflex. He then opened his mouth wide, and of all things, a bright colorful rainbow spewed forth. Sarah had absolutely no idea what it was, he had never before seen such a sight, but he had to admit, it was beautiful. But then, he noticed that the rainbow was heading towards Xeno. Not knowing exactly what the rainbow was, for it could be anything from an attack to a mating ritual, Sarah decided that for the best, he needed to stop it before it reached the warlord. With a wave of his hand Sarah shifted the gravity around the rainbow in different directions so that the rainbow flickered away in a sparkling sensation. But once again Sarah's actions alerted the guards, and in unison, they all drew their weapons and aimed them directly at him.

With all eyes upon him, Sarah decided to play the room and see what he could do. Again he placed his hands in a non-threatening way and said to Xeno “Oh powerful warlord. The act you just saw was our way of showing respect to you. It was much like fire works, or maybe you know them as a gun salute for a comrade. Either way the act was done in honor, and in no way a means of attack.” While Xeno and the guards were contemplating both the action and his words, Sarah leaned in close to the other prisoner and quietly whispered in his ear “Listen kid, I don't know what your power level is, but it's not a good idea to attack a warlord on his ship with his men armed right next to him. Trust me, there will be plenty of time to fight later, but until we can guarantee the safety of the people on Earth below us we don't make a move. For now we need to learn what Xeno is really up to and then we stop him, until then we play nice. Okay? So just play along.” Sarah then looked back at Xeno and continued “Well then, now that the pleasantries have been exchanged we should talk, As you can see not all of the chosen are here, so we have been sent ahead to negotiate. Seeing as you would rather have all the chosen rather than destroying the planet suggest the importance of collecting them. As according to your own words we still have one day and roughly fourteen hours to talk, therefore we would like to discuss what you want with the chosen and what guarantees the Earth has that ones you have them you will leave the planet alone. Again we are not defying you, we merely wish to know how to appease your wishes even more.” Then, just to push his point home Sarah, despite all the bruises he received from the guards, stood up tall and proud to show Xeno that he to is a soldier that faces battle, but one that respects a greater force.

Still Sarah felt sick kissing up to the evil bastard and kept thinking to himself how fitting it would be to create a ball of gravity inside the warlord and watch him explode from the inside out. But just as he told his newest partner now was not the time to fight, and continued to play that of a strong but humble follower. For now all eyes were focused on Xeno in anticipation of his next command, so in the confusion Sarah leaned in close to his friend and whispered “Well kid your wish to fight now might come true. Xeno could either spare us and agree to at least confide in us, or he could be so much of a monster he'll kill us right now. If this does turn bloody I want you to know I'll fight to the end . Either way it was nice meeting you.

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UnderDog has been silent after the whole thing... but later

*Whisper* (to the other guy) "Man... You totally killed my vibe! I was really about to turn him into a good person that was like my SPECIAL SPECIAL ULTRA MEGA SPECIAL MOVE!!! That move was supposed to make him good by turning his heart pure! I can only do that move for a day and now POOF!!! It's all gone you muthaflucka!!!"

GAWD I Hope I wont get killed you ugly big man!

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Excuse me, What?” Sarah had just went through one of the most awkward moments of his life. He was risking not only his life, but the lives of every human down on Earth with a con, when his newest partner replied "Man... You totally killed my vibe! I was really about to turn him into a good person that was like my SPECIAL SPECIAL ULTRA MEGA SPECIAL MOVE!!! That move was supposed to make him good by turning his heart pure! I can only do that move for a day and now POOF!!! It's all gone you muthaflucka!!!" With such simple words Sarah's jaw dropped to the floor as his eyes turned aghast. He tried wrapping his mind around the fact that all the worlds problems could be solved with such a simple barf, so the gravity battery had to ask the other prisoner the question “Why the Hell didn't you say something earlier?” Despite the fact he was getting extremely upset, Sarah continued to keep his conversation no louder than the sound of a whisper, but the more he spoke the madder he got. “You mean all you've got to do is rainbow barf on this guy and it's over? I mean come on you should have at least hinted this or something. How the heck was I suppose to know you are some Rainbow Bright with a lucky charm. But if that's the solution, our biggest priority is to stall for that one day so you can recharge. Luckily according to Xeno's own terms we still have one day and roughly thirteen hours left, so if Xeno doesn't kill us both right now, we must get you that one day!” Sarah's determination was now higher than it had ever been. Come Hell or high water he was going to make sure his partner got what he needed, that one day.

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@heavyweight: @underdogz: Lord Xeno looked on as the two prisoners were escorted into his chambers they were both placed in front of him as his guards took places around them the bigger prisoner looked to be pondering while the smaller one stood up not a wise move if it made an aggressive action then his guards would kill him within his next breath. Xeno could easily do it but he did not wish to dirty his hands with their blood the one who stood up then proceeded to barf rainbows,this confused even Xeno although he was unsure if he needed to stop the attack when all of the sudden the gravity around the area becomes stronger causing the attack to hit the ground this was caused by the other prisoner.they began to argue amongst themselves while the one with the power over gravity said that he wanted to help xenon find the others on the list ,which made Xeno chuckle a little bit while the two talked to each other Xeno turned towards one of the guard's .

"These prisoners want to return to earth so oblige their request and send them down on the emergency projectile shuttles the guards started to laugh at the statement because as the name implied they were more projectile then transport basically what happens is they are going to put them in a very sturdy cannon ball like object and fire them towards earth the projectile will survive the impact but whether or not they will is up to them.

The guards move toward the prisioners to escort them to the firing bay where they would be shot back to earth.

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Our hero the UnderDogz has been going on through weird stuff lately... one second he's floating yowards a ship, he's in a prison cell in the next. he's had the chance of turning the tides of the battle by hitting Xeno dude with a shot of pure innocence, but then, this failed... then he counted the rainbow attacks he has left. A fire rainbow barf, two water barfs, and three acid barfs, (a corrosive material that corroses?)... then he turned to the bigger prisoner he was with. and whispered

"Man... You totally killed my vibe! I was really about to turn him into a good person that was like my SPECIAL SPECIAL ULTRA MEGA SPECIAL MOVE!!! That move was supposed to make him good by turning his heart pure! I can only do that move for a day and now POOF!!! It's all gone you muthaflucka!!!"

the man replied---

You mean all you've got to do is rainbow barf on this guy and it's over? I mean come on you should have at least hinted this or something. How the heck was I suppose to know you are some Rainbow Bright with a lucky charm. But if that's the solution, our biggest priority is to stall for that one day so you can recharge. Luckily according to Xeno's own terms we still have one day and roughly thirteen hours left, so if Xeno doesn't kill us both right now, we must get you that one day!

"Yep, with enough will power i could make him good for 23 hours... but nahh... we cant wait for that long, these dudes they can destroy earth any minute now..."

Xeno dude then commanded his men to take the two to the firing bay of some sort. just then a soldier guard held UnderDogz's arm leading him to the said place, just then, our hero broke free from the holding and, screamed at the top of his lungs:

"Big man, DUCK!"

a rainbow colored corrosive acid spewed forth his mouth that was aimed towards a shiny glowing thingy, twas probably a nuclear reactor of some sort!!! he did this to cause a distraction, a diversion to make a brighter move... the nuclear reactor was melting seconds later and saw it go "BOOM!!!" this excited our hero... then he turned towards the other prisoner...

"hi! my name's Neil I never bothered to ask your name before, ahaha well, i saw seven guys out there so i guess we gots to be going first"

i got to upload a pic, YAY!!! tho i did this way back!!! ahahaa UD just being Happy

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@ownagepants @underdogz

The last thing Sarah heard just before being escorted out of Xeno's Interrogation Room, was his partners remark "Yep, with enough will power i could make him good for 23 hours... but nahh... we cant wait for that long, these dudes they can destroy earth any minute now..." and to Sarah it just meant more trouble. Xeno never specifically said he was ready to attack Earth, but then he didn't say much of anything during the interrogation. The only thing he made clear was his indifference to human kind. Still there was nothing Sarah could do at that point except, desperately try to come up with a plan for later. But the moment he was escorted out of the sight of Xeno, the seven guards started up with their arrogance and proceeded with the ritual beatings. It was nothing Sarah couldn't handle, aside from some deep bruises and a little internal bleeding, his healing factor managed to keep most of it in check. But the two most amazing facts of the escort, was that one Neil was never beaten, and two, one guard with a severe scar over his eye never joined in. Sarah could only conclude, that they never saw his newest parter as a threat and that this lone guard was different than the rest. It wasn't much to work with, but like Jesus before him, he had created miracles with much less. So for the rest of the escort, Sarah made sure to keep an eye on that one soldier.

Upon reaching the Firing Bay, Sarah was almost convinced that the scarred soldier did not enjoy the murder and mayhem in the same way as the others. He was still a proud soldier, just not such of a brute. Sarah knew if he had a chance to exploit such an option, then he might see a way out of his predicament. But before he could do anything, his newest partner screamed at the top of his lungs "Big man, DUCK!” Sarah turned his head just in time to see the other guy break free from a guards grip and began the process of one of his regurgitations. Again, a rainbow spewed forth from his mouth that was both mesmerizing and breath taking in it's beauty, it eventually arched it's way downward towards some shiny devise positioned along the hallway. Then, at the moment the two collided, the devise exploded showering the hallway with a thick layer of fire and debris. Lucky for Sarah, his friend gave him a warning just in time and he was able to hit the floor, just as the blast fizzled out above him. But as he rose to his feet, the hallway was now lit by flashing red lights and a blaring alarm now rang from everywhere.

By now, other patrolling guards heard the alarm and were moving in fast, but for Sarah and his partner they had to deal with the present guards that were escorting them. As the two Earthlings prepared themselves for battle, the rainbow regurgitator informed Sarah that "hi! my name's Neil I never bothered to ask your name before, ahaha well, i saw seven guys out there so i guess we gots to be going first!" Normally, Sarah was very concise about giving his name and under any other circumstance he would immediately respond with “C'Raybut the fact the seven guards were about to attack, he slipped up and said “The Names Sarah, and nice move with the explosion, I was about to make a distraction myself.Immediately he realized his slip of the tongue and barked back “I meant my name is C'Ray, that's right my name is C'Ray!It's pronounced C'Ray!

But before he had a chance to re-emasculate himself verbally, Xeno's guards open fired with their weapons in a barrage of projectiles. Six of the guards attacked head on, hoping that superior firepower would win the battle, however, the one scarred guard was smarter and took a fortified position to assault from. In retaliation Sarah raise his right hand up like a shield, then shifted the gravity pull on the projectiles back at the six guards firing. In effect, their own weapons were now firing back at them. However, Sarah was not finished, for he had special plans for the scarred one and at the moment he peeked his head around from his secured location, Sarah had him. With a massive amount of concentration, the gravity battery managed to create such a strong gravity field around the soldier, that he first levitated and then slammed against a wall, eventually holding him there unable to move. Sarah could feel the soldier fighting against his predicament, but the heroes need to hold him there long enough to talk, seemed to provide him enough strength to keep him pinned there.

Finally after all their ordeals, Sarah and Neil had a moment to catch their breaths. Sarah desperately wanted to make sure Neil knew to call him C'Ray, but the need to deal with the scarred soldier was more pressing. While still concentrating on the gravity field, Sarah began to explain his plan to his new friend Neil. “With my red eyes I have the ability to push, or nudge other persons thinking to a certain degree. In other words I can't make a person do something they would never do, I just shift there opinions in our favor.” With that said Sarah removed his glasses and stared deep into the scarred soldiers eyes, eventually making a connection. But just then, another squad of soldiers showed up and like the first, began open firing on the hereos. For Sarah it was at the worst of times, for once he makes a connection it is not wise to stop. Instead he shouted to his friend, “Neil, I need you to stop those guards while I talk to my pal here. Normally I'd be in there helping you but my conversation with this guard here is veryimportant.Then with all that said, Sarah turned all his attention to the scarred guard and asked only three question. The first two where strait forward “Where is the ships navigation control, and how does one self destruct this ship?' both of which would be answered unless the guard swore never to reveal it or was deeply afraid to answer. But the last question was the most important. In very clear and distinct words Sarah asked “Would you, or anyone else on this ship help in overthrowing the warlord Xeno?The answer to this one was rooted deep within the soldier himself, for if at any time he ever consider the option of mutiny, then he would respond back with a yes!

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@ownagepants: @heavyweight: after the mayhem he caused

Neil was informed that the mans name was Sarah and this was enough to make him hysterical... he cxannot speak as all the laughing made him crazy... Well, while Sarah was running and defending themselves, Neil was just there, laughing while trying to catch up to all the running... they had a brief moment of rest and SARAH gave him a few info about his powers...

With my red eyes I have the ability to push, or nudge other persons thinking to a certain degree. In other words I can't make a person do something they would never do, I just shift there opinions in our favor.”

rad!!! Neil thought to himself, but the alien soldiers chasing them began to catch up...

Neil, I need you to stop those guards while I talk to my pal here. Normally I'd be in there helping you but my conversation with this guard here is very important.

Sarah is busy, and as Neil tried to gag to unleash a water rainbow barf, the worst timing happened and he made a glance towards sarah, rememvering the funniness of the Man's name he laughed hysterically. not realizing the Aliens drawing closer, then just as the aliens were few paces away, Neil saw them pounce... And he screamed last words he will probably speak of...


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In a cave off the coast of Germany

Leon had been sitting on the rocks watching the waves crash into the rocks. He then sensed something was off...something out of the ordinary. He walked out to the edge of the cliff. The oddities were coming from all over the earth...to many to stop." he then went into his dream state. his astral form by standing in place and sleeping. His astral body soared up into space...where He saw the massive ship. He then woke up, his crimson eyes flashed open. "Aliens..." he thought. "well i never thought id see the day aliens were proven real." He ran and jumped off the cliff and soared up past the clouds and into space. He woulda died from lack of air....had he needed air. He was a vampire, already dead. He didn't need to breath what so ever. He soared to the ship and landed on the bottom of it, nails holding him there. Now all that he needed to do." he thought. "was find a way inside this foreign ship"

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@leon_dissada: @heavyweight:

Neil was at the brink of dying, and so he felt a rush of adrenaline, and as the alien soldiers were close to him...

a quick duck... tiger pounce, a roll that was enough to dodge two hurling aliens soldiers...

then he felt the pressure in his throat and spewed a water rainbow barf that was strong enough to push the soldiers about 30 paces away... Neil then felt a headache... and all he could think of is an old friend...

a vampire named Leon...

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@underdogz: Madge was in her father's old workshop. Heck, your boyfriend gets abducted by aliens, you tend to take desperate measures. This was one of Madge's most desperate. She was fixing an old jet, she would try to catch up to the alien fleet when she was done

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@leon_dissada: @ownagepants: @underdogz: @heavyweight: @whoever I forgot: Madge finished her repairs. Step 1: check. Now came step 2: attack an alien starship with a small stealth jet. But heck, her boyfriend and her planet were in trouble, so she didn't mind. Much. Neil managed to get himself into predicaments, and Madge tended to join him. She sighed as she climbed into the cockpit. Just another day in her life, being the alpha of nearly every wolf in the US was tiring. She flips some switches, then opens the hangar. Liftoff...

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@heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: @underdogz: @heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: @underdogz: Leon looked around the bottom of the ship until he saw a garbage shoot. At least he thought that's what it was, aw hell he didn't even know. All he knew was that it lead inside and that was a start. He crawled up into the vent like area and after climbing through pipe after pipe he pushed out a vent and crawled out. He then rushed to the corner where he saw his friend neil in trouble.....yet again. Leon closed his eyes "damnit neil..." he said to himself. "so much for my stealth approach." Leon rushed and did a back flip over the aliens and after grabbing neil by the hair he light black flames with his eyes to form a wall and throws neil into the wall. "You really cant help yourself can you...."

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@leon_dissada: @underdogz: @ownagepants: @heavyweight: Madge's little jet circled the ship, looking for an entrance. She finally spotted the one that Leon used, but she couldn't fly in there she needed a plan but that would be hard to come up with... Then came the dumbest idea Madge ever had in her life.

She circled to the front of the ship and used everything she had to fire on it.

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@heavyweight: @underdogz: @leon_dissada: @ltlredwulf: The solider was surprised by the prisoners suddenly causing such a fuss he was even more surprised at the fact that now one of the prisoners was asking him where the navigation control was. "The controls are in a room protected by a shield that can only be turned off by a key that lord xeno has he does not need to be in the room has he can control the ship with his mind ".He proceeded to ask how to self destruct the ship "the ship can't be self destructed this model was designed by the universes top engineers making sure it is virtually impossible to self destruct it from the inside".He then aksed if he wanted to rebel though strangely he felt compelled to tell him his answer."No not directly xenon i believe in his dream...it's just some of the soldiers who abuse their power on this ship i would like to see them taken down .The solider waited for the prisoners response as a new wave of guards emerged an opened fire on them.

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@underdogz: @leon_dissada: @heavyweight: @ownagepants: Madge breathed a sigh of relief, as the screen of the "Tigress" revealed that Gregory had been detected. Finally, she thought as she put the craft on autopilot. Operation rainbowboy was officially underway as she flew her little ship to the underside of the warship, back to the hole she had seen earlier. She hit the eject button, leaving all guns and missiles going full blast, timing was just right that she was spat right up the chute. Her approach was not nearly as stealthy as Leon's had been, but it served its purpose. All she's had to do now was follow the sound of gunfire to the interrogation room

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Everything was now hitting the fan. While Sarah was doing his best to retrieve information from one of Xeno's soldiers, an intense battle was going on all around him. A new battalion of guards were closing in, all the time firing on his and Neil's location, but unfortunately Sarah was unable to help. Instead he needed to concentrate on holding the scarred soldier in a gravitational field long enough to get the answers he so desperately needed. But as God protects his followers, two new allies came forth in the aide of their cause, and with their unique abilities began turning the tide of the battle in their favor. Then, after a few intense moments for all involved, Sarah heard all he needed. By now the alien guards were defeated and laid in piles of bodies over bodies, as the heroes were all greeting each other as if they had known them all their lives. It was heart warming to see such camaraderie among people, compared to the civil war going on, on the planet below.

Unfortunately, even though the battle was won, the war was far from over. They still needed to stop Xeno, or at least destroy his ship, in order to save their precious planet Earth. Sarah was hoping to form a mutiny against Xeno from his own men, but the scarred soldiers confession showed that would not be possible. Either Xeno has the respect of his men, or they are too frightened to ever cross him. But Sarah was not one to give up and within seconds he came with a rudimentary plan. Immediately he spoke up gaining the attention of all the team members and said “First off, who ever you two new members are thank you, we can use all the help we can get. That being said, we now have less than three hours until Xeno's dead line and he destroys the Earth. It is up to the four of us to stop him. In order to do that, we need to split up into three teams. Team ones main priority is to protect Neil here for if team two and three fail, we need Neil to rainbow barf on Xeno and pray he will turn nice. Now as for team two and three it get a bit more dangerous.” Looking around to make sure his newest allies were still on board with his ideas he continued “It is up to team two and team three to destroy this ship.

By now the stress of holding the scarred soldier in place was getting to Sarah, so with a flick of his wrist the gravity battery shifted the gravitational pull around the soldier and flung him down the hallway with enough force to knock him out temporarily. With him now out of the way Sarah was ready to divulge the rest of his plan. “According to that soldier, there is a navigation control system on this ship, unfortunately it is in a room protected by a shield that can only be turned off by a key held by lord Xeno. It will be up to one of us to be team two and get through that shield and launch this ship out of Earth's orbit. It will then be up to the last member of us to form team three, and team three is to destroy this ship from the inside. Again, that soldier told me that this ship can't be self destructed and that this model was designed by the universes top engineers, making sure it is virtually impossible to self destruct it from the inside, but I believe they made one mistake. When I was brought on board I was brought in one of Xeno's transport ships and I remember that those ships were armed with a smaller version of the cannon Xeno would use to destroy Earth. Well, if his big cannon can do that, why couldn't a small version do enough damage inside to destroy this ship! Therefore, it will be up to team three to make their way to the hanger bay and get into one of those ships, and start blasting!

It was now time to either put up or shut up, as the clock was winding down. What Sarah didn't mention, was that his plan was in fact a suicide mission. For the life of him, he could not come up with a way to destroy the ship while getting everyone off. Still he had to show a brave face as he laid out the plan. “As for my skill sets, I feel I could handle either team two or three, but if we decide I should be on team one, I promise you I would give my life to protect Neil.” Sarah then began emphasizing his desire to be on team one, for it had the potential to be the most dangerous. For at the core of it's mission, it's destination was to encounter the Warlord Xeno himself, and if Neil's rainbow attack did not work, they were going to engage him in battle and force him to surrender. It was perhaps the hardest challenge the heroes would face, and being so important, Sarah couldn't in good conscious risk anyone else trying and failing. Then just when things couldn't get worse, he happened to look down the hallway to where the scarred soldier should be laying, only to see he was now gone.

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@leon_dissada: @underdogz: @ownagepants: @heavyweight: Madge heArd all the plan, then busted in through the vent. "Hi," she said simply. "I'm crimson hood. I'd take team 1, but you need me on team 2 'cause once we bust in, we need someone to hack onto the main computer, and I've got the skills to do that."

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@underdogz: @heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: Leon recognized the Lycan who had just boarded but said nothing as he waited till the end of the holy mans speech before thinking. Somebody was going to die eather way...There was no preventing it and whoever was watching rainbow kid here was bound to end up fighting Xeno. He could tell by an increase in Neil's heart rate and blood pressure showed that he had something with the lycan....or at least he guessed. The fact that The lycan had rushed up here and has been making prolonged eye contact with Neil showed she likes him to...or at least had an interest..best not to put her on a team possibly fighting the alien lord himself.. The lycan was obveousley good with computers...she could be used possibly for the shield...the holy mans faith,strength and tactics might lead for more of a practical use... maybe for clearing a path and blowing the whole damned place up...still....somebody was going to die here. "I'm watching neil." Leon said emotionless. He knew how to set Neil off, cause his real power to come out, having done it by mistake before. he wasn't planning on letting anybody die other then himself. "and if anybody has an issue with that....feel free try and stop me." he said the last part with an air of tempt in his voice, clearly prepared to beat to a smear should he need to.

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@heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: @leon_dissada:

Neil, a hero... that was what he wants to be remembered... and at the last moments of his life... the people who mattered to him were there... Leon, a companion he had countless adventures with... and Madge, the love of his life, the other part of him... then there's Sarah, a man of God... a true hero, who is ready to risk himself to save the people of the earth...

After Leon's appearance, a wave of soldiers appeared... this was handled by him easily and was a marvel to behold...

then, Sarah, our true hero then made and laid out the plans, and this involved Neil... in a mission to save the world, his rainbow barfing heroics are put to test...

"okay teams will be split into three right? and- and- and-- i am in the first team... which is basically like the crucial part, if i am not mistaken" Neil was fumbling his words... this is like a major thing here... then there was Madge, "I'm crimson hood. I'd take team one, but you need me on team 2 'cause once we bust in, we need someone to hack onto the main computer, and I've got the skills to do that." she said... Neil just felt the love of a girl... and this put a tear in his eyes...

"Madge... I love you" Neil hugged the lycan as tight as he could... their eyes met... and they kissed... this is probably the last time he'll be with his love, but he never wanted it to show... "Madge... i love you, remember that... and and and--- after the hack thingy... please get to me..."

they now had a plan, and were ready to go... but--- Leon, a man of mystery spoke up... "I'm watching Neil and if anybody has an issue with that....feel free try and stop me."

"Leon!!! hey Sarah--- ahm ah---"

Three hours left, and a ruckus is on... CRISIS!!!

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@leon_dissada: @underdogz: @heavyweight: @ownagepants: when she was done kissing Neil, Madge's usually calm grey eyes were a bright shade of violet, showing mixed emotions. She looked up at Neil. "I'll come back. Promise." She grabbed something out of her pocket, two bluetooths, and hands one to Neil. Without any explanation, she put the other in her ear and ran out of the room, ready to fly a warship

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The decisions were made and the teams were chosen. Normally Sarah would have put up a stronger argument to be on team one, but the Vampire's determination outweighed his own. With his faith in the over all plan, he gave the troupes one last bit of information before they split up. “Now remember, we have less than one hour until Xeno destroys Earth so we have to move fast. Next, since none of us have communication devises I know how we can let the other teams know if they succeed. For team one, if you manage to change Xeno's mind, have him make a ship wide message saying he has surrendered. For team two, if you succeed and get the main ship in orbit, give the ship two massive shakes, so I will know when to begin. As for me and destroying the ship, I hope it doesn't come to it, but I will open fire if time runs out or if Madge gives me the signal. If I do open fire I want everyone of you to find a way off this ship fast, for whether it's in space or in Earth's orbit, I will take this ship down, and everyone inside!

Once again, Sarah put on a brave face as he gave the instruction, for although his faith in God is strong his faith in his plan is not. The odds of four lone individuals against an entire Alien armada, were not good at all. But the Bible is full of stories about the underdog taking on a bigger threat, and in this case it actually was an UNDERDOGZ going up against Xeno, the bigger threat. With a wave goodbye Sarah took off down the hallway back to the Hanger Bay, but not before his last few words to his allies. “I wish you all good luck and God speed. I hope to see you all again soon, Amen!” After that Sarah was gone out of sight heading off on his mission. But with every step he took closer to the bay, all he kept thinking about was could he really pull the trigger and kill an entire ship of people and his newest friends. It would truly be a test of his faith and he didn't know if he was up to it.

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@heavyweight: @underdogz: @leon_dissada: @ownagepants: "Amen," Madge called over her shoulder. She raced down the hallway, so fast that she would be invisible to the naked eye of a human. In seconds, she's in front of the shield. Now came the delicate part. A machine had emotions similar to those of a living creature. Over the centuries wolves, who could not learn magic so they took to inventing instead, had learned to interpret the mind of a computer. Madge walked to the wall where the keyhole was. Her violet eyes closed gently as she put her left hand and ear to the wall. She listened carefully. Though the machine was built in another world, all machines whirr and buzz the same way. In minutes she knew the composition of the key, the computer code, and half the alien language (just something she picked up). As for the lock, the key was someplace on the shop, though the computers didn't seem to know where.

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@underdogz: @heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: Leon took the blue tooth as he sorta listened to the last part, but he had formulated his own plan. he closed his eyes as Madge and Neil locked lips. He didn't understand why they expressed feelings, showing of feelings and love was all a waist of time and energy in his own opinion. As the wolf girl left and Sarah he grabbed Neil by the back of the neck. "This way ladies boy." he said darkly as he dragged Neil with him and tossed him into a small room, turning out to be an escape pod. "Stay Neil...or so help me i will know you out cold..." Just to be safe though he sat and lit up a menthol 100s cegerette watching the halls and monitoring the heart beats of his team mates. He then switched to a private channel and called Sarah on the blue tooth "If you can hear me..I have a plan for when you bomb this place. Don't tell anybody, cause 2 giant explosions so i'll know.." he then looked at Neil and used his eyes to form a skin tight protective barrier around him. "Neil i'm shutting this door...when i do......puke all over in there....so it will be a huge swimming pool....i formed a dark shield around you....the smell wont stay." He said it like he was going to beat him senseless if he didn't do it.

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@leon_dissada: @underdogz: @heavyweight: @ownagepants:  Madge got a "verbal" map of the ship. Ok, she thought as she stepped away from the wall. Whatever key Xeno uses will probably be on him. That meant looking for his HQ... Which Madge had successfully located using the map from the computer. She heads its way at wolf speed again, standing outside a few moments later.

She couldn't help thinking how much like chess this was. Leon was the rook, Sarah the bishop, she the queen and Neil their king. Xeno's set consisted of many pawns and a king. She remembered playing with her father, how once it was just this way: she had a few major pieces, while papa only had his pawns. The rook was left with the king, while the bishop targeted the pawns, and her queen was so close to papas king. But she had a choice. She could risk her queen to make a move that would probably get her kicked off the board or help win; on the other hand, the queen could save herself and let the last move be made for her. Then, and now, she chose to risk the queen to save the game.

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@ownagepants: @heavyweight: @leon_dissada: @ltlredwulf:

Neil, a hero... that was what he wants to be remembered... and at the last moments of his life... Sarah and Leon had agreed on the teams, so the mission had a hopefully great start...Before Madge made a run to do her job as the second team, she gave Neil a bluetooth which was snatched by Leon, this was typical of him and was tolerated by Neil as they were on the same team... and Sarah, then proceeded to his own mission... this was a sad thing to be, as a new friend, is seen leaving, and the chance of his survival is low...

Enter Leon's mind... well, just kidding, we can't enter his mind, he is just sooo.... Unpredictable that i love it!!! But He grabbed Neil by the back of the neck after making a sarcastic comment, put him in an escape pod and after putting a skin tight barrier on him, told him to puke inside to make a pool of rainbow barf!!!

"Leon man!!! this is not cool!!! not cool!!!" Neil, is trapped in the escape pod and this is not good.

"Neil i'm shutting this door...when i do......puke all over in there....so it will be a huge swimming pool....i formed a dark shield around you....the smell wont stay." Leon instructed...

"Ah!!! hey man!!! you should know that my rainbow barf is the thing that'll save the day right? just a spew of it and pof, Xeno frees the people and we'll probably ask him to do favors for us too? maybe we can make him create a Cure for AIDS? hey!!! hey!"

"Oh and PS!!! my rainbow barf!!! smells like strawberries man!" he added.

but Leon was not listening, and he shuffled towards his destination... Xeno...

Neil was unsure of his next move, he just sat there, in a corner, pondering... tears ran down his eyes, and he began barfing... Neil only did one thing, and that is to trust his friend...

"i hope your plan works Leon..." he thought to himself...

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@underdogz: @ltlredwulf: @leon_dissada: @heavyweight: "Lord Xeno the prisoners escaped and somehow have gathered reinforcements how should we proceed sir"the kneeling solider asked.

Lord xeno did not even turn towards him rather he just said "Release the xlr33 suppressor unit"The solider looked shocked by the order but did not dare question lord Xeno instead he communicated down to containment and told them the order so they promptly released the capsule with that name and out came a robotic lizard.

The xlr had amazing stats being able to outrun a military jet ,casually pick up a fully loaded 18 wheeler ,and take the full force of a wreaking ball with no damage to it .Upon receiving its orders the robot searched the the intruders using security feeds it found them pretty quickly and it dashed towards the closest target.

In an instant it was on the one known as leon it dashed at him and slugged a punch at him with enough force to put a large hole in a modern tank.

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@ownagepants: Madge worked with the lock on this door, it was not nearly so complex as the navigation room, bu still... The tech was a challenge. Her eyes were now a concentrated green, she wondered if Xeno knew she was right at his door

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@heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: @underdogz: @ownagepants: Leon sat and listened. He heard the machines gears, even though they made next to no noise. Leon activated one of his newly aquired abilities, The rooms shadows grew and became solid blackness. Leon couldn't be picked up on imfered cuz...well...he was dead, he had no body temperature then as the thing struck Leon grinned ever so slightly and ducked out of the way and after pulling a hell spawn blade...a black blade and black handle with a red snake eye as a hilt gem. He sent a stab directly at its visual censer area of the robot....the 1st step was to cut off vision to the brute, the fist of the brute collided with the door....causing the door to break off and Neil to soar out on a monster like tidal wave of rainbow vomit, Leon tossed him a blade as well...the fight begins. "You better be useful rainbow renegade." Leon said, little emotion to his voice

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With less than thirty minutes to save Earth and stop the evil warlord Xeno, Sarah ran through the hallways of the mother ship, on his way to the Hanger Bay. Lucky for him he had been there before, so this time he knew where he was going. By now the ships alarm system had been deactivated, making Sarah wonder if that was a good sign or a bad sign, but either way, he didn't have time to think about that now. Along the way, he had to deal with the occasional roaming soldier, but after a quick shift in gravity, they were easily dealt with. However, that was the easy part. Upon arriving at the Hanger Bay, he found himself now dealing with a small battalion of armed guards, surrounding the shuttle crafts. Some were walking patrols, while others handling supplies and other cargo transported on board, by their shuttle crafts. The only thing Sarah had going for him, was the fact they all moved rather mundane, as if it was an act they did every hour, of every day, without any fear of outside interference. Sarah knew there was no way he was going to be able to sneak past all of them, so instead, he came up with a plan.

Watching and waiting for the right moment to act, Sarah locked his eyes upon a rather large stack of boxes located in one of the Bays corners. It was the most occupied corner of the room, making it the perfect spot to start his plan. With a little shift in gravity around the top of the stack, Sarah forced it to topple over allowing the boxes to fall everywhere, causing a humongous mess. Then all Sarah had to do, was wait for the other soldiers to migrate over to that corner and get ready to run. But just to be on the safe side, at the moment Sarah made his mad dash across the Bay, he once again shifted the pull of gravity ever so slightly, between the soldiers and the corner, so that they felt compelled to stay and mingle around their location, even after re-stacking the boxes. It was only then, Sarah took in a deep breath and quickly levitated himself across the room, into the nearest open shuttle craft, in hope of full filling his part of the plan.

Unfortunately, once inside the Aliens shuttle craft, one of Xeno's men was sitting at the helm attending to some business, at the moment he saw Sarah, he reached for his weapon. But Sarah was faster on the draw and by increasing the gravity pull between the soldiers weapon and himself, he forced the gun to fly through the air right into his hand. He then, by threat of the gun, made the soldier divulge to him the mechanics of how to operate the craft, specifically, the arming and firing of the main cannons. Once Sarah learned all he needed to know, he struck the soldier hard in the head with the blunt side of his own weapon knocking him unconscious.

All that was left now, was for Sarah to began blasting the main ship with the shuttle crafts advanced weaponry. All it required was for him to push one simple button placed among many on a brightly lit panel. Sarah couldn't even began to fathom all the abilities of the vessel, for he only had seconds to learn only the most rudimentary of functions. But as he sat in the command chair, with his finger hovering over the firing button, all he could think about was the hundreds of lives he was about to end. He knew in his heart it was the right thing to do, but his hand still shook as he contemplated his actions. With every passing second, Sarah kept reciting scriptures over and over, while waiting for any sign from team one or two. For his mission was the teams last resort, the one move to end all others. Unfortunately time was running out and he needed to make his move. With one last prayer to his lord, Sarah extended his finger and began to bring it down. But just as he was about to push the button, a small device in one of his pockets blared out a ringing tone, much like that of a cell phone.

Somehow, in all the ruckus going on, one of his team mates slipped a blue tooth in one of his pockets. Immediately, Sarah thanked the lord for the reprieve and answered the incoming call. On the other end was the mysterious member of the group, the one called Leon and in an eerie voice the vampire barked the orders "If you can hear me..I have a plan for when you bomb this place. Don't tell anybody, cause 2 giant explosions so I'll know.." Sarah had no idea how the devise ended up in his pocket, but he graciously excepted the reprieve of pressing the firing button. With a hearty Amen, Sarah quickly responded back “Thank the Lord you're alive, Tell me did Neil's vomit work? Did Xeno surrender?” It was then Sarah realized that the Vampire was talking about a different plan, Leon's plan, and Sarah was aghast. In an attempt to put two and two together, Sarah began yelling back into the blue tooth, “What the heck are you talking about Your plan? Were is Neil and why isn't he with you. I don't know if you realize it, but if Neil doesn't barf on Xeno, and change his personality, many innocent people are going to die. We now have only a few minutes left until Xeno blows up Earth, and you're telling me you have a new plan? To Hell with you! Put Neil on the phone NOW and let him tell me what's going on.

But what Sarah did not realized, was that as his conversation went on, so did the level of his voice. By the time he finished his last words, he was already yelling at the top of his lungs and it was now alerting the soldiers outside. Unaware to Sarah, they now began an assault team with, one wave of soldiers charging into the shuttle craft, while the rest fortified their position around it. But at the moment the Aliens were on there way in, Sarah picked up a huge change in the gravitational fields within the ship alerting him, that he was not alone. It was now that Sarah was truly in the Lions Den with only his faith to hold on to. In a quick attempt to hold off the guards, the gravity battery created a strong wall of repelling gravity around the ship, that would push away anything that approached it. Now with literally only minutes left he once again spoke into the blue tooth saying “I pray to God that what ever you two are doing is working, because things are not going well over here. Neil, if you are there please tell me you changed Xeno's mind!

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@ownagepants: @heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: @leon_dissada:

Neil, a hero... that was what he wants to be remembered... and at the last moments of his life... He felt a sudden surge of fun and adventure, and madness, and fun! Leon HAD PLANNED something! moments after "filling" the escape pod with "Rainbow Vomit" Neil was idle for a real short period of time! a robot thing hit the doors of his "prison" he burst out and in a sudden act of overwhelmed-ness leaped out of the pod!

Leon tossed him a blade... a sword of some sort and said "You better be useful rainbow renegade."

"Oh you bet man!!! haha! you bet!"

Neil jumped and climbed the robots metal back... "y'know man! this is the funnest thing we did!!! i guess being kidnapped ain't that bad after all!!!" Laughing maniacally! Leon's bluetooth rang and he was talking to it.

"So, whattup? who is it?" ahaha

The robo-lizard did a jump and Neil, sitting (standing) on the lizards back lost balance.

He threw the blade towards the robot's head...
falling to the floor, and hitting his head... he laughed and made a remark!

"this is fuuun!!!"

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@leon_dissada: @underdogz: @heavyweight: @ltlredwulf: Xeno turned around towards the intruder who had made a bold move in coming to his chambers he could not help but smile "you are either really dumb or crazy to enter my chambers girl "xeno said .

"So why have you come so i can decide who painfully to exterminate you "As he said that energy emanated from his arm which glowed as well showing he was preparing an attack of some sort.

(really not much for me to do at the moment).

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@underdogz: @heavyweight: @ownagepants:

Leon made 2 closes appear from shadow, each as powerful as himself to detract the robot hopefully. "Neil, your little chick friend aint going to last to long by herself...good thing i have there heart beats set..." The odd pulsations had to be Xeno...they didn't match human hearts at all.. He sprinted full speed to the door. Suddenly his eyes became bright yellow and reddish purple flames went all around him forming the skelitien of a 15ft tall being...then came the muscles wrapping and infusing around the bone.....then armor and a cloak with hood and the beings yellow eyes opened wail a shield appeared in one of its hands and a sword in the other. "shatter." he whispered as he made the monster swing his huge demon slayer flaming blade at the door to break it.

If broken

Leon walks into the room...flaming being and all.... "Hi...You must be this Xeno guy i have been hearing so much about...." His anger boiled to a full. He glanced at Neil. "now you see my ultimate defense." He made the otherworldly being swing the giant flaming blade towards the ruler wail at the same time sending jets of black fire from the pits of damnation hurtling towards Xeno.

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@ownagepants @underdogz @leon_dissada @ltlredwulf

With the soldiers constant pounding over and over against his shield construct, the mental strain on Sarah began to be too much. Every blast, every pounding, every scratch they inflicted, took it's toll on his concentration in the worst way. Normally his shield could easily withstand such trauma, but at the moment his attention was focused on his conversation with Leon. Again screaming for some form of validation from his allies, the gravity battery continued to yell into the blue tooth “Damn it man, tell me something, anything. Did Neil do it? What's up with your plan? Has Xeno open fired on Earth?” Unfortunately, that was all Sarah was able to get out before the mental strain took toll and his shield dropped.

Exhausted, Sarah fell to the floor of the ship, unable to go on. His strength had finally failed him as wave after wave of soldiers began rushing in. Sarah knew that any minute, he would black out and his mission to destroy the Mother Ship would fail, so with his last breath he whispered into blue tooth “Leon, Neil, who ever is there.....I'm sorry....I failed.” With that said Sarah closed his eyes and blacked out. His body lied lifeless on the ground, unaware of what would happen to him next, but deep in the crevices of his subconscious he knew full well, he had lost.

But as his body lied motionless, dead to the world, the soldiers continued to poke and prod him for reassurance, before making any decisions. After every one of them was confident that Sarah was no longer a threat, they scooped him up and began dragging him out of the craft by his heels. It was an undignified position, but at that point, Sarah was nothing more than garbage being hauled away. However, on just a whim, one of the more opportunist men made the suggestion that they might get some recognition if they brought the body to their lord and master. In unison, they all grabbed a portion of the fallen hero to prove they all had an equal share in his defeat, and as a squad, marched him towards Xeno's chambers with Sarah held in their arms.

But what they did not know, was that with each step and each second, Sarah's body began absorbing small traces of gravity from his surroundings. Slowly his body was getting heavier, and smaller object were unnoticeingly being pulled in his direction. With every little bit of gravity Sarah's body could absorb, the faster his recovery would be. By the time they reached the same deck their leaders chamber was on, Sarah was almost fully recovered. But being wise, he continued to play possum in the hopes his position could be used to his advantage.

Now with only a few yards away from their masters chamber, Sarah meticulously listened to any details the soldiers would tell. He kept hoping to hear something about them failing to destroy the Earth, or even that the other heroes had succeeded, but all he heard were the inane chatter of a group of soldiers trying to out macho the rest. But just as he and the soldiers were about to turn the last corner, and reach Xeno, the unmistakable sounds of a battle beginning resonated from Xeno's chambers. Then at the moment the soldiers heard their fearless leader bellow out the word "So why have you come so I can decide how painfully to exterminate you?" they immediately dropped Sarah and ran to support their master.

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@leon_dissada: @underdogz: @heavyweight: @ownagepants: Madge had braced herself for Xeno's attack, but then Leon came rushing in and attacked the warlord. Before she realized what she was doing, she too, was rushing in... her eyes were now bloodred, and her sword was drawn. She heard herself say to the alien, "You messed with the wrong planet," before swinging Bloodmoon, trying to sever a limb

(Hello Everybody!!!!!)

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@leon_dissada: @ownagepants: @heavyweight: @ltlredwulf:

Neil, a hero... that was what he wants to be remembered... and at the last moments of his life... He's going to fulfill that dream...

Neil felt a bump in the head after falling down from that robot, he had fun though. (ahaha!) Leon, then felt that Madge's in trouble. he created clones to keep the robo-lizard busy and they hurried towards his BELOVED girl.

Leon created a monster construct thingy, and blasted the doors that lead towards Xeno's ultimate lair! Neil got scared when Leon made the sarcastic remarks he occasionally does. He then swung his flaming blade towards Xeno.

Madge said "You messed with the wrong planet" and she too swung her sword. here eyes were red, this was both 'sexy' and 'awesomely sexy' for Neil... He admired the fierceness the lass was showing!

Neil, a hero... that was what he wants to be remembered... But if he's just standing there, he won't be able to do something wont he?
Neil, our hero did the most random thing he can think of-- He took off his chuck taylors and threw them at Xeno too--- "Hopefully that helps" he thought to himself. he was about to rush in too but!

Sarah is seen in the same scene as he is, and has been 'dropped' by soldiers who brought him! this worried Neil. A companion lying dead. "Saraaah!!!" Neil screamed! he ran through the whole army of Xeno like how Mike Jordan would, and rushed towards his "newest friend"!

Neil threw the other pair of sneaks he had towards the direction of a soldier and wow that soldier fell to his knees!

"Sarah!" Neil was tearing up, then more soldiers ran towards him. But he saw the big man's eyes open, they even seemed to wink at Neil.

"Oh Em Gee!!!"

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Sarah laid motionless on the ground, absorbing every last bit of gravity energy he could. His eye still shut to the world, as his body grew stronger with each passing second. He could feel on a molecular level his body re-energizing, but knowing that a final battle with Xeno was ahead, he continued to lay there and absorb more. But just as he was reaching a charged level higher than he had ever before, his body was vigorously shaken by an outside force. Sarah opened his eyes in time to see his new friend Neil, standing over him with a frightened expression. Neil's face was covered with tears as he yelled out “Sarah!” but before he was able to finish his sentence, the gravity battery opened his eyes, looked up at him, winked, and replied back jokingly “It's pronounced C'Ray, and where are your shoes?

Sarah then saw the same small battalion of guards that brought him outside Xeno's chamber, now rushing back at him ready to attack. Each one with their weapon charged and ready, with a look eager for battle. Sarah on the other hand stood up calmly, and with a wave of his hand increased the gravitational pull between the soldiers and the ceiling above them, so that they all quickly levitated up and hit the ceiling, with a force hard enough to knock them all unconscious. Sarah then turned his attention back to Neil, and with complete joy, yelled out “Neil, thank the Lord above you're still alive! We really need your special rainbow power if we're going to save the day.” Sarah was so overjoyed that there was still a chance to save the Earth, he let down his tough exterior for a moment and hugged his friend.

After an awkward moment, Sarah heard the sound of his teammates in Xeno's chamber readying themselves for battle. He again turned to Neil and began confiding in him “I don't know if you are aware but the countdown has ended, we've run out of time. Our only hope to save the Earth is for you, me and the other two to stop Xeno, right here and now. I don't know what he's capable of, but I wouldn't underestimate him. He didn't become a Warlord without having something up his sleeve. So I'm afraid it will all come down to you and that Rainbow thing. If you really, truly, believe in it, I'll back you up. What we need to do is get in that fight and once there, me, Leon and Madge will distract him while you make your way behind him. Then when your ready you give me a signal and I will then attack Xeno.” He then flexed his now rippling muscles as he cracked his knuckles and continued “At the power level I'm at now I could even hold the Hulk pinned to the ground for a full minute under a pull of gravity.So while I hold Xeno....You do your thing.

Now with a plan, although a rudimentary one, Sarah said a quick prayer to his Lord and savior and made his way in to the battle, while still trying to protect Neil behind him. Inside Xeno's chamber, the warlord held his ground in the middle of his room with an air of superiority, as Leon and Madge stood in front of him with their sword drawn. Leon made the first strike, as he made his otherworldly shadow beings, swing the giant flaming blade towards the ruler while at the same time sending jets of black fire from the pits of damnation hurtling towards him. Madge followed in right behind the beast by swinging her Bloodmoon sword, trying to sever any exposed limb with one swipe. But just as they were closing in for the kill, Xeno stood stronger than ever before as energy emanated from his arm which glowed as well showing he was preparing for an incoming attack of some sort. Concerned for his fellow team mates Sarah yelled out “Leon, Madge, Look out for his arm!!!!” but by then it was to late, Xeno had made his move.

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@leon_dissada: @ltlredwulf: @underdogz: @heavyweight: Xeno was a little surprised by the appearance of Leon but it did not really affect him at all a bigger surprise though was the courage of the girl who came charging at him the one on the ground playing dead then activated a gravity field around him but it was not nearly enough to hold him down.He disappeared for a second then reappeared a step forward from where he was originally causing the sword to completely missing him.He released what he was charging in his arm at Leon it came out in a beam and it blew through Leon's attack aimed at him if this hit it would not only do major damage but it would also siphon out his energy.

He then used his control over the ship to activate the teleporters on it to try and teleport the other three back to earth so he could be rid of this nuisance ,

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@underdogz: @ltlredwulf: @heavyweight: @ownagepants: The bladed lookin energy went streight threw leons chest. "Ahg! goddamnit!" leon said as he fell to one knee. He slowly got back up. "You wont win...not here...not ever..." Leon used his eyes to blast black fire at Xeno wail at the same time he used his left eye to try and send Xeno to a realm of eternal torture. "Its hard....to stay focused...." he said slowly as his energy was being drained

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Sarah felt hopeful with the teams first wave of assaults, but just as everything else on this suicide mission, it took a turn for the worst. The team attacked from different sides, each using a different form of attack, but the outcome was unexpected, as the evil warlord Xeno, simply disappeared for a second, then reappeared a step forward from where he was originally, causing each of the heroes to look foolish as their sword and attacks centered around an empty space. Still, Sarah learned a lot from his failed attempt, such as the amount of energy Xeno was using against one of his gravity fields and how much he would need to use on a second attempt. But just as the team regrouped for another attack, Leon was unfortunate to receive Xeno's special attention. For some unknown reason, the evil warlord singled out the Vampire and retaliated, by releasing a built up charge of energy he had stored in his arm, through what was left of Leon's creation, and onwards to eventually hitting him.

As always, Sarah was making his move to help his newest friend, but just as he raised his hands to bend a pull of gravity, he felt his body beginning to dematerialize at a molecular level. Realizing he was being teleported away, he dropped to the floor as he tried his best to fight the outside force by increasing the gravity pull of his body with that of the floor, but inevitably, the superior technology won, and removed his existence from Xeno's chamber, then rematerialized him alone, hovering outside the ship in mid-air. NOOOOO!!!!!” he cried out loud, after the pain of failing to save his friend, the pain hurt him deep, as his thoughts ran wild with all the horror he imagined befalling his friend, and with such anger inside he swore to his Lord and maker he would not fail him or anyone again.

Sarah was enraged, Sarah was full of wrath, and Sarah was powered up for battle, but most importantly he was hovering in the sky miles above the Earth. Immediately, he felt the pull of one of God's greatest forces, gravity, his ally, pulling him down fast at a exponential rate. It was a rush for him feeling someone else using his own force against him, but he then remembered that the fate of Earth lay in his hands and the defeat of Xeno. With a shift of the gravity pull around him, Sarah altered his fall and in a sense was now levitating himself in the sky. He was still outside Xeno's warship, unable to find any nook or cranny to enter it but he would not give up. But just as he was about to rage a one on one battle against the ship alone, he picked up a pull of gravity from another, smaller, much smaller, object in the sky. It was the pull of a singular stealth jet maintaining a orbit around the mother ship. There was no pilot on board and Sarah had no idea how to fly it, but he did come up with the idea of ramming it head on into the battle cruiser, and down Xeno's throat.

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@ownagepants: @leon_dissada: @heavyweight: @underdogz: ( ouch)

Madge fond herself in the "Tigris" a moment after Sarah, who she found in the copilots seat trying to get the controls. "Hey, what are you doing?" She snapped, pulling on a pair of headsets. She, too, had a idea, and the craft, though it had been firing nonstop for hours at least, had enough power to pull it off. She handed Sarah a pair of headsets, saying as she did, "You're going to need these, I think I have a plan but I need you're help."